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Wild Things To Do In Nyc

Stand At The Crossroads Of The World At Times Square

10 Weird Things to Do in New York City

Times Square is one of New Yorks most iconic sights. Theres truly nothing else like it on earth!

From billboards that span several stories to exciting street performances, you can really feel the energy of this bustling city throughout this four block stretch.

There are even things to do in Times Square that locals would approve of, like exploring the worlds largest miniature world on the planet at Gullivers Gate and having a craft cocktail at The Rum House.

Its also undoubtedly one of the best places in NYC to take pictures thanks to all of the colorful signs and lights.

Immerse Yourself In An Exhibition

Artechouse’s Life of a Neuron exhibition takes visitors through artistic renditions of a brain at the cellular level while encountering the larger-than-life neurons of the brain. The experience depicts the life stages of a human neuron from neural migration to aging by surrounding guests in a highly immersive soundscape.

See the sparkling specimens, like this azurite malachite, at the remodeled Mignone Hall of Gems at the American Museum of Natural History. Photo by D.Finnin/AMNH

See The Rockettes At Radio City Musical Hall

Radio City has been a staple of New York culture for over 80 years and plays host to iconic musicals. The most famous Christmas dance show here, the Rockettes, is a Christmas tradition and a must-see if youre visiting around the holidays. The show features a series of marvelous holiday-themed song and dance numbers. Book your tickets here.

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Soak In At The Russian And Turkish Baths

As you can imagine, New York is full of every kind of spa treatment possible. From steam rooms to body wraps and signature massages, you can pretty much relax in every way possible.

But if you want to bathe with history, send yourself over to the Russian and Turkish Baths on Tenth Street.

This historic bathhouse has been around since 1892 and said to be Frank Sinatras favorite place to unwind.

Location: East Village, NY

Take In Modern Art In Socrates Sculpture Park

All the hipster, fun and cool things to do in New York (With images ...

One of my favorite free things to do in New York that is a bit unusual has to be gong to Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City. This free park hosts sculptures from sculptors from all around the world along this water-front property. The sculptures are always fun to interact withand enjoy from a distance, so if youre looking for something different to enjoy, consider bringing a picnic to eat in the park.

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Go Wild Zoos Galore And More As Nyc Attractions Reopen

Savor a touch of the exotic citywide this weekend with all Wildlife Conservation Society zoos in NYC reopening to the general public Friday.

The Bronxs New York Botanical Garden, and Riverdales Wave Hill gardens and public space also provide a breath of fresh air to many that have been cooped up over the past few months.

See Some Speakeasy Magick

A post shared by Christian Cagigal on Jan 26, 2020 at 8:56pm PST

Okay, I know what youre thinkingAlly youve totally butchered the spelling of magic there I agree, but thats the way the show spells it.

Inside The Lodge at Gallow Green, youll experience the magic of some of the citys top magicians.

The illusions become more exciting as the cocktails flow. I recommend ordering The Lady in Black or The Old McKittrick, both are delicious.

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The Most Risqu Things To Do In New York

If youre going to stay up in the city that never sleeps, have an experience worthy of your memoirs. If you need a break from Broadway, if youre bored at your local bar, perhaps its time to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. From sex and cannabis clubs tucked away in Soho, to the most memorable rendition of the Nutcracker that youll ever see, to séances and goth parties, the city is crawling with secret escapes from the mundane world. Lucky for you, the organizers behind such risqué events agreed to talk about where and when you can attend. Bring your date, your family or fly solo and milk this town for all that its worth.

Company XIV’s Queen of Hearts

Company XIV

Company XIV creates shows that are a fusion of ballet, baroque dance, circus, burlesque, and a whole lot more. Founder, artistic director, and Julliard graduate Austin McCormick puts his magic touch on classic tales such as Alice in Wonderland, aka Queen of Hearts, and the upcoming Nutcracker Rougue. Whether you go with a date or your mom, a show at Company XIV is unlike anything youve ever seen. There is circus, burlesque, and classic ballet everyone is classically trained, McCormick says. Theres so much variety and eye candy that theres something for everybody. Did we mention opera singers spinning in the air and pole-dancing mermaids? Company XIV has to be seen to be believed. Make sure to order a signature cocktail, which are designed by McCormick himself to accompany each show.


Walk The Historic Brooklyn Bridge

Adventures in Upstate NY: Visit The Wild Center in Tupper Lake

Location: Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY

No matter how many times I visit New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is always the one constant on my to-do list.

The Brooklyn Bridge encompasses the perfect New York view, is rich in history and is an architectural wonder. Walking from one side of the worlds first suspension bridge to the other, snapping photos and taking in the sights never gets old.

The perfect New York afternoon: Walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn, grabbing a slice of pizza or ice cream at Odd Fellows and walking back across.

