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Things To Do In St Croix At Night

Snorkel On Buck Island

7 THINGS TO DO IN ST CROIX, USVI | Christiansted | Kayaking | Snorkeling | Restaurants | Beaches

One of the most beautiful national parks in the Virgin Islands is the Buck Island Reef National Monument just a short boat ride from Saint Croix. Big Beards Adventure Tours will tailor a fabulous experience for first-time and experienced divers alike. They teach newcomers the basics and help everyone navigate the reef. The reef is truly beautiful and full of colorful fish. Even as absolute beginners, we had so much fun. We finished by sipping rum drinks and discussing all the fish we saw. We cant wait to do it again!

Take A Day Trip To Buck Island

Of all the things to do in St Croix, taking a day trip to Buck Island is a must. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in St. Croix and one of my favorite things we did. Its a bit touristy of an excursion. Youre on a boat with many other people, they drop you off at the beach to explore and then you all go snorkeling together and have rum punch on the way back. But the beauty of the island is well worth the trip and because tourism isnt too heavy for St. Croix, its not one of those sardine experiences and was enjoyable for us.

Buck Island boat tour

The beach, called Turtle Beach, is beautiful and has a turquoise ring around it. It was also nice to see St. Croix from afar. Even though you drive through the jungle and mountainous areas, its nice to see a different perspective of what the island looks like.

Its also nice to just be out on a boat for the afternoon and we enjoyed just hanging out. I tend to dive rather than snorkel so my snorkeling experiences are fairly limited, but this was probably one of the coolest snorkeling spots Ive seen.

One of the top things to do in St. Croix is take a boat trip to Buck Island.

Best Things To Do On St Croix Us Virgin Islands

St. Croix is the largest island within the United States Virgin Islands, home to a population of more than 50,000 residents, primarily concentrated within the major cities of Frederiksted and Christiansted. Following the 1916 acquisition of the Virgin Islands by the United States, the island’s inhabitants were granted United States citizenship in 1927. Today, the island is known for its tourism and its rum distilling industry, home to important distillery plants for the Cruzan and Captain Morgan rum brands. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Hours/availability may have changed.

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Day St Croix Itinerary: An Island Full Of Surprises

Last updated Apr 23, 2022 | Caribbean Itinerary, St. Croix

When you think of the U.S. Virgin Islands, most people think of St John or St Thomas. St Croix is often overlooked. After spending a week there, I am surprised! It has amazing food culture, beautiful hikes, some spectacular snorkeling sites, and very unique attractions. Follow my St Croix itinerary to discover all these gems.

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Where Did We Stay In St Croix With Kids

things to do on st. croix day 2 cane bay beach

The Buccaneer which is located just a few minutes away from downtown Christiansted is one of the best hotels to stay in when you visit St Croix.

It has absolutely stunning views of the ocean, ocean front rooms, family rooms, a golf course, full service spa and salon, fitness center, eight tennis courts, three beaches, two pools and so much more.

The hotel hosts different weekly activities. Our ultimate favorite was the managers Tuesday reception when Aiden got to see the Mocko Jumbies perform.

Another thing we loved the most was having an oceanfront room. We initially had a family room and then we were moved to ocean from room which was simply breathtaking. To go to sleep every night to the sound of waves and wake up to the sun setting was truly magical.

The Bucanneer also offers a really great breakfast buffet with a mix of local food and American breakfast foods.

The views at the Buccaneer are absolutely gorgeous. Honestly one of the most beautiful hotels we have ever stayed at!!!

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You’ve Searched In Airbnb

Find the best travel deals for your next holiday

The Island of St. Martin has been colloquially referred to as The Las Vegas of the Caribbean. Why? You may ask. Well, because it has great food and great nightlife and will definitely provide any traveler with a great time. The island comes alive at night and there is no shortage of fun things to do for whatever tickles your fancy. Drinks? Clubs? Casinos? Food? St. Martin has you covered. Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun in St. Martin and live it up at night at one of the islands top nightlife destinations.

Read on to find out about the best things to do in St. Maarten at night.

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The night just gets better and livelier as Caribbean rhythms fill the air. Enjoy music and dancing as you sail across the moonlit sky. Grooving to the beat is the only way to go!

