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Things To Do In Rijeka

Summary Of Things To Do In Rijeka Croatia

Top Things to See & Do in Rijeka, Croatia!

Rijeka, although not as known for tourism as other cities along the coast, did not disappoint. If youre on a road trip through Croatia or bussing through the Balkans and along the Adriatic like we did, be sure to give Rijeka a visit!

Are these all of the things to do in Rijeka? Of course not! Check out the Rijeka Tourism Website for even more ideas! Be prepared to translate it as their English section has trouble at times.

Happy travels!

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Swim Or Laze Around At Sablievo Beach

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Situated just a few minutes away from the city center, SabliÄevo Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Rijeka and is a perfect place for relaxation for both young and old people. The pebble beach is known for its crystal blue water along with facilities that include a shower, rooms to change clothes and sanitary facilities. So, swim for as long as you want here.

SabliÄevo Beach

Check Out Roman Ruins

As mentioned before, Rijeka was built on the Roman settlement Tarsatica, and wandering around the historic centre you can still see some traces dating back to Roman times.

The best known is the Old Roman Arch, built into the houses around it and once marking the entrance to the military command centre of Ancient Tarsatica. A few steps away youll find yourself in a square known as Principia Tarsatica, where the military headquarters used to be.

You can still see some original paving and walls, and if you are curious to know more, there are signs with info about the history of Tarsatica and what you can still see.

To explore the city centre, we recommend planning a visit with Danilo Harbic, a really knowledgeable Rijeka guide. You can get in touch with him on !

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Shop At The Fish Market

I already told you about the wonderful produce youll find in Rijeka, and if you are staying in an Airbnb or self-catering accommodation, you may consider cooking for yourself.

The best way to do so is going shopping at the Placa, the central market, with three market buildings surrounded by fruit and vegetable stalls.

Theres a hall dedicated to meat, and another to cheese and small goods, but the most impressive of the three is definitely the fish market. Its a grand example of Art Nouveau architecture, with columns carved with images of fish, squid and other inhabitants of the deep blue sea.

On the ground floor, youll find marble slabs laden with the days catch, at really excellent prices. For a good photo opportunity, climb the staircase at the far end of the hall up to the first floor, where you can take pictures of the market from above.

Book Your Stay In Rijeka Now

10 Things To Do in Rijeka, Croatia

To complement the entire experience of wonder, you must stay in one of the most unique accommodations ever. Its a hotel on a boat Botel Matina now docked in Rijeka port.

The ship was built in 1936, in Frederikshavn, Denmark. And because it was christened by the Swedish princess Ingrid, the boats first name was Kronprinsessan Ingrid. It originally sailed between Scandinavian countries, but in the 1960s it changed its name, its owner and it moved to the Adriatic sea.

In 2013 it was revamped into a comfy and hotel. Now retired and permanently docked, the world comes to see it.

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Franciscan Monastery Trsat And Pope John Paul Ii

Exit the fortress and head toward the church. If you love touring churches then youll love this Franciscan Monastery. There are some fantastic paintings throughout so be sure to have a look. Youll also find a Pope John Paul II monument outside the church in a pretty courtyard.

If you have time to kill then wander around Paniev park . A very peaceful place!

Day Trip From Rijeka To Opatja

If you are looking for spending the day at the beach and think you are in the wrong place, thing again. Rijeka has many nearby beach options.

The most popular one is nearby Opatija. 30 minutes by local bus, you will reach Opatja a Croatian coastal town on the Adriatic Sea. A fashionable resort in the 19th century, its dotted with Habsburg-era villas.

Will you be adding Rijeka to your travel list?

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Learn About Sea Life At Natural History Museum

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Those who are fond of life in the sea and everything related to nature must make a stop at Natural History Museum that is famous for its multimedia aquarium. As soon as you step into the multimedia center, you will be presented with demonstrations about sea creatures, both the scary and friendly ones. The stunning collection of amphibians, insects, and reptiles of the museum will also blow your mind away.

