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Things To Do In St Kitts Cruise Port

Adventure Along The St Kitts Zip Line

Top 5 Best Things To Do In St Kitts (Cruise Port)

Along with walking, snorkelling and swimming in St Kitts you can zip-line! Head to Sky Safari Tours and scream at the top of your lungs as you fly over the thick forest. There are 6 zip-lines in total, with the final one a race against your partner.

If youre travelling with kids, this is one of the St Kitts cruise excursions to pick. No doubt youll be a lot more scared than they are! Theyll absolutely love zooming through the air.

St Georges Anglican Church

Head North from independence square onto Cayon Street and follow to the west. This is where you will find the current St Georges Anglican church at the head of Church Street. The largest church in Basseterre, it has been damaged and rebuilt multiple times including getting completely destroyed by an earthquake and hurricane in 1843.

The current church, which resembles an English parish church in style, was built to the east of the old church where people continued to worship in the old ruins. The cornerstone for the new church was laid on October 22, 1844 but it wasnt completed until 1856. It was gutted in the Great Fire of 1867 and was re-roofed and restored in again 1869. The church continues to suffer in hurricanes and is restored each time, the latest being in 1989.

Spend The Day At A Posh Resort

The raw beauty of St. Kitts is stunning, but if you just want to soak in some sun and enjoy a bit of luxury a day at the resort might be for you. In this excursion you will spend the day at a resort on Frigate Bay Beach. You will have access to 3 pools, cabanas, food and drink services, and even an onsite spa .

This is a family-friendly resort with plenty of water sports to keep the kids happy, but dont worry, its also away from the hustle and bustle of some of the more touristy areas on the island. Transportation is provided to and from the resort.

Get more information on this St. Kitts shore excursion here.

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Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The official currency of St. Kitts is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar , but U.S. Dollar bills are also accepted at most places. Even if paying with U.S. Dollars, change is usually given in the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. You can find an ATM to withdraw cash from in Basseterre. Most stores and restaurants take credit cards, but its always good to double check before ordering food or shopping, since some establishments particularly smaller ones dont always accept credit cards. For tipping, check if the service charge is already added to the bill. If not, it is generally expected to leave 10% to 15% of your total bill. For taxis, also expect to tip 10% to 15% of the total fare.

Things To Maybe Pack For Your Cruise To St Kitts

20 Things to Do in St. Kitts While on a Cruise

Now, here are some things that you just may want to add to your cruise packing list!

  • This case so you can take pristine underwater pictures or pool pictures!
  • This pouch so you dont have to worry about leaving valuables on the beach
  • These tag holders so you dont end up with lost luggage on the cruise ship!
  • These packing cubes so you can find your stuff once on the cruise
  • These types of beach shoes so you dont have to worry about hidden rocks under the sand at any of the cruise ports
  • This type of beach bag thatll help you dry things out so you can be ready for the next beach day!
  • For your beach outfits, take a look at

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Walking Near St Kitts Cruise Port

Now, this isnt one of those must-do things in St. Kitts, but!

If you have an hour or two to spare after you get back from your main St. Kitts excursion or tour, you may consider heading back out onto the island after youve dropped off any extra things you were carrying. Maximize your time in port! Its not every day that youre on a cruise to St. Kitts!

If you splurged on shore excursions at another port during your Caribbean cruise and want to take it easy in St. Kitts, this walk can give you a chance to do so.

Theres a sidewalk along the coast of St. Kitts near the cruise port that you can follow that will give you a nice walk with that laid back Caribbean vibe. Youll just feel it!

So, as long as you have your walking shoes on, you are good to go!

As you are walking away from the St. Kitts cruise port, head along the coastal path to the left. You really can go either way, right or left, but if you have to pick, go left! Or, if you have time, go in both directions!

St Kitts And Nevis Is Welcoming Back Cruise Tourism In July With Fully Vaccinated Americans Set To Benefit

LONDON, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis has announced that it will be welcoming back cruise tourism in July with one of the worlds leading luxury lines. Seabourn Odyssey, an ultra-luxury cruise line, is scheduled to stop in St Kitts every week in late July as the islands begin its phased reopening of the sector. However, the nations full reopening isnt expected until October 2021 as the government ensures that its population is fully vaccinated thus achieving herd immunity.

St Kitts and Nevis is one of the few nations that have efficiently tacked the spread of the virus, recording only 44 cases in total with zero deaths and no community spread. The vaccination program is currently underway across the islands with over 11,000 people now inoculated against the virus.

We look forward to welcoming Seabourn Odyssey to St. Kitts. The benefits of the cruise industry have been vital to the economies of St. Kitts & Nevis and we are delighted to welcome our first vessel back, as we begin our phased approach to resume cruise tourism, said Lindsay F.P. Grant, Minister of Tourism, Transport and Ports.