Tango Caribbean Dinner Cruise

Are you up for a relaxing nautical ride? Board a trimaran on this tour and youll enjoy a sleek and relaxing cruise. The two-hour trip is a genuine pleasure, where guests are served beverages and refreshments while cruising across the coast of St. Maarten and catching the panoramic views. It all begins at 4:30 pm in wintertime and 5 pm in the summertime.

Youll be utterly rested when you get back to the pier, and youll want to do it all over again! Accommodating up to 14 people, this tour offers you a cozy yet enjoyable experience.

Watch The Sunset From One Of St Croixs Western Beaches

Sunsets and sunrises are not the same, so I firmly count this as its own must-see activity. Our Airbnb was just north of Rainbow Beach on the west coast of St Croix, and the sunsets are phenomenal!

We actually stayed out past sunset the first few days we were in town and missed this epic view. Needless to say, once we finally experienced it, we made a point to be back in time to see this every evening, whether from the water or the deck.

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Enjoy St Croixs Cuisine

St. Croix is a premier dining destination in the Caribbean. Expect a variety of bud tingling delicacies influenced by the multicultural community on the island.

Whats great about St. Croix dining scene is the use of fresh ingredients in a farm to table dining experience. Some of the islands delicacies include pates, Johnny cakes, Kallaloo, grilled lobster, fungi and fish.

There are plenty of places you can grab a bite at starting with Pollys and Turtle Deli in Frederiksted. While in Christiansted you can eat at places such as the La reign chicken shack and Balter. Or you can take an interesting 3 hours food tour where you will sample it all on a fun and educational historical tour around Christiansted.

Explore A Sugar Plantation Ruin

Best Things to do in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands

Once known as the garden of the West Indies, St. Croix is dotted with sugar plantation ruins. In its heyday, St. Croix was a wealthy sugar cane manufacturing island with at least 200 sugar cane plantations. Today many lay in ruins and few are still well preserved.

While on an island safari, visit a sugar plantation ruin and marvel at the stone and coral structures of windmills, great houses, factory, living quarters and more. Most of this sugar cane plantation ruins now lay on private land.

But some are still accessible to the public such as Estate Mount Washington in the forested west and Rust Op Twist in the north shore. Step back in time, learn St. Croix history and explore the sugar making process while at these sites.

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Hike To The Annaly Bay Tide Pools

One of the fun hikes to do on the island is hiking to the Annaly Bay tide pools. They are a bit off the beaten path and take some effort to get to. If youre an experienced 4X4 driver, you can take a Jeep all the way to the shore. We got nervous in our rental when we almost got stuck, so we ditched the Jeep and hiked the rest of the way.

Hiking to the Annaly Bay Tide Pools.

Once you hike all the way in, you have to scamper across some large rocks around the corner of the beach to the tide pools. It was a fun adventure to do but just remember if you hike in you have to hike out. The heat and the steep hills nearly took me out. But we were hiking along the road. There is another option to hike the whole way and it is apparently a flatter trek.

The beach is full of large shells but the tide pools themselves are filled with sand, once you walk across the pebbles on the shore.

Go To A Gas Station Party

A what? This by far is the most unique and fun things to do in St. Croix. When the sun goes down and youre driving around, youll notice people congregating at gas stations. Some have full bars set up, some dont. Some have food, some dont. What they all have is an impromptu popup place for people to meet and have a good time. There will be music, maybe dancing and again you will find yourself meeting a local or two. The best way to find one of these local gatherings is to keep your eyes open when youre driving around. Stop in and be sure to designate a driver.

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Dive The Cane Bay Wall

On the northwestern side of St. Croix is Cane Bay Beach. A nice small stretch of sand. A perfect beach getaway. It has great snorkeling and diving off the cane bay wall found only 200 yards offshore.

The wall and the reef in the place make for one of the best diving sites in St. Croix. The beach has plenty of amenities and a dive shop, where you can get outfitted for your dive session. Cane Bay Beach is worth the long but very scenic ride there.

Learn More About The Island

Caribbean Summer: Things To Do In Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands ...

You can find a deep dive into the history and culture of St. Croix with Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism . They offer tours on historical architecture, arts and crafts, and nature and agriculture.

A walking tour through the charming town of Christiansted leads you through Fort Frederik, Victorian townhouses and historic churches. Theres also an Alexander Hamilton Historical Walking Tour that follows his childhood footsteps in St. Croix.

