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Things To Do In San Pedro

Sample Chocolates At The Belize Chocolate Company

Things to do in San Pedro California (SoCal Auto Club Day Trip): Look Who’s Traveling

Who doesnt love chocolate? No one I know, at least.

The Belize Chocolate Company creates delicious artisan chocolate, from bean to bar in their words! They take delicious cacao grown in Belize and see it through every step of the transformation into delicious organic chocolate.

You can grab some chocolates there or even take a chocolate-making class!

The Best Thing To Do In San Pedro At Night: Relaxing At The Beach Bars

San Pedro is a quiet town, so finding something exciting to do in the evening isnt the easiest thing in the world. However, my favorite thing to do in San Pedro at night is to mozy over to one of the beach bars.

Up and down the island, several chill beach bars have good tunes, incredibly nice bartenders, and delicious fruity mixed drinks of the sort that a good vacation demands. Some also have food. We spent a lot of time at the Dive Bar because it was so close to us, and because the staff was so wonderful. We also went to Pirates Treasure and Wayos Beach Bar. None of them disappointed.

White Point Beach Nature Preserve And Education Center

On the west side of San Pedro sits a little-known combo of beautiful rocky beach and trail-rich bluffs at White Point Beach and White Point Nature Preserve. The beach is one of the few places on the Palos Verde Peninsula where you can park close to the water since most of the coastline there is a cliff. The rocky beach is great for exploring the tide pools.

At the Nature Preserve, on the opposite side of Paseo del Mar, there are miles of trails on the 102 acres of restored coastal sage scrub habitat. The preserve is part of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and they operate a Nature Center in an old Cold War assembly building, which holds various interpretive exhibits and is now surrounded by native plant demonstration gardens.

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Los Angeles Cruise Terminal

The Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro is home to the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal also known as World Cruise Center. It is operated by Pacific Cruise Ship Terminals. Between 800,000 and a million passengers embark each year on cruises to Mexico, Hawaii, northbound up the West Coast, and beyond. Offerings range from quickie weekend cruises to Ensenada to multi-week repositioning cruises. Eleven major cruise lines originate or stop at the World Cruise Center.

The terminal which hosted the original Love Boat TV series from 1977 to 1986 was modernized and expanded in 2010-11 to accommodate the most modern mega ships. The terminal can handle processing of three cruise ships at once.

You’ll probably only be visiting the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal itself if you’re taking a cruise, but you can watch the ships come and go from the nearby Cruise Ship Promenade or from Ports O’ Call Village, or enjoy the musical Fanfare Fountains out front. The Waterfront Red Car Trolley has a stop at the Terminal.

If you are coming or going from the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal and have a few extra hours, most of San Pedro’s attractions are nearby along the waterfront and can be reached via the Red Car .

Spend An Afternoon At Point Fermin Park And Lighthouse

14 Best Things to Do in San Pedro, California

At Point Fermin Park, you get the best of both worlds a day spent in the fresh air surrounded by spectacular ocean views and a history lesson.

The park itself is 37 acres of beautiful trees, lawns, gardens and pergolas, where monarch butterflies can be spotted in the colder months, and harbour seals and dolphins are often seen offshore. Park amenities include picnic areas, a playground, and an amphitheatre.

Point Fermin Lighthouse is also situated in the park. This historic lighthouse was built in 1874 and features Victorian architecture. Guided tours are available.

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Royal Palms State Beach San Pedro California

Located on the former site of a hot springs resort, the Royal Palms State Beach is a wonderful spot to enjoy San Pedros lovely weather. Its an excellent place to have a picnic while enjoying the stunning views that surround you, though much of the beach is rocky making it perfect for beach combing. The beach is popular with local surfers looking to ride a few waves while other activities you can partake in also include scuba diving, swimming, and fishing. Youll find the White Point Nature Preserve adjacent to the beach and is a perfect place to go hiking and take in some of the amazing views of the beach.

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Hanging Out At Secret Beach

Question: How NOT a secret is Secret Beach?

Answer: Theres a taco truck. DJed tunes. A restaurant. A palapa. A second pier. Bathrooms. Wifi. And multiple signs pointing to its location.

But its still awesome. So awesome, we went back a second time.

Getting there is kind of a chore, which is why its kept its name. So even though everyone around you knows all about it, its remoteness keeps it more chill. Especially on weekdays during the off-season. A cab out there is about $50 each way, which is another handy reason to have a golf cart around, at least for a day or so.

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When you get there, youll have the aforementioned amenities, although you wont see much civilization on the way. Youll also have crystal-clear blue water thats standing depth for a long way out with views of mangrove islands in the distance.

