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What Are Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Summer Activities For Kids

6 Fun Things To Do When Your Bored In The Summer

Check out this list of 100 things you and your kids can do to fight off summertime boredom. Don’t let your kids have all the funmany of these activities are fun for the whole family to share. So join in!

Whether you turn this list into your summer bucket list, or you just pick a few of your favorites, you will make some great memories. The key is to slow down and enjoy the summer months with your family. If you need a more structured list, check out this series of things for kids to do every week of summer.

Remember Your Geographic Details

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Going to the beach is one of the classic things to do over the summer. But that idea is not much good if you live in Iowa. Likewise, camping is quite tough if you are downtown in a big city. So, narrow down your options based on where you are.

In Iowa, you can go for long walks. In the city, the markets will be wonderful. It’s all about finding the right activities for your location.

Best Things To Do Over The Summer

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If you are truly, overwhelmingly bored by the summer so far, there’s no time to waste on ideas that may or may not lead to enjoyable outing. Instead, you’ve got to cut straight to the best things to do over the summer. These ideas are guaranteed ways to have a great time getting out in the sun.

Here are the 13 best things to do over summer:

1. Visit county fairs

There’s a reason these have been popular destinations for over a century. They’re super fun for all ages.

2. Take a free factory tour

Find out how the stuff you use is really made.

3. Stage a summer film festival

If you’ve got a projector, you can do this outside and make it an outdoor picnic as well.

4. Learn how to swim

Once you know, you can open up all kinds of other summer activities.

5. Host a cookout

Get everyone to bring something along, and relax and enjoy the company and good food.

6. Take your scooters to a local skate park

Whether you can pull off all the tricks or it’s your first effort, it’ll be a great time out.

via: Pexels / Ajay Donga

7. Head to the lake for a fishing trip

Fishing is great fun whether you catch a twenty pounder or nothing at all.

8. Outdoor dinner date

Take full advantage of the weather and make your date all that much more romantic.

> 9. Go to a professional baseball game

The games are so much more entertaining in person.

10. Get soaked in a water park

Too hot for you? There’s no better way to cool down.

11. Take a road trip

12. Grow an herb garden

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Learn How To Make Something From Scratch

Try learning how to make something from scratch especially something you like to have a lot of, like hummus or throw pillows. It might take a bit of money on supplies to start, but then youll be saving money the whole summer long making items instead of buying them.

Additional reporting by Carolin Lehmann

Adrienne loves architecture, design, cats, science fiction and watching Star Trek. In the past 10 years she’s called home: a van, a former downtown store in small town Texas and a studio apartment rumored to have once been owned by Willie Nelson.

Fun Romantic Things To Do

45 Fun Things to do this Summer

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Need some more things to do with your girlfriend? Or, just need a romantic date? Use these romantic things to do with your girlfriend or date and you’ll be the king of romance. Every girl loves a guy who knows how to be romantic, so try these out.

Here are 9 fun romantic things to do:

85. Take a hot air balloon ride

Is there anything more romantic than floating in between the clouds with that special someone?

via: Pexels / Elina Sazonova

86. Take a spontaneous road trip

The second best thing to flying.

87. Horseback ride over the hills

Do this one only if you’ve been on the back of a horse once already.

88. Watch the sunset on the beach

Imagine the beauty and bliss of the scenery…

89. Play mini-golf

Cute, but not that romantic unless you’re into that kind of stuff.

90. Stargaze on a rooftop

There is nothing more beautiful than the nighttime sky.

via: Unsplash / David Babayan

Try out a nice formal dance to let her know you mean business.

92. Make a romantic dinner

Cooking for someone is one of the sweetest things to show you care.

93. Watch a rom-com marathon

Romantic comedies are always fun to watch, but watching them while on a date is unforgettable.

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Go Wine Tasting On A Sunny Afternoon

You dont have to live near Napa Valleythese days, solid winemakers and tasting rooms have popped up all over the country. Find a good one near you by asking around or searching it online, and be sure to call up and see if they require an appointment in advance, whether they serve food if you can bring a picnic, etc. Then grab a friend and make the most of a beautiful day by skipping town to sip some good wine.

Have The Ultimate Bbq

Good food, good company, cold beers and warm outdoor weather, what more could you ask for in this world? Having an Ultimate BBQ is one of the best ways to while away a boring Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Everyone has their own specific style when it comes to BBQs so do not let anyone tell you anything about what you like. You go right ahead and grill that meat the best way you know how. Enjoy!

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Things For Teenagers To Do With Friends

  • Have a water balloon fight.
  • Hold a mini Olympics with your friends.
  • Go on a long bike ride.
  • Have a garden party. Ask friends to bring different foods!
  • Host a craft, beauty, dinner party, movie night with friends.
  • Play rounders with your family or friends at the local park or sports-field.
  • Have clothes swap: Have all your friends bring items they no longer want and trade with each other.
  • Hold a group yard sale or car wash.
  • Make your own face scrub or other beauty product using ingredients from the kitchen or garden.
  • Make your own slip-n-slide with plastic garbage bags.
  • Have a big game of capture-the-flag.
  • Fun For The Whole Family

    List: 8 fun things to do this summer with your kids

    There’s so much to do with Mickey. Before you go, take this expert advice on how to save, when to go, and the must-sees.

