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Unusual Things To Do In Split

Explore The Island Of Hvar

Things To Do In SPLIT Croatia

A popular summer resort home to pristine beaches, lavender fields, 13th-century history, a hilltop fortress, and endless more, the island of Hvar screams out as one of Splits most inviting destinations.

Some tourists prefer to take the ferry and explore at their own pace, however, the most efficient way to tick off multiple attractions is a locally-led tour that also visits Trogir and the Blue Cave.

What To Pack For Split Croatia

There isnt necessarily a packing list specifically designated for Split but there are some items that work particularly well for Croatia.

Here are some items that you should consider bringing on your Croatia trip:

Water shoes A necessity when walking on Croatias rocky beaches. They will protect your feet from sharp rocks and help you stay upright.

Sports sandals An easy, comfortable way to get around, especially for climbing rock slabs, and a better alternative to flip-flops.

Insulated water bottle Saves you money but more importantly keeps you hydrated and does not add to plastic waste.

Reef safe sunscreen Reef safe sunscreen is much better for the environment as a whole, whether there are coral reefs or not.

Wide-brimmed hat Provides additional protection from the sun, especially great for boat trips.

Dry bag and/or waterproof phone bag Protect your electronics when out on the water and keep them dry when swimming.

Portable safe Keeps your valuables safe and only needs to lock to something sturdy in your room.

Speakeasy Travel Supply Scarf The perfect hidden pocket that no pickpocketer will ever expect! Keep your money in the hidden pocket!

Join The Nikola Tesla Electric Vehicle Rally

The car race of the future. Thatâs a proper way to describe the Nikola Tesla Electric Vehicle Rally in Croatia, which has taken place for five consecutive years.

The LA Times back in 2014 dubbed the race the âquietest and most beautiful race in the world,â a statement with a lot of truth to it. Bringing together electric Tesla cars and Nikola Teslas birthplace, one of the worldâs greatest inventors, the Nikola Tesla EV Rally is the only electric car race in the world of this kind.

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Marvel At The Temple Of Jupiter

One of the major landmarks in Diocletians Palace is the Temple of Jupiter which stands near the courtyard opposite the emperors mausoleum. It dates back to the 3rd-century, built as a Roman temple dedicated to the king of Gods, Jupiter, with the location chosen to signify the divine connection between the god and the emperor. In the 6th-century, it was converted into the Baptistery. Its been impeccably preserved and remains nearly intact, with carving on the barrel-vaulted ceiling that contains a relief with more than five dozen different facial expressions.

Go To The Park Marjana Viewpoint

5 Fun Things to do in Split Croatia

To get to the less touristy beach recommended by our AirBnb host we had to cross Park Marjana.

The whole park is pretty big but a short 15-minute walk from the Split harbour, right on the edge of the park, there is a beautiful viewpoint over all of Split.

You can easily walk here from Split, with only the last couple hundred meters of the walk being directly uphill. Once you reach the top however you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view that you can see in photo below.

There is also a little bar where you can sit down, have a drink or food and enjoy the view.

The view of Split from Park Marjan

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Best Time To Visit Split

Split gets extremely popular in the summer months.

  • Especially if you enjoy swimming, sailing, and other water sports the summer months might be the best months to visit.
  • However, this also means it gets busy as heck, resulting in higher prices for accommodations and more crowds in July and August but also in June and early September it is still busy and expensive.

Spring and fall might be the best months to visit Split.

  • I visited in April. had some lovely weather. Of course, we cannot rely on the weather and it can be crazy. But spring and fall are normally not warm enough to enjoy long beach days.
  • Also, some activities and tours were not open as construction was going on and the weather forecast predicted some rainy days in Split.
  • So, I suggest visiting in May, early June, or late September if you dont want to rub shoulders with all the other tourists and pay less for accommodations.

If you visit Split for one day, come early then you have Split without the crowds, at least for a short time.

Froggyland The Best Children Split Attraction

This unusual place is more appropriate to be classified as a museum but as kids and parents will be delighted to visit it, Ive decided to place it among top Split attractions.

If you want to see something different in Split, probably this small museum is really unusual place. Im sure most of you have visited many aquariums around the world but never a Froggyland.

Im sure you wont be able to imagine seeing a frog doing things in everyday life situations.

The collection consists of 507 stuffed frogs of a common European frog species. Its so amusing to see hundreds of stuffed frogs positioned in human poses.


The collection is made by Ferenc Mere, an eccentric to whom people were not that different from frogs. The collection was created in the period between 1910 and 1920. You can read more about it visiting museums website.

Museum displays frogs through the everyday people professions like blacksmith, carpenter, tailor, school master, circus and numerous life scene.

