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Things To Do In Spain

Spend A Few Days In Old Malaga

25 Things to do in Barcelona, Spain | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Malaga is much more than just its airport where we all arrive to visit Spains gorgeous beaches. The city itself is steeped in a rich history that can be easily glossed over if youve only ever driven through.

On your next trip, make sure to spend the day in the city itself. Its the perfect opportunity to explore the old citadels and ancient ruins that scatter the city.

Interestingly, its also the former home of Pablo Picasso, one of the worlds most famous artists. Visit his home and the museum for a more in-depth look into his life and creativity.

The Prado Museum Madrid

This is one of the most important art galleries in the world. The Prado has a collection of European art from the 12th to the 19th Century and specifically Spanish art. The building itself dates back to 1785 when it was designed on the orders of Charles III. This art museum has around 7,600 paintings, 1,000 sculptures and over 13,000 drawings, prints, historic documents and other works of art. Some of the highlights include a large number of Goya paintings and work by Diego, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, Botticelli, Van Dyck, Velazquez and Bosch.

Salamanca: Old City Of Salamanca

Alternating between Roman, Carthaginian, and Moorish hands, Salamanca is a multifaceted and alluring place that has been bestowed with the accolade of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The unique sandstone provides the buildings with a golden-like glow and the maze of narrow streets bequeath it with a romantic feel.

Salamanca is also the home to the oldest Spanish university, which in turn allows the city to bustle with youthfulness. The Old City with its amazing Playa Mayor, towering monuments, and imposing Roman bridge that spans the Allegheny River, ensures that everyone remembers Salamanca with fondness and a large pinch of awe.

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Learn What The Locals Eat On A Food Tour

Travel through Spain, and youll no doubt taste ubiquitous dishes like tortilla española , gambas al ajillo , and paella. But for a deeper dive into Spanish food culture, and to sample lesser-known delicacies, enlist a local guide to show you the secret haunts Spaniards love. With Devour Tours, savor off-the-menu meatballs at Bodegas Ricla in Madrid on the Tapas, Taverns, and History tour, or go behind the scenes at famous sherry houses on the Jerez Winery Tour & Sherry Day Trip. For a more immersive and hands-on experience, hole up in the bucolic Galician village of Pozos with Esme Food Tours and unplug for a few days on their Village Lodge Excursion, led by locally renowned chef Esmeraldo Oteruelo.

INSIDER TIPIf you dont have the time for a formal food tour, you can cobble together your own itinerary with help from Devour Tours hyperlocal blogs, presided over by English-speaking expats living in Spain.

Go To A Hidden Beautiful Beach

Top Things to Do in Spain

One of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

It requires a bit of hiking and climbing it is 100% worth it. There is no bars or anything nearby to buy drinks and food. So please pack accordingly sun cream and especially water.

Here is our guide on how to get to Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki is not the official name of this hidden beach. The official name is actually Cala Fonda, but no one really calls it that.

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Best Time To Visit Bilbao

Like we said, Bilbao is a city in the Northern part of Spain. This means that it doesnt usually get as hot as cities in the south of Spain such as Sevilla or the capital Madrid . Bilbaos location makes it nice to visit even during the hotter summer months.

If you can, we would recommend visiting at the end of August during the Semana Grande. Literally meaning Big Week, this celebration is over a week-long and basically one massive street party/festival with loads of different music and festivities happening!

Generally, you can visit Bilbao year round but it is nicest from March to September. It can rain quite a lot during the winter months so it would be the wisest choice to avoid that time. When Lisa lived there, it was actually one of the nicest winters in a very long time with very few rainy days. But locals often made it clear that this was an exception!

Provincia De Mlaga: Costa Del Sol

Approximately 2 million travelers descend upon the Costa del Sol resorts annually to partake in the plethora of recreational, historic, and cultural delights that proliferates the southernmost edge of the Spanish mainland.

Irrespective its in Marbella, Benalmadena, Puerto Banus, or Torremolinos, with more than 300 days of sunshine and the blessings of nature on offer, its nigh-on impossible not to hit a homerun. Furthermore, with Seville, Granada, Ronada and Cordoba but a stones throw distant, youre guaranteed to have your cake and eat it.

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Camp Nou Experience: Fc Barcelona Museum And Tour

Treat yourself or the football fan in your life to a 1.5 hour tour of Camp Nou, the stadium with the largest capacity in all of Europe, and visit the accompanying museum. Retrace the footsteps of the Futbol Club Barcelona’s legendary players including Kubala, Cruyff, Maradona, Guardiola, and Ronaldinho.Begin your tour of the modern museum with large-format interactive walls, new showcases, and a wide collection of objects that reveal the history of FC Barcelona, explaining the values that have made Barça more than a club.Then take a tour of the stadium itself. The Camp Nou Experience retraces the steps of players that have made history. Experience true Barça passion by visiting the most emblematic areas of the Camp Nou, including the visitors changing room and the tunnel onto the pitch, where a panoramic view of the whole stadium can be enjoyed. Experience the pitch in 360 Virtual…

The experience was really worth the cost & made it a very enjoyable day at a spectacular Football Stadium. Would recommend a visit to any football lover no matter what team or country you support.