    Cities offer enough excitement and variety to keep the whole family happy. Here are some tips for your urban adventure.

    You’ll make some beautiful family memories. And hey, extra babysitters!

    You can still get deals on flights and places to stay, if you don’t mind a little spontaneity.

    Long car rides: treasured childhood memory, or vacation nightmare? Don’t miss our master plan for road trip success.

    Planting trees, building time capsules, and more heartfelt ideas.

    Find volunteer options based on what your kids are into. They’ll have fun and feel good about themselves.

    If there’s a silver lining to a troubled economy, it’s the rising number of great travel deals. These 8 tips will get you and your family on adventure mode for less.

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    Go Backpacking With A Friend

    You havent lived until youve experienced wilderness and gone backpacking. Grab an adventurous friend or two and take on Mother Nature. You can do something as simple as visit the local park or the neighboring county. Or plan a few day trek, and check sleep under the stars off your summer bucket list at the same time.

    Go 24 Hours Without Internet Radio Or Television

    Now, I know, this is a tall order. We use the internet for everything nowadays. But think about it. When was the last time you went for two hours without your phone? Try going 24 hours without internet, radio or TV. Go camping sit and read a good book talk to your friends and family or use the time to complete some of the ideas on this summer bucket list.

    Soon enough you will wish you had these quiet and peaceful moments more often.

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    Summer Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Summer

    Yay! Summer is here! Summer isnt my favorite season, even though my birthday is on the solstice, but I sure do love what it has to offer! The days are longer, outdoor activities are a dime a dozen, and people are in happier moods because of all that sunlight and Vitamin D!

    I love making lists of ways to celebrate things, and the seasonal changes are no different! I made you a list of one hundred things to add to your Summer To Do List, and a printable PDF with my own ridiculous illustrations on it. You can download that for free below. If youre a southern hemisphere babe, check out the Winter Bucket List!

    Have A Great Time With Your Friends This Summer

    Fun Things to Do In the Summer Printable

    This epic list of things to do with friends is only the beginning. Hopefully, you will find some inspiration for awesome experiences and use it as a starting point to find even more ideas.

    And if you have an activity that you do with your friends regularly that didnt make the list share it with us! Were always going to be on the lookout for more fun things to try with our friends!

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    How To Pick The Best Things To Do Over The Summer

    via: Pexels / Kaboompics .com

    Just because you have the ideas doesn’t mean you know which things to do over the summer. You still, after all, have to choose from those ideas. But we’ve got you covered there as well. Just follow these four steps to settle upon the right activity for your summer.

    Here is how to pick the things to do over the summer:

    Fun Things To Do With Friends Over The Summer

    via: Unsplash / Phil Coffman

    Summer may be the best season to get together with friends. Instead of snow on the roads or busy school years, you have sunny days and warm nights. That makes it all the more important to have some fun things to do with friends in mind, so you don’t waste those great hang out opportunities when they arrive.

    14. Watch a classic old movie

    It’s cultural, entertaining, and always great fuel for a late night summer debate.

    15. Have a water balloon battle

    Build up some defenses in the yard and start slinging away.

    16. Build a huge sandcastle

    See just how big and detailed you can make a sandcastle with all your friends.

    17. Go camping in your backyard

    Not big on nature and going off-road? Get all the fun of camp in your backyard.

    18. Make a slip and slide

    It’s even more fun than when you were a kid.

    19. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

    You’ll be out with friends and doing something really important for others.

    via: Pexels / Abel Tan Jun Yang

    20. Skydiving

    Nothing solidifies a friendship like taking that dive together.

    21. Go on a cross country bike ride

    See nature from a new perspective on a ride together.

    22. Host a summer bbq party

    One of the top things to do over summer with friends, family, neighbors, and strangers.

    23. Go skinny dipping

    24. White water rafting

    Get wet, get a little crazy, and have a real adventure in that raft together.

    25. Do a pub crawl

    Enjoy the warm nights by sitting outside at each pub.

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    Sit A Spell In A Saloon

    Plan to visit one of our iconic watering holes, rife with the history of the West and steeped in cowboy tradition. You can straddle a saddle at the bar of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and listen to live music while fellow patrons two-step and boot-scoot across the dance floor. Just around the corner from the Cowboy Bar, in the historical Wort Hotel, you can see the more than 4,000 1921 uncirculated Morgan silver dollars embedded in the bar of the aptly named Silver Dollar Bar. The Silver Dollar Showroom offers live music and a distinctly Western vibe nightly. And no trip to Jackson Hole would be complete without attending Sunday Church at the Stagecoach Barin Wilson where you can dance with a cowboy or cowgirl if you so choose as the famous Stagecoach Band plays on through the night.