If you love gardens be sure to visit the St. George Village Botanical Garden. Although it did have quite a bit of damage after the hurricanes it still houses so many beautiful plant species native to St. Croix. The garden works to teach visitors about conservation and preservation of the impressive collection of over 1500 native and exotic species they have assembled on their grounds.

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Salt River Bay National Historical Park And Ecological Reserve

The Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Reserve is a national park located in St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

This park remains a favorite for visitors and locals alike due to the fact that you will have the opportunity to explore thousands of years of history right here in the Caribbean.

It includes information about some of the earliest Indigenous settlements, as well as those settlementsâ connection with European colonial powers.

Aside from history, visitors will also be able to partake in some scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking tours, as well as the living museum in Salt River and the prehistoric complex, which is one of the most important historical sites in the area.

However, the park is closed temporarily due to damage from Hurricane Maria, so be sure to check back soon for more information about openings.

Is St Croix Safe

Like most places, Im sure St. Croix has its share of theft, drugs and crime. Did we ever feel unsafe? No. No one ever bothered us and no one asked for money or that sort of thing.

We had a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top and had the windows out for the entire time we were there. Sometimes wed put the top up and other times we would just leave the top down. Of course we never left anything valuable in there but we did occasionally leave towels, shoes, sunscreen or whatever, and it was always where we left it when we came back.

We were advised for Isaacs Bay to not leave anything in the car and leave it unlocked . This is because the hike takes you around the corner and down to a beach where your car is out of sight. So it IS a more common area for car break-ins and we did actually see busted glass in the parking area , but thats the only thing we were really warned about on the island.

The buildings and the cities are a bit run down but thats not uncommon for islands due to weather, hurricanes and sometimes lack of resources.

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Day : Annaly Bay Tide Pools

10:15 am 1:15 pm: We hiked for 1 hour to get to Annaly Bay Tide Pools, an incredibly unique and gorgeous attraction in St Croix! It does take a little effort though and advance planning. Check out my Guide to Annaly Bay Tide Pools for all the details.

1:30 pm: After our morning adventure, we elected to make our own cocktails and relax in our private pool for the afternoon.

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: At the villa

Overnight: The Pearl

Snorkeling On Buck Island

St. Croix USVI | 5 Things To Do

Enjoying the beauty and wonder of nature is certainly one of the reasons we like to explore the world. A special place to enjoy nature in St. Croix is nearby Buck Island. There you can snorkel along the Buck Island Reef National Monument.

We spent the morning with Big Beards Adventure Tours. They started the tour by picking us up on the dock at our hotel the Buccaneer Resort. We then took a short cruise to Buck Island. Before heading to the reef we were able to stop at the island and get a quick course in snorkeling. I had snorkeled before but it had been many years. I have to admit I was a little nervous.

Much to my surprise and delight, our guide gently told us how to don our gear and then we got into the water where she showed us what to do and what to expect.

This may seem simple or basic to those who have snorkeled a ton but unfortunately, I had a bad experience years ago and, although Ive snorkeled since then, I still get apprehensive every time I try again. Human nature I guess.

We walked into the water and as our teacher came around I began to feel very comfortable in the water and with my gear. I snorkeled off the beach started to see some fish and sea life and could feel myself smiling under the water wishing Diana was with me. I know she would have just loved this experience.

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Christiansted National Historic Site St Croix Us Virgin Islands

Christiansted National Historic Site is a United States historic site that preserves the history and development of the Virgin Islands during the colonial period of the 18th and 19th centuries. The site was originally established in 1952 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, overseen by the National Park Service. It preserves six important historic structures within the city of Christiansted, which served as the capital city of the Dutch West Indies throughout the colonial period. Sites include Fort Christiansværn, the former warehouse of the Danish West India and Guinea Company, and several former government buildings. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour of the fort, which showcases exhibits of artifacts related to the region’s indigenous people and European settlers.

2100 #100, Church St, Christiansted, 00820, U.S. Virgin Islands, Phone: 340-773-1460

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Tour Christiansted And Frederiksted

The 18th- and 19th-century homes in Christiansted provide great insight into Crucian heritage. For a deeper dive, check out Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism. Their tours provide in-depth looks at Crucian architecture, nature, arts and crafts, and agriculture. If you love to shop, youll find many places in Frederiksted to browse for local treasures and deals.

Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris

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