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Unique Things To Do In Rochester Ny

Do A Tour Of The Eastman Museum: Interesting Thing To Do Alone In Rochester

Things To Do In Rochester, NY

One of the best things to do alone in Rochester is a tour of the Eastman Museum.

The George Eastman Museum is a very old museum that is all about photography.

There is a collection of more than 400,000 photographs.

What’s great is that these photographs are from a large period in time.

Besides that, you can also find motion picture films in the museum’s collection.

And there are all kinds of other objects that relate to photo and video.

Also, you can see all kinds of furniture and decorative art at this museum.

What’s great is that there are daily tours at the museum.

During these tours, you can learn more about the house in which you can find the museum. Also, the tours are about the exhibition galleries and the gardens.

Visit The George Eastman Museum

You might be surprised that the man who invented the worldwide brand of Kodak is not in fact, Mr Kodak but rather a man by the name of George Eastman, who was a Rochester local.

After the death of Mr Eastman in 1932, his family turned is very elaborate home into a fascinating museum showcasing all things about photography.

While learning about the developments in cameras and the processing of film is fascinating, just wandering the corridors of his mansion are pretty interesting too.

Relax On A Sam Patch Tour Boat One Of The Most Romantic Things To Do In Rochester Ny

A great way to spend a few hours in the city, if looking for fun things to do in Rochester NY, is to take a leisurely cruise down the Erie Canal on-board the Sam Patch Cruise.

The cruise will take you through the narrow yet picturesque canals, while also listening to commentary explaining the history of the area.

One of the highlights of the cruise is passing through the old lock. If youre not sure what a lock is, its difficult to explain but you will no doubt be amazed at how it works!

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Grab A Lane And A Meal At Radio Social

When I first took my boys ax throwing in Peterborough, Ontario, I remember looking around at the awesome environment with a great bar and a fun, clean modern entertainment vibe and saying why doesnt anyone do this to bowling alleys.

Well, someone must have been listening to me because Radio Social is exactly what I was imagining when I said that.

This bowling alley, restaurant, and entertainment facility combines amazing food, a fun, modern atmosphere, and a great bar and social environment. Its a far cry from the typical dark, dingy bowleramas that I grew up with. And its a place that, in my opinion, makes one of the best places to visit in Rochester, New York.

Located in a reclaimed, 42,000 sq. ft former radio factory , Radio Social offers 32 bowling lanes, modern lounge areas, indoor, and outdoor entertainment, and even outdoor fire pits. Its a place where you could spend every night of the week and have a different experience. Yet it also seems small, welcoming, and genuinely enjoyable.

Do not visit Radio Social without trying the food. This is, and Im shocked to say this about a bowling alley, one of the best restaurants in Rochester. Whether you order from their casual menu with tender and juicy burgers and soft dough pizzas or from their Mediterannean menu with Cornish Hen and Lamb Arancini, the food at Radio Social is a delight. My hat is off to chef Steve Eakins, I would make the journey back just to eat here again.

Get Lost In Nature Genesee Rivers High Falls

Free Things to Do in Rochester, New York (With images)

How about a short trip with your partner this weekend in Rochester?

Genesee Rivertrails High Fall has the most spectacular romantic view in Rochester NY.

The unique position of this New York City, located on the Genesee River, has resulted in High Falls.

This permits one of the citys biggest tourist attractions to be all-natural while still being conveniently located in the heart of downtown.

The Genesee River cascades down the escarpment from the cascading High Falls, descending 95 feet to its goal.

It is surrounded by historical buildings from the nineteenth century, which add to its artistically beautiful look.

The view of High Falls from High Falls Terrace Park is breathtaking. Enjoy a pleasant supper at one of the restaurants while youre there.

You can also travel to High Falls Lookout for a closer look or go across the Pont de Rennes Bridge for a closer look.

Address: 4 Commercial Street, Rochester, NY 14614, United States

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Ganondagan State Historic Site

With over 500 acres of walking trails, lush green space and history dating back to 1687, visitors to the Ganondagan State Historic Site enjoy a site boasting art, culture and significance. Through interactive exhibits and a full-sized replica of one of the largest Seneca towns, get ready to be blown away.

See how the Seneca worked within society, through their customs and cultures, and learn about their natural artistic craft. Walk the grounds and pass through the heirloom gardens and native grasses when discovering this towns true origins.

When To Go To Rochester

Its important to plan when you visit Rochester as some of the attractions can be seasonal and may not be open during your visit.

During the summer months, the weather can be extremely hot and then super cold and snowy during the winter months.

Many of the festivals are planned around the seasons, so check out whats on before you go.

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Go And See The Most Beautiful Charlottegenesee Lighthouse

CharlotteGenesee Lighthouse

The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, also known as the Charlotte-Genesee Pierhead Lighthouse, is a lighthouse in Rochester, New York. It was constructed in 1872 and is still in operation today.