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    Make A Scrapbook To Commemorate The #bestsummerever

    4 Fun Things To Do This Summer!

    I always say Im going to make an end-of-summer scrapbook, but this year, Im really going to do it. To start, make sure you chronicle both special moments and normal days by taking lots of photos on your smartphoneeven just one a day adds up! Remember, this bucket list is about creating memories, and theres no better way to do that than through photos you can revisit later. Ive loved having beautifully bound photo books printed by companies like Artifact Uprising in the past. This year, however, Im going old-school, by buying a simple blank scrapbook, printing out photos using this amazing device, and adding notes and little tokens to help us never forget Summer 2021.

    Whats on your summer bucket list? Id love to hear any of your ideas in the comments for fun things to do this summer.

    Loved this post? Pin this graphic to come back to it later.

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    Meet Up With A Group Of Old Friends

    You know those old friends who you genuinely love and care about, but dont see very often because life gets in the way? Usually, all it takes to schedule a reunion is one person to send a group text thread and throw out a few dates to hang, so why not be that person? Suggest a meet-up for brunch, dinner, or a girls night at someones house, and I guarantee that a few hours spent catching up and laughing over old stories just might become one of your summer highlights.

    Go Back In Time At The National Museum Of Natural History’s Hall Of Fossils

    Fossils at the Natural History Museum’s Deep Time exhibit – Free things to do on the National Mall in Washington, DC

    On June 8, 2019 the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History will debut its new 31,000-square-foot fossil hall with this epic exhibit that connects our planets very distant past to the present and future. Visitors will be transported to ancient ecosystems, navigate through the evolution of life across billions of years and encounter roughly 700 fossil specimens along the way, including a T-rex and a woolly mammoth.


    Each year, Shakespeare Theatre Company hosts its special Free for All series, in which performances of one of The Bards classic plays are made available to the public, free of charge. This year’s performance takes place from July 10-21 and will feature a contemporary take on Hamlet. Free tickets can be retrieved via online lottery or in-person the day of the show visit their website for more details.


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    Style Art And Architecture

    61. Give your wall a fresh coat of paint:brighten up a space62. Declutter:63. Arrange your books:64. Mini-Marie Kondo:65. Play/art/music:concert, watch a play, experience a museum.66. Geek out on art: Renaissance-style portrait.67. Plan a photo shoot:68. Paint with your family:69. Try art-inspired recipes: Ed Ruscha’s cactus omelette. great Georgia O’Keefe works70. Make ornaments:

    Things To Do On A Sunday Over The Summer

    Simply Everthing I Love...: 50 Almost FREE things to do ...

    via: Pexels / ELEVATE

    Perhaps the hardest day to find to do over the summer on is Sunday. That’s often the slow day for many people in the week. Businesses have shorter open hours, people tend to have other commitments, and it’s easy for one of your freest days to get spent sitting around, unsure what to do.

    You don’t have to waste your days, though. There are plenty of things to do on a Sunday in the summer. If you’re struggling to think of anything, just use the ideas in this list.

    Here are 8 things to do on a Sunday over summer:

    26. Visit a state fair

    Enjoy the rides, the greasy food, and take in a show while you’re at it.

    27. Go fishing

    Is there any more quintessential summer Sunday activity?

    28. Make snow cones

    Get all your favorite sugary flavors and have as many as you want now Mom isn’t around to say you can only have one!

    29. Befriend a random person

    Life can be an adventure just by saying hi to someone you’ve never met before.

    via: Pexels / Aleksa BujiÅ¡iÄ

    30. Work on a puzzle

    Get outside, drink a cup of tea, and enjoy a quiet afternoon flexing your brain muscles.

    31. Spend your day watching your favorite childhood cartoons

    It’s an entertaining trip down memory lane, and a lot of fun to find out which shows still hold up.

    32. Build a campfire and make s’mores

    A tasty way to take in the outdoors.

    33. Go to a Sunday Market

    You’ll find unbelievable items at a good one.

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    Cuatro Settle Down From The Diamond Fork Beautiful Springs

    The Diamond Shell Sensuous Springs, called 5th Water Beautiful Springs, is situated up Diamond Hand Canyon merely east regarding Language Hand.

    The latest springs are especially stunning in the winter while they turn a milky cobalt bluish. For the most vibrant tone, head to inside the middle-Oct if close woods try altering shade therefore the h2o starts to turn an attractive colour of blue.

    I went during the summer, and although the water wasnt since the brilliant, the new trees were laden with departs and this created for a pleasant backdrop.

    The trail was 2.5 kilometers towards root of the springs. It is a simple trail, with just a steady slope and a few steeper bits.

    The street are easy adequate having my six and you may 9-year-dated, although there was in fact a good amount of treat trips in the act. The new pledge regarding to tackle in the water leftover them encouraged to remain supposed!

    Servings of ones trail is shady, although it does get sexy during summer so give really out-of water. Should you choose go in the summer months, I suggest undertaking a sundown hike and you can drench.

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