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Things To Do In Tillamook Oregon

Spend The Day At The Beach In Seaside

Tillamook Oregon Things To Do

After eating breakfast at one of Seasides amazing restaurants, its time to pack up your gear and head down to the beach to spend the day! Seaside beach is known as one of the best flat sandy beaches in Oregon, and is the perfect place to unwind. The beach is approximately 1.5 miles long and has plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your only little section of paradise. Theres 3 convenient restroom options including at The Cove, at the Seaside Turnaround, and at the 12th Avenue Beach Access. The Pacific Ocean is cold and dangerous so its sound advice to keep your distance. Seaside does have one of the Oregon Coasts only seasonal lifeguard programs, but we highly recommend not going out into the ocean.

Coast Scenic Railroad Oregon

Are you interested in railroads? If yes, add a visit to the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad to your list of things to do in while in Tillamook.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad offers a unique experience. This is a great way to see the city from the comfort of your own train.

This adventure will allow you to enjoy the fresh air while you explore the city. This rail route has a scenic route that offers stunning views.

Joining a train that goes on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is one of the best fun things to do in Tillamook.

Address: 402 American Ave, Garibaldi, OR 97118, United States

Tillamook Air Museum Tillamook Or

Tillamook Air Museum is a lovely aviation museum located just south of the city of Tillamook, housed within the former Hangar B United States Navy blimp hangar, the world’s largest clear-span wooden structure. The museum was named as one of the nation’s top collections of private World War II aircraft in 2004 by USA Today, showcasing collections curated by the Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum. Craft on display include a Douglas A-4B Skyhawk, a Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-17F, an Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger, and a Cessna 180F Skywagon that was one of two light aircraft to first land at the North Pole. An exhibit hall showcases rare historical wartime and aviation artifacts, including preserved pieces of the famed German Hindenburg airship.

6030 Hangar Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141, Phone: 503-842-1130

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Take A Walk Along The Famous Seaside Promenade

If you love taking evening sunset strolls, One of the most iconic places in Seaside is the Promenade. Known officially by locals at The Prom, this boardwalk features a mile and a half of beautiful ocean views. The original Prom was built with wood, but today it is made out of concrete for pedestrian convenience and to make it more durable.

Traveling along the Seaside Promenade is an excellent way to end or start a day. You can walk, jog, or take a bike down the pathway to take in everything the Prom has to offer. Along this mile-and-a-half stretch, youll see sandy dunes on the beach, striking views of the Pacific Ocean, seagulls walking along the sand, quaint cottage architecture, and historical buildings. Youll even see the End of the Trail statue commemorating Lewis and Clarks arrival.

Cape Lookout State Park

Things to do in Tillamook, Oregon (Oregon, United States)

Cape Lookout State Park is one of the most significantly located Park on the Cape Lookout. The park is famous for providing some of the best views and scenic panoramas in the Pacific Northwest.

The Park also has a 3-mile beachfront which is secured by a 50-foot stone revetment. All these facilities are open to general public where they can enjoy activities like beach combing, paragliding, and hand gliding at all the times of the year.

The park also has walking trails which are just perfectly ideal for hiking and walking through the park and enjoying its lush green forest and vegetation. The park also has facilities for renting tents and RV hookups in order to allow the visitors to enjoy camping in the area.

Along with the tent facility, the visitors can also rent cabins and enjoy their time in the park.

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Best Things To Do On The Oregon Coast

Millions of visitors from all over the world travel to the Oregon Coast each year to take in all of the coastal scenery and experience all of the exciting attractions the area has to offer. The state of Oregon offers visitors a truly incredible view of the pacific northwest. The Oregon Coast offers gorgeous beaches, stunning hiking views, mountain ranges, sprawling forests, and rich farmland. Once youve experienced the Oregon Coast for yourself, youll understand why so many people visit the area each year.

Below is our list of the ten best things to do on the Oregon Coast!

Meet Producers Who Forage From The Sea

On the edge of Tillamook Bay, Alanna Kieffer finds a warm welcome from the regiononce curious passersby figure out what it is shes offering. Inside the dulse farm she manages for Oregon Seaweed, twenty enormous tanks circulate seawater around curly red algae, letting it bask in the sun and absorb nutrients. “We should get a sign,” she muses as she wanders over and explains what were seeing here: a completely sustainable aquaculture operation that requires little more resource than the energy to pump the water in from the ocean a dozen feet away. Here, they grow the salty sea green that slides easily into stir-fries or crisps up like chips in an air-fryer.

