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Things To Do In Stone Mountain Ga

The Carved Relief On Stone Mountain

Top Things to Do in Stone Mountain, Georgia

On the face of the huge granite stone mountain is a carved relief. Everybodys heard of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and its no doubt one of the most recognizable scenes in the United States. Stone Mountain has its own historical scene that depicts some Southern icons: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. If you havent heard of these guys, let us fill you in.

Jefferson Davis president of the Confederacy

Robert E Lee leader of the Confederate army and slave holder

Stonewall Jackson General of the Confederate army that led many campaigns

Heres the thing: the relief on the face of Stone Mountain is on privately owned property and falls under a piece of Georgia legislation that preserves history, specifically Confederate monuments. Theres been talk of removing the carving via sandblasting, but its protected and will remain on the face indefinitely. Thats that. Its disappointing to say the least. Shameful is a more accurate statement.

For more information about these three figures and why people are still trying to defend them and their actions, I highly recommend reading up on The Lost Cause. The Lost Cause is in reference to the system of beliefs that slavery is okay, and even a moral positive. Its very shocking to learn about, but many hold these beliefs true even today.

Moving past the Confederacy trying to make a comeback, theres more to Stone Mountain to do but should you support this place? We wont return.

How To Get There

Stone Mountain Park is located at 1000 Robert E. Lee Boulevard in Stone Mountain, Georgia, 20 miles from downtown Atlanta paid parking is available on site. While theres no public transit station near Stone Mountain Park, its possible to reach the park using a combination of train and bus. At the Kensington MARTA station, catch bus 119, which stops about a 10-minute walk from the park. From the Avondale MARTA Station, use bus 120. Cab and ride sharing services must pay a fee for pickup and drop-off at the park.

Protesting At Stone Mountain

Know what else we found at Stone Mountain Park? Confederate sympathizers. If you didnt grow up in the USA or if youve not lived in the South you might not be familiar with this group of people. Theyre a bunch who like to relive or want to revive the days when there was segregation, acceptable racism, and general malady towards non-white people. If you live anywhere with half a consciousness you know this is completely unacceptable.

And its not something we EVER want to encounter during family travel.

Why were they there? the folks with the confederate flags were on top of Stone Mountain during out visit because they were protesting the installation of a Dr Martin Luther King Jr memorial carved from the mountain itself. The monument: a copy of the liberty bell echoing the I Have A Dream speech. The placement: ON Stone Mountain. The outcome of the protest: nothing. For more information about the monument and the disparity of the public, see here.

Today there is more and more activity surrounding Stone Mountain. Those who understand history and the symbolism of a monument to the Confederacy know that the facade needs to be blasted and removed. Those who think history needs to be preserved are masking their racism by calling it history. Nope.

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Learn Stone Mountains Granite Quarrying History At Quarry Exhibit

The Quarry Exhibit is located past the Grist Mill on the east side of Stone Mountain, across Robert E. Lee Boulevard.

Completed in 2001, this exhibit tells over 100 years of story of stone quarrying at Stone Mountain and welcomes you to the fascinating history of this activity.

Approximately 7,645,700 cubic feet of granite were cut and processed throughout the years from the mountain, which equates to enough surfacing stones to stretch between the South Pole and North Pole !

The Quarry Exhibit also serves as a tribute to the workers that dedicated their lives to quarrying.

Here, youll find photos of how prominent the industry was and a little history about how the region itself came to be through granite quarrying.

Snow Tubing At Snow Mountain

9 Free Things To Do At Stone Mountain Park

Snow Tubing is one of the most daunting and thrilling experiences you can have in the adventurous city of Stone Mountain. It is open for people of all ages who are willing to scream with joy.

Snow Tubing is located on Snow Mountain in the Stone Mountain city of Georgia. Snow Mountain features different areas and different slopes for people of different ages, on which you can slide down and have funthe point is to have maximum enjoyment without feeling uncomfortable or exhausted.

The passes at Snow Mountain differ in timing. Usually, you can avail a two-hour pass to have fun. But there is also an unlimited time pass if you are willing to spend as much time as you think you can.

Apart from tubing, there are multiple ways of having fun in the snow, including snowball fights at the Snowball Shooting Gallery. There are also other amusement activities available depending on the day you visit the park, such as Scenic Railroad.

Since Atlantans do not get much of the snow to play in, Snow Mountain is a perfect getaway place to hit on your next vacation.

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What Is Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Park covers 3200 acres of forests, creeks and exposed rock. Stone Mountain itself takes its name from the enormous deposit of granite in the middle of the Georgia hills. Its reminiscent of the granite hills of Yosemite. And it just so happens that on the face of the mountain is a carved relief of confederate leaders from the Civil War. Not cool.

Beyond the carved relief on the face of the mountain, Stone Mountain has tons of hiking and walking trails through acres of natural beauty, there are some historic sites, and also some family friendly attractions/rides. Heck, theres even fishing and golfing at Stone Mountain.

Play Bowling With Your Family At Stars And Strikes Family Entertainment Center

Stone Mountain Stars and Strikes is conveniently just off of Highway 78 in Stone Mountain and beside Interstate 285.

