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Things To Do In Waco Indoors

The Best Shops And Stores To Check Out In Waco

Free Things to do in Waco, TX | Mayborn Museum Free Sunday 2014

Waco is not just about the Magnolia brand, although the Gaines obviously had a significant influence on some shops popping around.

Consider adding these to your itinerary.

Address: 501 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76706

Phone: 235-1777

With a similar vibe as the Magnolia Market, The Findery offers many beautiful country-chic decor, home goods, textiles, gifts, and antiques.

Go down the street from the Silos to The FinderyI liked it more than Magnolia. Susan, Plano Texas

Address: 213 Mary Ave, Waco, TX 76701

Phone: 757-0921

Spice Village is a long-time local favorite located in a 1908 warehouse building in downtown Waco. It has about over 80 independently owned shops, and you may recognize some from Joanna Gaines televised shopping adventures.

It offers something for everyone in the family!

Address: 1509 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

Phone: 754-7467

Sironia is home to the most unique and inspired shopping in Waco! They have a curated collection of specialty boutiques all under one roof. There is also food available for hungry clientele.

Best Things To Do In Waco Texas

Sitting on the banks of the Brazos River, Waco is a moderately sized city with a big heart. The city first started gaining attention as a tourist destination because of HGTV’s Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, but it also boasts an excellent selection of museums, restaurants, and beautiful natural attractions. You’re sure to find a pleasant way to spend your time here, whether you prefer perusing the museums on the campus of Baylor University, marveling at heritage homes in downtown Waco, TX, or strolling through one of the parks on the shores of Lake Waco. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Some restaurants are currently offering pickup only. Hours/availability may have changed.

Waco Winery Tasting Room

Class it up a bit with a trip to the Waco Winery Tasting Room.

Theyve combined live music and local wine tasting to make for a memorable experience in Downtown Waco.

The tasting room even has a rooftop patio overlooking Austin Avenue, so you can enjoy the breeze or the fresh evening air while youre up there.

This is an amazing place to unwind with a group of friends or celebrate a birthday or special occasion.

Some local food outlets will deliver if youre hungry for some food to go with your drinks, and youll also find Cocoamonda Chocolates at the Tasting Room.

Wine + chocolate + live music + Waco?

Its no wonder this place is a huge success.

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The Mayborn Museum Complex

The Mayborn Museum is an incredibly fun, interactive experience for kids, bringing history and science to life! The exhibits encompass everything from Texas geography, history, and culture, to incredible hands-on science activities. Theres even a historic village to explore, which was unfortunately closed when we went.

The historic exhibits begin at the dawn of time, with depictions of the geology of the Waco area and prehistoric creatures, and move on to the cultures that lived there, and how they lived.

Theres even a fun section on pioneer history where you can dress up like a pioneer, sit on a wagon, and explore pioneer times activities.

Other fun exhibits include a water and bubble exhibit, where kids can launch boats through a series of waterways, or pull a giant bubble up around their body.

Our kids especially enjoyed the Play Waco section where they got to drive a fire truck, run a food truck, shop at HEB and participate in other fun everyday life activities theyre normally excluded from as children.

There are so many amazing exhibits at the Mayborn Museum that we cant wait to go back. We give this museum 5/5 stars, and we think its hands down the best thing to do in Waco with kids.

Visiting Texas During The Spring Heres Where To Find Texas Bluebonnets:

Visit the Magnolia Market

Although bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas, bloom everywhere across the state, one of the best areas to find them is the Texas Hill Country. You will probably also see them along the side of the highway coming in and out of Waco.

Bluebonnets bloom from late March to early April .

If you are visiting Waco during spring, you could easily add on a trip to explore the Texas Hill Country and places like Brenham Texas to check out the wildflowers. There are also some spots in and around Dallas that might be more convenient for you, depending on which way you are traveling.

TravelingMom Tip: Looking for more Texas fun? Try these things to do in Dallas with kids, or these things to do in Austin!

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Take A Day Trip & Fun Travel Ideas Around Waco Texas

Deep in the heart of Central Texas, this city has become a very popular destination, thanks in part to Joanna and Chip Gainess hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

Fans from all over the country make their pilgrimage to Magnolia, which made the city ranked No. 2 on Tripadvisors list of top destinations on the rise for 2018.

So, have you been? If not, no worries, we compiled the things to do and see, restaurants to try, and shops to check out around Waco.

Weve listed them below, and you pick which interests you so you get the most out of your day trip there.

Waco Suspension Bridge & Cattle Drive Sculptures

Waco Suspension Bridge & Cattle Sculpture The historic bridge was completed in 1870 and remains a legendary symbol of Waco city center. For many years, the bridge served as a trail across the Chisholm Trail and the Shawnee Trail.

At the time of completion, it was the longest suspension bridge in western Mississippi. The Branding the Brazos sculptures depict a diverse group of cowboys and a herd of Texas longhorns. 101 N University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76701.

