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Things To Do In San Juan When It Rains

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Puerto Rico English News – May 1, 2022 – Tornado in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Snap a picture in the most colorful neighborhood of Yauco

Me in Yauco

Map It: 29-37 Calle E Sanchez Lopez, Yauco, 00698 | Phone: 429-7530 | Website

Yauchromatic is a neighborhood of Yauco that became a public art space after Hurricane Maria. It features colorful houses and different murals that will bring a smile to your face. While visiting, make sure to take a picture holding the flag, and buy a limber from one of the houses on the hill.

Visit A Wildlife Rescue Center

If you want to see some very cool wildlife as well as support a great cause, then taking a tour at a wildlife center is a must in San Jose. There are a few options around the city depending on how far you want to travel and what you want to see.

The first is a tour to the Toucan Rescue Ranchs sloth and wildlife rescue center. Here youll learn about many Costa Rican animals, the threats they face, and how the efforts of lovely people are ensuring their survival. And if you want to see baby sloths while in Costa Rica, this is one place where you can!

It is only a short half-day tour from San Jose, and as such, one of the top attractions in San Jose.

Another option, and my preferred center, is the Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center. This place is seriously huge and is home to over 2,700 hundred animals, of which only 2% call the center a permanent home! You can see just about everything here, depending on what animals are being rehabilitated at the time. This includes pumas, monkeys, sloths, lots of birds, and alligators.

Entrance to the Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is $30 USD and can be booked in advance to save time and skip the line. My recommendation is to go when they open at 9 am to enjoy the center without the crowds. All up, we spent over 3 hours here!

Of course, only do this if youre not going to Puerto Viejo as you can go to the Jaguar Rescue Center there!

Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico For The Rain Forest

Located a 40-minute drive from San Juan, the emerald gem of El Yunque National Forest is one of the island’s top attractions. This 28,000-acre preserved land on the northeastern coast is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Park System. The mountainous area is teeming with plant and animal biodiversity, stunning waterfalls, gorgeous vistas, and even a dwarf forest along the mountain tops.

As the name suggests, El Yunque rainforest is also the rainiest part of the island. Due to the elevation of 3,500 feet, the temperature lies around 70 degrees all year-round.

You can enjoy exploring the forest at any time of the year, but keep in mind that during peak season, you will have to share popular trails like La Mina Waterfalls and Mount Britton Tower trails with other tourists. To beat the crowds, start your exploring days early.

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Explore The Streets Of Old San Juan

As anyone whos ever visited will share, Old San Juan has it all. A casual stroll through San Juan is like taking a step back in time.

Be sure to visit the famous 19th-century Santa María Cemetery, the Casa Blanca Museum, Cathedral de San Juan and all of the sidewalk cafes, candlelit restaurants, and beautiful plazas.

Try Flyboarding In Luquillo

5 Things to do on San Juan Island When it Rains

An area littered with fun-filled activities, Luquillo is a beloved destination for adventure enthusiasts and for good reason.

If youve never tried flyboarding essentially the amalgamation of a jetpack and a surfboard then theres no better place than here, on the northeast coast.

As you soar out of the water like a superhero, youll be grinning from ear to ear.

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Best Time To Go To Puerto Rico For Partying: Late November

Are you a party enthusiast?

Although Puerto Rico enjoys numerous festivals and parties throughout the year, this season is almost the climax for them all. Have the best of Puerto Ricos foods, drinks, music, and culture as locals celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year.

Then this season should serve you best. It marks the festive season that runs through the end of the year and into the first month of the next. Christmas festivals will last from November to January, making the season a perfect time for partying.

The best time of year to visit Puerto Rico with family and kids is during the winter months. December through April is the best time to go because the weather is mild and there are plenty of things to do.

During this time, you can enjoy the beaches, go hiking, explore the rainforest, and much more. Another great thing about traveling to Puerto Rico during the winter is that you can avoid the crowds and save money on your trip.

One of the best things to do with family and kids in Puerto Rico is to take a hike in El Yunque National Forest. El Yunque is the only rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System and is full of beautiful scenery and wildlife. Hiking through the rainforest is a great way to get active and see the scenery.

The best time to visit Puerto Rico for festivals is definitely in the summer months.

Best Restaurant In San Juan Skyway

Trying to decide on a dining location in San Juan Skyway can be really difficult especially when youre plagued with hunger, anxiety and more than a little FOMO. When youre dealing with the internal struggle of where to eat in San Juan Skyway, youre battling uphill with so many truly amazing options, almost no matter where in the city you are. Luckily, were here to save you from dying indecision. This list of great, of-the-moment spots gets updated seasonally, so bookmarking it isnt the worst idea, too.

