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Things To Do In The Army

How Long Is Army Basic Training

5 Things to Know | September 2022 | U.S. Army

The complete Army basic training cycle is about 10 weeks, divided into three phases: Red, White and Blue, which last about three weeks each. After passing the final tests of the Blue Phase, your next step is the graduation ceremony, where youll get to celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and family.

Military Discounts On The Las Vegas Strip

HyperX Esports Arena at Luxor: Luxors Esports arena offers gaming by the hour for a set price and offers a military discount of 15%.

Bodies The Exhibition at Luxor: Bodies leverages 13 whole-body specimens and 260+ partial body specimens to provide a look under the hood of the human body. They also offer a $7 military discount, which is redeemable at the box office.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor:Another educational attraction at Luxor, Titanic offers a $7 military discount at the box office.

Big Apple Coaster at NYNY: Sending riders twisting, turning, diving, and even upside-down, the rooftop coaster at New York New York is plenty thrilling. Adding to the allure is the $5 discount available to members of the military redeemable at the box office.

Customers with a Military ID can buy up to 4 tickets.

Adventuredome at Circus Circus: On the topic of rides, Circus Circus indoor theme park offers a military discount of $2 per person when purchasing tickets in person.

PrincessDiana Las Vegas: Members of the military can explore artifacts from the life of Princess Diana at a $4 discount. The attraction is located in Crystals, which is in front of Aria.

Topgolf behind MGM Grand: Youve likely heard of Topgolf before, but the version in Vegas is next level. Multiple bars, video poker, hundreds of screens, a two-level pool, and oh yea golf, are sure to keep you busy.

As part of their Heroes Program, Topgolf offers a 10% military discount on gameplay.

Fort Stewart And Hunter Army Airfield Outdoor Recreation

Want to explore the great outdoors? Check out these post attractions.

17. Corkan Recreation Area

Intersection of Hero Road and Lindquist RoadFort StewartPhone: 1 767-9884

The Corkan Recreation Area offers affordable indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family. The area includes an outdoor swimming pool, a splashpark, miniature golf, picnic areas, Cypress Sams, and a recreation center. Cypress Sams is a multilevel, indoor play structure with slides, ball blasters, volcanoes, and more than 6,000 balls to throw, shoot, and play with. The recreation center has roller skating, laser tag, and bounce houses. Party packages and inflatables rentals are also available.

18. Low Country Adventure Centers

Address 1Fort Stewart Road 48 South, off Highway 144 eastBuilding 8325, Fort Stewart

Building 8454, Hunter Army AirfieldPhone: 1 315-9354 or 1 315-9554

The Low Country Adventure Centers at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield have everything you need for your outdoor recreation pursuits. The centers have information on post campgrounds, picnic areas and pavilions, shooting ranges, and more. The centers also have a variety of equipment and boats available for rent. You can rent party gear, inflatables, games, campers, trailers, skiffs, deck boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, kite boards, and more.

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Media And Public Affairs

Visual information equipment operator/maintainers work with equipment such as Teleconferencing VI and are primarily responsible for supporting Army operations with visual information equipment and systems.

Combat documentation/production specialists primarily responsible for supervising, planning and operating electronic and film-based still, video and audio acquisition equipment in order to document combat and non-combat operations.

Civil affairs specialists supervise, research, coordinate, conduct and participate in the planning and production of civil affairs-related documents.

Multimedia illustrators supervise, plan and operate multimedia imaging equipment in order to produce various kinds of visual displays and documents.

Human intelligence collectors use aerial photographs, electronic monitoring and human observation in order to gather and study required information to design defense plans and tactics.

Translator/interpreters convert written or spoken foreign languages into English and other languages. They usually specialize in a particular foreign language.

Cryptologic linguists detect, acquire, locate and identify foreign communications using signals equipment.

Journalists write and photograph the Army’s activities for use in internal and external news media.

