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Things To Do In Thira Greece

Try Some Of Santorinis Best Eats

15 Things to do in Santorini, Greece Travel Guide

This was also one of our favorite things to do in Santorininot only trying to eat at as many restaurants as possible but also sampling some new and wonderful foods.

The volcanic soil and climate on Santorini are perfect growing conditions for tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are delicious! There is even a tomato museum in Santorini. Other things to try are Brantada, a local Santorian fish dish, fava beans, and melitinia, which are cookies made of cheese and yogurt.

As far as restaurants to try, we have a lot of suggestions.

Metaxi Mas

Metaxi Mas, located on the top of the hill in the town with the same name, is the place to go if you want to try traditional Greek food. Your meal will start with grappa and then you can take your pick from a wide selection of Greek dishes. The food is delicious. Definitely make a reservation in advance, even for lunch, because this is a very popular and highly-rated restaurant in Santorini.


In Oia, Oia Vineyartgets rave reviews. We didnt eat here but I wish we did . Regional dishes are made from local ingredients and paired with wines made on Santorini. We had dinner at Pelekanos. The food was terrific and you get a nice view over the village from the rooftop setting. Both Fino Cocktail Bar and Melitini were on our list for Oia but we could only eat so many dinners in one night. For dessert, go to Lolitas for gelato.


Kapari Wine Bar | Best Things to do in Santorini


Spend The Morning In Amoudi Bay

Ready for another hike? Down almost 300 steps below the town of Oia is the beautiful Amoudi Bay. This charming and colorful port was once a busy place of trade but now serves the tourism industry.

There are a handful of accommodations and upscale seafood restaurants to enjoy in Amoudi Bay. You can also catch the ferry to the neighboring island of Thirasia from here.

Amoudi Bay Santorini: How to Explore the Charming Bay Below Oia Village

Explore The Samaria Gorge

Nestled on the stunning island of Crete is the Samaria Gorge which is a must-visit for any nature lovers to Greece.

The gorge spans 16 kilometers although parts of it are just 4 meters wide.

There are a range of treks available at the gorge although if you want to walk along the entire section then it can take anything up to seven hours.

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Enjoy The View From Profit Ilias

Profit Ilias is the highest point on Santorini. From here, you get almost 360° views of the island.

You can get here by car, ATV, tour, or on your own two feet. There is a hiking trail that links Profit Ilias with Kamari, Ancient Thira, and Perissa. If you dont plan on renting a car while on Santorini, this 5 hour private tour includes a visit to Profit Ilias, Akrotiri Excavation Site, Oia, and Perivolos or Perissa Beach.

Do A Wine Tour In Santorini

Tourist Attractions of Santorini

Wine Tours are among the most popular activities in Santorini. The island is renowned for its excellent white wines, known as some of the best in Greece.

You can visit many vineyards on the island, and taste the best wines.

Here is the program of the best wine tour in Santorini:

This wine tasting tour in Santorini lasts around 5 hours and allows you to visit several wineries. During your day, you will visit 3 vineyards:

  • Boutari vineyard
  • Gavalas traditional winery
  • The Estate Argyros.

You will also taste a dozen of Santorinis best wines, including the traditional Vinsanto and Nykteri!

This tour includes the transfer from your hotel, an Oenologist guide, and an access to the vineyards. You will be in a small group of 8 people maximum, making this semi-private visit really enjoyable.

For more information and to book your tour, simply .

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Visit The Volcano And Enjoy Swimming In The Hot Springs

A volcano tour is the best way to indulge in the rich volcanic history of the island. It is the perfect activity for thrill-seekers to get the adrenaline rush of hiking up the famous volcano as well as swimming in the healing waters of hot springs.

Several boat tours allow you to swim in the therapeutic waters while enjoying appetizing food and drinks. Youre bound to have the time of your life on a boat tour with your family or friends!

Take a tour by boat to the volcano island

Take A Day Trip To Thirassia Island

Santorini and Thirassia were once one and the same island but the infamous 16th-century volcanic eruption caused Thirassia to be detached from the main island.

Thirassia is the exact opposite of Santorini in terms of numbers of visitors and popularity. With just a couple hundred permanent residents and only five villages, Thirassia is a tranquil haven, just a stones throw from vibrant Santorini.

Most tour companies operate day trips from Santorini to Thirassia. Some of the volcano boat tours I mentioned earlier include Thirassia in their itineraries as well.

However, you can also plan your own day trip to Thirassia to ensure you spend as much time as you want on the island.

In that case, you will either travel to Thirassia by regular ferry, which is scheduled to reach the port of Thirassia on specific days of the week, or by the islands small ferry-boat. Tickets for both start from as low as 3.

Once on the island, youll immediately be carried away by its laid-back, friendly ambience, and its irresistible peacefulness.

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See The Real Atlantis

Well over 3000 years ago, a catastrophic volcanic eruption consumed Santorini causing the middle of the island to disappear into the ocean below, with the island long assumed to be the home of the legend of Atlantis.