Do you fancy dining in the dark? Or karaoke-ing to your hearts content? Or perhaps youd rather leave the singing to someone else, while you tuck into a delicious feast of contemporary European fare. There are so many fun places to eat in San Juan Skyway this list will inspire you to make the most of this amazing city and clear your diary to visit them all.

From the classics to the latest game-changers, here are the best restaurants in San Juan Skyway

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Places To Go In San Juan

Welcome, traveler, to San Juan. Your journey has landed you here, and new adventures are calling your name. Now that youve arrived, you can stay in the safety and comfort of your hotel and watch the world spin pastor you can embrace this new place youve come to. Learn its streets. Meet its people. Learn its history. Your hand is already on the doorknob, isnt it?

Things to Do in San Juan

Youll not be wanting for things to do in San Juan. Explore the downtown area in search of museums and boutiquesor that next delicious meal. What tickles your fancy? A delectable five-course supper at the restaurant youve been hearing about? Or perhaps youd rather read the paper while sipping hot coffee at one of the cafes scattered throughout town. Take in a show at the theatre, or just walk along down the main thoroughfare, watching people wander past.

Why spend hours ruminating over what to do in San Juan? Let the possibilities wash over you as you explore this new region. Move out on foot and get to know the area on a more personal level. Find that perfect souvenir at one of the smaller shops, or reinvent your entire artistic aesthetic at your new favorite gallery.

Rio Bayamon Gulf Club

Obi Cubana, Phyno & Gov Wike Visit Ooni of Ife As Phyno & Obi Cubana Lye down To Greet

Practice your golf skills even as a beginner

Map It: C. 24, Bayamón, 00959 | Phone: 740-1419 | Website | Hours: 7 am 10 pm daily, Closed Tuesdays | Entrance: $40-75 depending on the hour

There are plenty of golf courses around Puerto Rico, but not all of them are budget-friendly or open to amateur golfers. The Rio Bayamón Golf Club offers a course of 18 holes and a Drive Range with 58 stations. Its also open until late at night, in case you rather practice without the daylights heat and it makes it one of the popular things to do in Bayamón.

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Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico For Snorkeling

The waters surrounding the main island and the offshore isles of Puerto Rico are teeming with healthy coral reefs with plenty of tropical fish worth exploring on a snorkeling adventure. The islands of Vieques and Culebra are especially known to have some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Culebra is known for Flamenco Beach, which is often listed among the top beaches in the world, but Carlos Rosario is a good place for snorkeling â it’s a 20-minute hike from the famed Flamenco Beach and doesn’t see as many visitors. In Vieques, head to the Blue Beach for a variety of rays, turtles, and colorful fish.

If you are staying in San Juan, you will see lots of tropical fish in the protected waters off the public beach of Balneario El Escambron. Experience the underwater world in the summer months, when there are less crowds and calmer waters. The summer months also have gentle waves on the western coast of the island, where you can swim and snorkel at the Steps Beach in the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve in Rincon.

Explore National Museum Museo Nacional De Costa Rica

San Jose is home to many great museums that give visitors an insight into Costa Ricas history, culture, and politics. The next few things to do on this list include the best museums to check out in San Jose, starting with my personal favorite, the National Museum!

The National Museum of Costa Rice showcases exhibits that highlight Costa Ricas history, archaeology, anthropology, and natural history.

The National Museum itself is actually an old fort called the Bella Vista Barracks and old bullet holes can still be seen in the walls that surround it.

This museum is a great place to visit for a broad understanding of Costa Rica and I consider it one of the best attractions in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Important info: Foreign visitors pay $8 USD to enter or $4 USD with a student card. The museum is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm every day, except Sundays when it opens at 9 am.

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Las Cascadas Water Park

Las Cascadas Water Park used to be the largest aquatic park in Puerto Rico.

It might still hold that title, but its hard to be sure with the rise of so many luxury attractions in the greater Caribbean area.

Either way, Las Cascadas Water Park will definitely keep you cool on a hot day.

You can splash in rides, rivers, tunnels and kiddie pools, and refreshing drinks and frozen desserts are only a kiosk away.

If you feel like testing your bravery, you can strap in for El Laberinto or El Torbellino .

If youd prefer something calmer for the kids, try Rio Tropical Pasivo .

Visit Las Cascadas Water Park for some good old-fashioned summertime fun.

At the end of the day, it doesnt matter if its the biggest aquatic park in Puerto Rico.

It will still let you throw yourself down a gigantic purple water slide, and thats the most important thing.

Address: 2 Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Pueblo, Aguadilla 00603, Puerto Rico

Colon Fabrica La Boca

Fun Things to Do When It Rains In San Juan

While were on the topic of Teatro Colon, get behind the scenes at Colon Fabrica in La Boca.

In this warehouse of a museum check out scenery, wigs, costumes, and more.