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Cameron Park Playscape & Bbq / Picnic Areas

What in the world would a list of fun things to do in Waco with kids be without including a playscape on it?!

The Cameron Park Playscape is a pretty large playscape located in Cameron Park, right next to the river, and one of the multiple bridges that cross it. Youll find picnic tables, covered pavilions, park grills, a disc golf course and the Riverwalk all right there, with convenient parking located all along the park road, as well as in the parking lots under the bridge, and on the other side of the bridge.

The only time that you may have a challenging time finding parking is on a holiday when everybody is out and about.

Even then, youll find parking, you just may have to walk a little further from where you parked.

Just be careful if there are high winds. One time I was at the park on a very windy day, and one of the branches from one of the mature, towering trees in the park fell off and almost landed right on top of me!

Waco Lions Park And Kiddieland

MOTHER NEFF STATE PARK | Texas’ FIRST State Park | Near Waco (Hiking in Texas, Things to Do in TX)

    Long a popular spot to take the kiddos, the entertainment complex overseen by a board of Lions Club members still has plenty to offer as it marks its 100th anniversary of operation this year.

    A Ferris wheel has been added to the attractions, which includes a 55-foot-long miniature train that circumnavigates the park, a carousel, go-carts for the older kids and adults, and putt-putt golf for all ages.

    It is open daily during the summer and weekends only when school is in session. Check its Facebook page or its electronic sign at the edge of park for times.

    ADDRESS: 1715 N. 42nd St.

    PHONE: 772-3541

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    Old Branch Davidian Swimming Pool

    The Branch Davidian religion, though it still exists now, had the height of its popularity and notoriety in the 1990s.

    It is now mainly known only as The Branch because of the unfortunate negative legacy of one of its former leaders: the titular David Koresh.

    David Koresh is perhaps most known for the 51-day standoff that he held with the FBI at the site of what is now simply the Old Branch Davidian Swimming Pool in Waco, Texas.

    That pool is all that remains of the event, which ended in tragedy, and that pool is one of the more unusual things to see in the city.

    In February 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms had suspicions that Davidians were collecting and illegally stockpiling weapons.

    The FBI and local police tried to enter the compound of the Davidian building in Mount Carmel in an attempt to test their suspicions, and thats when Koresh and his followers opened fire on them.

    The ATF and even the military were called in to help.

    It took 51 days for the standoff to be resolved, which required tear gas to be thrown into the compound to force the Davidians out of hiding.

    Gunfire, grenades, and armored vehicles were used, eventually resulting in 76 deaths of the Davidians, including Koresh.

    Fire from the battle eventually caused the entire complex to be burned to the ground, leaving only what we now call the Old Branch Davidian Swimming Pool, made of poured concrete and custom-fitted.

    The Kids Experience At The Cameron Park Playscape

    Our kids will never say no to a playscape. The Cameron Park Playscape is definitely one of our kids favorite playscapes in the Waco area, so we tend to stop and let them play there on a regular basis.

    But theres not just one playscape at Cameron Park. If you take the drive up into the hills where the cliff begins to rise above the river, there are actually two other small parks with playscapes that you can stop at along the way. The other playscapes in Cameron Park are located at Anniversary Park Playground and Northern Gateway Park .

    There is also a splash pad located right next to the Pecan Bottom Park playscape, as well as a covered pavilion that you can reserve for special occasions such as your childs birthday.

    Our kids have played at all the playscapes in Cameron Park, and we enjoy spending time there as a family. I would say its one of our favorite things to do in Waco with kids. In fact, we were just there today!

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    Heart O Texas Fair & Rodeo

      When October rolls around, Central Texans can mark their calendars for the return of the Heart O Texas Fair & Rodeo.

      The thrill of the rodeo, the sounds of the midway rides and musical performers, and the tantalizing smells of deep-fried … stuff, is all part of the annual 10-day extravaganza held in and around the Extraco Events Center, Oct. 6-15.

      Numerous promotions are offered every day if you cant find discounted or free admission prices you probably arent looking very hard.

      Mutton bustin youngsters holding onto woolly sheep as if their lives depended on it remains a fan favorite. Another fixture is the Heart O Texas Sweethearts, local high schoolers who help with the fair and rodeo events and also act as ambassadors and volunteer at many community events throughout the year.

      ADDRESS: 4601 Bosque Blvd.

      The Kids Experience At The Mayborn Museum Complex

      Insider Tips for Visiting Magnolia Table and Magnolia ...

      The last time we were there, they enjoyed driving the outer space and moon simulators where they got to be the pilot of a space shuttle and drive around in a rover on the moon. They also had a blast with the activities center playing the various larger-than-life musical instruments as well as playing science and sensory based games with water, bubbles and sound.

      We need to go back to the Mayborn Museum soon. The temporary exhibits have changed several times since we were last there, and the kids are always talking about how much fun they have when we visit.

