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What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Arizona

Release Any Frustrations At The Simply Smashing Rage Release Room

10 Best Places to Visit in Arizona – Travel Video

Having a bad day? Ex-girlfriend causing you stress? Take it out in a dedicated destruction room! Even if everythings rosy, its still just plain fun!

Suitable for adults and kids over 8, the Simply Smashing Rage Release Room is perfect to blow off some steam, with everything from crockery to aquariums , printers and TVs ready to be whacked with a baseball bat.

Spend An Afternoon At The Heard Museum

Art lovers, listen up!

After opening its doors in 1929, this beloved establishment has grown to become an internationally recognized celebration of American Indian art and culture.

It hosts many exhibits like Navajo Weaving and Pueblo Embroidery educational programs and festivals, theres plenty to see.

Be sure to check its website for upcoming events!

See A Traveling Exhibit The Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art

Scottsdale, AZ

One of the more well-known museums in the state, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art specializes in modern art movements and brings in some of the most interesting art exhibits each year. This modern museum constantly changes out exhibits, so there is always something new to check out.

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Feel The Magic Of Butterfly Wonderland

If you ever dreamed of traveling to a tropical paradise, but youre put off by the price tag and long flight times, Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale is here for you a wondrous art gallery and a zoo all rolled into one.

This indoor tropical rainforest environment features more than 1,000 free-flying exotic butterflies fluttering around from all over the world. Visitors can also participate in classes about the art of raising these creatures how cool!

Before you leave , check out the 3-D theater.

Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium & Safari Park

Arizona Top 20 Attractions

Found over in Litchfield Park, a mere 30 minutes outside of Phoenix, the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is one of Arizonas top family attractions, and its easy to see why.

As well as being home to over 600 different species of animals , the park also boasts an impressive aquarium with a walk-through tunnel that will have you feeling like youre right in the middle of the action!

Oh, and did we mention the safari park? You can take a guided tour on an open-air bus where youll get up close and personal with some of the resident animals antelope, gazelles, and ostriches, just to name a few!

When the suns beating down, hop on the Log Flume Ride, or for an overarching aerial view, head over to the Idearc Media Skyride just a couple of the exciting rides on offer.

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Soleri Bridge And Plaza In Scottsdale

Visit the Soleri Bridge and Plaza during the summer solstice. Scottsdale Public Art has activities celebrating the day, but the star is the 130-foot-long bridge designed by Italian architect/artist/philosopher Paolo Soleri, which demonstrates solar movement by marking the equinox and summer solstice.

DETAILS: scottsdalepublicart.org

Interact With Animals At The Phoenix Zoo

With more than 1400 animals, including endangered species, the Phoenix zoo is a sought-after destination for many romantic couples.

Animal encounters are so much fun, and thats precisely what youll be doing with your time here. In monkey village, you can play with the monkeys as they jump around from one place to another.

You can feed giraffes whod love to be friends with you. Hop on the back of a camel to have a camel ride around the zoo. You can click your pictures and frame them for memories.

There are four trails in the zoo: the Africa Trail, Tropics Trail, Arizona Trail, and Childrens Trail. Each course takes you to see different animals.

The ostrich and gazelle, part of the Africa trail, is a must-see.

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Best Time To Visit Tucson Arizona

Tucson is a great destination year round, however it can get quite hot in the summertime . June is the hottest month in Tucson, with average highs soaring to 103ºF . Yikes!

For the most comfortable temperatures, plan your trip to Tucson between mid-September and mid-May.

Even during December , the average temperature hovers just above 50ºF and it rarely dips below freezing. This weather will feel downright balmy to anyone from the Midwest .

Being that Tucson is smack dab in the middle of the desert, there is little chance that rain will ruin your vacation . We arrived in Tucson on a rare rainy day, but by the next morning, most of the puddles had evaporated and there wasnt a cloud to be seen!

Another thing to keep in mind about this desert city is that temperatures can drop drastically from midday to evening. Be sure to pack layers to keep warm during the nights.

Fun Things To Do In Tucson Arizona

10 BEST Things to Do in Arizona – When In Your State

If youre looking for outdoor adventures, ahh-mazing Mexican food, and lively nightlife, Tucson, Arizona will check all your boxes. Were sharing the best things to do in Tucson, from exploring the Sonoran Desert, foods you cant miss, and all the other stuff you need to know to plan a fun weekend in Tucson!

With incredible outdoor adventures, some of the best Mexican food in the U.S. , and a vibrant nightlife, Tucson may just be the perfect weekend getaway. Oh, and did we mention Tucson has wonderfully warm temperatures in the wintertime?!

The population of Tucson is just over half a million people, making it feel like a relatively small city. But dont be fooled there are an incredible amount of things to do in Tucson!

While there are many things to do in the city itself, the real draw of Tucson is what lies beyond. The Sonoran Desert which surrounds Tucson, is one of the only places in the world to see the iconic saguaro cactus, after all.