Broadcast journalists operate radio or television broadcast teams or the Armed Forces Radio Television Service.

  • Cornet or trumpet player
  • Electric bass guitar player

Civilian Skills Critical To Military Strength

Things that make you go... BOOM at JRTC

While you may not work in uniform, your contributions as part ofthe U.S. Army Civilian Corps are just as vital as those who do. As an Army civilian, the talent and experience you add to the team improves the readiness of our force.

  • Provide mission-essential support
  • Work alongside Soldiers in uniform
  • Hone your talent as a professional

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Why Join The Army

If you’ve done plenty of research about the Army and what service entails and you’re not dissuaded by what you have learned, then you should also consider that joining the Army will test you as a person and soldier. You will learn a lot about your country, service, the world, and yourself if you join. You will also have the opportunity to serve and sacrifice to make your nation safer or to protect the rights that Americans have.

While there are definitely unpleasant aspects of service, there are also a lot of good things about joining the Army. Understanding the potential benefits and pitfalls of joining the Army will help potential soldiers make a good decision about whether or not to enlist.

If you think you can do it, if you want the chance, or if you feel that you are ready to join the Army after reading this article, then go for it! Good luck!

What Can I Send Someone During Basic Training

Speaking of mail, we cant think of a time in someones life when a written letter could mean so much to a soldier. Words of encouragement will sustain your soldier during this challenging time and make every mail call all that more exciting. Stick to simple stationery, and limit photos. Expect that mail could be delivered a few weeks after you send it.

Since the Army provides all the basics the soldier needs during BCT, care packages of treats and creature comforts are not, we repeat, not recommended. Not only will they be withheld until after graduation, but they could draw unwanted attention from a drill sergeant for the entire unit. Better to save those homemade cookies until after your soldier has gutted through all the physical and mental tests that await them.

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Develop Skills For Lifelong Careers

The Army offers a variety of ways to keep advancing your skills for successful careers in the Army and beyond. The Armys Credentialing Assistance Program allows you to pursue more than 1,500 industry-recognized certifications or licenses in whatever career field you like. You can also access one-of-a-kind leadership courses that will teach you how to lead in any field.

It Will Destroy Your Soul

5 things youre required to do in the Army

David Wong published an outstanding article on called 9 Types of Jobs that Will Destroy Your Soul that aptly describes the roles people play in the workplace. I must warn you that the language is rough, but every word of it is true. Every soldier has experienced at least seven of these roles at some point during his military career. I will not re-write what the article says, but I will tell you that every soldier can, at any moment, become:

  • The punching bag: A person who bears the brunt of complaints, but can do nothing to help.
  • The walking dead: A person who will face sleep deprivation and irregular hours.
  • The laughingstock: A person whodoes a job that everyone makes fun of.
  • The cog: A person who performs endless tasks with mindless repetition.
  • The rat in a cage: A manager responsible for those he has no authority over.
  • The assistant cromulationist: A highly-specialized job that is impossible to explain.
  • The Bob: A person who makes everyone else’s job harder.
  • The girl: A.K.A. the “lone representative of your gender in the workplace” .

The article is hilarious. If you are a civilian, you will appreciate it, but if you are a soldier, you’ll relate to it because you will live it every day.

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Watch A Movie At Silvercity

Instead of just watching Netflix at home, its sometimes just more fun watching movies on the big screen with some overpriced popcorn!

Watching movies at SilverCity used to be the it weekend activity when I was growing up, because there really wasnt much else to do.

I remember coming here as a kid and playing all the arcade games before heading into the theatre!

Aside from Laser Quest and Putting Edge, this is where all the kids had their birthday parties.

LOCATION:8725 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON

Fun things to do in Richmond Hill:

  • Shop local at the Hillcrest Farmers Market
  • Grab bubble tea
  • Tour Bluff Dwellers Cave

    Bluff Dwellers Cave is another great outdoor adventure to embark upon with your Soldier.

