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Things To Do In Switzerland In Summer

Biking The Alpine Panorama Route

Grindelwald Switzerland Things To Do // Summer 2019

The Swiss take alternative transportation super seriously, and it reflects not just in the quality of their trains, but also in their bike paths, which often have their own traffic lights. You can rent bikes from train stations by the hour, including electric bikes. On weekends, Id head out on my own bike for long rides around the Mittelland before loading the bike up onto the train for the easy way home. Then, one day, I discovered National Route. No. 4.

Also dubbed the Alpine Panorama Route, National Route No. 4 is one of nine official bike touring routes that crisscrosses Switzerland from border to border, while dozens of other regional routes flesh out a network that includes more than a whopping 5,000mi of dedicated paths.

Even so, No. 4 stands out. It runs for almost 300mi from the village of St. Margrethen on Lake Constance in the northeast to the town of Aigle, near Lake Geneva, in the southwest, taking in some of the most dramatic scenery in Switzerland. You roll along country byways, through lonely larch forests and across pastures on paths much too narrow for cars, with immense views of high scrappy peaks at almost every turn. You pay for those views, of course, with 30,500-vertical-feet of climbing across the entire route, which you could do in about a week. The great thing is that if you get too tired, you can simply toss your bike into a public bus or train and zip ahead to the next segment.

Try Canyoning In Thusis

Save your thick coat for the slopes and don your best wetsuit. Viamala canyon does not require safety belts like most alpine canyons, but its winding rock structures and swimmable gorges make it a daredevils summer dream from June until September. Lean into the rush and make a splash leaping from cliff to cliff or let the gorge carry you downstream. Be sure to bring a spare change of clothes and a towel because theres no way to canyon here without getting wet.

Things To Do In Grindelwald Switzerland In Summer

As far as postcard-perfect settings go, Grindelwald comes up trumps. This pretty Swiss town is blessed with stunning surroundings and is the ideal base to enjoy Switzerlands natural beauty and charm.

As one of Switzerlands most popular winter ski resorts, Grindelwald is the perfect place to head for world class skiing and snowboarding, but in summer time there are plenty of enjoyable things to do in Grindelwald, too.

With so many activities and mountain excursions available near Grindelwald, purchasing a transport pass to cover the cost of cable cars and funiculars can save you a lot of money. You can read my detailed articles on the , the Regional Pass Berner Oberland here and the Swiss Travel Pass here.

Cable cars quickly whisk you up from Grindelwald to join the surrounding mountains.

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    Explore Switzerlands Stunning Castles

    Every village, every town, every lake, every river and everywhere else in between seems to have its own stunning castle in Switzerland. I was blown away by the first one I saw but that it almost got to a stage when I stopped noticing them as there were so many to take pictures of.

    If you take a 2 hour train journey through the Swiss countryside you wont be able to count the amount of castles you see on both hands. In fact, there is said to be a grand total of 62 castles in Switzerland so see how many you can tick off!

    Summer In Graubnden Switzerland: 10 Of The Best Things To See And Do

    10 of the Best things to do in Switzerland in the summer

    Looking to spend a summer in Graubünden, Switzerland, and wondering about the best things to do? From world-class hiking to biking through incredible vineyards and a surprising local cuisine, weve rounded up our favourite summer activities in Graubünden.Psssst, this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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    Where To Stay In Ticino:

    We decided to make Locarno as our basepoint in Ticino, and the hotel we resided at was the Caffè dellArte Boutique Rooms, located in the heart of Locarno, just 50 meters from the famous Piazza Grande.

    This is a boutique hotel mixed with a retail shop and a café downstairs. There are 9 rooms in total, each individually designed. Unfortunately, I didnt get to peak at the other roomsso I can only speak of my own oriental-themed room, which was spaciously decorated with warm touches of gold and brown hues.

    Now I really need to give a shoutout to the garden café downstairs, because our breakfast seriously made our mouths water EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    This café was only recently opened last month by a young lady called Suzanne, who wanted to inject a change in the atypical Swiss breakfast. So here, you wont find your usual ham, cheese and baguette. Instead, expect delightful, refreshing options such as banana pancakes topped with nuts coconut flakes, wholesome muesli and open bagels deliciously stuffed with wild rockets, bacon and feta cheese. It was honestly the first thing we look forward to everyday when we wake up, and fuelled us with good carbs to start off our daily adventures!

    Mingle With The Rich In St Moritz

    It is said that Winter Tourism was actually invented in St Moritz over 150 years ago after a local hotel owner and its gets made a bet with each other.