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Visit The Tzununya Museum

The TzununYa Museum is one of the first things you should do in San Pedro La Laguna in order to get a brief yet thorough overview of the town, its history, culture, and symbolism of the Maya. Here, you can also get your Maya symbol or Nahual explained and printed out according to your birthdate on the Maya calendar.

The museum only takes 15-20 minutes to explore and takes you through three different showrooms: geology, history, and culture.

There are plaques you can read in each, or, you can opt to have the museum operator give you a spoken tour in Spanish . And oh yes, theres also a sweet little video film at the beginning of the tour which shows what local life in San Pedro La Laguna looked like in 1943.

The cost to enter the TzununYa museum is only Q35 per person. Its open from 8-12 PM and 2-5 PM Mon-Fri and is located on 6a Av across from Zoola.

Overall, its a quick and underrated way to understand the geology of Lake Atitlán as well as the history and culture of the Tzutujil Maya.

Fun fact! The names of the town around Lake Atitlán were all converted into Saint names after the Spanish conquest. Before, Lake Atitlán was called Tzunun which means hummingbird in the Mayan language .

Things To Do In San Pedro

Things to do from San Pedro Ambergris Caye Belize

If you ever take a cruise from the Port of Los Angeles, you might be looking for things to do while “stuck” in San Pedro. Although the San Pedro neighborhood where the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal is located is a bit off the main tourist trail, there’s still plenty to see and do.

Industrial fishing has been significantly reduced in recent years and many of the canneries have closed, but this is still a fishing town, and it has a bit of that fishing village air about it. The residential areas closest to the waterfront are modest cottages with an East Coast feel.

Unlike most of the coast in Southern California, San Pedro has a scenic, craggy shoreline with steep cliffs. Pt. Fermin juts out to the south from the eastern end of the Palos Verdes Peninsula before the coast cuts north into the Port. Although the Pacific Ocean is to the south, most of the waterfront attractions in San Pedro face east into the harbor channel. From the hills in San Pedro, you can look across the harbor to Downtown Long Beach.

The primary attractions in San Pedro are related to three areas, the waterfront, and nautical attractions the strategic military role played on water and land through the city’s history and the related historic buildings and the thriving arts community.

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Lagunas Miscanti Y Miniques

Located amidst such desolate and arid terrain, it should come as no surprise that the sparkling blue waters of Lagunas Miscanti y Miniques are so fantastic to witness. The barren landscapes that surround them are stark and unforgiving, yet the warm yellows and browns of the hills contrast delightfully with the lakes themselves.

Located at over 4000 meters above sea level, the two glimmering bodies of water light up the Andean altiplano and are not too far away from two of the deserts other main attractions: the Piedras Rojas and Salar de Talar. Well worth checking out when in San Pedro de Atacama, the views on offer of the Lagunas Miscanti y Miniques are simply divine.

But Better Yet Wake Up For Sunrise

Listen, I love a good morning sleep-in just as much as the next person, if not more.

But due to the geographic positioning of San Pedro, with most of its hotels and attractions on the east side of the island , sunrise is actually way better on San Pedro than sunset!

Every time Ive been to San Pedro , I make sure I wake up for sunrise at least one morning of the trip. Its always been worth it.

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Ride The Streets On A Golf Cart

At first you may find it a bit jarring to see everyone on golf carts whizzing past you. But the narrow streets and laid-back attitude perfectly explains the mode of transportation in San Pedro. It becomes exciting taking in the vibrant town from an open-air vehicle, as you make your way to various shops and restaurants.

You can rent a cart from your hotel or from a cart rental in town with a valid driver’s license for the duration of your stay. Ride the cart to the northern part of Ambergris Caye for the Secret Beach and other attractions. Keep in mind that when riding a golf cart, the same driving rules apply.

Visitor / Guest Water Safety Tips

Top Things to do in San Pedro, Belize â Blue Eyed Compass

Ambergris Caye relies heavily on boats for transportation not only around the island itself but for inter island travel, mainland travel, transportation of cargo and of course tourism. When Swimming or snorkeling on Ambergris Caye please

BEWARE OF BOAT TRAFFIC and follow these safety guidelines:

1) Swim/snorkel between docks and in designated swim areas when available.

2) Do not attempt to swim out to the reef.

3) Consider not wearing jewelry when snorkeling or swimming.

4) If any vessel is heading in your direction signal to make yourself visible.

5) Use a life vest or diver down buoy for visibility when snorkeling or swimming.

6) Touching coral, plant life and dock posts may cause extreme allergic reactions.

7) Always have someone watching when snorkeling or swimming at night.

8) Do not dive from docks as there could be shallow water or obstructions under water.

9) Pay attention to the wind speed and direction when kayaking away from shore.

10) A kayak and/or paddle are useful to make yourself visible while in the water.

