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Unique Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Venture Out Of The Old City

Things to do in Dubrovnik

We stayed in an Airbnb at a familys home a 30-minute walk from the center, so we saw a lot more than just the historic part of town. We thought the island of Korcula reminded us of Dubrovnik, but we found it to be less crowd and less touristy. For information on Korcula, check out our Croatia Travel Guide. And in terms of big cities, we actually enjoyed Zagreb, the capital city in Croatia.

Enjoy The Views From Mount Srd

Youll have spotted Mount Srd when you first arrive in Dubrovnik because this tall mountain top is one of the most prominent natural features in the area. Standing some 400 meters above sea level, we dont need to explain that this is where youre going to find the best views in Dubrovnik.

One of the coolest things to do in Dubrovnik is to take a ride on the cable car. In just four minutes, youll be whisked from the bottom of Mount Srd right to the top. Enjoy the vistas from the summit as you take in iconic panoramas of those famous red roofs far below.

If its not too hot, or if youre up for a challenge, then theres also a short but steep hiking route that leads to the summit of Mount Srd. Take plenty of water because its a serious uphill slog. You can also take the cable car up and then walk down but well let you decide!

Games Of Thrones Walking Tour

Dubrovnik is home to several locations used in filming the hit TV show Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik is the proper setting of Kings Landing, the capital of the fictional Seven Kingdoms realm. Take a three-hour tour around the Dubrovnik Old Town to see where most of the filming took place.

Upgrading your tour will include an extra one and a half hour trip to Trsteno Arboretum. On this tour, you will follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters. It is like traveling back in time and to another world. Even if you are not a fan, this tour could definitely turn you into one.

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Throw Some Shapes At Lazareti

What is it? An arts complex in a former quarantine barracks in Napoleons time, Lazareti is the citys best place to party.

Why go? While the programme is hit and miss, when it hits top-notch Croatian DJs or live act it hits hard. And the location cannot be gainsaid, a rambling complex facing the Adriatic, a five-minute walk from the Ploe Gate in the old town. DJs spin in the main building at sunken level, while revellers are free to roam around the courtyards where Napoleons soldiers would have been recovering from war wounds.

Don’t miss: Take your drinks out and imbibe under starry skies.

Go See The Trsteno Arboretum

21 Awesome &  Unique Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia ...

Set about 30 minutes by bus outside of Dubrovnik, this 500-year-old arboretum is a beautiful, peaceful escape from the city.

Its position overlooking the Adriatic Sea is unbeatable, and like so many other places nearby, it also served as a Game of Thrones filming locationit was the set of the gardens of Kings Landing.

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Learn About Dubrovniks Communist Past At The Red History Museum

If youre after something a little more unusual to do when youre ticking off the top things to see in Dubrovnik, then why not take a tour of the Red History Museum?

While many of the attractions in Dubrovnik showcase medieval and renaissance history, the Red History Museum takes you on an informative journey through a more recent era, when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia.

This is modern storytelling at its best, and youll find out everything you might have wondered about life in Dubrovnik under the communist regime, which only ended in the 1990s. Youll also discover more about the Homeland War, during which Dubrovnik suffered, as the city and its inhabitants endured a long siege that resulted in much destruction.

If youre interested in contemporary history and politics in the Balkans, then the Red History Museum is the place to go. Youll find old soviet-style cars on display, replica socialist-era living rooms and kitchens, as well as nuanced displays highlighting both the good and bad aspects of the Yugoslavian communist regime for the average citizen.

Learn About The Regions History In Dubrovnik During The Homeland War

Looking at the beauty of Dubrovnik today, its hard to forget that it wasnt that long ago that it was caught in the grips of a country-wide conflict.

During the early 1990s, Croatia battled for independence from Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik didnt escape the brunt of the conflict, and it was bombed extensively in late 1991.

Croatia eventually won its independence, and Dubrovniks wounds were largely healed. There are still, however, both physical and emotional scars of this difficult time.

Visit the Homeland War Museum to learn more about this turbulent period in Croatia a moving experience.

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What Are The Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Hands down one of the most beautiful places in Croatia, Dubrovnik makes for one of the best European summer city break destinations. Its enchanting setting and fairytale look make it a magnet for visitors from all around the world, and in recent years its popularity has sky-rocketed after featuring as one of the sets for Game of Thrones. During my 10 day trip to Croatia I spent a few days here, and have composed this list of the 11 absolute best things to do in Dubrovnik to ensure you dont miss any of the must-dos on your trip!

Fun Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Croatia Travel Vlog | Things to do in Dubrovnik!

Year after year, the sun-kissed city of Dubrovnik continues to break records, welcoming more tourists than ever before.

Walk in the shoes of Daenerys Targaryen, sip ice-cold beers inside foreboding caves, sample freshly-caught seafood while overlooking sapphire waters, or stroll through one of the worlds best-preserved fortified cities no matter what kind of tourist category you fall into, theres no shortage of fascinating and fun things to do in Dubrovnik.