This small museum, just one big room with some steps going to the higher level is a unique museum but certainly worth visiting . Entrance is free for kids and adults pay 25 kuna. The opening hours are from 10,00 to 22,00.

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Take A Day Trip To Trogir Day Trips From Split

The medieval town of Trogir sits on a small island connected to the mainland by bridge and its less than 30 minutes from Split, making it ideal for a day trip. UNESCO-protected, it boasts a rich culture and history that dates back 2,300 years. Sometimes referred to as a floating town museum, it features defensive walls, opulent palaces, grand towers, monasteries, stone houses, the well-preserved Kamerlengo Castle built by the Venetians to defend the city and the famous Cathedral of St. Lawrence, a fine example of Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Built between the 14th- and 16th-centuries, by climbing to the top you can enjoy a breath-taking view.

Try Some Authentic Split Food

Things To Do in Croatia – Split, Hvar, Plitvicka Jezera, Trogir

Of course, no Croatian holiday would be complete without trying some of the countrys best culinary delights, right?

A traditional Croatian meal consists of grilled fish, other seafood and meat, but there are so many good restaurants in Split, Croatia that it will be very hard to choose between them! Yep, indulging in some delicious food is one of the most amazing things to do in Split!

In order to help you out, Ive made a selection of must-try food in Split, Croatia. I assure you they are Miss Tourist approved:

  • Strukli this dish is made of dough with various types of filling which can be either cooked or baked
  • All types of seafood Split is so close to the sea, it would be a sin not to try some of the fresh catches of the day! From all the fish dishes out there, you have to try gregada! This is a fish stew with potatoes, olive oil, and fresh herbs and it is a local specialty. The best Split restaurant to serve it is Konoba Hvaranin!
  • Coffee Croats are big coffee lovers, so you will find all the existing varieties of coffee here. This can be easily explained by historical facts: Croatia was under the influence of Italy and Turkey for so long, it became their own tradition, too!
  • Lavender ice cream I dont know if you will like it, as it really depends on your taste because lavender ice-cream has a very specific taste that you either hate or love! I was in the first group, but I am glad I got to try it in Croatia just for the sake of experimenting with something new.

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Enjoy Some Wine Tasting

Make sure you dont leave the city without indulging in some of its delicious wine its one of the best things to do in Split in my opinion!

Do you know what Croatia is known for? Its wine! If you want to have an authentic wine tasting experience during your Split vacation, you can go to Putalj Winery, located only 20 minutes away from the city of Split. This winery can organize a wine tasting with transportation included from your hotel, but you have to make sure to book it in advance! The cost is 80/person and you can find more details on their site here.

In case you are short on time and you cant fit a winery visit in your schedule, dont worry! You can also taste the best Croatian wine in Split as well, as there are many great wine bars around the city. Zinfandel Wine Bar in the Old Town is a great place to try some Croatian national wine!

In case youre a foodie interested in organized tours, another great idea would be to book a winery and food tasting experience in Split! The latter will show you the highlights of Dalmatian cuisine and you will also get to learn more about Croatias top wines and youll visit Diocletians Palace and Grgur Ninski statue as well!

Visit Zlatni Rat Beach On Brac Island

Exploring Brac Islandand spending time on Zlatni Rat Beach was one of the highlights of our trip to Split. Zlatni Rat is a uniquely shaped beach with a Blue Flag status surrounded by a green forest. The area around Zlatni Rat Beach is packed with all sorts of entertainment. You will find various market stalls, restaurants and bars as well as playgrounds.

Zlatni Rat is considered to be one of the best beaches in Europe, as a result it draws a huge crowd. We found it more enjoyable to visit Zlatni Rat in the morning, we had breakfast at the beach and spent the rest of the day exploring Brac Island.

How to get to Brac Island from Split

The Croatian ferry company, Jadrolinija runs several sailings throughout the day from Split Ferry Port to Brac Island during summer months. See my full guide to Brac Island here.

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Take A Croatian Cooking Class

Do you know much about Croatian food? Theres no better way to learn about it than to take a cooking class!

This highly rated cooking class includes both time cooking and a walking tour of Splits city center. Youll visit a market, a bakery, a fish marketplace, and even enjoy some local sweets and a traditional Croatian digestive liquor all before making lunch together.

Learning how to cook a traditional meal is one of the best ways to bring your trip home with you and share a bit of Croatia with your loved ones.

North Shore Scenic Drive To See The Area

10 Awesome Things to Do in Split, Croatia (+ 5 Unusual Ones!)

If you want to see spectacular jaw-dropping scenery in the area and leaving the city for a while then the North Shore Scenic Drive is for you.