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      Have A Classic Downtown Waco Night

      If you’re looking for things to do at night, start your date night at The Backyard Waco for a live concert. Then, head to Dichotomy for a nightcap or a cappuccino and end your evening with a delectable treat from the Nightlight Donuts food truck.

      You can usually catch Nightlight Donuts dispensing its pastries across the street from Dichotomy.

      Best Outdoor Things To Do In Waco

      Sometimes finding the best things to do in Waco involves getting outdoors and soaking up the beautiful Texan sunshine.

      Waco is a very green city with lots of places to spread out and relax while enjoying a picnic, or get your heart rate up while racing down the pavement.

      Check out some of the best outdoor things to do in Waco for your next visit.

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      The Kids Experience At Magnolia Market At The Silos

      The last time we were there, they were visibly upset that we had to leave. So, Im going to say that means that they enjoyed spending time on the massive green square . Thats understandable because over the span of 45 minutes or so, the kids were kicking bouncy balls around, building stuff with over-sized wood blocks, playing Jenga blocks, and having fun with all the other kids that were also there.

      I think its safe to say that Magnolia Market is a fun place for the whole family, especially if youre visiting Waco with kids.

      Hawaiian Falls Water Park


      Hawaiian Falls Waco

      If youre looking for good vacation spots, the Hawaiian Falls Water Park is easily one of the best things to do in Waco for fun this weekend!

      Its a great spot for family-friendly, summer excitement with your kids.

      Its one of Wacos most famous water parks and is known throughout the state, offering 10 acres packed with excitement!

      Among the things that you can do at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park include the Keiki Kove for kids, the two 65-foot slides that free fall down, a high-speed mat called the Pineapple Express, the Kona Kooler for floating and relaxing, and even Cabana rentals!

      Address: 900 Lake Shore Dr, Waco, TX 76708, United States

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      Hike Play Disc Golf Or Take Some Pictures At Cameron Park

      Cameron Park is great place to venture into nature without being too far from civilization. Cliffs, picturesque bluffs and a centuries old staircase are all perfect for the adventurous couple.

      And if youre a little less of a risk taker, you can play a game of disc golf or take some pictures at Miss Nellies Pretty Place.

      Free Things To Do In Waco

      A trip to Waco need not break the bank. You can leave your wallet behind if you check out:

      Baylor University – If you plan to explore the region’s history through its landmarks, put this one on your itinerary.

      The Texas Collection – Plan a visit and find out the significance of this place to the community.

      Brazos Park East – Revitalize your mind and body by spending time in nature.


      Built around the Waco Suspension Bridge, Downtown Waco is the cultural hub of the city. Explore the Cultural District, which spotlights local art and entertainment through galleries, performance venues, and public art installments. The Dr Pepper Museum, where you can learn about the origins of the drink, is also located in Downtown.

      Cameron Park

      One of the largest city parks in Texas, Cameron Park is a beautiful green space where families can go to relax. Spread over 416 acres , the park sits on the Brazos River and features trails for walking or biking, a disc golf course, and the Cameron Park Zoo.

      The Silos

      The Silos is located near downtown and is home to Magnolia Market, the farmhouse-style design mecca created by Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna. When you’re not browsing for unique interior d├ęcor in the market, grab a bite from the on-site local food trucks or the Silo Baking Co. before sprawling out or playing games on the lawn.

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      What To See In Waco

      Waco is rich in both natural beauty and manmade wonders, from the calm currents of the glassy Brazos River feeding into Lake Waco to the historic Waco Suspension Bridge, opened in 1870. When visiting the city, stop by the Cameron Park Zoo to see over 1,731 animals representing more than 300 species from around the world, including African lions, Sumatran tigers, and the underwater critters of a saltwater reef aquarium. Be sure to see the Waco Mammoth National Monument, a paleontological site and museum that houses the fossils of 24 Columbian mammoths from the Pleistocene Epoch.

      Whats The First Thing I Should Do When Looking For A House

      Pin on Travel

      The first thing you should do before searching for rental homes is decide on an ideal budget. Consider how much of your income goes towards bills and what you have left over at the end of each month. Also, remember that when first moving in, you will need to account for at least a deposit and first months rent.

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      Coeur Dalene City Park

      This charming park of 17 acres is the heart of Coeur dAlenes waterfront. Its located just west of downtown.

      City Park is a regular fixture in the citys busy event calendar. It screens free outdoor movies in July, August and the Fourth of July fireworks, and hosts a series of concerts at its bandshell throughout the year.

      The lakefronts tree-lined promenade is one of the most beautiful spots on the shore. It overlooks the stunning views of the steep, wooded slopes that border the lake.

      You can even find a beach here, which is amazing considering how close you live to downtown. The east side of City Parks boardwalk is where you can take cruises to Coeur dAlene, as well as other adventurous activities such as parasailing around the lake.

      A clapboard structure in the park houses the Coeur-dAlene Carousel. It was hand-carved in North Tonawanda in New York in 1922.

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