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Spark Your Senses At Dining In The Dark

This transformative culinary experience will surprise your senses as you dine in a restaurant completely blanketed in darkness. Youll have to rely on your other senses while you enjoy your meal, which eminent psychologists have advocated will elevate your tasting experience. Be the first to know when the event is in NYC when you join the waitlist.

Cora Hartshorn Arboretum And Bird Sanctuary Short Hills Nj

Located in Short Hills in New Jersey, the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary is a unique sanctuary for plants and animals where the public can go to enjoy nature. Established and nurtured by Cora Hartshorn in 1923, the CHA features over 16 acres of lush woodlands, kettle moraines, hilly slopes and a natural amphitheater created by glaciers, as well as more than three miles of woodland hiking and biking trails.

Most importantly, the Arboretum is home to an incredible diversity of floral and faunal species, including a variety of native New Jersey wildflower species and over 40 species of trees and ferns. Visit the Stone House, which was built in 1933 and displays an array of excellent animals and bird bird, and a small collection of live animals.

324 Forest Drive South, Short Hills, NJ 07078, 973-376-3587

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Listen To Music At The Apollo Theatre Amateur Night

Ever heard of Aretha Franklin, James Brown or Michael Jackson? Of course, you have. Who hasnt?

Apollos list of famous musicians is endless and you could be in the front row for the next big act. The ticket prices range but can be as low as $24.

Join the Amateur Night crowd every Wednesday at 7:30 pm or visit the Apollos calendar for a list of upcoming shows.

Address: 253 W 125th St, New York

Hunt Ghosts At The Ghostbusters Firehouse

All the hipster, fun and cool things to do in New York

Are you a fan of the mythic Ghostbusters saga? You may want to check out the Ghostbusters HQ then. Hook and Ladder 8, the building used for the exterior shots, is a working firehouse that has been around for more than a century. The firehouse is located at 14 North Moore Street at its intersection with Varick Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

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Get High At Higherdose

A post shared by HigherDOSE on Mar 7, 2020 at 7:48am PST

This is the best legal high that there is. HigherDOSE at the Howard Hotel will get you hot and high in their infrared sauna.

The infrared sauna promotes a healthy glow and burns calories while giving you a natural high. Its a pure hour of private relaxation while listening to your own music.

Watch A Baseball Game At Yankee Stadium

If you are a baseball fan, seeing a game at the world-famous Yankee Stadium is a must and part of the New York experience. See here for information on ticket and seasonal passes.

Before the game, dont forget to stop by one of the street vendors and grab a Yankee’s hat to keep your competitive spirit well fed. While waiting for the game, you can also check out the museum located behind the right field, which aims to hold signed baseballs from every living Yankees player.

The stadium also offers excellent food options, including Bareburger, Mighty Quinns Barbeque, and Tater Kegs, to pair your game.

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Take Ferry To See Statue Of Liberty

If you have never been, you cant miss it. Theres nothing quite like it. If you are a visitor, it would be like visiting Paris and never seeing the Eiffel Tower. It is the Statue of Liberty.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the ticketing windows in the Castle Clinton National Monument inside Battery Park, New York, or Liberty State Park, New Jersey. Both reserved tickets and flexible tickets are $18.5 for adults, $14 for seniors, $4 for children , and free for children

Your journey will start at Battery Park or Liberty State Park, depending on which is the closest. After going through the security checkpoint, you will be boarding a three-story ferry.

All ferry levels have sitting and standing room, but the best views are from the open third level, from where you can overlook the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

It will be about 15 – 20 minutes to arrive at the destination, during which you will pass Ellis Island, which contains a museum of immigration of the U.S. Most tours will have a quick stop there. So if you are interested, go and check it out.

A closer look at the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island.

You can wander around in Liberty Park, taking some photographs with Lady Liberty and enjoying the Manhattan skyline. When you are done, go back to the harbor where you just got off to be picked up by the ferry, which comes every 20 minutes.

Plan A Night At The Museum

LIVE: Crazy Things People Do In Times Square After Midnight / New York City / Pinoy in NYC

CitywideAnyone whos braved the Sunday afternoon crowd at a New York museum misses the irony in the old joke, Nobody goes to that place anymore its too crowded. Once the daytime herd has thinned, youll find a more relaxed space to peruse venerable collections, or boogie at a sweaty, raucous dance party — programming varies. Check out The Whitneys evening exhibition tours, talks, and readings, or the Brooklyn Museums first Saturday dance parties.

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Gaze At The Grand Central Terminals Celestial Ceiling

Unlike some of the transportation hubs, Grand Central Terminal isnt a cesspool of filth but one of the most stunning train stations in the world.