    Over the years, St Moritz has grown into one of the most well-known and prestigious ski resorts in the world popular with the rich and famous from all four corners of the world. A hub for winter sports enthusiasts 70% of St Moritz visitors come during the Winter months. Be sure to have a nice bit of savings if you plan of travelling here as winter sports, food, accommodation and everything in between dont come cheap! Looking for some alternative ski resorts? Read all about where locals would recommend!

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    Visit Vevey Charley Chaplins Town

    They say Switzerland is a heaven on earth. Every town in the country, be it small or big is worth visiting. If you want to avoid the crowded cities and head to a small place for chilling out, Vevey is the answer. Not many people know that the last 25 years of Charlie Chaplin in Switzerland were spent in this little town called Vevey.

    Located along the lake Geneve, Vevey oozes charms of Charlie Chaplin. Many of the shops and cafes pay tribute to the legend. There is a chocolate shop which makes chocolates in the shape of his shoes, and conducts workshops. A showroom sells bowler hat, cane, etc while another café has a name he was known for in French, Le Charlot.

    The tree lined promenade along the lake Genève, where Chaplin used to go for evening strolls with his wife, offers mountain views. It has his bronze statue and behind it is the popular Alimentarium Food Museum. There is Chaplins World, a must visit, which showcases the personal life and movie life of Chaplin. There are other museums also to visit. You can take a boat tour on the lake or take a funicular to Mont Pèlerin.

    Things To Do In Zurich In Summer

    SWITZERLAND DAY TRIPS: Zurich Travel Guide | Summer Day in Zurich | River Cruise things to do!

    Summertime is often the go-to time of the year for having fun for many people. There are many adventures to take on during the warm months of the year, and in Zurich, you can find plenty. Whether youre just cruising the streets with no intention or sunbathing alongside bodies of water, theres a good deal of activities to keep you busy.

    However, these activities are not limited to the sunniest months, and most of them can also go on your list of fun things to do in Zurich in April, May, and September.

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    Get Soaked By A Waterfall

    This might happen by accident but it will most definitely happen! One thing Switzerland has a lot of is powerful waterfalls. we actually came across a few by accident and the one that we paid to get into was one of the most incredible waterfalls Ive ever had the opportunity to visit. if you take the train to Lauterbrunnen and take the super-easy 1 hour hike to Trummelbach, you will actually pass about two or three other waterfalls along the way.

    If you have a few more hours to kill, you can check out all 72 waterfalls to be found in this mountainous region of the country! Trummelbach, the most famous waterfall, has been formed by the melting snow breaking through cracks in the rocks and gushing down into the valley. Because its so cold and so clear, the colour of the water is this unusual greyish white colour which can be viewed up close at the bottom of the falls.

    To see the falls up close, they have carved steps and platforms into the rock face so visitors can view the waterfall in all its glory from varying dizzying heights.

    How To Get To Grindelwald

    You can easily reach the Jungfraujoch from Grindelwald by train. Photo:

    Grindelwald is situated 21 kilometres from Interlaken and has excellent public transport services. Regular buses and trains connect the two towns in around 35 minutes.

    Train travel from Interlaken to Grindelwald is free of charge for holders of the Swiss Travel Pass, and the Regional Pass Berner Oberland.

    If you have your own vehicle, its an easy drive from Interlaken to Grindelwald, with the journey time around 25 minutes.

    You can also book a private transfer from Zurich Airport to Grindelwald.

    A spectacular way to arrive in Grindelwald is by parachute!! If you need an adrenaline hit, why not book a helicopter flight over the Eiger with a tandem skydive jump included? .

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    Cruise Down The River Rhine

    One of my favourite things to do in Switzerland was a morning spent cruising down the famous River Rhine. We hopped on board in the town of Schaffhaussen in Switzerland and watching in awe as the boat manoeuvred its way down the river with Switzerland to one side and Germany to the other. Was sort of like being in two countries at once.

    We passed some stunning little villages, camp sites and absolutely massive mansions on either side of the river and it was by far one of the most relaxing mornings we had.

    As most of the boats rides in Switzerland are included in your Swiss Travel Pass, we just hopped off the train and onto the boat with our giant backpacks and took a sort of two-hour detour down the river then re-joined the train further down the route.

    Experience Three Cultures In One

    Things To Do In Grindelwald Switzerland In Summer ...

    You may laugh at me, but until I actually travelled around Switzerland I was not aware that there are three separate languages spoken. Four if your can Romansh, a language only spoken in the Graubünden area to the West of the country.

