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Things To Do In Staten Island This Weekend

Things To Do Holiday Weekends Nyc

Balaji temple in Bridgewater, New Jersey #templeinusa #LifeInAmerica #hindivlogs

This section includes the reports done in anticipation of a number of holidays and / or holiday weekends for all five boroughs of NYC.

With More Depth To Come Prior To The Primary / Decision Day

I. Andrew Yang has been polling as the leading candidate for the longest time, but his support appears to be fading as voters become more familiar with him as well as the other candidates. What likely drove Yang’s early poll numbers was his high name recognition at the beginning of the race. Yang had gained name recognition by virtue of his failed run for president in 2020.

It’s worth noting that Yang has not held publicly elected office, and prior to his run for president, was best known for a non-profit venture that gained some national attention from the Obama Administration. In a , Yang was the top choice of 28% of respondents in a poll conducted by Core Decision Analytics which is a lobbying firm. According to an April 29, 2021 report in Politico, a recent simulation poll by StudentsFirstNY, showed Yang’s support at 26%.

EDITOR’S NOTE. Please note that the poll numbers cited in this report come from two different sources whose polling methods likely differed, and which may have some sort of poltical agenda, even though both poll reports were published in Politico, an online political web magazine.

Staten Island Children’s Museum

At the Staten Island Childrens Museum, located on the grounds of Snug Harbor, kids can take part in a wide variety of interactive exhibits and learn a lot about nature, science, culture, and history, oftentimes without even realizing it. While playing with miniature versions of construction tools and vehicles in House About It, kids will learn about geometry and building, and in Great Explorations, they will learn all about extreme environments through interactive experiences about Arctic dogsleds, ocean diving, rainforest exploration, and building an igloo. Other exhibits on insects, green living, chemistry, and more will ensure that kids have a fun and educational time.

1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10301, Phone: 718-273-2060

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The Pilgrims Receive Help From The Native People Of A Strange Land

Per Wikipedia, the Piligrims survived a hard winter in 1621 with the help of the Wampanoag, an American Indian tribe. The Pilgrims were the immigrants, and the first Americans, the Indian natives, welcomed them. The Wampanaog taught the Pilgrims how to catch eels, and how to grow and harvest corn. Thus the Pilgrims ended 1621 with a good harvest which they celebrated and shared with their new friends, expressing their thanks to a higher power, aka God, for the success of their endeavors.

Thus it was that the first Thanksgiving celebration happened in America. There’s some dispute to this account, which we’ll address in a future post, near Thanksgiving Day.

COVID protocols remain in effect per NYC guidelines. Rsvp is recommended.

Tv News Appears To Sensationalize More Than Inform

22 things to do on Staten Island this weekend: Greek Fest ...

On Saturday night Fox News ran and reran the same footage multiple times of a car burning, seeming to hype and sensationalize the footage into a full blown riot. The a lot of the Fox footage was taken from the air, in a helicopter which they lease for millions annually, which again repeatedly showed video of the crowd below, which appeared to be mostly our men in blue. So given little good video, they talked about groups dallying into the police and back again but really didnt seem to have any video to support their claims. The next day Mayor de Blasio reported that there were no deaths and no serious injuries to members of the NYPD or the crowd. But there was some looting.

An NBC news account made the situation seem far more chaotic than it was by shaking the camera, providing the appearance of chaos. And so on.

More Photos & Video Coming Wednesday

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Staten Island Mothers Day Restaurants In Or Near Castleton Stapleton Richmond Town Great Kills Rossville Tompkinsville Near St George Westerleigh & South Beach Neighborhoods Of Staten Island

April 27, 2021 / Staten Island Neighborhoods / Staten Island Restaurants / Staten Island Events & Things To Do / Staten Island Restaurants NYC / Staten Buzz NYC.

Mother’s Day will soon be upon us. It’s a good time to let your loved one know you care. Flowers, gifts and brunch or dinner are always welcome, as is any thoughtful gesture that provides some measure showing your appreciation of your mother or the mother of your children. After all, without mothers, we would all cease to be.

Normally it’s best to book a restaurant reservation for Mother’s Day brunch, as on Mother’s Day on Staten Island, many restaurants are full. So if you’re thinking about eating out at a restaurant this Mother’s Day in or near Castleton, Stapleton, Richmond Town, Great Kills, Rossville, Tompkinsville near St. George, Westerleigh & South Beach neighborhoods it’s best to do your research early, and call ahead to book Mother’s Day restaurant reservations.

But as the saying goes, the early bird gets the better seating, so book early.

COVID PRECAUTIONS. Lastly, be advised that most – if not all – of these restaurants may take your temperature prior to indoor seating and require masks except during dining. Other CoVid guidelines like social distancing also may apply.

Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Wondering what to do this weekend, why not do it all?! This weekend is filled with exciting and fun events happening around Staten Island.

  • Uncorked! 2012 Enough said!

    This is one event we wait for all year! Stroll through Richmond Historic Town, listen to soft music, sample great dishes, sip local wines, taste American tradition, enjoy ethnic flavors and make tasty memories. Dont miss it!