Y At Beach Clubs Of Marbella

10 Things to do in Granada, Spain Travel Guide

If you love a good party and you love to connect with other travelers, plan a night out in Marbella.

Even though Marbella is not the largest town, it boasts some of the best clubs in all of Spain.

One of the most famous beach clubs in Marbella is Amare Beach for more relaxing afternoons with cool DJ sounds in the background.

Another beach club you cant miss in Marbella is the legendary Nikki Beach. The club offers the full VIP experience, from sun loungers to the terrace, combined with world-class DJs.

Opium Beach Club is the place to be for younger travellers. Its one of Marbellas trendiest summer establishments.

If you are wondering where to stay in Marbella to make the most of your stay, I recommend one of the world-class beach resorts such as Puente Romano or Hotel Don Pepe. Many hotels in Marbella have their own beach club, thus in many cases, you dont even have to leave your resort.

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See Flamenco During Feria De Abril


It’s passionate. It’s uninhibited. It’s oh so Spanish. Flamenco is the amalgamation of music, dance, singing and finger snapping, and it’s best experienced during Feria de Abril in Seville. Not two weeks after the city is shrouded in Easter atonement, it comes to life in a celebration of hedonism. Cool yourself down with a glass of sherry . When the party winds down, head to Triana, one of the hotbeds in which the dance was born.

If you like that, try this: Zarzuela in Madrid.

Do it: This year, the festival will fall on April 12-17. See

Go To The Timanfaya National Park

It is one of the most important landmarks for everyone who enjoys nature and being out in the wild. There are organized tours across the park, but you can also embark on your own journey here. No matter whats the case, make sure to bring some food, water and get a good rest the night earlier.

Timanfaya has some breathtaking landscapes, and youll feel like youre on another planet because of the volcanic terrain. You can come across craters, lagoons, beaches, geothermal marvels, and so much more.

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Whales And Dolphin Watching In Tenerife

Tenerife, a Spanish island found in the Canaries, is a popular destination amongst English families for its many all-inclusive resorts, all-year-long sunny and warm weather, as well as its affordable prices.

But whats less known, is the fact its southern coast is also the home to resident Pilot whales and Bottlenose dolphins.

This is where you can go whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife.

It is in fact, one of the only places in Spain to see these marine mammals up close and in the wild, and probably the most incredible activity to do with the entire family on the island, with a 99% chance to see the whales and the dolphins during a tour!

Moreover, while the Pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins can be seen at any time during the year, you can also spot migratory marine mammals from November to February, if you are in luck.

During these months, humpbacks, Brydes whales or even the majestic Blue whales can be seen passing through the Tenerife waters for a small break on their huge migration route taking them to or from their feeding and breeding spots.

2 to 4-hours tours are organised on a daily basis by responsible companies and youll have plenty of choice in term of boats! Will you prefer a large catamaran, monohull sailboat or a bottom glass boat from where you can see the whales underneath the surface?

Visit The Cactus Garden

16 Best Things To Do In Seville, Spain

If you are looking for the best things to do in Spain, you will probably first think about stunning beaches, tapas in Barcelona, or a party on Ibiza island, right?

But what about something different? What if we tell you that one of the most interesting places to visit is a Cactus Garden!?

Jardín de Cactus, or Cactus Garden, is proof that architecture in the Canary Islands can be an integral part of the natural landscape. This place can be found in the tiny town of Guatiza in the northeast of Lanzarote.

What awaits us inside the garden? Cacti, of course! More specifically over 1,400 species of these plants.

This is the last great work of Cesar Manrique, who lived and created on the island and it is mainly thanks to him that Lanzarote is the most interesting island of the Canary Islands. The cacti are tiny, measuring only a few centimetres, as well as huge giants several dozen meters high.

Their shapes, colours, and various forms in which they combine together create a view from which it is difficult to take your eyes off.

The garden was built like an ancient theatre, in the shape of a circle, with bunk terraces and cacti grow everywhere, so for lovers of these plants, it is a paradise.

If you ever go on holiday to Lanzarote island, make sure you visit Jardín de Cactus it is one of the best places to visit in the whole of Spain.

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Sunset At Cafe Del Mar In Ibiza

Ibiza is the party island of Spain, known for its pumping club nights. But not everything in Ibiza is high energy!

If you like listening to chill-out music while watching the sunset, a visit to Cafe del Mar is worth it.

Cafe del Mar is located on Sant Antoni de Portmany, the second-largest town in Ibiza.

The bar plays a mixture of music including chill out, lounge, ambient, and Balearic beats music with the beauty of nature. It offers an unforgettable show for locals and tourists.

Of course, you do not have to be a client of the bar to enjoy the beautiful view, because at the seaside there is enough room for everyone and it is open for the public.

After the sun is down, only a few steps separate you from the largest cluster of clubs and discos on the Ibiza island.

If youre still not convinced to visit, turn on one of Cafe del Mars mixes on YouTube to feel the good vibes.

The most convenient way to get to Ibiza is to fly from Barcelona.

You can get to San Antonio from the Ibiza airport by public transport, but it is more convenient to rent a car .

