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Unusual Things To Do In Athens Greece

Hustle In The Food Market Of Varvakios Agora

5 Unique Things To Do In Athens Greece

Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and head to the Varvakios Agora to experience the raucous splendour of Athens’ major fresh food market. Walk past hawkers and hampers filled with plump prawns, jostle between the crowd to buy fresh fish and hanging entrails, and then find some slow-paced solace amid the spice mountains outside.

Museum Of Contemporary Art

Greece is often thought of as a place of antiquity, but if you want to explore its modern side then head to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hora.

Here you will find some amazing galleries that showcase a whole range of world-renowned contemporary artists and there are also exhibits that are dedicated solely to Greek painters, sculptors, and photographers.

Discover The Museum Of Greek Childrens Art

The pioneering Museum of Greek Childrens Art is one of the more unusual attractions in Athens. Exclusively featuring works by budding artists under the age of 15, the museum showcases over 10,000 individual exhibits.

Inspired by nature and the architectural heritage of their homeland, the young creators have come up with some mind-blowing 3D works, as well as paintings and sketches.

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Have A Blast At Allou Fun Park

Embrace a dash of whimsy as you enjoy a rip-roaring family day out at Allou! Fun Park Greeces largest amusement attraction.

Hold onto your hats as you ride the Loop It roller coaster, and dont look down on the Shock and Drop tower plunge.

Younger thrill-seekers love taking a spin on the Ferris wheel and zooming around on the bumper cars.

Explore The Archaeological Site Of Kerameikos

10 Best Things To Do In Athens for a fun experience

This ancient cemetery and potters district is a great place to get up close to Greek excavations. In Kerameikos, you can wander around the ruins, getting a sense of what life was like hundreds of years ago.

There are thousands of tombs here, and theres a small museum showing off the unearthed funerary offerings. Keep an eye out for ghostly goings-on.

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Benaki Museum Of Greek Culture

This impeccable private collection shows the spectrum of Greece from ancient times right up through the mid-20th century. It occupies a stunning neoclassical mansion, with fine art and mundane folk objects both equally beautiful displayed chronologically.

As a kind of counterpoint to the pure classicism celebrated elsewhere in the city’s archaeological sites, the Benaki collection tells the story of how Greece has absorbed foreign influences and ideas to create its uniquely syncretic culture. If you have time for only one museum, make it this one.

Kayak To Hidden Beaches

One of the fun things to do in Athens for outdoor lovers is to go sea kayaking on the Riviera. Youll start with a short briefing session before taking to the water for an epic adventure.

Get up close to towering cliffs and see ancient monuments from the water. Then drift languidly into secret bays for swimming and sunset photos.

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Eat Charcuterie At The Karamanlidika Restaurant

Karamanlidika is an Athenian restaurant that pays homage to the culinary traditions of the Turkish migrants who fled here in 1923. Today the deli offers up delicious cured meats and aged cheeses sourced from artisanal producers all across Greece.

Book a table in the restaurant and be treated to sumptuous meze platters laden with pastourma, sausages and baklava. Yum!

Shopping Day: Explore One Of Athens’ Malls

Best Things to Do and Eat in Athens Greece

A shopaholics dream, the Golden Hall of Athens is the biggest shopping center in Athens with over 100 stores. Wear your most comfortable shoes and bring a full wallet – the majority of the stores include designer brands, while you will also get to come across the creations of the top Greek fashion designers.

You can take a break from all the shopping at the malls restaurants and cafes. If you are a shopaholic and need your fix, you can also check out our Athens shopping guide.

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Visit The Benaki Museum

Visiting the Benaki Museum is one of the best cultural things to do in Athens.

The Benaki Museum is a museum of Greek culture ranging from prehistory to the 20th century. The collection offers rooms from houses, large sculptures, and smaller items like swords and historic documents.

The museum is a short walk from Syntagma Square. Its located in a beautiful Neo-classic building and you can enjoy a coffee and the view from the cafe. Skip-the-line tickets to the museum can be purchased ahead of time, here.

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Visit The Ancient Site Of Phaestos

Phaestos sits around 60 kilometers from Iralkio and offers you stunning vistas over the Messara Plain and Mount Psiloritis.

Phaestos is a ruined palatial city and the palace here is similar to Knossos.

The big draw here is the fact that the city is still in a mostly ruined state which adds an other-worldly charm to it and you will also find some pretty frescoes here.

The whole site is one big history lesson and you can explore areas such as the theater, the main palace buildings, the storerooms, and even the crypt.