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Make Chocolate From Pods To Bar

Enjoy St. Lucias cholate experience. Visit restaurants such as Hotel Chocolat to experience a tree to bean to bar chocolate workshop. Create your own chocolate from scratch and enjoy it. Or take the popular chocolate tea, which is nothing like hot chocolate, but hot water added to grated chocolate stick with sugar.

Back In Time At Fairview Great House


At Fairview Great House youll glimpse the lifestyle of a wealthy plantation owner in the 18th century. There are elegant porches and balconies, a dining room laid with antique silver and upstairs the bedroom where Prince Charles stayed when the house was a hotel.

Fairview Great House on St Kitts

Some tours also include a rum tasting or cookery demonstration and after your visit you can enjoy the well-kept gardens. The house is close to other historic sites such as Wingfield Estate and Brimstone Fort so best reached by taxi as part of an island tour.

On this Full Island Panoramic Tour of St Kitts youll see landmarks of cultural, natural, and historical significance

Fairview Great House on St Kitts

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Palm Court Gardens And Restaurant

If in the mood for some peace, good food, and the serene environment without the disturbances of the surrounding bustle, Palm Court Gardens and Restaurant is the place to be. The restaurant might be pricey, but its worth the treat.

The infinity pool is an attraction by itself, and lunches and breakfast are served daily while dinners are served on Fridays and Saturdays alone. The botanical gardens are also a sight to behold.

Transportation In St Kitts & Nevis

The easiest way to get around the island if venturing beyond the St. Kitts cruise port and Basseterre is by taking a taxi. Local ferries are also available. Car rentals are also available in St. Kitts, though youll need to purchase a drivers permit for the island, even if you already have an international drivers license. Also remember that in St. Kitts, they drive on the left-hand side of the road.

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St Kitts Rainforest Tour

If youre a nature lover and wondering what to do in St Kitts on a cruise, let me remind you that the Caribbean isnt JUST about beaches! St Kitts is home to an incredible thick rainforest just waiting to be explored.

The best way to get to know it is on a rainforest trek with ONeil whos lived on the island all of his life. Id honestly say this is one of the best thing to do in St Kitts if youre visiting by cruise ship, as its a wonderful contrast to life at sea.

Hell help you spot monkeys, tell you which trees will bring you luck, the plants that can cure disease and once youre done with that you can find a vine for your finest Tarzan swing!

Try Out The Local Cuisine

Top 5 Things To Do In St Kitts For Cruise Ship Passengers

St Kitts offers a wide variety of tasty dishes whether you are looking for street food, casual and fine dining. From fresh fish and seafood to some more exotic meat like a goat, all served with lots of vegetables and flavored with Caribbean spices. Do not miss the opportunity to try the famous conch fritters, salt fish, and my favorite spicy plantains and coconut dumplings.

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St Kitts Shore Excursions And Tours

Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea near the Atlantic Ocean, St. Kitts has developed into a great vacation destination thanks to its world-class snorkeling, white sand beaches, water sports, and safari opportunities. St. Kitts, also known as Saint Christopher Island, is the largest island in the nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. With a rich history shaped by the French, Spanish, and British, St. Kitts offers a mix of Caribbean charm and European influence for a unique island vacation.

The capital city of Basseterre serves as a gateway to the island’s rich history and beautiful beaches. Nearby Romney Manor, Fairview Great House and Botanical Gardens, and the Wingfield Estate sugar cane plantation are great sightseeing destinations for history buffs, while Frigate Bay offers ample water sports, beach bar, and dining opportunities. Port Zante serves as Basseterre’s port of call and a great place to hop on a catamaran island tour.

Nature lovers will enjoy St. Kitts’ multiple national parks, including Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. You won’t want to miss Cockleshell Bay’s white sand beaches or Mount Liamuiga, a remarkable volcano. Pay a visit to Saint Kitts’ southeast peninsula, which is home to the stunning Timothy Hill Overlook and South Friars Bay, for an unforgettable half-day trip.

Arts And Crafts At Romney Manor

If youre an artistic type, and wondering about the best things to do in St Kitts on a cruise, youll love Romney Manor.

Learn how to weave colourful fabrics and make traditional Batik shawls at this former plantation-turned-crafts-centre and home to world-famous crafters Caribelle Batik.

Wander the tropical gardens and take a tour of the premises, watching artists in action creating colourful throws, quilts and scarves in the traditional way.

After having a look around, head to the gift shop and buy some souvenirs. I promise that no two pieces are the same!

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A Relaxed Walk Around Basseterre

If youre looking for things to do in St Kitts near the cruise port, start your island visit with a stroll around St Kitts relaxed island capital of Basseterre. From Port Zante pass through the archway of the Old Treasury to the Circus roundabout and spot the green Berkeley Memorial clock, a well-known St Kitts landmark. On Fort Street and Bank Street, youll pass market stalls and food vendors selling anything from fruit smoothies, to local lunchtime dishes if you enjoy food why not also take this Basseterre food and walking tour?