This Stone Mountain destination has all of the most up-to-date bowling lanes and bumper cars.

Aside from their twelve fully decked-out VIP lanes, you can also have fun with their laser tag arena and game room sporting an array of the greatest and latest video games.

The 7/10 Grille is a restaurant and bar located at this bowling alley that serves chef-inspired food in a grill-style setting.

There are also multiple HD screens in the full-service Blue Bar concept nearby, where you can watch sports.

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Things To Do In Atlanta At Night

A fun night out requires a little planning, which is why weve compiled this list of fun things to do in Atlanta at night! No matter the season or the reason youre out and about, Stone Mountain Park has a number of fun and exciting things to do for families, friends, and couples to do at night.

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Bask In The Beauty Of Stone Mountain Parks Nature Garden


It’s rare to stumble across a garden, such as Stone Mountain Park’s Nature Garden, in the heart of Atlanta.

The Nature Garden can be accessed using the trail that runs to the Studdard picnic area for convenient access.

Or, if you prefer, you can reach it through the Cherokee Trail by traveling just east of the Memorial Lawn.

The Nature Garden at Stone Mountain Park attracts a lot of people year-round with various interests, mostly photography and painting.

There’s also Harold Cox Nature Garden Trail, a popular yet challenging hike on the park’s south side that any nature enthusiast should see.

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Popular Types Of Attractions In Stone Mountain

Visit Collectible And Antique Chair Gallery

In Stone Mountain Village lies the Collectible and Antique Chair Gallery, an impressive three-room gift shop and museum resting close to Stone Mountain Park.

Here, youll find a collection of miniature chairs that made it to the Guinness World Record.

With 3,000 miniature chairs recorded and set in 2008, Collectible and Antique Chair Gallery garnered attention from not only local publications, but also from national and international ones.

This museum building is a former house from the 1850 era that witnessed the civil war and how Stone Mountain Village survived an attack by Sherman’s army.

The Antique Trader Magazine identified the Collectible and Antique Chair Gallery on a national map of “Roadside Attractions,” a map highlighting unique attractions and museums throughout the country.

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Roam Around Historic Square

Stone Mountain’s Historic Square is the place to go for architectural marvels!

With buildings dating back to the early 18th century, this location immerses guests in Georgias rich history.

Every building has been carefully restored and moved from its original location so that guests can experience what it felt like to live back in these bygone eras.

You can take a self-guided tour and enjoy the sights, smells, and atmosphere of the working cookhouse.

The period furniture and decorations here are a true representation of the diverse lifestyle of those living in 18th and 19th century Georgia.

Historical And Environmental Education Center

Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Stone Mountain Parks Confederate Hall offers an interactive nature museum.

Yall, Ive been coming to this park for over thirty years and I have never poked my head in Confederate Hall. Shameful, I know. Inside is the Historical & Environmental Education Center and its pretty awesome. My son spent a lot of time with the interactive exhibits focusing on geology and ecology.

The exhibits also gave information about Stone Mountain throughout the ages and the various peoples who called it home. Its also air conditioned, so this could be a good restorative stop for your family as well. In another area of Confederate Hall they sometimes offer programs. That day, we learned we had just missed a reptile and amphibian talk.

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Weeyums Philly Style Stone Mountain Georgia

Weeyums Philly Style is a casual counter-serve eatery that specializes in authentic cheesesteaks, hoagies, and Philadelphia-style sandwiches. Located in the heart of Stone Mountain, the eatery is a favorite with locals for hearty, handmade food made with top-of-the-line ingredients sourced from surrounding farms. The menu features an array of subs and sandwiches with various fillings, burgers and fries, traditional cheesesteaks, hoagies, fresh salads, and special chicken dishes. Weeyums Philly Style is open daily.

900 Main St #3603, Stone Mountain, GA 30083, Phone: 770-322-0000

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Stone Mountains Old West Town And Village

There is this structure, the Great Barn, and its really just an enormous indoor playground and seems like tons of fun. Theres an obstacle course outside too, the adventure course called SkyHike, but we didnt get to do it because it was so late in the day. The SkyHike adventure course at Stone Mountain isnt included with admission, so an additional ticket must be added for $5 per person .

There are lots shops to go through, very much like the entry plaza to Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. And if youre there on a cool winter evening, youll find they have a wonderful selection of warm clothes for the ill-prepared frozen guest. Theres also a 4-D theater to see some sort of movie that is more than a 3-D experience we didnt do it either.

Visiting Stone Mountain at Christmas

We were there while Stone Mountain was getting set up for Christmas and the lights were AMAZING. While we dont have tons of compliments to throw out there for the Park, we will be the first to say that Stone Mountain does an incredible job decorating for the holidays. Or should we say the do a great job for Christmas. There was even a ridiculously festive parade. Like, Disney-style parade, and it was very well done. Theres also a portion of the Park that is turned into Snow Mountain, which allows for sledding and other snow sports even when Georgias not getting a winter blast.