Kieffer, a marine biologist by training, moved home to the area at the beginning of the pandemic and heard about the operation. But much of her job involves explaining to people what it is and how it grows so well in Garibaldi.

“Its not that theres not a demand for local food. Its just getting it from point A to point B.”

The Salmonberry, a restaurant in the town of Wheeler, does the best job so far: it serves the same local Wolfmoon wild yeasted sourdough bread as Buttercup does with its chowder, and JAndys Netarts Sweetheart oysters come with a red dulse mignonette from Kieffers seaweed. My experiences trekking across the salty bay all come together in one rich bite.

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Explore Old Boat Lore

Penner has her own pet project, too: the Garibaldi Boathouse, a museum that capitalizes on the location by offering experiences like boatbuilding and seafood cooking classes. Its situated in an old 1936 Coast Guard rescue station, perched over the Pacific.

To get there, visitors walk 750 feet along the pier that stretches out overdepending on the time of dayeither the tideflats or waves, passing multiple generations of families tucked into the wooden crabbing turnouts, hoping to catch dinner. After ducking through the gauntlet of sea birds posing on posts, threatening to divebomb those who pass before flying away, you reach the building.

The Coast Guard decommissioned the building in 1980, giving the Port of Garibaldi what turned out to be more burden than boon: It lacked easy access for use as a marina or a residence and fell into disrepair. In 2015, Penner led a group of locals in forming a non-profit and secured grants to upgrade the building, turning it into a historic site.

Best Things To Do In Tillamook

Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour (Things to do in Oregon): Look Who’s Traveling

Tillamook is a beautiful county in Oregon located along the Tillamook bay. Tillamook is an indigenous tribe of the area which is known for its cheese, and hence the name of the city.

Falling on the coast of Tillamook bay, the place has a lot of beautiful views and places to visit. The town and the nearby places offers adventure in almost all the seasons. With its lively activities and natural beauty, the place will take you by surprise and you would not even know it.

In this article we will be covering the best places that you should visit in Tillamook to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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Visit The Tillamook Cheese Factory

One of the most popular things to do in Tillamook is to visit the Tillamook Creamery. The well-known creamery dishes out 160,000+ pounds of cheese every single day. Take the self-guided tour where you can learn about their cheese making process, history of the company, and sample some of the food yourself.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Oregon coast scenic rail road is a different kind of experience altogether. It is a way of experiencing the city while riding on the historic locomotives of the city.

The best part about this adventure is that you will enjoy fresh breeze while exploring the city. The views during the scenic route are an additional perk to this entire rail route.

It can be easily said that Tillamook in Oregon is not less than a bliss spread in hundreds of miles. The place offers a lot of new experiences and lifetime memories to all the visitors.

From enjoying basic activities like climbing fire Towers to adventurous activities like surfing with the seals, the place is definitely going to make you the happiest in the moment. If you get time and opportunity to visit Tillamook, just give it a big yes and start your adventure right away.

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Popular Types Of Attractions In Tillamook County

Popular Attractions In Tillamook County

Things to do in Tillamook, Oregon (Oregon, United States)

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Contact Information All Travelers

All air passengers to the United States will also be required to provide contact information to airlines before boarding flights to the United States. This strengthens a travel process already in place to rapidly identify and contact people in the U.S. who may have been exposed to a communicable disease, such as COVID-19. Access to travelers contact information will allow U.S. federal, state, and local health departments, and agencies to share appropriate health and public health information necessary to help keep the public safe.

Cape Sebastian Scenic Corridor

The Cape Sebastian Scenic Corridor is named after the 17th century Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino, and evokes a true feeling of exploration. From the 200ft elevation, you can see as far as Crescent City, California. 50 miles away. The panoramic view of the ocean and wildlife in every direction will leave you speechless.

You will also find exotic boat tours, local breweries, and you might even catch sight of a whale from this height. Cape Sebastian is a must see for those traveling to the Oregon Coast.

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Drive The Three Capes Scenic Loop

Take a few hours or a full day to drive the 40-mile-long Three Capes Scenic Loop, one of the Oregon coasts most dramatic stretches. Connecting Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda, the scenic loop passes through nearly every geologic and natural coastline feature. Youll find rugged rocks and towering sea-stacks, sand-dunes, secluded beaches, and spruce or Sitka forests to explore. Stop often and enjoy the sites. If you spend a full day on this road, stop for lunch at Oceanside or Cape Kiwanda.