    The moment we got off the train in Lugano it actually felt life we had already crossed over into Italy expect the prices of course!

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    St Moritz Country Club

    The Kulm Country Club is a historic place to have dinner in St. Moritz. It showcases the history of winter sports in St. Moritz. It was here that bobsledding and the skeleton was born and competitions began at Kulm Park. Kulm Hotel St. Moritz is home to the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club and there is memorabilia scattered throughout the hotel and country club showing its alpine history.

    The Country Club hosts many events and has been host to World Championships a the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics. There is a lot of alpine history here especially on Piz Nair where the Olympic and world cup sports take place.

    Bernina Express Ride Beauty On Wheels

    While there are a multitude of options to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Switzerland, the most amazing is to take a train ride. Its a great way to get around and savour the picturesque scenery with your eyes. Take the famous Bernina Express, known for its panoramic view windows and slow speed, so that you can make the most of this sightseeing. The train connects Chur in Switzerland to Poschiavo in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy by crossing the Swiss Engadin Alps. It also runs along the World Heritage Site known as the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes, so you know you have a good four hours to relax and enjoy the view.

    Where: Bahnhofstrasse 25, 7002 ChurTimings: 24/7Cost: This 4 hour train ride costs around INR 1,500 to INR INR 3,500 and above, which completely depends on the ride youre taking.

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    Directions To Verzasca Valley:

    From Locarno, Take the regional train to Tenero , then transfer to bus 321, and alight at the bus stop Lavertezzo, Paese.

    TIP: If time affords, consider extending your trip down to the last village of Sonogno and also for a visit to the Froda Waterfall. The bus 321 goes there on an hourly schedule .

    Stroll Through Stein Am Rhein

    Zermatt, Switzerland in Summer |

    A town I had never heard of until a local took us there following a boat ride down the River Rhine, Stein Am Rhein is a medieval town in the German-speaking part of Switzerland with perfectly preserved ancient centre. No amount of photos would be enough in this storybook town I kept feeling as if I had walked into a fairytale such a Shrek as not one building looked like any i had ever seen before. Dating back hundreds of years, the front of most buildings were perfectly preserved with ancient paintings in beautiful colours. Has to be seen to be believed!

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    What To Do In Ticino Switzerland In Summer

    Summer is here! Last year we spent it in Lugano with our friends and we loved our time SO MUCH. We were so excited this time about spending it coming back to this Italian-part of Switzerland, but to explore other cities around the region! If this continues next year, it seems like a trip to Ticino will soon become our annual summer affair!

    We spent a fantastic week in Ticino, returning home with satisfied pot-bellies from all the feasting, and cameras loaded with beautiful summer travel memories. Today Im all pumped up and excited to share with you all the stunning beautiful places in this travel itinerary!

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    Lakeside Promenade Beauty At Its Best

    If you are looking for cheap things to do in Switzerland, this is it. Taking a walk at Zurichs lakeside promenade with your better half is one of the best things to do in Zurich. Walk hand in hand, and learn about the lifestyle of the locals. People come here to stroll, cycle, in-line skate, relax nearby the shore, and have a dip in summer. Out of the many things to do here, you can also watch street artists with their trompe loeil chalk drawings, buy handmade jewelry at street stalls, or sit on a bench and enjoy ice cream.

    Where: Mythenquai 301, 8038 ZurichTimings: You can visit the promenade anytime of the day. But, to enjoy scenic views of the city, visit either early in the morning or later in the evening. Cost: free

    Heres one of the most thrilling things to do in Interlaken. Switzerland is one of the aptest destinations to experiences sky diving. The views of the snow-capped Alps, the pristine lakes, and green valleys would be absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy a jump from the height of 14,000 feet above the land while skydiving in Interlaken. This resort town in central Switzerland has a lot more to offer you once you come down after this super thrilling adventure experience.

    Where: InterlakenTimings: 9 am 5 pm Cost: NA

    Where: Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern, SwitzerlandTimings: 10 am 6 pm Cost: NA

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    The Views Of St Moritz

    10 of the Best things to do in Switzerland in the summer

    The views continue to change as you hike from one side to the other as different ranges of the Alps come into view from the Albula Alps to Bernina Range tower over the Muragl Valley with the Sella Glacier and Tschierva Glacier plunging toward the valleys. The view took us off guard as we didnt expect to see such dramatic views of mountains and glaciers. We thought that scene was reserved for Zermatt or Grindelwald.

    Make sure to keep an eye out for Marmots on the trail. We saw a few but always seemed to miss snapping a photograph of them before they scurried away.

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