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Reach The Peak Of Lycabettus Hill

Lycabettus Hill – credits: Milan Gonda/

If Athens’ panoramic view is what you are after, this hilltop is the ideal place for you to visit. Do so, and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Athens and the thrill of heights! You can reach the top of Lycabettus Hill by the funicular or for the most adventurous – by walking up the hill. Once you get to the top, you will find a small church and a café overlooking the fascinating city of Athens. To top it all off, this spot of the city is Instagram-ready and perfect for photos! *Funiculars timetable: daily, every 30, 09:00-02:30

Changing Of The Guard

8 Best Things to Do in Athens, Greece

Dedicated to all lost Greek soldiers in past wars, Greeces Tomb of the Unknown Solider sits in front of the Greek Parliament Building. Every hour, on the hour, you can watch the changing of the presidential honor guard.This is a free thing to do in Athens, so its pretty popular and theres often a large crowd watching. The Tomb, called a cenotaph, is empty and was made according to Ancient Greek custom.A much more impressive ceremony takes place at 11am on Sundays, where a large group of Evzones gather in front of the Parliament.

Athens Electric Bike Tour

Visit most of Athens top sights and discover hidden parts of the city on a safe & fast electric bike.

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Explore The Historic Neighborhoods Of Athens With A Half

Anafiotika – credits: EnginKorkmaz/

Under the quiet light of the morning sun or the romantic ambiance of twilight, take a stroll around the city center and discover the most historic neighborhoods of AthensSyntagma, Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki, Psirri, and the luxurious Kolonaki!

Everything seems different in the morrow as the nostalgic figures of the buildings reveal their stories! Join us for the Best of Athens in One Day: Acropolis & City Exploration with Transferor an Athens Highlights Evening Tour with Meze Dinnerand see the best of the city in a few hours!

Discover Historic Secrets At The War Museum

Come face to face with military relics at the Greek War Museum in Athens. History buffs will love seeing galleries full of artifacts and documents from many of the major European conflicts.

Youll see weapons from the Napoleonic Wars, uniforms from the First World War and flags that once led thousands of troops into battle. Its both shocking and moving.

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Visit The Diomedes Botanical Garden

The largest botanical garden in Greece is a haven of tranquility for those looking for a slice of nature and seclusion. Home to over 3,000 different plant species, the Diomedes Botanical Garden gives a great introduction to the diverse local flora.

Follow secret pathways to hidden glades and breathe in aromatic scents in the herb garden. Bliss!

Discover Attica Zoological Park

10 Best Things to do in ATHENS, Greece | Go Local | Cal McKinley

Be wowed by wolves and make friends with monkeys at the Attica Zoological Park, one of the best family things to do in Athens. The zoo is home to over 2,000 animals all waiting to get acquainted.

You can walk inside giant aviaries and travel through the African savannah where giraffes and zebra roam. Watch out for the jaguars and rare white lions.

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Temple Of Hepaesthus And The Agora Of Athens One Of The Most Underrated Places To See In Athens

  • Visit one of the best-preserved Greek temples in the world
  • One of the earliest and best examples of a marketplace
  • Another of the most famous landmarks in Athens

Why its awesome: Since these two are so close, weve put them in together. Temple of Hepaesthus is the perfect place to visit before or after a visit to the Ancient Agora. Among all the beautiful and fantastically preserved temples in the capital, this one often gets overlooked. Its a mystery as to why though, considering this is one of the most complete in the city! Head on to the Agora, where minimal restoration has taken place so that you can imagine how the ancient marketplace was in the glory days of Ancient Greece!

What to do there: As well as visiting the Temple of Hepaesthus, there are a few things to keep you entertained for at least half a day here. Another impressive building that has been beautifully preserved is the Stoa of Attalos. This building comes from the Hellenistic Period. At the Agora, you can learn about how it was important through the eras of not only Ancient Greece but Roman and Byzantine too!

Marvel At The Artifacts In The Acropolis Museum

Entrance to the Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is another one of the must-see attractions!

The museum houses every significant artifact and piece of history that was found on or near the Acropolis. Its pretty freakin cool and one of my favorite places to visit in Athens, Greece.

When walking around the Acropolis Museum, you get to step back in time and uncover the secrets and artifacts from hundreds of centuries ago. Absolutely spectacular, amirite?

My tip is to spend as much time as possible here! Theres so freakin much to see and you shouldnt be rushed when viewing the magnificence this museum holds.

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Take A Stroll Through The National Gardens

The National Gardens is a huge public park located directly behind the Greek Parliament building. The park is full of ruins, beautiful greenery, and orange trees!

One of the nicer things to do in Athens, as you get a chance to take a break from the city and stroll through some relaxing and gorgeous greenery.

Dine Al Fresco Style In An Old Mansion

Fun Things To Do in Athens, Greece â characters &  carry

Psaras Fishermans Taverna in Psirii is one of the oldest restaurants in Athens. Here, visitors can enjoy all of the traditional homemade Greek classics.

The menu boasts an ever-changing selection of seafood dishes that are prepared using the freshest catches. Those that do not eat fish need not despair.

Pastitsio, moussaka, dolmas, and other famous dishes can be found on the menu here too. Psaras is set inside a cosy old stone mansion where you can dine to the background of bouzouki music.

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How Far Is Piraeus From Athens

Thankfully, Piraeus is just a few minutes away from Athens’ city center, and therefore the port of Piraeus is easily accessible. In specific, the center of Athens located about 12 kilometers from the port. The neighborhood of Piraeus is generally congested. The area has many of the facilities you would expect from a non-tourist city: banks, public buildings, sidewalks, and shopping streets. On the other hand, the area around Pasalimani and Mikrolimano is an attraction and offers a large selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars.

