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Unique Things To Do In Memphis

Tastin Round Town Food Tours

Food, Things To Do and Transportation Ideas in Memphis

Going on a food tasting tour is one of the fun things to do in Memphis, Tennessee, and that is because the city has lots of restaurants that all serve delicious meals.

Tastin Round Town is a food tour company that offers its customers a unique food tasting experience.

As you tour around the city with this food tour company, you will get to try out dishes prepared by the best Chefs in Memphis.

The whole tour lasts for three hours, but you would have covered about four to six restaurants at the end of the tour.

Sign The Night Away At Beale Street

Beale Street has to be one of the most vibrant streets in Memphis! Home to the blues, its a great spot to spend an evening out and listening to some pretty good live local music. In lots of ways, Beale Street feels like the entertainment district of Memphis and you can easily sing away a good few hours here.

Make sure to stop off at some watering holes like Silky OSullivans, Dyers and BB Kings Blues Club where youll almost certainly end up dancing the night away.

It really is one of the best things to do in Memphis if you love a good night out.

South Main Arts District

Located along the southern border of downtown Memphis, the South Main Arts District is one of the most iconic locations in the city.

You might even recognize it before you go.

Its been featured in multiple Hollywood films, including Walk the Line, Hustle and Flow, Great Balls of Fire and Elizabethtown.

What makes South Main so special?

For starters, it has an old-fashioned look with a daily trolley winding through brick shopfronts and colonial townhouses.

It also has an artistic edge with painted murals on the walls and vendors selling their arts and crafts on the sidewalk.

Theres fun stuff to do, too.

You can grab a bite to eat at one of the local, family-owned diners, or you can hop on the trolley and visit one of the nearby museums.

Theres a lot to celebrate about the heritage of Tennessee, and its on full display in local museums.

The South Main Arts District is one of the best things to do in Memphis.

It might not be as loud and flashy as some of the other tourist attractions on this list, but if youre looking for the biggest points of interest in the city, you wont want to miss it.

Besides, theres nothing wrong with enjoying some low-key activities while youre relaxing on a Tennessee vacation!

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Ride The Downtown Trolley Loop

Memphis is adorable and charming as hell, I know this. Part of that charm is the old-timey trolley system thats too slow to be called transportation but just the right speed for taking it easy, roaring twenties-style.

The downtown trolley system runs in a loop: up Front Street, down around the Pyramid and south along the river, then back up at South Main. Riding the loop will cost you all of $1 and is a fun way to just sit back and see what is.

Ultimate Offbeat Guide To Memphis Tennessee

11 Insanely Cool Things to Do in Memphis with Kids (or ...

Haunted hotels and beer-drinking goats await you in Blues City!

  • 20

by RoadtrippersMarch 29th 2016

Memphis is the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock ‘n roll, but Bluff City also has a pretty bizarre side. This Ultimate Offbeat Guide to Memphis will send you on an adventure to modern day pyramids, duck parades, and strange relics of the past.

Memphis loves ancient Egyptian motifs, which makes sense, since their city was named after a settlement in Egypt, so naturally, they built themselves a pyramid. The world’s 10th largest, in fact.

Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid houses the largest collection of hunting equipment in the world, has a shooting range, an archery range, laser tag, a saltwater aquarium, a hotel, several restaurants and bars, and even a bowling alley. Seriously, this place is staggeringly strange and amazing.

Tips: For $10 you can take an elevator up to the tippy-top of the pyramid and look out over the city!

In 1938, Mexican artist Dionicio Rodriguez dug a 60-foot-deep cave in Memphis’ Memorial Park Cemetery and filled it with 5 tons of crystal. The result? The Crystal Shrine Grotto, one of the weirdest attractions in the entire city.

Tips: There’s no charge to enter the Crystal Shrine. If you’re having trouble finding it, just listen for the ethereal music that pours from the cave opening.

Tip: The malt bar in the back of the shop serves alcoholic milkshakes. You’re welcome.

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Peabody Rooftop Party & Ducks

The Peabody Hotel is possibly the most famous hotel in Memphis and a great spot for two cute and cool reasons! Now, each day, the Peabody hotel has a little duck march whereby the resident mallards walk out and into the fountain on their own little red carpet.

This can be seen every day at 11 am and 5 pm and is totally cute! Its a tradition that goes back over 80 years and is still going strong.

Now for the cool! This has to be the Peabody Rooftop Parties that happen in the summer months. Honestly, its so much fun, with some of the best Tennessean artists and local bands really bringing the house down. Honestly, its one of the best rooftop parties Ive been to and certainly one of the best things to do in Memphis during your trip.