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Things To Do With Kids In Stone Mountain Ga

  • TripBuzz found 299 things to do with kids in or near Stone Mountain, Georgia, including 282 fun activities for kids in nearby cities within 25 miles like Atlanta, Roswell, and .
  • From Ride The Ducks- Stone Mountain to Stars and Strikes bowling and games, the Stone Mountain area offers 96 different types of family activities, including: Parks, Bowling, Mini Golf and Water Parks.
  • Home to the exciting Stone Mountain Theme Park and scenic Stone Mountain Natural Park, the city of Stone Mountain is one of the leading family-friendly tourist destinations in Georgia’s central region. Other attractions include beautiful natural city parks, natural rock pools, hiking and mountain climbing, local shopping, dining and lodging.

Get More Sense Of Stone Mountains Fascinating History

Things to do in Atlanta – Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain has been many things to many people, and the Discovering Stone Mountain Museum showcases that.

The museum offers a lot of insight into the mountain itself, as well as artifacts and stories that date back thousands upon thousands of years ago.

In this museum, you can get an inside look at the Civil War, Revolutionary War, and the Historic Indian Tribes of North Georgia.

You can also learn about how granite production shaped the economic history of the great city of Atlanta.

It’s a fantastic place where you can learn all about the history of how the famous massive relief carving came to be.

They also feature an 11-minute video presentation titled “The Men Who Carved the Mountain,” as well as original designs and scale models.

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Take A Trolly Ride To The Top At The Stone Mountain Skyride

Easily one of Stone Mountains most sought-after attractions, Stone Mountain Skyride takes you on a high-speed Swiss cable car as you enjoy a stunning view of the Confederate Memorial Carving 825 feet above ground to the peak of Stone Mountain.

To fully enjoy the great views of the Appalachian Mountains, the Atlanta, and more than 60 miles away, you can take a trip up to the top of Stone Mountain in a trolley ride that lasts about two minutes.

Consider taking a sunset ride to experience a truly breathtaking view.

Not only are cable cars wheelchair accessible, but the price is fair and much more affordable.

And if you opt for the V.I.P ticket, you can save yourself a good hour waiting in line!

When To Get There

The park is open year-round. Autumn and spring are popular times to visit, offering mild weather and plenty of sunshine. Temperatures spike from June through September, with the hottest weather in mid-August. While winter in Atlanta can be chilly, this can be a fun time to explore Stone Mountain Park, when its relatively free of crowds.

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The Grist Mill & Covered Bridge

Make sure to take some time to see the grist mill and covered bridge while youre at Stone Mountain.

We saw the mill on our first visit to Stone Mountain in December and during this trip in the summer, we were able to kayak over to the bridge instead of drive.

There are also covered pavilions, making this a great spot for a picnic during your day at the park.

Conquer Stone Mountain Hiking Trails

Stone Mountain State Park, Georgia

Right in the middle of Stone Mountain Lakes two-finger coves, the trail of the Muscogee challenges you to hike up a ridge and then go down along a serene unspoiled section of the lake for some relaxing breezes and enthralling sight of the surrounding area.

The Principal Chief of the Muscogee Nation gave the trail its name after the original inhabitants of the area.

And if you still want to hike more trails in Stone Mountain, you wont be disappointed by the Cherokee Trail.

Of all the hiking trails in Stone Mountain, the 5-mile loop Cherokee Trail is the most immersive, thanks to the different habitats that you get to experience as you hike it.

This trial will take you to the Confederate Memorial Carving, on top of the mountain, across Grist Mill Historical Gardens, and into a private nature sanctuary.

Another Stone Mountain trail path worth hiking is the Nature Garden Trail, where youre treated to North Americas largest single leaf, the Big Leaf Magnolia, as you follow along the trail.

This 0.75-mile loop trail starts at a garden showering you with native plants with descriptive signage and then takes you to a dense forest of towering Oak-Hickory trees.

Then, youll be crisscrossing by a lively stream until you reach many seeps that drain from Stone Mountain’s impervious surface.

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Best Things To Do In Stone Mountain Ga

Stone Mountain is a sight to behold and steeped in history, complete with exciting adventures and wondrous natural sights.

Listed in the National Historic Register in 1991, Stone Mountain Village captures the essence and feel of bygone eras with all the convenience and features present in current life.

This DeKalb County city in Georgia sits next to Stone Mountains western base encompassing nearly 1.7 square miles.

It often goes by the name Stone Mountain Village to not confuse it with Stone Mountain Park and the bigger unincorporated area called Stone Mountain.

The city of Stone Mountain has enjoyed a lot of success over the years because of the thriving film industry in Georgia.

One of Georgia’s greatest pride and joy, this beloved Atlanta destination is a place to fulfill your curiosity and let yourself get lost in beauty.

The opportunities for enjoyment and leisure are endless, whether you prefer canyoning down the side of a mountain or canoeing through one of its calm riverfront areas.

To ensure that you’re making the most out of everything at your fingertips, here’s a list of the top 15 things to do in Stone Mountain, GA, in no particular order:

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