11) Your belongings should not be left unattended on the beach or dock.

We want your vacation on Ambergris Caye to be a memorable and enjoyable one so please be safe while exploring our natural wonders.

The 1/2 mile from the beachline to the reefline has an abundance of wonders.

A detailed list of the various mammals, invertebrates, fish, birds, and other creatures that inhabit these waters can be read by .

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Fire Station : Fireboat #2 & The Ralph J Scott

The Ralph J. Scott is a 1925 fireboat that is a national historic landmark. It was retired in 2003 and replaced by the high tech Fireboat #2. Both vessels can be seen at San Pedro’s Fire Station 112, located on the waterfront between Ports O’ Call Village and the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal.

The 99-foot Ralph J. Scott sits on a cradle behind the fire station. State of the art for its time, it has six four stage pumps that can produce 10,200 gallons of water per minute. On the water, ready for action under the clay-colored concrete shelter, Fireboat #2 is the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced fire boat for marine firefighting.

Fire Station 112 has exhibits on both boats as well as the history of marine firefighting in LA on the outside of the west side of the station.

Things To Do On Ambergris Caye

Theres a lot to do in a town like San Pedro, and you cant get to all of it in a week. Here are the seven things we did that were my absolute favorite, but just know you cant go wrong once youre there. Slow down, relax, and make time for some fun. There are no rules about how to have the best time in a place like this.

There are a few things that are outside of the city on the island, so you should note where you need transportation. Im including these here because they are cant miss if youre going to this part of Belize.

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Learn Spanish At A Spanish Language School

San Pedro La Laguna, and Lake Atítlan in general, is famous for its top-quality Spanish Language Schools. People from all over the world come to Guatemala to learn Spanish, thanks to the Guatemalans relatively slow-paced and clean speech. The schools here are renowned for their classes and family homestays, where you can pay to live with a local family while learning Spanish.

The cost to take a Spanish class at one of the schools varies. Prices may also depend on how many classes you want to take, with often the more hours/week resulting in a lower overall cost per class.

Since I couldnt attend class in a normal setting during my time in San Pedro, I opted for a private Spanish tutor through the Semilla Spanish School. My instructor was a young 20-year-old woman named Billie and every day for a week, she came to my temporary home to teach me B1-level Spanish for two hours.

I absolutely loved working with Billie, who happily spoke with me about life in Guatemala, her family, and the unique customs and traditions of the various Mayan towns surrounding Lake Atítlan. Should you like to learn Spanish with Billie, or stay with her family for a homestay, feel free to reach out for her contact info or get in touch with the school.

What better thing to do in San Pedro than pick up a bit of Spanish?

Where To Stay In San Pedro Belize

5 Things To Know Before Visiting San Pedro Belize

LUXURY | I had the wonderful privilege of staying at Victoria House on my second trip to Belize on a hosted stay. It was absolutely marvelous and I cant express enough how magical it was.

From the pool that looks out over the Caribbean Sea to the well-manicured grounds shaded with palm trees, Victoria House is an oasis of peace and quiet in San Pedro.

The Victoria House offers a private beach of sorts, with hammocks and loungers spread between the palm trees overlooking the ocean. While the water and marine life are stunning, the islands of Belize are not known for their sandy beaches. That said, Victoria House has created something out of nothing, with a sandy beach giving way to a seawall.

We stayed in the Infinity Suite, a two-story apartment-style suite with a full kitchen, en-suite bath, outdoor shower, patio, upstairs balcony, and a massive master suite. It was the definition of luxury and I miss it terribly.

But there are also more reasonably priced statehouses and casitas, so there is something for all along the budget spectrum.

MID-RANGE | On my third trip to San Pedro, I was traveling with family and we wanted a mid-range place to stay, and we ended up at White Sands Cove. It was an extremely beautiful location and the amenities were fantastic for the price.

The staff was really kind and wonderful and we loved the pool and restaurant .

> > Check availability and price on | | Expedia

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Explore The Port Of Los Angeles Waterfront

The Port of Los Angeles Waterfront is one of the top places to go in San Pedro.

At this area, also known as the San Pedro Waterfront, you will find attractions such as Gateway Plaza Fanfare Fountains , Battleship USS Iowa Museum, San Pedro Plaza Park, Muller House Museum, and CRAFTED .

In addition, you will find great views of the Vincent Thomas Bridge, memorials, public art, restaurants, and breweries. It is easy to explore in conjunction with Downtown.

Now, if you do not want to walk the entire length of the waterfront , you can move along the way using the Red Car Trolley Line. The beautiful red cars connect the World Cruise Center to 22nd Street . These operate from Friday to Sunday and are a great way to get to know the waterfront while getting an air of a bygone era.

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