Driving from Duluth to Two Harbors, or even all the way to Grand Portage is one of the most scenic roads in the country!

You will be rewarded with incredible lake views, forested hills, waterfalls, steep cliffs, and some of the most picturesque scenery you have ever seen. The 154-mile drive takes in seven state parks and some really cute towns.

Definitely a scenic drive for a great road trip.

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Enjoy An Electric Car Ride In Kunjevci

If you cant afford the real electric car to be in the rally, you can head deep into the beautiful SpaÄva Forest in Slavonia and check out the local wildlife while enjoying a thrilling electric car ride. Kids will love this one, and you big kids, are you sure to love it too!

The forest itself is enormous, at 40,000 hectares, and is home to some of the oldest trees in Europe itâs also home to mischievous wild pigs and majestic deer.

The electric cars are designed to be eco-friendly and designed for off-roading, so ideal for checking out Mother Natureâs most exceptional work.

If you can keep the kids quiet, you may be even as lucky as I was to spot a deer.

Costs vary, so itâs worth getting up-to-date information on the day, but overall, for a breath of fresh air, wildlife spotting, and plenty of fun, this is an excellent activity for all the family to enjoy.

Go Sea Kayaking On The Adriatic

With allocated time for cliff jumping, snorkeling, and unwinding along the way, a kayaking adventure between the Adriatic Islands promises to be a wonderful day in the sun for travelers of all ages. Whether your journey takes you through the Marjan forest, Bacina lakes, Cetina River, or along the Makarska Riviera, expect nothing but amazing memories!

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Sunbake On Bra Island

While less popular than the likes of Hvar and Korcula, the peaceful, beautiful island of Brac is not to be underestimated. Make sure to spend a couple of hours sunbaking at the horseshoe-shaped Supetar beach, next to the islands vibrant main town.

Hikers, dont miss Vidova Gora, the highest peak in the Adriatic islands.

Susak The Shortest Folk Costume

Split Croatia: Plenty of Things to Do in this Underrated City!

Although geographically small and demographically even smaller, the island of Susak is actually an extremely interesting island. Its geological structure is rather well known, as is its unusual dialect, but one of the most unusual surprises which is not that well known is the Susak folk costume, also considered the shortest folk costume in Croatia. The first Croatian mini-skirt, or rather a skirt called the kamizoti, consists of five or six white skirts, the lowest of which is the shortest, while all the others are one centimetre longer than the previous one. Hand-made lace known as kamufi is sewn along the edges of each skirt. Apart from kamizoti, the costume consists of a kosula , mudonde , suknica , kalcete , bust , traviersla , bravaruol and carape . Dolls dressed in folk costumes can be bought as a souvenir on the island.

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The Most Unusual Attractions That Just Need To Be Discovered

Croatia is known internationally for its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritage. There isnt a tourist who has not heard of Dubrovnik and its walls, or Kornati or the Plitvice Lakes. But what would you do if we told you that there are places and things in Croatia that are the most, the best according to some criteria, but only a few have ever heard of them? Would you visit them, check them out, photograph or touch them? If you are interested, here is a quick overview.

When In Croatia Do What Croats Do Play Picigin

Do you want to become a world champion in some sport? TryPicigin!

Picigin is a unique, self-proclaimed Croatian sport invented in Split and everyone is invited to participate that is why you must add it to your Split to-do list!

Here is how to play: You stand in the water, about 1/2 meter deep, and your main job is to prevent a small ball from falling into the water by passing it to the other players. The point of the game is actually to pass the ball in the most artistic way possible!

Here is a video of people playing and an explanation so you can have an idea of what its all about:

There are referees who will give you points according to your performance, so Croatians take this game very seriously!

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Go On A Day Trip To Trogir

While sightseeing in Split, you can take a short drive to the town of Trogir with its rich heritage and superb architecture. You can also reach this enchanting destination by boat.

The town has seen Greek, Roman and Venetian rule as a result of which it has various diverse attractions.

Yet another UNESCO site, Trogir looks much the same now as it did in its medieval heyday. You dont need to be a historian to fall in love with Trogir: Its the best-preserved ensemble of Romanesque and Gothic architecture in Europe.

The location is part of the charm, as the city is a small, fortified island connected to the mainland by a bridge. Trogirs 15th-century walls protect a labyrinth of ravine-like streets on which youll pass buildings unchanged since the 1200s. There are ten historic churches in the old center, including the exquisite 13th-century cathedral.

Fabulous buildings with architecture from the Venetian period, beautiful churches such as the St Lawrence Cathedral, Cipiko Palace, Dukes Palace, and medieval sites including Fortress Kamerlengo, are some of the significant places here.

It is one of the best Split attractions located near the city.

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