    When: May 19th, Sat. 12PM 4PMLocation: Historic Richmond Town, 441 Clarke Ave Staten Island NY 10306Tickets: $30 for adults / $10 for children 12 and under. Rides and games additional.

  • Staten Island will celebrate the brave men and women who have fought to preserve the countrys freedom by hosting the annual Great Kills Memorial Day Parade .

    When: May 19th, Sat. Begins at 10 AMLocation: At Durant and Cleveland avenuesTickets: Free

  • The farm stand will be open every Saturday morning offering the freshest seasonal vegetables, prepared items and breads. Farm Fests will be held on the last Saturday of each month to celebrate the bounty from the Decker Farm fields.

    When: Every Saturday until November 3rd, 9AM 1PMLocation: 441 Clarke Ave.

  • A German-inspired Spring Festival hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church. The even will feature traditional foods, music, entertainment, vendors, games and crafts and much more.

    When: May 19th, Sat. 10AM 6PMLocation: South Meadow in Snug Harbor, 1000 Richmond TerraceTickets: $3.50 for people over 16 years of age / Children under 16 are free with parent

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    Event Arts & Entertainment Venues To Reopen 4/2 Nyc Movie Theaters Reopen Today Small Business Funding Covid Testing & Vaccines Update Eviction Moratoriums Tentatively Set To Expire & The ‘real Economy & Employment’ Picture

    March 5, 2021 / NYC Neighborhoods / Things To Do NYC / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

    Weather. No precipitation is in the forecast. The temperature highs will be around 40 and the temperature lows will be in the high 20’s throughout the weekend. On Friday the humidity will rise from about 30% to between 40% – 50%, where it will remain for the rest of the weekend. Winds will be 10 – 15 mph on Friday, falling to 7 – 12 mph the rest of the weekend.

    Mayor De Blasio Police Commissioner Shea & The Nypd Have Been Making Progress In Improving Safety On Nyc Streets

    WEEKEND ALERT: 10 great things to do on Staten Island April 12-15

    The NYPD has been working hard to bring down shootings and murders over the past year, in part by making a huge number of gun arrests. In the past four months of 2020, the NYPD made twice as many gun arrests as it had in the prior year. In the first quarter of 2021 the NYPD made 1378 gun arrests, which is a 64% increase over 2020.

    As a result of the NYPD’s gun arrests, murders in NYC have come back down from 1990’s levels, to the more modest levels seen in the past two decades. And in 2020, in spite of the huge uptick in NYC murders , which was up 64% versus prior year, NYC’s murder rate per thousand, is at or even under the murder rate for the United States as a whole. The count of America’s murders made last year has not yet been finalized, but is reportedly about 20,000. So the murder rate per thousand for the nation is .000061, while the murder rate for NYC is about the same at .000055.

    The shootings in NYC continue to be a problem, but there too the NYPD has made good progress since the spike last summer. Beginning in May 2020, shootings spiked into triple digits from the double digits of the prior year. Through the summer of 2020 we witnessed hundreds of shootings per month, although beginning in September the shootings began to fall into the hundred plus range, and thus far this year , NYC shootings have fallen to below 100 per month.

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    What To Do In Nyc

    Every passing day there’s more to dosafelyin the city. Stay in the loop with:

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    Things Continue To Come Back To Life

    Next week there’s NYC 4th of July fireworks which are viewable from all five boroughs, one of which has already passed on 6/24, and another scheduled for Tuesday, 6/29. Click these links to specifics related to each borough – 1) Bronx 4th of July fireworks 2021 & Orchard Beach July 4th fireworks BX NYC, 2) Brooklyn 4th of July fireworks 2021 & Coney Island July 4th fireworks BK NYC, 3) Manhattan 4th of July fireworks 2021, 4) Queens July 4th fireworks 2021 & Astoria Park 4th of July fireworks Queens NYC , and 5) Staten Island 4th of July fireworks 2021.


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    Cuomo Outspends Nixon By : 1

    Andrew Cuomos campaign reportedly spent over $21 million this year, versus Cynthia Nixons $2.5 million. Thus Cuomo outspent Nixon by over eight to one. And Cuomo’s campaign spending in the primary of 2014 was reportedly under $10 million, thus translating into a doubling of what corporations and wealthy donors must pay to keep Cuomo in office.

    A Few Valentines Day / Presidents Day News Items

    15 must

    Governor Cuomo announced that indoor dining in NYC resumes on Friday, February 2, 2021 at 25% capacity. NYS positivity rate is about 4%, while the NYC positivity rate is about 8% – but both have been declining since the Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year surge began in late November / early December of 2020.