Were walking you through the very best things to do in Tucson, Arizona from epic outdoor adventures to foodie experiences to nightlife for all ages.

Our Experience in Tucson

Im going to be honest: Until recently, Tucson wasnt on my radar at all. Instead, I pictured the Grand Canyon and cities like Phoenix, Sedona and Scottsdale when I thought of Arizona.

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When To Visit Phoenix

Phoenix is located in the low desert so winters are mild and summers are scorching hot. Its incredible from October through April. If youre ok with cool mornings and evenings and hot days, the cusp months of May and September are great as well.

Monsoon season is technically from mid-June through the end of September. Though, in my experience, it seems to start in mid-to-late July and go through the end of August. August is the primary month. There are scattered showers during this time that can bring the temperatures down some. However, the humidity increases as a result.

In my opinion, its not a fun time to be in Phoenix. Though you can get some great hotel deals, Id come at a different time of year when the weather is better and you can go outside without risking bursting into flame. There are so many fun things to do in Phoenix outside.

If youre looking for a road trip out of Phoenix, particularly during the scorching summer months, here is a fun list of great day trips from Phoenix and roadtrips from Phoenix. And for something uniquely southwestern U.S., check out the Native American ruins of Arizona.

Run Around Red Rock Canyon

With 286 acres of lush greenery surrounded by stunning orange-tinted sandstone rock, this natural oasis is a crowd favorite.

Whether you want to see ancient ruins up close or relax on a trolley ride, the popular canyon is a great family-friendly day trip option.

Hiking trails can be found throughout the area, but if you dont feel like doing all the research, simply book a guided tour that will pick you up from your hotel in Phoenix!

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Visit The Historic Hotel Congress

It might seem strange that we have a hotel on our list of things to do, but hear us out

Nestled right in the center of downtown, Hotel Congress is the stuff of local legends. Built just after the turn of the 20th century, it was here that John Dillinger, an infamous American gangster during the Great Depression era, was arrested and brought to jail.

Although he later escaped, Tucsonians take great pride in the fact that Dillinger, a prolific bank robber, was caught in their city. They are so proud, in fact, that there is an annual celebration and recreation of these events which takes place each year in mid-January .

Hotel Congress still retains its quirky, colorful, historic charm. And walking into the lobby feels as if youve stepped back in time. Grab a drink at one of the many onsite bars, or catch a concert at Club Congress. And if you want to spend the night, the historic rooms are cozy, however, there is a caveat

Our honest opinion: We stayed at Hotel Congress during our trip to Tucson, and while we would definitely recommend stopping in for a drink and checking it out, we would not advise staying here unless youre in Tucson to party.

They dont try to hide the fact that this hotel gets loud like really loud at night. There are even ear plugs in each room. Lets just say we did not sleep very well during our entire 3 nights in Tucson.

Granite Mountain Loop Trail

14 Best Things To Do In Arizona

Where: Scottsdale

More than 200 miles of dirt climbs, rocky descents and picturesque mountain views await the mountain biker heading into Scottsdales McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Try Granite Mountain Loop Trail it gives the beginner a smooth crushed granite surface, the more experienced a lot of rolling hills, and the adrenalin seeker several sharp turns and long descentsall in less than six miles. Dont get lost grab a map at the trailhead entrance.

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Its All Fun And Games

With its blistering summer heat, Phoenix doesnt have amusement parks as you might see in California or Florida. The city does have plenty of water parks for summer splashing, though.

Oasis Water Park at Arizona Grand Resort was named by The Travel Channel as one of Americas top 10 water parks. Tower Pool and Water Park at The Wigwam has a 25-foot tower with water slides, an oasis pool for relaxing, and lawn games.

Great Wolf Lodge Scottdale offers family fun, and River Ranch Water Park offers something for all ages. Get out of the water and above it all in a Phoenix balloon tour, or ride into the desert on an ATV tour.

Theres also miniature golf and Top Golf for fun and games. Speaking of games, you dont have to drive to Las Vegas to get casino action.

Phoenix has Casino Arizona, Wild Horse Pass Casino, and Vee Quiva Resort and Casino, each with thousands of square feet of gaming as well as live entertainment and all the amenities youd expect from a world-class casino.

Best Tucson Weekend Itinerary

Are you overwhelmed with the massive list we just gave you?

Dont worry, were going to help you pare it down a bit. Below, weve listed some highlights you can choose from based on your travel style:

If you love the outdoors:

  • Visit Saguaro National Park

  • Hike to Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon

  • Drive up to Mount Lemmon and stop on the way for hikes and lookout points

  • Explore Romero Ruins in Catalina

If youre traveling with kids in Tucson:

  • Do the Classic Tour at Colossal Cave

  • Sonoran Desert Museum

If youre on a budget:

  • Do the scenic drive to Mount Lemmon

  • Go on a scavenger hunt to find as much street art as you can!