The road starts and ends in Tillamook, so you can drive it in either direction. If you visit Cape Meares in the morning, start the loop here, using it as your first stop. Or drive down the coast to Cape Kiwanda on Route 101 and get on the loop driving north from there.

Michael J Thompson / Shutterstock

Including Bay City Netarts Oceanside Garibaldi & Rockaway Beach

Tillamook | All For Farmers | Tiny Things

When you have an area that encompasses a handful of small beach towns, each with its own personality, you know you will always find adventures. The list of Tillamook things to do goes well beyond the obvious but still mightily worthy outdoors-oriented choices. But let’s start with those since they are so popular. Most people who visit this area, and particularly those who live here, are drawn to the sea and the environmental wonderland it creates.

One of the most awe-inspiring is Oswald State Park, a verdant, dense rainforest that hugs the coast in this area for miles. Within its borders, among the many things to do in Tillamook are hiking and surfing.

Then, head off to explore Cape Lookout State Park, the Tillamook Forest Center and the Munson Creek Falls. Then there are the trees! If you’re a tree hugger, you’re in heaven here since these towering evergreens overlook most of the area.

But moving inside, the list of Tillamook things to do is still long and interesting. Love ice cream and cheese? Definitely come for a visit! The milk from our pretty cows produces some pretty amazing products, and you can learn all about them at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which was established close to 125 years ago. Stop into local museums that feature pioneer history, quilts and WWII air defense.

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Go Surfing In The Pacific Ocean

Theres many different options for great surf on the North Oregon Coast including Seaside, Short Sands Beach, and Indian Beach. If youre new to surfing rest assured that Seaside has plenty of great surfing instructors. Seaside is also home to two great surf shops, Cleanliness Surf and Seaside Surf Shop. Whether this is your first time surfing or your a seasoned professional, theres lots of options on the North Oregon Coast.

Things To Do In Tillamook County

75 miles W of Portland, 51 miles S of Seaside, 44 miles N of Lincoln City

Although this is one of the closest stretches of coast to Portland, it is not a major destination because there are no large beachfront towns in the area. The town of Tillamook, which lies inland from the Pacific at the south end of Tillamook Bay, is the area’s commercial center, but it is the surrounding farmland that has made Tillamook County famous in Oregon. Ever since the first settlers arrived in Tillamook in 1851, dairy farming has been the mainstay of the economy, and today large herds of contented cows graze in the area’s odiferous fields. With no beaches to attract visitors, the town of Tillamook has managed to turn its dairy industry into a tourist attraction. No, this isn’t the cow-watching capital of Oregon, but the town’s cheese factory is now one of the most popular stops along the Oregon coast. Most of the milk produced by area cows goes to the Tillamook County Creamery Association’s cheese factory, which turns out a substantial share of the cheese consumed in Oregon.

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Visit Seasides Historical Buildings

Suppose youre curious about Seaside history that doesnt involve the expedition. In that case, you can visit three historic sites to learn more about local history: the historic Gilbert Inn, the Seaside Museum & Historical Society, and the Butterfield Cottage. These buildings are generally open all year round, but they may sometimes closed on certain weekdays.

Octopus Sitka Spruce & Big Spruce


Also at the Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint is a Sitka spruce tree shaped like an octopus and, separately, the largest Sitka spruce tree in all of Oregon.

Short pathways lead you to both the octopus tree and the largest Sitka spruce tree, as well as the above-mentioned lighthouse and viewpoints along the way. Its natural beauty at its best!

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Tillamook Forest Center Tillamook Oregon

Tillamook Forest Center is a unique educational interpretive center located within the Tillamook State Forest, located just 22 miles east of the city of Tillamook along Oregon Highway 6. The center is the region’s largest forest-based learning center and outdoor classroom, showcasing the legacy of the Tillamook Burn and the forest regions of the Pacific Northwest. Visitors can explore the center’s hands-on exhibits or view periodic showings of the award-winning documentary Legacy of Fire throughout the day. Outside the center, visitors can climb a 40-foot replica of a forest fire lookout tower or travel along the center’s 250-foot pedestrian suspension bridge, which connects to the nearby Wilson River Trail and Jones Creek Campground. Free annual programming can be scheduled for school, student, and community groups.

45500 OR-6, Tillamook, OR 97141, Phone: 503-815-6800

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