    While Millers Cave is open to the public and self-explanatory, Bluff Dwellers Cave offers tours through the cave. The visitors center has its own museum that explores the cave in historic and archaeological detail.

    With multiple sand-colored caves and wildlife throughout, you are sure to enjoy exploring this unique side of Fort Leonard Wood. If you are accompanied by younger children, this option is great, as they offer other activities at the cave and museum such as gem panning.



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    Things To Do In Fort Benning

    The post has an extensive network of establishments suited for many of your needs. If you are looking to do something off post, there are a lot of options around Columbus, GA, which can be as close as 20 minutes away. Check out the options below for some suggested activities on and outside of the comforts of the post.

    Know what you are looking for? Click the number to go right to where you want to go:

    They have film screenings, activities, and simulators that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    Army Action Center: Virtual Reality And Motion Theater Experiences

    Pin on Just Military Things...

    The Army Action Center, the Museums Virtual Reality and Motion Theater Experience offers three experiences. Holdout! Bunker Defense VR , VR Transporter, and the Army Action Pod bring adventure and futuristic fun. The Army Action Center is managed by The Army Historical Foundation, tickets are available for purchase on site or may be purchased in advance online.

    Learn More on the Army Action Center, Virtual Reality and Motion Theater Experiences.

    National Museum of the United States Army

    1775 Liberty Drive Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

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    Prohibited Items During Basic Training

    1. Weapons of Any Type

    This includes pocket knives, firearms, fireworks, clubs, batons, brass knuckles, etc.

    2. Tobacco products and lighters

    If you bring cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc., they will be confiscated.

    3. Alcohol-based Products

    This includes beverages or health products.

    4. Food items

    This includes gum, candy and chips.

    5. Obscene or Pornographic Materials.

    6. Nonprescription Drugs

    Medications not prescribed to you by the military, including items such as foot powders, antihistamines, sleep aides, acne medication, etc., are not allowed while in basic training.

    7. Narcotics, Illegal Drugs or Any Paraphernalia

    All of these are prohibited from basic training and military service in general.

    8. Expensive Personal Items

    Such as cameras, tablets, fancy jewelry, etc. Youre allowed to bring your cell phone to use while traveling, but it may be locked away for safekeeping after you arrive.

    9. Gambling Items and External Reading Materials

    How To Contact Someone During Basic Training

    While phone calls seem like an easy option, theres nothing easy about boot camp. Phone call frequency varies by unit and is at the discretion of the drill sergeants. Soldiers are usually allowed to make a quick call home when they first arrive and another when they are out reception. Dont take it personally that these first few calls are often limited to 30 seconds or so and that youll probably only have time for your soldier to pass along their mailing address.

    Your soldier will have the opportunity to earn more phone time as they move through the training process. Calls could come at any time but never after 9 p.m. at their installation.

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    The Medal Of Honor Experience

    The Medal of Honor Experience invites visitors to explore the history of the Medal of Honor and learn about the award recommendation process and hierarchy of Army awards that recognize heroic actions.Dont miss: The adjacent outdoor Medal of Honor Garden, which identifies and honors Army recipients of the nations highest award for valor a peaceful space allowing visitors the opportunity to reflect on the values exemplified by the medals recipients.

    Best Things To Do In Richmond Hill

    5 things you cant do in the Army

    Richmond Hill is not only Canadas largest town, but it is also one of the fastest-growing communities in recent history. With its growth has come numerous new facilities, attractions and shopping centres.

    The town is predominately made up of residential communities and commercial areas, meaning it is not a known tourist spot. Yet it does have some charm, and its close proximity to Toronto makes it easy to get to.

    Few tourists visit Richmond Hill for reasons that are not business related, although it is worth spending a night or two in the town. If you ever find yourself here and are looking for things to do, these are the best things to do in Richmond Hill:

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    How To Get Your Entry Tickets For The Terracotta Warriors

    The Terracotta Warriors Museum currently doesn’t sell tickets on site. Tickets must be bought in advance online. You can buy tickets via the Terracotta Army Museum WeChat account in Chinese or its official website in English by logging in.