Enjoy A Dinner & Music River Cruise

In the home of the blues itd be pretty rude not to indulge on a dinner and music river cruise, dont you think?

This is the kind of relaxation that we can get on board with and even if its not everyones style on the face of it, a few minutes on this cruise is enough to convert anyone to the idea of being out on the open water.

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of things to do in Memphis. Do not hesitate to comment below if you wish to recommend other places to visit in Memphis.

Happy travels!

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Visit A Musical Landmark At Sun Studio

The sun studio is a historical recording studio located in downtown Memphis and was opened in the year 1950.

Many legendary singers have performed here such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Ray Orbison and Carl Perkins but the most iconic singer who recorded here was a truck driver named Elvis Presley and his talent was first recognized here by the owner and assistant of the studio.

See The Famous Peabody Ducks At Peabody Hotel

Things to do in Memphis

This was an interesting attraction in Memphis for kids.

When it was suggested we head to the Peabody Hotel to watch a parade of ducks in the hotel lobby, I didnt know what to expect.

Turns out, these ducks are one of the top Memphis attractions. People were lined up along the red carpet, yes there is a red carpet leading from the fountain to the elevator, the whole lobby was packed and people were standing two deep around the railing of the second level.

People were lined up along the red carpet , the whole lobby was packed and people were standing two deep around the railing of the second level.

The Legend of the Peabody Memphis Ducks started back in the 1930s, and they still visit the lobby fountain at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day.

They hop out of the fountain, walk the red carpet, step into the elevator and ride to the rooftop. Amazing!

The whole procession only takes 20 seconds, but the duck master talks for about 20 minutes beforehand, somewhat interesting and somewhat dragging on.

The famous Peabody Marching Ducks have appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Oprah Winfrey Show and in People magazine and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Dont go too far out of your way to see this, but if youre in downtown and looking for free things to do in Memphis TN, check it out.

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Get Spooked At The Woodruff

The Woodruff-Fontaine house is a French Victorian mansion with 3 storeys built in 1871 and is well-known for its splendid architecture and the history of the two wealthy families that lived here.

You can partake in a guided tour around the mansion and survey its many antiquities and serene furniture but the reason for the fascination behind this house lies in the paranormal activities experienced by visitors.

Some people say they can hear and see a female entity sitting on a bed in a room and she is allegedly the ghost of Mollie Woodruff and just a heads up, she also likes to roam around the house.

Things To Do In Memphis: Memphis Bbq:

My husband is a big fan of BBQ anything and everything . If there is one thing I knew we were doing during our weekend in Memphis, it was eating Memphis BBQ.

With so many lists of best Memphis BBQ restaurants online, we decided to ask our Lyft and Uber drivers.

We went with a locals suggestion and ended up at a restaurant in Midtown Memphis. THE BBQ SHOP had a great menu with choices of dry or wet BBQ rubs. My husband went with a combination for his ribs while I went with the dry rub for mine.

I have to say we were both disappointed. The meat was overcooked and lacked flavor. We did enjoy the sides of baked beans, coleslaw and the Texas toast.

After I posted this online, many people suggested going to Central BBQ. We actually passed Central BBQ several times since it is located right behind the National Civil Rights Museum.

Nicole of Nickys Savory Travels enjoyed some great food and BBQ in Memphis Tennessee.

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Dont Miss The Statue Of Ramesses Ii

Shortly before our great pyramid was built, Memphis welcomed its single largest tourist attraction ever: the exhibition of Ramesses the Great, straight from Egypt.

A few years later, a replica statue of Ramesses II was placed in front of the Pyramid in tribute. Do you remember the time? Since the Pyramid has transitioned into a Bass Pro Shop from the Tomb of Doom it once was, the statue of Ramesses has been moved to the campus of the University of Memphis.

Maybe take this opportunity to learn about how the history of Memphis, TN relates to Memphis, Egypt.

Go Wild On A Pub Crawl

Cost Effective Unique Things to Do in Memphis

A two-hour private tavern pub crawl across the city of Memphis? Sign us up!

As you switch from one bar to another on this private pedal adventure, youll suddenly realize that life is all about living.

That sounds a bit cliche but theres something about this kind of experience that gets us hyped.

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Feel Lucky At Southland Casino Racing

Feeling lucky, punk?Southland Casino Racing provides fun and entertainment for those who like to live on the wild side of life.

Whether its a dollar being put down or 50 there are many different games available with the end goal being a pretty simple one win some cash and then use that money to head out on the town.

Inside A New Adventure At Jumping World

If you thought our last entry was fun, wait until you get a load of Jumping World!

There is entertainment waiting around every corner here and thats nowhere close to an exaggeration. Theyve got foam pits, indoor trampolines, basketball dunking, dodgeball and so much more that its near enough impossible to get through it all in one session.