The Volcanic eruption was one of the biggest eruptions in the world and happened around 1,600 BC.

Not only did it cause a vast majority of the island of Thera to sink beneath the ocean, it left a huge crater that formed the vast cliffs on Santorini leading to many assumptions about this being the home of Atlantis.

Over the last five-decade, archaeologists have found a place like the Akrotiri Archaeological Site that shows us a glimpse into the past. Head here to learn more about the islands dramatic past while also discovering some of the ancient settlements.

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Try The Delicious Greek Cuisine

Places to Visit in Santorini, Greece 4k

With so many restaurants serving appetizing dishes, you just cant leave Fira without tasting the Greek cuisine.

If Greek salad, Souvlaki, Gyro, Moussaka and Honey Baklava sound delicious, imagine consuming them overlooking the blue waters of the Agean Sea and admiring the astonishing caldera view.

If youd ask me where to eat in Fira, Id recommend: Naoussa, Argo, Nikolas Tavern, Volkan on the rocks, and Luckys Souvlaki. Reservations are highly recommended, especially during the summer.

I love Moussaka, sliced aubergine with minced beef in a creamy bechamel sauce, and every time Im in Greece I have some.

Dont forget to put delicious Greek cuisine on your Things to do in Fira list.

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Make The Trip To Ancient Thera

From the beautiful beach of Kamari, you can look up and see a mountain towering above. Mesa Vouno is home to the ruins of Ancient Thera which have been captivating travelers for years.

If you can believe it, these ruins date back all the way to 9th century BC! The Dorians created a settlement here a few centuries after the catastrophic volcanic eruption of Santorini.

Kamari Open Air Cinema

Watching a movie under the stars in Santorini? Yes please! The movies are usually family-friendly and you can expect titles like Mamma Mia and a number of Disney classics to be on the schedule.

Arrive at Kamari Open Air Cinema before the doors open at 8:30 pm to ensure you have a good seat and are settled with your snacks and drinks by the 9:30 pm showtime. You’ll either have to drive or take the public bus .

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Delish Dinner At Ammoudi

Ammoudi is a unique spot in Oia famous for its hospitality and delicious food. Youll find plenty of fish taverns there that serve fresh fish for all those crazy seafood lovers. Theres no dining experience better than enjoying a platter of seafood and local recipes while taking in the majestic beauty of Santorini island.

Make sure you treat your taste buds with the best-tasting food in Santorini while being surrounded by welcoming people. You can even swim in crystalline waters or go diving if you dare!

Explore An Archaeological Excavation Site

10 Best Things To Do in Santorini, Greece [with Suggested Tours]

This Akrotiri archaeological excavation site in Santorini features ruins from the city of Akrotiri, which was buried by a volcanic eruption in 1700 B.C., though the first habitation dates from the Late Neolithic times . You can explore the massive visitor-friendly site where walkways lead you around the entire perimeter. There are not many placards or informational pamphlets, so if you would like the complete history during your visit hire a tour guide.

The Archaeological Bus Tour To Akrotiri Excavations & Red Beach includes a guided tour of the site.

The surrounding village of Akrotiri is beautiful too.

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Best Things To Do In Santorini Greece

Santorini needs little Introduction, especially as beautiful Greek Islands go. In fact, Id go as far as saying its probably one of the most iconic Greek islands to visit. Honestly, there are so many amazing and some of the best things to do in Santorini that youll be spoilt for choice as soon as you land.

Honestly, Santorini is a beautiful island, especially with all those cave-like hotels crumbly cliffs, gorgeous sunsets from Oia and who can forget the cheeky donkeys.

Actually, digressing slightly but the Santorini donkeys are best viewed from an arms length! In my excitement to wrap my arms around one of these cute little beggars, I ended up smelling like a farm for the rest of the day. Be warned, the smelling of a farm in 30-degree heat is pongy!

Anyway, before I ramble on anymore, I wanted to share some of the very best things to do in Santorini on your next trip. Have the best time exploring and as with all our posts, message us if you need any other tips.

Explore The Art Galleries

A surprising thing about Fira that you may not have known is that it has a wide variety of art galleries. One of the best to visit is MATI art gallery, which exhibits work by local artists, and is very cozy and welcoming. Also, make sure you visit the Art of the Loom Gallery, which is bursting with quirky artifacts, paintings, and sculptures.

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One Of The Best Things To Do In Santorini For Photographers And Wanderers

Grab your camera and get lost in the villages of Fira and Oia. Dont be afraid to wander off the main street where all the tourists stay put. Youll quickly find these towns are small enough that you never really get lost.

Discover the quiet back streets, hidden cafes, and charming shops. If you love to wander as much as I do, continue past Fira and explore Firostefani and Imerovigli.

*Oia is THE spot to watch sunset. Scout out where you want to return for sunset and pin those locations on Google maps.

