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Things To Do In Verona

Tour The Museo Di Castelvecchio

18 Best Things to do in Verona, Italy & BEYOND!

The tour of Castelvecchio was one of my favorite things to do in Verona. The views are lovely, and the museum is super interesting. Allow at least 90 minutes to do the exhibits justice.

A decorated wall in the Castlevecchio

Castelvecchio was built in the mid 14th century by then ruler of Verona, Cangrande II from the Scaliger family. Cangrande was frightened for his life and he wanted a residence that was impregnable, yet came with an escape route. He lived there only 5 years though, before being killed by followers that betrayed him.

The Castelvecchio in Verona

The castle became a museum in the early 20th century. It has four majestic towers and an impressive courtyard, from which you enter the museum. Inside, youll view lots of beautiful frescoes, artifacts and armor, and sculptures. It is definitely a must-visit if you love art, history, and architecture!

Mural in the Museo di Castelvecchio

View The Scaliger Tombs

From the 13th to 14th century, the Scaliger family ruled over Verona. As such, the Scaliger Tombs were built to honor the famous family. Go on a short walk from Piazza dei Signori to see the funerary monuments dedicated to the five Scaliger lords. What makes this monument a popular one is its stunning Gothic architecture with tabernacle-like figures adorning it. The pointed towers with intricate decorations then made it one of the best examples of Gothic architecture not only in Verona, but in the entire country as well. Although you can see the Scaliger Tombs from the ironwork fence, get a closer look at the monuments for an extra fee.

Stroll Across The Ponte Pietra

The oldest bridge in Verona also ended up being one of my favorite spots in the city, because it was just so beautiful everywhere we looked!

Down the Adige River? Gorgeous view. The buildings lining the river, bursting with spring flowers? Gorgeous view. Looking back toward the Castel San Pietro in the hills above the bridge? Also a gorgeous view!

And sure, having great weather and visiting during the spring helped, but whenever you visit, dont miss visiting the Ponte Pietra when youre in Verona!

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View Verona From The Top Of The Torre Dei Lamberti

The tower, Torre dei Lamberti, stands tall into the skyline and cannot be missed while visiting the Piazza delle Erbe. This tower was once a residence of the Lamberti family and was built in 1172. Aristocrats once built these towers to show off their wealth and power, however, the Torre dei Lamberti is the tallest. Covered with bands of brick and marble with an octagonal bell keep perched on the top, it is a sight to see. The tower is open daily from 8:30 AM-7:30 PM, allowing you to ascend to the top to get an incredible view of the city. You can book your skip the line tickets here.

Walk Through Centro Storico

19 Best Things To Do In Verona, Italy

Walking through Cento Storico youll be able to admire various sites, stop for coffee or drink, take photos and let it all in. Coming from the train station to centro storico, right before Piazza Bra where the Arena is, youll first stumble upon a gate with a clock. Its a beautiful place to photograph.

Points worth your attention at Piazza Bra:

  • Palazzo della Gran Guardia Beautiful building started in the 17th century and completed by Giuseppe Barberini. Its now used for exhibitions and events, but it was used as barracks for soldiers during the revolutions of the Spring of Nations.
  • Palazzo Barbieri Neoclassical building from 1848, today a municipal place.
  • Portoni della Bra A gate with a clock on it, part of a Medieval city gate.

Other photo spots worth your attention would be:

  • Arco dei Gavi Roman gate from the 1st century next to the river. Repurposed as a gate multiple times, its now a monument.
  • Ponte Scaligero Iconic Medieval bridge connecting to Castelvecchio. Beautiful, yet functional and at the time of its construction the longest in the world.
  • Porta Borsati Arched limestone gate that served as the main entrance to the city.
  • Porta Leoni Another ancient gate, but also a unique opportunity to see ancient Verona under the streets.

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Tips For Visiting Piazza Delle Erbe

  • The centre of the square is pedestrianised to the east with a quiet road reaching around the west side.


  • Piazza Erbe, 16, 37121 Verona
  • Located between Via Mazzini and the Corso Porta Borsari.

Opening hours:

  • Cafés and restaurants open between 07:00 09:00 to as late as 02:00.
  • Shops open between 09:30-10:00 to 19:00-19:00 and may close for lunch between 13:00-15:00.

Admission: Free

More Romeo And Juliet Sites

If you are planning to do the full Romeo & Juliet, your tour should include:

  • Case Nogarole, or Romeos house. It is privately owned, so you cant go inside, but an inscription on the wall marks the site.
  • Volto Barbaro, where the Montague family fought its rivals and Mercutio was stabbed.
  • The Borsari gate , near where Romeo struck the deathblow which killed Tybalt. There is a stone commemorating the event at the site.
  • The Basilica of San Zeno, one of the most important religious buildings in Verona, where Romeo and Juliet married in secret.