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Explore Crystal Shrine Grotto

Those who have been and gone in this world deserve to be remembered, which is why we love the Crystal Shrine Grotto and Memorial Park.

This private cemetery actually plays host to the only man-made crystal cave on the planet in what can be viewed as an odd yet intriguing bragging point for the city.

Chill Out At The Beauty Shop Restaurant

5 Things Memphis

The saying on the front windows is very simple: look good, eat good.

The Beauty Shop restaurant is a really trendy spot in midtown Memphis with a shop that borrows from the 50s beauty-style extravaganza. Its camp, its wonderful and you can sit below a hair dryer whilst planning out your meal.

If that isnt luxury, we dont know what is.

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Attend A Memphis Redbirds Game

Attending a Memphis Redbirds gamethe AAA-affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinalsmight be the best of all the things to do in Memphis. AutoZone Park, where the birds play, is consistently ranked as the nicest minor league ballpark in the country, on par with some major league stadiums.

Grab a blanket and get bluff tickets to enjoy a game in a way you cant at other ballparks.

Memphis Music Hall Of Fame

Harold Stiver / Shutterstock

Youve probably figured out that Memphis is a mecca for music lovers, but nowhere is this more apparent than the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

It celebrates the achievements of many different Memphis-born or Memphis-living musicians, and with its zany sense of humor, itll provide a rollicking good time for all.

Billed as a museum thats just as outrageous as our inductees, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame isnt a dull place where you squint at gold plaques hanging on the walls.

Instead, it offers photos, interviews, video performances and interactive exhibits where you can really sink your teeth into the musical heritage of its stars.

Furthermore, you might be surprised by some of the names on the list of famous Memphis musicians.

For example, everyone knows that Elvis lived in Graceland, but were you aware that Justin Timberlake was born in the Shelby Forest area?

If youre looking for fun things to do in Memphis, Tennessee, stop by the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

It distinguishes itself from other music museums by fully embracing the weird, wonderful nature of its industry, so its a must see if you want to get real.

Address: 126 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

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Fancy A Drink At Old Dominick Distillery

In what is popularly described as a sensory journey, Old Dominick Distillery shows us all how property whiskey should be made right alongside gin, vodka and bourbon, too.

Domenico Canale is at the forefront of the 45-minute tour and even if you just want to walk around and take a few samples, it quickly becomes evident that this is a really cool place to be.

Have A Picnic At Dixon Gallery And Gardens

5 Pretty Great Things To Do In Memphis

The Dixon gallery and garden is a perfect way to spend a pleasant evening as it has a fine arts gallery and a public garden within its vicinity.

The exhibits in the gallery are temporary and changing as well as a permanent collection of 2,000 objects including French impressionist paintings.

The buildings architecture is Georgian style and the museum was founded in 1976.

You can either survey the variety of artistic and decorative objects housed here or you can enjoy a lovely picnic with your loved ones in the Garden.

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Areas & Neighborhoods In Memphis

The life blood of Memphis isnt restricted to downtown, and if you ask locals where the heart of the city is, you will probably get lots of different answers. Whether you want to eat during your entire vacation, or reserve some time for a historical tour, there is a Memphis neighborhood to catch your interest.

Midtown Some people say Midtown is Memphis, and its passionate defenders have a lot to make their case with. From the Memphis Zoo to mouthwatering truffle fries at local eateries, you can easily fill a day here. Dont miss out on the eccentric shops and antique stores in the Midtown antique and design district.

Downtown The Downtown core of Memphis is one of the most walkable areas of the city, and you wont be left wanting for places to go. Shopping, nightlife, and notable sites like Beale Street and Sun Studios are all downtown.

East Memphis If youre ready to slow things down a bit, keep in mind that many fun things to do in Memphis happen at an easy Southern pace. East Memphis hosts quite a few of them, from walks through the Dixon Gallery and Gardens to leisurely horseback rides at Shelby Farms.

Germantown Germantown is largely residential, but visitors can still take advantage of generous parkland and good food.

Discover The Hidden Gems Of Memphis

Memphis is all about authenticity and creativity in everything we do, from our music to our cuisine to our culture. Dig into the spirit of the city by experiencing its hidden gems, both on and off the beaten path. You’ll find anything from marching ducks to barbecue dishes only the locals know about, a secret grotto and more.

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Eat Your Heart Out On A Food Tour

We all deserve a great bite to eat, especially if were heading away on holiday, and Memphis isnt going to be in short supply of that.

The taste of downtown is expansive but if you want to get as close to authentic as possible, the food tour will take you to every sensation imaginable.

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