The lighthouse was designated a New York State Historic Site in 1988. The lighthouse is open to the public and is a popular tourist attraction in Rochester.

Why visit a lighthouse? There are a number of reasons to visit a lighthouse.

Firstly, lighthouses are a grand symbol of American history and culture. Theyre also historical landmarks, which means that theyre often on the National Register of Historic Places.

And, finally, lighthouses are beautiful, which means that theyre ideal for photographers.

Address: 70 Lighthouse St, Rochester, NY 14612, United States

Planning for a road trip around New York? Why not visit to Brooklyn? Brooklyn is the perfect place to visit if youre looking to experience the true beauty and diversity of America. There are marvelous views of the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn bridge. Brooklyn has a wide variety of eateries, shops, and cultural attractions.

See And Be Seen At Highland Park

Rochester, New York – Top 5 Things to Do

One of Rochester attractions you must see is The Highland Park. Definitely amongst the best things to see in Rochester NY.

This Park was designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead. It is a world-class arboretum and landscape which is spread over 150 acres equipped with valleys and hills.

Having about 1200 lilac shrubs, 35 kinds of magnolias, a rock garden with short evergreens, a collection of barberries, a collection of Japanese Maples and more than 700 varieties of azaleas and rhododendronsh. The highland bank is the host ground for many annual festivals.

Other exotic plants found in the highland park include mountain laurel, horse chestnuts, Andromeda, and lots more.

The parks pansy bed which features about 10,000 plants is rearranged every year. This means it wont appear the same if you visit the park next year.

Other attractions and facilities which can be found in the park are the Warner Castle, the Greater Rochester Vietnam memorial, the John Dunbar Memorial Pavilion and also the Lamberton Conservatory. This should be a perfect addition to your list of things to do in Rochester NY.

Address: 180 Reservoir Ave, Rochester, NY 14620.

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Things To Do Near Me: Rochester Public Market New York

Rochester Public Market

The Rochester Public Market features over 100 local vendors serving everything from homemade macaroni and cheese to fresh vegetables and home-grown flowers.

Sit down for some gourmet treats and freshly squeezed juices while you peruse the market. North Loop Nightlife The North Loop is a stylish area filled with upscale shops, cafes, and bars.

On a weekend in Rochester, youll find the North Loop filled with a variety of local shops and restaurants. Grab your friends and head to one of the many bars or cafes.

When the sun sets, head to Midtown to listen to some live music or check out some street performers. The music begins as early as 6 pm and the streets are full of musicians, both young and old.

Address: 280 Union St N, Rochester, NY 14609, United States

High Falls Interpretive Centre And Museum

If you desire to know the complete history of Rochester, I recommend you to visit the High Falls Interpretive Centre and Museum.

This Museum is an interactive museum established mainly to take the visitors through the pre-history of Rochester, even as far as the twenty-first century.

Some of the things the visitors learn include, how water used to transform the region, the settlement of the city and also how the town became what it is today as a result of the industrial boom.

The museum is truly interactive. On your right and left as you walk through the museum, you will see photographs, artworks, exhibits and multi-media displays.

Multi-media displays are for children, whereas adults are allowed to enjoy the ancient artifacts.

The museum is open throughout the year. Regularly, special exhibits are featured in the museum to promote new information not normally displayed on the walls of the museum.

Address: 74 Browns Race, Rochester, NY 14614.

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Genesee Country Village & Museum

Genesee Country Village & Museum is the largest and most comprehensive living history museum in New York State and the third-largest in the United States.

The campus includes the historic village , the John L. Wehle Gallery, green spaces, a ball field, and an expansive nature center with miles of walking trails.

Things To Do In Rochester Ny: House Of Guitars

10+ Things to Do in Rochester NY â sightDOING

If you are a music lover, House of Guitars definitely should be on your Rochester bucket list.

The biggest shop for guitars in the world.

The creators of this wonderful place were Armand and Bruce in 1964. Actually, they were brothers and started this collection from their mothers house.

Then they started their business by selling guitars for affordable prices at night. Since those guitars are unique, they achieved a huge demand.

Still, the House of Guitars attracts the younger generation who has a hunger for various music styles. And as they are very affordable, it has a huge demand as well.

Even famous artists like the Beatles, Weird Al Yankovic, Marc Maron, Garth Brooks, Metallica, and Les Paul have bought guitars from this place.

Now, it is not just a guitar house it is a music complex with a music school, a studio, a stage, a music equipment repair shop, and more fun things.

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Things To Do In Rochester Ny: Corbetts Glen Nature Park

Corbetts Glen Nature Park is a nice green space located in the town of Brighton near Rochester. Although many people do not know about this hidden beauty, it offers so many things to see and do.

To visit this green park, you have to walk through some back yards of people who live near it. They are very nature-loving and supportive to the visitors.

If you are looking for a perfect day trip in Rochester, Corbetts Glen Nature Park is ideal because there are awesome picnic areas, waterfalls, and nature trails.