From towering fortresses, the iconic City Walls, and ancient monasteries to the Mount Srd cable car, haunted Daksa Island, and a long list of stunning pebbled beaches, the Pearl of the Adriatic sports more impressive landmarks than any other Croatian city its no wonder that 1.5 million internationals make the journey annually.

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Unusual Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a captivating place to spend a few days, with medieval fortifications, limestone streets, seafood restaurants, and rocky beaches to explore. However, theres a selection of unique adventures for those who want to get off the tourist trail. Weve rounded up some of the more unusual things to do in Dubrovnik, from open-air cinemas to off-road buggy safaris.

Sip Artisan Coffee At Cogito

What is it? Reinventing the idea of the terrace café as a medieval-alleyway bar, the main Dubrovnik outlet of the Zagreb-based boutique coffee roasters peeps out invitingly from beneath one of the broad archways that span the cobbles in this quarter of the town.

Why go? With a counter inside and a couple of wooden benches outside, Cogito is the ideal place for informal mingling or picking up a takeaway. As you might expect from a coffee specialist they spread their net rather wider than the average Croatian kafi, with trained baristas serving up smooth espressos as well as grappling with the demands of filter, Chemex and cold-brew coffees.

Don’t miss: Delectable tubs of artisan ice cream from Samobors Medenko fill the counter-side freezer cabinet. Another branch of Cogito is located just outside the Ploe Gate at Hvarska 2.

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Stand On The Stone Head

Dubrovnik maskeron that brings good luck.

As soon as you enter the Old Town from the Pile Gate you may see people trying to take a running jump at a wall, to your left, in front of the wall of the Franciscan Monastery. Look carefully and you will spot a strange gargoyle head protruding from a stone wall. The head stands half a meter above the ground, sticking out few centimeters.

Legend says that face waits and listens. If you manage to stand on it and take your shirt off while facing the wall, without falling, your wish will be granted! Is it a myth or not we do not know, but its definitely worth a try. If you look closer at the wall youll see a trace from the touch of thousands of bodies. The gargoyle head was supposed to represent an owl. It was once the end of a pipe that drained rainwater from the top of the building. The pipes were rerouted a long time ago, and water doesnt flow from its mouth anymore.

Can you climb this stone? We dare you!

Take A Walking Tour Of Dubrovniks Old Town To Ensure You Dont Miss A Thing

The 20 Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovniks Old Town may be small, but its also densely packed with historical sights, beautiful views, and interesting storiesand if youre trying to maximize the number of things to do in Dubrovnik that youre able to complete, one of the best ways is to use a tour of the Old Town to ensure you see Dubrovniks most significant sights efficiently .

If youre looking for an inexpensive & fun introduction to Dubrovnik, this walking tour is a great option!

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Join The Festivities At Dubrovniks Annual Summer Festival

Summer is the best time to be in Dubrovnik, even if it is the busiest. Thats because the city plays host to a two-month-long extravaganza known simply as the Summer Festival.

The Summer Festival is one of the must-do things in Dubrovnik because the long schedule is packed with cultural events that will give you a new insight into the people and traditions that make the city so vibrant.

The schedule and lineup of the festival vary every year, but you can expect to find impromptu orchestras playing in old town plazas, late-night DJs playing in beach clubs, and plenty of cultural and gastronomic experiences taking place across Dubrovnik.

Go On A Real Dubrovnik Night Out

I have a whole guide to Nightlife, Bars, and Nightclubs in Dubrovnik, so Ill keep it short and sweet here. Click the link below to read my whole guide!

Wine Bars Malvasija Wine Bar, DVino Wine Bar

Unique Dubrovnik Bars- Cave Bar More , Onofrio Ice Bar

Pre-Drinks Bars Trocadero Bar , Sky Bar

Nightclubs Culture Club Revelin , Sky Bar , Banje Beach Club

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Buy Fresh Fruit At The Old Town Market

Tucked away behind the Church of St Blaise youll find a sprawling food market covering pretty much the entire square of Gundulieva poljana.

Here youll find more than enough to tempt your tastebuds, but I couldnt go past the delicious fresh fruit.

Its the perfect accompaniment to a warm day in Croatia and it gives you an excuse to do the rounds checking out all of the stalls.

The market is on six days a week, and as well as scrummy fruit youll also find produce like honeys, jams, peppers and spices, if thats more your thing.

Stroll Down Historic Stradun Dubrovniks Main Street

Dubrovnik, CROATIA: Best Things To Do!

Slicing through the center of Dubrovniks historic Old Town, the limestone-paved Stradun street is a focal point for shopping, eating, drinking, and tourist activities. Peruse at your own pace or join a walking tour either way, look forward to stopping at historical sights like the cathedral, St Blaises Church, dancing fountains, and Rectors Palace.