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What to do in St Kitts Independence square in St Kitts

Nearby is the shady Independence square which was once the islands slave market. The small doors at the base of nearby colonial houses lead to basements where the slaves slept before they were sold.

Sip A Sundowner Ting N Sting Cocktail

How to spend a day in St Kitts in the Caribbean. Tips for Travellers

Vibes Beach Bar

With the entire western Caribbean side of the island having a prime view of the sunset, you can be sure that beach bars are set up to optimize the experience. One of the best is Salt Plage, a wooden dock that juts out into the water and is lined with dining tables perfectly arranged so that everyone has the best seat in the house. The entire bar is completely open-air and somewhat hidden towards the south of the island near the Great Salt Pond and Christophe Harbour.

Order fried conch fritters and tuna tartare to snack on, along with a Ting n Sting cocktail to toast when the sun finally does slip below the horizon. A Ting n Sting is a quintessential St. Kitts drink, made of a locally distilled rhum agricole mixed with Ting, the refreshing grapefruit soda that is ubiquitous in the Southern Caribbean.

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Top 8 St Kitts Shore Excursions & Port Highlights

Always take into consideration the ships scheduled time in the port when planning your day ashore. Most cruise ships will arrive early in the morning and leave before sunset. St Kitts is a small island but you can find yourself easily stuck in traffic. If it is your first time here, consider taking an organized shore excursion as they guarantee your return to the ship.

For exclusive, insider shore excursion tips, grab my FREE Shore Excursion Guide by signing up below.

Visitor Information For St Kitts

To plan your visit to St Kitts check out the tourism board website at or follow their social media channels: Twitter | | | |

British Airways flies to St Kitts from London Gatwick twice a week on Saturdays and Wednesdays with the flight going on to nearby Antigua. There are regular ferries every day to Nevis, with a journey time of 45 minutes from Basseterre, making it easy to plan a combined stay on both islands.

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Basseterre: Discover Saint Kitts 3

Start your 3-hour Saint Kitts shore excursion in the city of Basseterre, where you will be picked up from the port. Explore Independence Square, a former slave market that is now a beautiful garden, flanked by French and British colonial buildings.Visit Romney Manor, home to the Caribelle Batik factory, which you can explore at your own leisure. You will see artisans dyeing sea cotton to create batik prints and other handicrafts. In the factory’s shop you can find great shopping deals.Your tour will continue to Frigate Bay, home to the island’s resorts and world-famous golf courses. You will be dropped off at one of the most exclusive beaches in the Caribbean, to swim and relax on the beach. Your trip concludes with transport back to Port Zante, where you will return to your ship.

Explore St Kitts Island On A Sightseeing Tour

Port Zante (St Kitts) Basseterre Cruise Port Guide (2021 ...

If this is your first time in St Kitts and you want to get to know the island, make sure you start your day on a guided tour of St Kitts and learn the history and lores of St Kitts. Many of these tours will make stops at several landmarks providing you the opportunity for great photo stops. One of them is Timothy Hill located in the southern end of the island where you can see the stretch of land that separates the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean .

Timothy Hill viewpoint is located only 10-15 minutes drive from the St Kitts cruise terminal and what you get to see once you get there is absolutely breathtaking! The area is quite busy and youll see many locals selling stuff and offering pictures with wild monkeys .

Another famous landmark and a frequent stop in sightseeing tours is Romney Manor, located 25 minutes drive along the west coast toward Brimstone Hill Fortress. Romney Manor was a plantation house owned by the great, great, great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson, and nowadays a part of the estate has been transformed into a gorgeous, European-style garden filled with Caribbean tropical plants. Romney Manor is also home to Caribelle Batik and in the museum, you can see artisans demonstrating the batik process.

You can do sightseeing by bus, ATVs, dune buggy depending on your preference, physical shape, and budget. Some of the tours also include stops at Brimstone Hill Fortress and Basseterre highlights.

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Things To Explore On Foot

Upon exiting the terminal area, youll find yourself on Bay Road street filled with numerous shops, restaurants, and a few historic landmarks. Basseterres historic old town is located at the stones throw from there. To get there, turn left after you exit the terminal and in a couple of minutes youll reach an old, arched 19th-century building housing the National Museum, where you can enjoy exhibits on local history and learn about St Kitts rich cultural heritage.

After you pass through the archway, walk straight and youll come across Berkeley Memorial, a green iron clock tower standing in the middle of the Circus Square, a small yet busy roundabout that used to be the site of slave auctions back in past. Watch out for the cars here and be careful when posing for a photo, because the area is packed with cars, taxis, street vendors, and tourists.

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Here, turn right to Bank street and youll reach Independence Square, a beautiful park with a fountain and benches to sit and relax. The square has a lot of trees and shade and is dominated by the impressive Immaculate Conception Catholic Co-Cathedral, built out of a grey stone in the early 20th century on the site of an old church.

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