Here, you can people watch, grab some banana pudding from Magnolias or coconut creme donuts from Doughnut Plant, and photograph or gaze at the majestic Celestial ceiling. For couples, be sure to stop Whispering Galleries and stand at opposite corners of the concourse and whisper sweet nothings across the hallway.

Also, this beaux-arts style subway station is a famous filming location featured in dozens of movies, such as Friends With Benefits, One Fine Day, I Am Legend, and Men in Black.

During Christmas, come here again as it transforms into a lively holiday market that sells a wide array of handmade goods, such as collectible toys, games, accessories, bath and body items, and more.

The Grand Central Terminals celestial ceiling. Patrick Stargardt/Flickr

Enjoy The Rooftop Bar At Northern Territory

Address: Brooklyn, NY

In New York, its all about the views, and Northern Territory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn encompasses one of the best. The Australian pub offers a rustic vibe that meets the panorama roof deck and although closed during winter months, its worth the wait.

People come for the view, but the tavern also offers a decent Australian menu and a list of creative specialty cocktails.

Note: During summer months the roof fills up quickly, so get there early to snag a seat.

Status: Temporarily closed since 2019.

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Enjoy The Best Blooms In Greenwich Village At The Jefferson Market Garden

Located next to the historic Jefferson Market Library, this tiny oasis is home to tons of gorgeous blooms native to the New York area.

The garden really comes alive in spring, with colorful cherry blossoms, Japanese roses, and tulips on display.

This lesser-known garden is the perfect place to find some respite from the NYC hustle.

Ride The Seaglass Carousel

All the hipster, fun and cool things to do in New York

At the southern end of The Battery Conservancy lives the SeaGlass Carousel, inspired by the original New York Aquarium that operated from 1896 until 1941 this is one of the most unique things to do in New York.

The carousel consists of 30 gigantic fiberglass fish in 12 different species in a 2,575 square foot pavilion lit up with color-changing LED lights that rotate via four turntables instead of the traditional center pole.

The atmosphere also has an integrated audio system combined with the LED water effect, it creates an under the water feel.

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Learn About The American Revolution At Conference House

Read my blog even a little bit:

And you know that this native New Yorker LOVES historic homes.

Which is why:

It should come as exactly no surprise to anyone that I adore the Conference House.

Especially since, well:

It was the site of three hour, failed peace talks between British and American forces in 1776, during the American Revolution.

Seriously, how cool is that? Plus:

When you step inside this beautiful, stone mansion from 1680 , youll find sweeping views of nearby Arthur Kill as well as authentic, interior decor that makes this house look and feel much like it did way back when.

If youre picturing hardwood floors, bare white walls, simple hardwood furniture, exposed beam ceilings, and a four-poster bed draped in red and white colonial-style fabric, then you have a pretty good idea of what this house looks like.


If you do decide to visit, expect to learn all about the extensive history of the house during a tour through the buildings parlor, dining room, bedrooms, and basement kitchen.


Because there might only be a single staff member on-site, you may arrive to find that the door is closed.

And that is totally normal.

Just wait around for anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes since a staff member is probably giving another visitor a tour of the house.

***The grounds of the house also provide guests with access to the beach where visitors would have historically landed, as well as a caretakers house and a small, colonial herb garden.***

Take It All In At Times Square

Its almost impossible to visit New York City and not visit Times Square at least once. While this is the busiest part of the city, it is worth it to visit and let the teens see it in real life. Be mindful of your belongings, and know that it can be overwhelming when its really crowded.

Note: There are some great restaurants in NYC, but one that we like near Times Square is Johns Pizza. This pizza place is in an old church and they have delicious pizza and calzones!

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Nyc Winter Fun List: 40 Things To Do With Kids

Being cooped up in a tiny apartment with your kids hanging off the furniture is no way to spend the winter. We know it can be hard to put on all that winter gear, head out into the cold, and hit up one of the dozens of daily kid-friendly events happening in NYC, but we’re here to help. To inspire winter fun, we’ve compiled a list of 40 awesome spots where kids can run, jump, bounce, learn, create, and get cultured.

Still not willing to open that door? Try one of these indoor craft projects at home as a family to keep those little hands busy or one of our indoor snow day boredom busters.

Of course, you can always find more fun, seasonal ideas in our Indoor Family Fun Guide or enjoy the great outdoors with the picks in our Winter Fun Guide.

Be sure to check with each venue for its COVID guidelines and requirements before heading out to any event, and read more about local public safety protocols here some events are getting canceled or postponed at the last minute due to the latest COVID surge, so always confirm details before departing.

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Find Artwork In Bushwick

Wild Family Fun in New York – City Guide

Its a bit strange seeing Bushwick gentrifying so much as a New Yorker, however youll want to look up the Bushwick Collective. This open-air gallery run by Bushwick local Joseph Ficalora features local artists along with more famous street artists! Its free to visit and perfect for street art lovers.

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