  • Watch sunset at A Hill with a view over Tucson

  • Have a picnic lunch

If youre craving adventure:

  • Go mountain biking

  • Book the Ladder or Wild Cave Tour at Colossal Cave

  • Hike to Seven Falls in the Sabino Canyon

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Visit El Tiradito Shrine

If youre exploring the Barrio Viejo neighborhood, make a quick visit to the El Tiradito Shrine. Stopping here only requires a few minutes and to the naked eye its nothing too special.

It is scattered with candles, flowers, and images of saints. But this is no ordinary shrine, folks. And once you know the legend behind this shrine, its kind of an interesting place to see.

Nicknamed the wishing shrine, El Tiradito is the USs only Catholic shrine dedicated to a. wait for it SINNER! Scandalous, I know. But thats not even the crazy part.

Heres the short version of the legend of Juan Oliveras, the man who is buried beneath El Tiradito Shrine: Juan, a young ranch-hand, is married to his bosss daughter, but soon becomes infatuated with his mother-in-law , and makes a move. The two carry on an affair, which is eventually busted by the husband/father-in-law/boss. Ouch!

He gets so angry that he kills Juan right there before escaping to Mexico, where he is later murdered. The wife allegedly kills herself, and after all this horrifying drama and death, the daughter hangs herself as well.

It is said that Juan is buried beneath El Tiradito, a shrine that people visit for all different reasons. Some come out of sheer curiosity about the legend and others see it on a things to do in Tucson list, like this one!

Things To Do In Arizona

36 Hour Itineray – Things to Do in Tucson, Arizona

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With so many things to do in Arizona, you have plenty of options of how to spend your free time. Luckily, the diversity within Arizona’s state parks will not only show you the most amazing hidden gems Arizona has to offer, but will give you a chance to experience the most memorable adventures of your life. Want to hike amid a sea of wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert? Okay, go for it! How about experiencing river life along the Colorado River? Yep…You can do that too. The best part is that within all corners of the state there’s these memorable adventures waiting for you and most of them you haven’t even thought of yet…

With so many things to do in Arizona, you have plenty of options of how to spend your free time. Luckily, the diversity within Arizona’s state parks will not only show you the most amazing hidden gems Arizona has to offer, but will give you a chance to experience the most memorable adventures of your life. Want to hike amid a sea of wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert? Okay, go for it! How about experiencing river life along the Colorado River? Yep…You can do that too. The best part is that within all corners of the state there’s these memorable adventures waiting for you and most of them you haven’t even thought of yet…

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Jump From A Plane At 18000 Feet

Unless youve experienced it yourself first-hand, youll never truly be able to appreciate the sheer feeling of freedom that a terminal velocity free fall can provide.

With dozens of different skydiving companies operating in the area, theres a good chance that youll find one near Phoenix that suits exactly what youre after. It doesnt matter what your experience level is from tandem jumps to more advanced free fall lessons with an instructor, they offer something for everyone.

Hot tip: Book online to save up to 50%!

Go Vintage At The Heritage Square

One of the fun things to do in Phoenix this AZ weekend is to experience vintage Heritage Square. Part of the original townsite of Phoenix, the Heritage Square spotlights a collection of preserved 19th- and 20th-century homes and commercial buildings now used as restaurants, as well as adjacent museums. Another perfect hangout, whether be it with your family or friends.

The oldest remaining residential block in the City of Phoenix. With ten fully-restored buildings, the Square offers visitors a unique look into the vibrant history of Phoenix at the turn of the 19th century. Let the memories of yesteryear envelop you as you tour a museum, stroll under the Lath Pavilion, or enjoy a meal in one of the eateries.

Today, the Square features the Rosson House Museum, galleries, three award-winning restaurants, a unique museum store, a coffee bar and a spectacular event facility. While you are here, be sure to tour the Squares crowning jewel the restored 1895 Rosson House Museum.

If you want to experience life in the past, make sure to visit the Heritage Park as one of the fun things to do in Phoenix this weekend. For More information, you may call 602-261-8063 or email .

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Brewery Tour Have A Little Fun

Once you are done with exploring Arizona, its time to sit back and relish some exotic wines and freshly brewed beers. When it comes to tasting some premium drinks, the bars in Phoenix top the list. You can visit The Whining Pig and Terroir Wine Pub which are some of the top bars in Phoenix. Visitors looking to be a part of some fun activities in Arizona can prefer to be a part of such brewery tours which are worth a try.

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Having so much in its reserve, Arizona has appeared as one of the most sought for destination among the majority of tourists. The destination differs from other places for tourism in terms of geography and natural characteristics. The number of things to do in Arizona is next to infinity which makes it a complete package for a traveler looking for peace, adventure, and a heavenly experience. On their way back, tourists can take along a lot of memories to cherish throughout their lives. So, make sure to add these experiences to your itinerary when you plan your trip to USA with TravelTriangle.

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