*Wandering aimlessly is even better with a gelato in hand. Luckily my favorite, and easily the best gelato in Santorini, can be found at both Fira and Oia. Solo Gelato is on par in quality and taste to the real stuff in Italyand thats saying something.


Best Things To Do In Santorini

Top 10 Things to do in Santorini, Greece

Santorini Island in Greece is one of the most luxurious places to spend your summer holiday.

As it combines all the components of the perfect summer break, it is also one of the worlds top honeymoon destinations.

With its exceptionally mild Mediterranean climate, sunny and dry long summers, dark blue sea waters and whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows, the island is well-known from the pages of the glossy travel magazines around the world, from the United States to Australia.

It is an upscale island and is a preferred stop for sailor who travel around the Mediterranean.

More from Greece:

Even if small, Santorini offers hundreds of things to do.

Lets see just a small part of them.

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Eat The Best Souvlaki In Santorini

Going back to more budget-friendly things to do in Santorini, let me introduce you to the best souvlaki on the island: Luckys Souvlakis in Fira.

On an island famous for its top-end dining options, a down-to-earth meal consisting of the most famous street food in Greece should not be overlooked.

To us Greeks, its generally known that the farther away from mainland Greece you go, the less tasty the souvlaki gets. Therefore, we typically think that the Greek islands arent the best places in the country to try souvlaki.

So, its pretty incredible that such good souvlaki can be found not only on a Greek island but on one of the most touristy ones!

Every time I visit Santorini, I make sure I eat at Luckys Souvlakis at least once.

Even though I no longer eat meat, Im happy to say that there are also vegetarian options that can easily compete with the original souvlaki in terms of taste and quality. Greek food is some of the best in the world, dont miss out on this souvlaki.

Visit The Volcano: One Of The Most Exciting Things To Do In Santorini

Geologically speaking, the island of Santorini itself, the caldera, Thirassia Island, and all the other nearby islets are part of one and the same volcano.

That said, a tour of the volcano means visiting two specific volcanic islets: Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni.

Reasonably priced boat tours to both of these tiny islands start daily from Athinios Port , the Old Port in Fira and Ammoudi Bay in Oia.

Nea Kameni is the first stop on this boat tour. There, after a 30-minute hike, you can stand next to the active volcanos crater which almost always puffs a bit of smoke and smells of sulphur.

Apart from the unreal setting of Nea Kameni Island itself, the views of Santorini are out of this world. Check out this small group catamaran tour which includes snorkelling, lunch and much more. Or this tour which includes dinner.

Leaving Nea Kameni behind, the boat then heads to Palea Kameni.

Here, you dont get to step on the island itself, but you can jump in the water and experience swimming in the sulphur springs. The latter is responsible for turning the water a weird but tranquil hue of green, and for the high water temperatures, even in winter.

Having the chance to walk along an active volcano crater and swim in green sulphur waters doesnt happen every day so make sure you add this tour to your list of must-do activities in Santorini.

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Jump On A Sailing Tour In Santorini Greece

While many of the best things to do in Santorini are land-based, dont miss an opportunity to get out on the water! Spending the day sailing around the island is an experience youll never forget.

We love boat tours like this and try to take one whenever we can on the islands. Santorini has a tour for every type of traveler including Catamaran cruises, sunset sailing trips, and more! Many even stop at the Santorini hot springs we mentioned above.

Day Party At Perissa Beach

12 Best Things To Do In Santorini, Greece

While Santorini certainly doesnt have the beach clubs of nearby Mykonos, there are a number of fun bars to spend the afternoon at. At Perissa Beach you can find exciting water activities or simply relax in a beach chair and soak in the sun.

The upscale vibe gets even more lively in the summer months and is located on a unique black sand beach. This is definitely the place to be for some fun in the sun on Santorini Greece!

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Tips And Tours: How To Make The Most Of Your Visit To Santorini

An organized tour is a great way to see all the highlights of the island without the hassle of trying to find your way around. Experienced guides share information about the island’s history as well as insider tips about its culture and attractions, and these tours include convenient pickup and drop-off at your hotel, saving you time and money. Below are some fun tour options that guarantee the lowest price:

  • See the Sights: A great way to learn about Santorini’s history, explore picturesque villages, and see spectacular sunset views is on the full-day Oia Sunset and Traditional Villages Tour in Santorini. With pickup and drop-off from your hotel, this tour takes you in a comfortable air-conditioned coach to explore the Minoan excavations at Akrotiri, the pretty village of Pyrgos, and sunset views from Oia. If you prefer to tailor your tour to suit your interests, the Private Custom Tour: Santorini in a Day is an excellent choice. You can choose between a five-hour tour or upgrade to an eight-hour tour, with stops at your favorite attractions, from ancient archeological sites and traditional villages to beautiful black-sand beaches. This tour also includes convenient hotel or cruise ship port pickup and drop-off.

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