If you are visiting Verona from mid-July to mid-September and really want to immerse yourself in the story of Romeo and Juliet, go to one of the travelling performances. They start in the evening in Juliets courtyard and move to various places around the city. Some performances are in English with an Italian narrator and some are in Italian with an English narrator.

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Explore The Majestic Duomo Di Verona

This complex is a beautiful and elaborate example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The complex is made up of the Chapter Library, the Cloister of the Canons, the Baptistery, the Church St Helena, and the Bishops Palace. It is located in one of the oldest parts of the city and is an artistic complex you wont want to miss.

Tour The Archaeological Museum

4 Days In Verona, Italy // Things To See And Do.

The Archaeological Museum is housed in an old historic structure on the hill above the Roman Theater. From the museum, you get fantastic views of the city rooftops, as well as the theater. There is also an old church in the complex.

Climbing up from the theater to the museum

The museum contains Roman artifacts found in Verona and the surrounding countryside. Some findings come from the Roman Theater below! You will see parts of columns and walls, beautiful mosaics, sculptures, and more. The exhibits are tastefully laid out inside the monastery, and outside it in a series of terraces.

Roman remains at the Archaeological MuseumThe museum is housed in an old monastery

Your admission covers both areas of the complex, and if you love history, art, and architecture, you will definitely want to visit the museum! There is an elevator you can use if you do not want to climb the steep stone steps.

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Visit The Roman Theater And Archaeological Museum

TripSavvy / Christopher Larson

Built into a hill overlooking the Adige River, the Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum is easily accessible from Juliet’s House via Ponte Pietra, a picturesque stone bridge that crosses the river. The 1st-century Roman theater found here hosts outdoor performances in the summer, and the museumâwhich is housed in the former Convent of Saint Jeromeâfeatures Roman mosaics, Etruscan and Roman bronze sculptures, and Roman inscriptions. Both attractions are open seven days a week, and tickets are required to get inside each one.

How Long To Spend In Verona

We think three days is perfect for a first-time, reasonably paced visit of Verona. This makes it the ideal location for a European city break but, if you factor in a day trip or two , you could easily stretch it out to a week.

Personally, we don’t think a day trip to Verona from elsewhere in Italy is the best way to experience the city, but its compact size and transport connections would make the a realistic option for those who have limited time in Italy.

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Visit The Verona Cathedral

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Duomo di Verona is beautiful. It dates from the 12th century, and was built in the Romanesque style. If you enjoy churches, visiting the Verona Cathedral should be near the top of your Verona itinerary.

The exterior of Veronas Duomo in the signature red and white colors

The interior of the cathedral, redesigned in the 15th century, is gorgeous, featuring columns made of red Verona marble, a lovely gold organ, and many beautiful Renaissance frescoes on the walls and at the altar.

The Verona Cathedral features beautiful frescoes

Your admission is to a complex, which includes the baptistery, an archaeological site, and the older Church of Saint Elena. The octagonal baptismal font in the baptistery is stunning. It is made from a single piece of marble, and features gospel scenes on each of the eight sides.

The baptismal font features eight such lovely reliefs!

At the archaeological site, you can see remains of the original mosaic floors of the two basilicas that stood at the site prior to the current structure, and remnants of frescoes on the walls.

Tips For Visiting Roman Amphitheater

Best Things to Do in Verona, Italy
  • During the summer, the Roman Theatre is wheelchair accessible via gangways. During winter, those touring the theatre and gain access via Vicolo Botte.
  • The Archaeological Museum is not wheelchair accessible.
  • A tour of the theatre and museum is a must for those interested in Roman history.

Address: Regaste Redentore, 2, 37129 Verona

Opening hours:

Visit the official Teatro Romano Summer festival website for more information

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Romeo And Juliet: The Legend

In 1303, two young descendants of warring households met during carnival: the daughter of the Cappello family and son of the Montecchi family. The story was first published by Luigi Lo Porto at the beginning of the sixteenth century and retold a number of times before William Shakespeare somehow became aware of it and wrote the play we all know today.

The Best Things To Do In Verona

Verona became a Roman colony in the year 89 BC, and 2,000+ years later, Veronas Roman heritage is still evident in many gorgeous structures around the city. And in medieval times, Veronas rulers oversaw the building of beautiful churches, palazzos, castles, and bridges, adding to its architectural riches. Walking around Verona is like walking through history.

The beautiful city of Verona

Verona is also set in the midst of an amazing agricultural region in Italy, so you will enjoy sampling the food and wine here. And with many lively shopping streets, piazzas perfect for people watching, and parks and gardens to stroll, you have a wealth of choices when trying to decide what to do in Verona!

Here is my list of 25 amazing things to do in Verona, to help you build your itinerary for this fair city!