    Alternatively, you can submit a quick inquiry to us for a worry-free booking service in English. The number of tickets is limited each day as a pandemic prevention and control measure. You’re suggested to book well in advance.

    • Step 1: Submit your inquiry by scanning the WeChat QR code or filling in our inquiry form.
    • Step 2: Receive a reply from your travel advisor to confirm your booking.
    • Step 3: Enter the Terracotta Warriors site by scanning your passport and presenting COVID-19 related documents like a green code and travel data at the entrance. No paper ticket is required.

    The prices listed below include our booking service fee.

    The ticket price includes entrance to the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang , 1½ km from the Terracotta Army Museum. If you are interested in it, you can have a look at a low-rated estimation of the mausoleum of China’s first emperor. The real mausoleum remains under its huge mound nearby, and is not open to the public.

    You may want to enjoy our 1-Day Xi’an Highlights Private Tour . Visit the Terracotta Warriors, cycle on Xi’an’s best-preserved Ancient City Wall, and enjoy the rich flavor of life in the Muslim Quarter with a stroll there.

    How To Get To The Terracotta Army From Downtown Xi’an

    The most convenient way is to take a private tour. Your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel and accompany you to the Terracotta Army.

    If you travel independently, here are the information about transportation and cost for your reference:

    Shuttle bus to Xi’an Railway Station + Tourist Bus Line 5 , 2 hours 250 yuan

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    What Benefits Do Army Civilians Receive

    You can expect a competitive salary and benefits package designed to offer you a comfortable and secure work-life balance. These benefits include: paid holidays, sick leave, and vacation time various health and life insurance options retirement program with matching employer contribution bonuses, awards, and other incentives for job performance.

    Hike At Oak Ridges Trail

    Pin em Military Things

    Looking to do a little hiking?

    The Oak Ridges Trail is a simple hike that loops around Bond Lake, and it offers up gorgeous, scenic views you wouldnt expect to see in suburbia.

    You can access the trail year-round, but I personally think its the most beautiful during the fall with all the leaves changing!

    There are also some abandoned buildings along the trail, which is pretty cool for photos.

    LOCATION:Oak Ridges Trail, Richmond Hill, ON

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    The Selection Process For Becoming An Army Ranger

    Army Rangers receive some of the best training and opportunities the Army can provide, but to become a Ranger, youll first be rigorously tested in Ranger Assessment and Selection . Then, youll go through one of the toughest training experiences in the Army, Ranger School, before or after selection as an Army Ranger.

    Weeks Four And Five Phase 2 White Phase

    Youve got the basics down, now its time to dig deeper. During these weeks, you will focus on:

    • Self-discipline.
    • Hand-to-hand combat and weapons training.
    • Basic rifle marksmanship.
    • Physical fitness.

    In addition to marksmanship and physical fitness training, youll be expected to navigate obstacle courses and rappel from a 50-foot structure, known as the Warrior Tower. White Phase will also be your first introduction to Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, such as first aid skills, navigational skills, weaponry use and much, much more.

    Take this tip from the U.S. military itself: The best way to make fitness training easier is to work harder.

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    Best Jobs In The Us Army

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    A person wearing an ARMY shirt works on their laptop while sitting at a table next to a bright window.

    Whether youre considering enlisting, re-enlistment or changing jobs in the U.S. Army, there are many careers available that allow you to earn a great income while pursuing your interests.

    Many of these jobs also carry bonuses, promotional opportunities and skills that transfer into civilian jobs when youre no longer serving in the military. Exploring some of the best jobs available is a great first step toward finding an Army job you love.

    In this article, well explore 10 of the best jobs in the Army, including salary information and primary responsibilities.

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