Any nature lover would love to spend time in this truly natural park. So, do not miss it like the majority of Rochester visitors do. It is totally worth visiting Corbetts Glen Nature Park.

If you need to know more information, click the above website link.

Visit High Falls In Downtown Rochester

It may sound crazy, but there is a huge waterfall in downtown Rochester! High Falls was that random treat that made me realize what a cool city it is. Located at the edge of downtown, High Falls is similar to Snoqualmie Falls in height and flow, but with the city built around it.

There are walking trails at High Falls Terrace Park or you can cross the Pont de Rennes Bridge to get a great view and see the east side of the river.

For a fun afternoon activity, hit up the brewery overlooking the falls, Genesee Brew House, and then take a walk across the river gorge. Get a great view and enjoy the local brew scene. Enjoying High Falls is one of the best things to do in Rochester and really gives the best impression of the city.

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How To Get There

Visitors can get to Rochester by plane, car, train, and bus. The Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport is the nearest airport to Rochester City. Private cars can take the New York State Thruway or Lake Ontario State Parkway to enter the city. The main train station serving Rochester City is the Rochester Station, served by Amtrak. Across the train station is a bus terminal served by Greyhound Lines, New York Trailways, and Megabus.

Play At The Strong Museum Of Play Best Thing To Do In Rochester Ny With Kids

Things to do in Rochester, New York 2022

Dont think the Strong Museum of Play is just for kids!

I visited with a bunch of adults, and we had an absolute ball!!! But yes if you are looking for things to do in Rochester NY with kids, you really cant not go to this fantastic museum.

The Strong Museum houses books, magazines, dolls, toys, old carousels, board games and much more. Youll love seeing all the old toys you used to play with as a child, as well as the toys your parents and even grandparents played with when they were kids!

There is plenty of things for the kids to play with too such as the miniature grocery store, retro game arcade , dress-up opportunities, a giant Etch-a-Sketch and replica sets from Sesame Street. One of best things to do with kids in Rochester!

Kids or no kids, everyone will have a ball at the Strong Museum of Play.

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Belhurst Castle & Winery

With exceptional accommodations and breathtaking views of the Finger Lakes, enjoy this peaceful resort and hospitality treasure. Stay for a weekend at Belhurst Castle & Winery, and have a relaxing and calm getaway or come for an afternoon lunch with delicious menu options.

Sip on some wine during a wine tasting activity overlooking the stunning Seneca Lake. Wander around the castle and take in gorgeous surroundings with exceptional staff and world class service.

Free Things To Do In Rochester

A trip to Rochester need not blow your budget. You can leave your wallet behind if you go to:

Ellison Park – Make this one of your first stops for a dash of fun during your escape.

Pont de Rennes Bridge – If you’re eager to explore the history of the region through its landmarks, stick this one on your must-see list.

Genesee River’s High Falls – Take some time out beside the water to unwind and recharge.

Asbury First United Methodist Church – Mix some spirituality into your vacation by visiting this religious site.

Susan B. Anthony Square – Develop your green thumb and marvel at the beautiful and diverse plants on show.

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Things To Do In Rochester Ny: Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

New Yorks biggest cemetery. Do you like to visit?

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery is the biggest cemetery located in Rochester NY.

Spreading over 332 acres of land, it is the final place of all the residents in Rochester.

So, you can see beautiful and eye-catching columbarium, mausoleums, and many Victorian-style tombs.

In the past, there were several burial places for the different catholic parish.

But, Bernard J McQuaid developed one cemetery for everyone in 1871. And that is Holy Sepulcher Cemetery.

Since then, over 300,000 rest in this place.

All the senators, bishops, celebrities, sportsmen, and humanitarians like special people and normal residents rest in peace in this place.

As it has nice landscapes with flowers. So, just visit it and celebrate their lives.

Things To Do In Rochester Ny: Frontier Field

10 Fun Things to do in Rochester, NY

Are you a fan of baseball? Then, theres no other place in Rochester better than Frontier Field. Frontier Field really offers you more exciting baseball games played by the citys professional baseball teams.

Built-in 1996, this place was a replacement for the Silver Stadium NY. So, this field was home to many professional teams like Rochester Rattlers, Rochester Raging Rhinos, and Rochester Red Wings.

And this awesome place has the facility to seat 10,840 fans with a 24×32 feet video scoreboard. Actually, not only sports, sometimes this place hosts concerts as well. So, if you like concerts, just catch one.

If you are only looking for an exciting baseball game, just click the above link to know the games schedule.

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Hike Letchworth State Park

Often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East, this is the place to go if you want to spot a rainbow. Youll be floored by the natural beauty of the cascading waterfalls. The park spans 17 miles through a gorge and features walking trails of various skills levels. Come for a picnic and afternoon hike, the perfect way to spend a summer day.

You can even take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the scenery from above!

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