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Enjoy Italian Food At Piazza Bra

Piazza Bra is the citys largest town square and is where you can find the best cafes, restaurants, and bars. It is also the project jump-off point for fun things to do in Verona like sightseeing, people-watching, and bar-hopping. While you can find the best places to eat in off-the-beaten-path areas in other cities, there are also good quality restaurants in Piazza Bra itself. Feast on delicious meals like pizzoccheri , pastissada de caval , casoela , and more.

Where To Sleep In Verona


Charming and romantic, Verona is the second city of its Region for national and international tourism. Its territory, with the surroundings and the Garda Lake , hosts a big number of tourists each year.

The city provides to their accommodation with a lot of B& Bs, hotels, comfortable hostels and agritourism. Prices have an high average, and it could be difficult to find a cheap room rate during the Spring, especially during national holidays, Christmas time and musical events at the Arena. We suggest you to book in advances during these kind of period. Prices of a three star hotel at the city center start from 70 but they can be higher in luxury structures and monumental areas

If you are looking for a hotel in Verona, we suggest you to choose among those offered by There are about 127 hotels with prices, pictures and comments of guests already stayed there. Go to

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Take In The Views From Castel San Pietro

My husband and I were blown away by the views from Castel San Pietro. I was reminded of being on Piazzale Michelangelo and seeing all of Florence spread out below us: the views of Verona spread out below us were almost as spectacular.

Magnificent view from Castel San PietroThe Adige River cuts through the city

There are several viewpoints along the area at the top, so walk around and spend some time finding the best spots! The castle itself is fairly new: it was built by the Austrians in the 19th century, after the 14th century Castel San Pietro built by Visconti was destroyed by the French army in 1801. You cant visit the interior of the structure.

A view of Verona from Castel San Pietro

Take the funicular to the top and back . Or you can climb up and down if you are fit, or take the funicular up and walk down. You can also take the bus or a taxi.

The beautiful view from the funicular!

Walk Across Ponte Pietra

If youve ever spent time looking at photos of Verona, then no doubt youll have seen the many photos shot across the Adige River. The Ponte Pietra connects the Teatro Romano with the Castel Verona and the centro storico. The history of the bridge dates all the way back to the 2nd century CE when the first ever Ponte Pietra was installed on site.

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Piazzale Castel San Pietro

Piazzale Castel San Pietro is one of my favourite and quite easily one of the best things to do in Verona for its beautiful views over the city. The best time to head up here is around sunset where the already impressive view over the city just gets even more beautiful as the many hues of orange change and wash over the city while the sun simultaneous dips below the horizon.

Long story short epic sunsets are meant to be had up here.

Remember how I said Verona is relatively flat earlier? Well, understandably, this is one of the exceptions to that as theres a little trek to get up here but fret not, its not stressful at all and is very easily scaled.

It is worth heading up here with a picnic to watch the sunset over the rather beautiful city .

Go Visit Juliet’s House

19 Best Things To Do In Verona, Italy

Although Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet wasn’t based on a true story you can still go visit the house that once wasinhabited by the Cappello family. Inside the courtyard you can see the statue of Juliet and the famous balcony, you can also visit the museum.

Before you leave remeber to touch Juliet’s right breast if you want good luck fot the rest of your life!


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Snap A Photo Of The Arco Dei Gavi

Youll find the beautiful Arco dei Gavi by the river, near Castelvecchio. Its a photogenic structure, but it also has a fascinating history. The ancient arch dates all the way back to the 1st century, when it was built under the auspices of the Gavi family of Verona.

The beautiful Arco dei Gavi

In Roman times, if you were traveling by the Via Postumia, the ancient Roman road running through northern Italy, you would enter Verona through this arch.

In medieval times, when walls were built around Verona, the arch was used as a gate into the city. The French demolished it in the early 19th century, and the rubble lay in a square and then in the Arena.

In the 20th century, the arch was rebuilt at a spot close to its original location, using as much of the original stone as could be salvaged. It looks beautiful lit up at night!

Admire The Art At Castelvecchio Museum And Gallery

Make the most out of your trip to Castle Vecchio and pay a visit to the museum. The Castelvecchio Museum and Gallery showcases sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and other artworks from the Romanesque Period. Additionally, the museum was restored by the famous Italian architect Carlo Scarpa from 1959 and 1973, further enhancing and preserving the building. Combining modern and traditional elements, its design was considered unusual back then, but it eventually became common when it comes to renovation.

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Enter Castelvecchio & Cross The Beautiful Castelvecchio Bridge

Upon entering the city center of Verona, head first to the imposing Castelvecchio, a Scaliger castle and now a museum of famous Veronese works. This castle was the most significant military structure to the Scaliger family who ruled Verona dating back to the Middle Ages.

The Castelvecchio Bridge is completely fortified, the stone walls more than twice the size of the many tourists who come here to take a photo in this iconic landmark. The big and tiny windows over the Adige River are some of the best places to take in the pretty views of Verona.

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