Theyre open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays from from 12:00 to 18:00 at Av. Pedro de Mendoza 2163 in La Boca.

for the official site to purchase your ticket.

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When Is Puerto Ricos Rain Season

While most people leave when it starts raining, we wait.. hoping to see a raiinbow Captured with IPhone.

The rain season in Puerto Rico is from April to November, but dont let that deter you from coming to the island during this season. Hotel rates tend to be lower at this time of year, youll find amazing deals at top beachfront hotels and resorts that may not be in your budget during the high season in the winter months.

Rain showers are typically scattered in the afternoons and dont last very long. The variations in temperature and rainfall are caused by the mountains in the center of the island. Most likely, rain in Puerto Rico wont ruin your whole vacation day. For residents, beach time is summertime, during rain season.

Beating the rain

If you vacation in Puerto Rico during the rain season, our best advice is to get up as early as you can to enjoy the beach, rain typically starts early afternoon. Whats great about Puerto Rico is that it rarely rains all over the island at the same time, it may be raining in one region, and in a half-hour drive, you will arrive at another destination with bright blue skies, you can download the FREE World Radar App, we use it all the time during the rainy season to see where to go on a rainy day. The southwest of the island gets less rain during the rainy season, however, the town of Mayaguez gets rain almost daily.

Walk The Streets Of Old San Juan

If you only have a day in Old San Juan, tour one of the forts and then simply walk the colorful streets of Old San Juan. The simplicity of walking becomes an extraordinary experience in Old San Juan. You want to look up constantly at the adorned wrought-iron balconies of colonial homes painted in bright or pastel colors. The energy is vibrant, yet relaxed, like a tropical destination ought to be. Old San Juan is like a giant museum with many attractions easily accessible by foot. Drop the map and get lost around the 7 colorful blocks full of historical landmarks, museums, relaxed cafes, great shops, restaurants, and more The free trolley is a nice way to give your feet a break and get acquainted with the Old City. You can explore Old San Juan on your own, if youre short on time and wish to make the most of your time in Old San Juan, we recommend you book a walking tour.

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Outdoor Things To Do In San Juan Skyway

For every problem, San Juan Skyway has an answer and is ready with loads of different outdoor events ranging from boat parties and canal cruises to rooftop brunches and outdoor cinema screenings. So when the temperatures rising, put on your finest string vest and get down to the best things to do outdoors in San Juan Skyway. And for when its not? Weve got outdoor winter events too.

From rooftop restaurants and beer gardens, to outdoor cinemas and outdoor swimming pools, theres something invigorating about being outdoors in the city. Venture a little further afield and you can blow out the cobwebs on bike trails, sandy beaches and even picturesque flower farms, all within easy reach of San Juan Skyway. Dont dally indoors theres some incredible outdoor experiences waiting to be had in San Juan Skyway.

in San Juan Skyway,

If youre looking for an active break, then the great range of walks and places to cycle in San Juan Skyway offer great ways to explore the region and beautiful places cars just cant get to. If something more sedate is more to your liking, consider one of our guided tour operators instead.

Breathe Deeply At Pelindaba Lavender Farm

CD Diamond – 2012 NRCHA Open Futurity Champion

At the center of San Juan Island, Pelindaba Lavender Farm invites you to wander their 25-acre grounds. The organic lavender farm is home to more than 50 varieties that bloom from early May through as late as October.

Beloved for its picturesque setting, the farm is also deeply committed to sharing the multiple therapeutic uses lavender offers, from its antiseptic qualities and sedative effects to its ability to serve as a topical anesthetic. Not to mention the fact that its a natural insect repellant, makes for surprisingly delicious ice cream, and offers a unique twist to traditional meals youd cook up in the kitchen!

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Admire The Flora And Fauna Of The Bosque Carite Rainforest

A representation of Mother Nature in all her glory, the Bosque Carite rainforest is one of the essential things to see in Puerto Rico for nature-lovers.

Kayak down the streams, tackle one of the many different hiking paths, and keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife along the way.

Be sure to check out the Blue Hole, then recharge the batteries with a hearty meal at Rancho Original.

Spend The Day On Vieques Island

Puerto Rico has some of the best beaches in the world, and Vieques Island is no exception.

You can soak in the sun and enjoy the crystal clear waters, or you can opt to go on a snorkeling tour and catch a glimpse of the wondrous marine life in the area either way, a day of fun in the sun for the entire family awaits!

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Get Your Kids Wiggles Out At A Place To Play

Located in downtown Friday Harbor, A Place to Play is a fun indoor kids play space is filled with hands-on, interactive games. Its the perfect spot for a rainy day when your kids need to get their wiggles out without getting wet.

Housed in the historic Brickworks Events Center at the heart of Friday Harbor, this seasonal farmers market is loaded with the best island and harvest food, island-made wares, and local musicians.

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