By Marta & Milosz, BackpackersWro

Take A Culinary Tour Of The Devouring Spanish Cuisine

  • USD 83.63Book

Theres one thing the Spaniards love more than anything else. No, its not Gerard Pique! Its food where all the Spanish hearts reside. From Paella to Pisto and Sangria to Chorizo, this culinary heaven has everything to offer to a foodie. Potato omelet in San Sebastian, Paella in the Albufera wetlands, Gazpacho in Seville and Cochinillo in Segovia are some ultimate equations even the kids in Spain know.

The Tarta De Santiago, Tarta De Queso, Torrijas, and Miguelitos are some authentic Spanish desserts which make us doubt chocolate as the king of desserts. In a country with a culinary heritage like this, its a sin to not indulge in the savory Spanish cuisine.

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Visit The Tomb Of Christopher Columbus

With the Dominican Republic professing to have the remaining parts of the worlds greatest discoverer, there may, in any case, be a touch of debate on this one. In any case, ongoing investigations and modern DNA tests have uncovered that the bones covered in the House of God of Seville do have a place with Christopher Columbus. Theres no other spot where you can see the tomb of Columbus than Spain and also its a top thing to do in Spain.

Take A Million Photos At The Sagrada Familia

25 Things to do in Madrid, Spain | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Visiting the Sagrada Familia is one of the coolest things to do in Barcelona. This emblematic basilica was designed by Gaudi in 1882 and is still under construction today! The reason the building is taking so long is that the basilica is so incredibly intricate, with tiny details all over the place.

The outside of the Sagrada Familia is truly spectacular, featuring several spires that reach 560 feet into the sky. It represents Jesus life and the history of faith through depictions of important biblical figures that are almost too detailed to believe. Step inside the Sagrada Familia, and it gets even better!

The basilicas interior features towering bone-like columns and gorgeous stained-glass windows, which look remarkable when the sun is shining. You could spend hours here and still feel like you havent had time to take in all its beauty. The Sagrada Familia really is unlike any other church youve ever seen and will leave you filling up your phones memory with all the photos youll be taking.

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Enjoy A Performance At The Palau De La Musica Catalana In Barcelona

One of the most memorable experiences I have had in visiting Barcelona was to go to a performance at the stunning architectural music concert hall at the Palau de la Musica Catalana. This over the top music concert hall is visually magnificent from inside and out and is a tribute to the popular architectural style of the region called Catalan Modernisme or Art Nouveau in Barcelona. Created by architect Lluis Domenich, a very important designer from the period. The Palau de la Musica is also a Unesco World Heritage site with ornate interiors, architectural details and a must visit site especially if there are any performances available when you visit.

Make sure you come early to explore all the interiors and even have a nice meal in the beautiful restaurant on the main floor. The grand auditorium, just wows you at every inch including the really impressive chandelier that hangs and adorns the ceiling.

If you are visiting Barcelona and looking for fun things to do, check out my post on the 15 best viewpoints in Barcelona here for inspiration and images of places to visit around the city.

Recommended by Noel from Travel Photo Discovery

Sail Around The Balearic Islands

If you are looking for something both adventurous and secluded at the same time, a boat trip around the Balearic Islands will make you go nuts in the best possible way.

Options for the route you take are unlimited.

You can explore the less occupied beaches of Mallorca, find peaceful shores of Ibiza, take a tour to Menorca or all of them together: you can spend every single night on a different Island!

It costs around 250 400 a day to rent a sailing boat with 8 beds, a kitchen, and one or two bathrooms.

The only thing youll need to have is a captain!

Sailing is fun as long as youre with somebody who knows their stuff.

After finding the hero wholl take you around the warm and navy-blue Mediterranean waters, the adventure starts!

Be prepared to see some dolphins on the way.

Places we recommend to visit are a small private island called Tago Mago and the Caribbean of the Baleares: Formentera.

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Cami De Ronda Hiking In Southern Spain

One of the most picturesque things to do in Southern Spain, the Cami de Ronda is a fairly unknown hike along 220km of Costa Bravas beautiful coastline.

Also known as the GR92, the hiking trail starts in the Northeastern Spanish town of Portbou. It then follows the coast through some of the most popular Costa Brava towns.

These include Cadaques, Roses, LEscala, Palamos, Tossa De Mar, Lloret De Mar, and Blanes.

The Cami de Ronda was originally built to help the Guardia Civil control the coast and stop smuggling. Today, the route is one of the best for hiking in Southern Spain.

The Cami also known as Camino De Ronda is made up of a series of small footpaths weaving through the cliffs, short tunnels, and lots of stunning beaches and tranquil coves.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain are based along the GR92 route.

You can start hiking at any part you wish. Platja DAro is close to the highest density of amazing beaches, coves, and crystal blue waters.

The coastal path is a fairly easy and straightforward route. However, there are quite a few parts that go up a number of stairs and inclines along the way.

Make sure to be prepared depending on the weather. There are limited shops on the way, so take some water and snacks. Wear proper walking shoes or trainers and suncream.

There are a number of hotels and campsite placed along the route so you can do multiple days walking if you want.

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