A person’s wealth lies in their experiences. So, make sure to leave Athens affluent in culture, history, and fun activities!

Planning your trip to Greece? Get in touch with our travel specialists and design your tailor-made vacation plan!

Indulge In A Unique Steam Bath In The Center Of Athens

If there is one time when you have a free pass to utter relaxation, it is during your vacations. In the oldest neighborhood of Athens, the arresting Plaka, you can revel in leisure and pleasure in a traditional bathhouse, where you can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic steam bath.

Al Hammam, as it is called, follows ancient routines from Asia to come up with unique hammam and spa treatments with the highest-quality products on the market. It is a small-capacity bathhouse that fits only 8 people at a time, so the experience is much more intimate and cozy, especially if its shared with a group of friends and family. You can lie on the hot marble, and let the experts scrub you with the traditional Turkish exfoliating sponge, ketse, and organic olive oil soap.

Without paying through the nose, you can also get your hair washed and your body massaged, or even take advantage of a special offer for couples. To top it all off, following your unwinding experience, you will be served a warm cup of tea. How cool is that?

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Outdoor Sports And Activities

Kids can enjoy a fantastic time on the beaches of Greece. On many of them, there are special activities for kids to practice water sports. These include immersions, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and boat trips too. But the list goes on! You can partake in fun water sports like water-skiing, surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing on the best family Greek islands we mentioned above.

But, as we mentioned before, not everything is going to the beach. Those who love mountain landscapes will find their piece of cake in the mountains of Greece. But also, the valleys offer unique hiking experiences and bike rides.

Grab A Drink At A Is For Athens

9 Things To Do In Greece

For the best view of the Acropolis at night, you must have a specialty cocktail at A is For Athens cocktail bar its one of the closest viewing points of the Acropolis.

Its actually a hotel, so you could stay here and see the Acropolis in the morning for breakfast as well!

The cocktails range from 12 to 20. They did not have any soda so dont come here to order rum and Coke. All of the cocktails have great names referencing Greek history and culture.

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Mycenae: The Legendary City Of Greek Mythology

The real-life location of the city of Agamemnon in Greek mythology , the archaeological ruins of Mycenae are 120 kilometers from Athens and about 25 kilometers from Nafplio.

Mycenae dates to the Bronze Age, when the fortified citadel at this hilltop settlement was an important center of ancient Mycenaean civilization, especially in the 14th and 13th century BC. The earliest archaeological fragments uncovered here date to the 15th century BC, considered the Prehistoric Era.

Visitors can see remains of ancient palaces, fountains, ramparts, and the famous Lion’s Gate and “Tomb of Agamemnon” . Many of the ruins are remarkably well-preserved considering their antiquity.

To get the most out of a visit to this incredible archaeological site, a guided tour is the best option. The full-day Mycenae and Epidaurus Day Trip departs from Athens, and stops in Mycenae, Nafplio, and Epidaurus. The visit to Mycenae includes a walking tour led by an expert in ancient Greek history, who illuminates the significance of the Mycenae ruins and tells interesting stories.

Visit The Byzantine And Christian Museum

Athens isnt short of museums, but this one is particularly special. Wannabe archaeologists love visiting the for its dazzling array of gems and unraveling of the Greek timeline.

Keep your eyes peeled for hundreds of documents, frescoes and sculptures. The building is pretty impressive too, with Neo-Renaissance architecture and manicured gardens to admire.

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Buy A Traditional Koulouri

Koulouri – credits: vovidzha/

The round sesame bread which the Greeks call ‘koulouri‘, is ideal as breakfast or as a light snack during your wanderings around Athens. Koulouri -or variations of it- can also be found all around the eastern part of the Mediterranean and the Balkan countries.

In Greece, despite it being traditionally made in the region of Thessaloniki, you can find many street vendors with trolley stands full of different types of koulouri in central Athenian streets or outside Athens metro stations. Alternatively, you can buy one from any bakery you come across. Keep in mind that koulouri is one of the foods consumed during our Athens food tour.

Hence, if you want to taste koulouri, along with other traditional Greek flavors, don’t hesitate to join us on a sense-provoking, 4-hour journey into Athens’ culinary scene!

Mount Lycabettus With Kids

How to See Athens Like Never Before

Riding the cable car up to Mount Lycabettus is an essential activity to do in Athens with kids. According to legend, Mount Lycabettus was formed when the goddess Athena dropped a large rock she was carrying upon hearing some bad news. Rising 900 feet over Athens, the hill offers spectacular panoramic views of the city. Plus, kids will enjoy the funicular ride to the top. In addition to the Acropolis, Syntagma Square and the Panathenaic Stadium, you can also see the port of Piraeus, the Aegean sea and the Peloponnese mountains. The best time to go is in the late afternoon so you can catch the sunset. Take some photos, then explore the small Greek Orthodox Agios Georgios Chapel at the top of the hill.

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