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Sail To Lokrum Island

Spectacular Lokrum is just a 15-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik Harbour so its an easy day or half-day out.With over 1,000 years of captivating history, its not just the views that draw visitors to Lokrum. According to legend, Richard the Lion-Heart was shipwrecked here returning from the crusades. Its also thought that Benedictine monks forced to leave the island in the 15th century laid a curse on the island which allegedly remains to this day. Gulp!Luckily, I witnessed no ghosts or curses during my trip, only blue seas and skies!

Check out my guide to visiting Lokrum Island

Lokrum is worth visiting for the following reasons:

  • Peacock roam freely, fanning out their tail feathers
  • Game of Thrones was filmed there so you can spot filming locations and even sit in a replica throne
  • Theres a lagoon named the Dead Sea because its so salty you float

Best ways to visit Lokrum Island:

  • Catch a public ferry from the harbour

Sip Cocktails At Azur Bar

What is it?Bar by Azur is a promising addition to Dubrovniks rather staid cocktail scene here, concoctions are made with real skill using homemade syrups.

Why go? The slick bar area is comfortably chic, and the buzz extends to the capacious sun-drenched terraces. The drinks menu features a wealth of premium liquors and domestic craft beers.

Don’t miss: Nibbles of fresh mozzarella with spicy gremolata and bacon with grana padano quesadillas provide excellent replenishment.

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Do You Need Travel Insurance To Visit Dubrovnik

After my personal experience spending two nights in a private hospital in Tenerife, and having to pay for it out of pocket , I always recommend getting travel insurance.

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Lovrijenac Fort just outside the Old Town walls in Dubrovnik

The Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik

11 Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik

During a vacation in Dubrovnik there are a whole lot of amazing attractions to discover. Among the absolute highlights are the imposing old town with its mighty wall and the countless historical attractions. Also the beautiful beaches and the many islands of the region are worth a visit. We have summarized the best things to do during your trip in Dubrovnik so that so that you dont miss anything.

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Dip Your Toes In And Go Kayaking

One of the most fun things to do in Dubrovnik on the water isgo kayaking.

You can either rent a kayak and go off on your own journey of Croatian exploration or sign up to one of Dubrovniks awesome kayak tours and have a tour guide lead the way.

Whatever way you decide to do, one of the most popular places to visit by kayak is Lokrum Island, which brings us to our next item on this list of top things to do in Dubrovnik

Sunset From Mount Srd

So in case Dubrovnik wasnt so-pretty-you-could-cry already, it really turns things up a notch at sunset.

The best way to take it all in is from above, and Mount Srd is pretty perfectly located to take in some awe-inspiring views. There is a cable car, but its shut at the moment you can always hike up though.

From the top, not only will you have a gorgeous view of the ochre roofs of Dubrovnik, but also the surrounding sea.

Then theres the bistro/cafe where you can grab a snack and/or a glass of vino. Wine in hand, watching the sunset over glorious Dubrovnik? Yeah, Im pretty sure heaven looks something like this.

Dont miss it its definitely one of the coolest to do in Dubrovnik.

PS: Park Orsula is a much quieter spot also with great views of the city Ive featured it in my guide to Dubrovniks Hidden Gems.

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Look At The City From Above

Get out of Dubrovnik to get a birds eye view of the walled city from the crest of Mount Sr. At the top of the 412 metres high hill, you will find a fortress, a cross, a war museum and a restaurant. This remarkable view can make Dubrovniks old town appear even more surreal. There are different ways to get up there, the easiest being by car , while the hardest is a hik this is only for the fittest travellers. For the most scenic way up and down Mount Sr, book a trip in a cable car which will provide you with fantastic views of Dubrovnik and Lokrum, as well as the Elafiti Islands visible on the horizon.

You wont forget this view of Dubrovniks towers and walls, the tiles of the citys houses and the offshore islands in the distance. Also, you can take the cable car in the daytime or choose to enjoy a trip in a cable car at night and gaze out to the west as you watch the sunset behind the city.

Dubrovnik old town and Mount Srd

Take A Walk Around Dubrovnik City Walls

Top Things to See & Do in Dubrovnik!

Taking a walk around Dubrovnik city walls is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things to do in Dubrovnik and one you should make an effort to do. The 1,940 meters long walls encircling the Old Town is one of the features that makes Dubrovnik the most charming place on the Adriatic Coast.

Dubrovnik city walls remain solid from the time of construction which began around the 12th century, withstanding catastrophic earthquakes and numerous attacks the city endured over the centuries.

The city walls include impressive forts and towers which are exciting to tour such as Fort Minetaand Fort Bokar. I really enjoyed the two hours I spent strolling around the city walls taking in a series of amazing views of the Old Town, Adriatic sea, nearby Lokrum Island and the stunning Fort Lovrijenac.

There are three entrances to the city walls Pile Gate opposite the Grand Onofrio Fountain, through Fort St John and at Ploce Gate, the eastern Old Town entrance.The paths around the city walls are unshaded with a lot of narrow and steep steps, so prepare well.

Price: 200kn-27 Includes visit to Fort Lovrijenac

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