    This past weekend, Governor Cuomo announced that folks with CoVid comorbidities will be eligible to receive vaccinations effective Monday, February 15, 2021. According to the Governor’s website, the CoVid co-morbidities include the following:

    “… Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Heart Conditions, Immunocompromised State, Severe Obesity, Pregnancy, Sickle Cell Disease or Thalassemia, Type 1 or 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Cerebrovascular Disease, Neurologic Conditions and Liver Disease Will Be Eligible …”

    Vaccine production for the U.S. is nearing the 1.5 million doses daily required to meet Bidens upwardly mobile 100 million vaccinations in the Biden Administration’s first 100 days. As of this writing about 10% of all New Yorkers as well as 10% of all Americans have received at least one CoVid vaccination dose.

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    Holiday Pop Up Brooklyn

    The Miracle holiday pop-up phenomenon is back this year with Miracle on Union, taking over Williamsburg cocktail bar Thief. Look for over-the-top holiday decor and the seasonal cheer that goes with it. Specialty drinks will be served and bespoke Miracle glassware will be for sale to knock a couple of names off your gift-giving list.

    Benjamin Franklin & John Adams Met The British Here In Effort To Avoid The Revolutionary War

    January 20, 2020 / Tottenville Neighborhood SI / Staten Island Things To Do NYC / Staten Buzz NYC.

    I had the opportunity to visit the Conference House in Tottenville this past September. Unfortunately I arrived about a week after the historic site signature event – the 1776 Peace Conference Commemoration.

    The Conference House Peace Commemoration event includes a reenactment of the September 11, 1776 peace conference meeting between Benjamin Franklin and John Adams on the American side and Colonel Christoper Billop representing the British side.

    The photo at right shows a painting depicting the Conference House Meeting on September 11, 1776.

    Although Billop was born on Staten Island, he was a British colonel and loyalist to the British crown. Billop reportedly initiated the meeting, which as we all now know, was unsuccessful in averting the war. The commemorative event generally happens every second weekend in September.

    I found it ironic, that the event took place on 9/11 some 243 years ago. And it’s worth mentioning that William Franklin, Benjamin Franklin’s illegitimate son, was the last British Governor of New Jersey and a British loyalist throughout the conflict. Benjamin Franklin reportedly acknowledged him as his son, but disowned him for not siding with the colonists.

    CLICK here to view the rest of our report on the Conference House historic site on Staten Island.


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    Blue Lives Matter Parade & Speakers Queens Nyc

    Whoever was leading the Blue Lives Matter parade, wisely led the Blue Lives Matter parade around the Black Lives Matter protesters – rather than risking walking through them – where someone on one side or another might have escalated the tension to a higher level.

    The Blue Lives Matter parade participants and attendees settled in the middle of Joseph Sabba Park and the speeches began. The first speaker, whose name I didnt catch, spoke supportively of the police and the important work they do in the community. He struck a human chord, noting that the men and women who serve in the police force are dedicated to serving the community, among whom are their own families and children. He ended saying were all human.

    The second speaker struck a more passionate Blue Lives Matter tone, remarking that the Diaphragm Law hindered police from doing their jobs. The Diaphragm Law allows police officers to be subject to a misdemeanor if they constrict a persons diaphragm in the process of making an arrest.

    What I recorded of both of these speeches will be shown in the video.

    The signs of the Blue Lives Matter parade participants also showed a range of thoughts and emotions, ranging from striking a supportive and yet harmonious chord, while others were defiantly in support of the police seeming to ignore the validity of the Black Lives Matter social unrest. They included Enough with the hate, respect goes both ways, to Reform is for criminals, drug addicts and sex offenders.

    Staten Island St Pat’s Day Irish Pubs In Castleton Stapleton Richmond Town Great Kills Rossville Tompkinsville Near St George Westerleigh & South Beach Neighborhoods Of Staten Island

    USA: Scouts on Staten Island – Hurricane Sandy Recovery – Much more than Heroes

    St Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday this year, meaning that it’s going to be an extended party weekend.

    At a later date we’ll add a bit of history of St. Patrick’s Day.

    While St. Patrick’s Day is one big party, it’s important to keep in mind, that like New Years Eve, all the amateurs come out to play . So some measure of caution is advised and you have to be careful.

    Click here to read more about our round up of some of the Staten Island St Patrick’s Day bars, restaurants & Irish pubs – Staten Island NYC.

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    Curtain’s Up At Ellens Stardust Diner

    The show will go on at Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Food, drink, and live performances from the famous singing waitstaff have returned. The 1950s-themed restaurant has been around since 1987 and brings back its retro vibes Catch intimate performances by staff on their way to joining a long line of Broadway actors who have made Ellen’s their launching pad.

    Governor Cuomo Accelerates Removal Of The Covid Controls

    Bars and restaurants can now seat folks at the bar, effective Monday, May 3rd.

    The curfew for outdoor dining ends on Monday, May 17th and the curfew for indoor dining ends on Monday, May 31st.

    Effective May 15th, gyms will be able to use 50% of their capacity, up from 33% – but this is only outside of NYC. Casinos and gaming facilities will be able to increase the use of their capacity from 25% to 50%.

    The Governor also announced that Offices can begin using 75% of their capacity, up from 50%, effective May 15th.

    On Wednesday, May 19th outdoor sports / events venues like stadiums, can increase capacity to 33% from the current 20% level.

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