Natural History Museum

Opening hours: 9am – 8pm

Price: 30 HRK

Krk Island: Ziplining Tour

11 Fun Things to Do in Rijeka! | #Rijeka Travel Guide (Rijeka Beach, Nightlife & more!)

Begin your ziplining adventure at the zipline base located near the monument of the Glagolitic Alley. Here youll be provided with a zipline safety harness and additional ziplining equipment. Afterward, travel by jeep to the zipline starting point where youll be briefed on how to zipline and zipline safety measures.Learn how to zipline in the monkey style on a so-called baby zipline before starting the zipline tour. Once everyone is comfortable using the zipline the group will start the tour. The zipline tour consists of 8 ziplines, with the longest zip line reaching 700 meters.Enjoy the stunning views of the Island of Krk as you travel along the zipline course. Along the way, youll be guided by 2 instructors and have the chance to take some amazing photos while on the tour.After everyone has completed the 8 ziplines, youll be transported back to the base.

Great activity, really friendly and fun stuff. Beautiful views on the zip line, great emotions! Really well spent money, totally worth it!

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Have A Drink At Kvarner Bay

From the city center when you walk towards the bay, you will find a small strip of breakwater on which you can walk, enjoy the bay view while sitting on the platform or even rent a bicycle.

The night view is to die for. The boats and the sky light up, and so do the restaurants and bars along the strip. Molo Longo and Boonker are some of the popular ones in the area.

A dinner and drink there with the background of the harbour is a must-do. I was at the Boonker for drinks and even the moon came out to greet! )

Rijeka: Postojna Cave And Predjama Castle

Your tour will begin with Postojna Cave, one of the best-known caves in the world. It is also the greatest tourist attraction in Slovenia and one of the worlds largest karst monuments. This is the only place in the world where the underground landscape can be traversed on an electric train and where you can meet this underground kingdoms most famous inhabitant, the proteus , up close. A fantastic web of tunnels, passages, galleries and halls, astonishing diversity of karst features as well as easy access are certainly the main reasons for the popularity of the cave and a large number of visitors.From here the tour extends to the Predjama Castle which reigns over the surrounding area, not far from the Postojna Cave, in the idyllic village of Predjama. This picturesque, magnificent, defiant, mysterious and impregnable castle has been perched in the middle of a vertical 123-meter h…

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Capuchin Church Of Our Lady Lourdes

This church was built from 1904 until 1929 and is a beautiful example of neo-Gothic architecture. Its the most notable church in Rijeka and has some amazing stained glass windows inside.

The exterior is pretty spectacular too. The grand neo-gothic edifice in red and white brick is definitely one of the best things to see in Rijeka.

How To Get To Rijeka

Things to do in Rijeka

-By Plane: Rijeka airport is located on the island of Krk, connected to the city by a bridge. There are seasonal flights to Germany, Poland, Israel, England and Sweden, and domestic flights to other Croatian cities, operating year round.

Depending on where youre travelling from, it may be more convenient to fly to Zagreb and make your way to Rijeka overland.

-By Train: the railway station is in the city centre. There are two daily direct trains to Zagreb, taking about 4 hours. Getting to other Croatian cities requires several changes bus and ferry are definitely a better option.

-By Bus: Flixbus and other bus lines connect Rijeka with cities in Croatia and beyond. The bus station is right opposite the port, walking distance from Botel Marina.

-By Ferry: if youre planning to go island hopping, you can travel by Jadrolinija ferry from Rijeka to Cres, Lošinj, Rab, Pag, Susak, Ilovik, and Unije.

-By Car: its also easy to reach Rijeka by car. The city is connected by motorway to Zagreb, Southern Croatia and Slovenia, from where you can continue to Italy. Just dont forget youll need a vinjet for Slovenian motorways!

Our visit to Rijeka was part of the TraCEs â CultourIsCapital project, funded by the European Commission under the COSME programme. We would like to thank Ana Marija from the Economics Faculty of Rijeka University, Danilo Harbic for all the laughs, and all the other local operators who made our stay special!

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Gain Insights Into The Culture At Museum Of The City Of Rijeka

The museum may be small but you should not judge a book by its cover because once you get inside the museum, you will be amazed at how impressive the exhibitions truly are. Set in a 1970s building, Museum of the City of Rijeka hosts exhibitions whose theme changes from time to time. But, one thing for sure, the exhibitions are always about art and elements related to local history and culture.

Museum of the City of Rijeka

Address: Trg Riccarda Zanelle 1, 51000, Rijeka, Croatia

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm Sun: 10am – 3pm

Price: 15 HRK

Discover Why Rijeka Is The European Capital Of Culture For 2020 At The Rihub Project

To celebrate Rijekas status as the European Capital of Culture 2020, the RiHub was born as part of a special project to refurbish premises on Grohoveva Street. Notable interior designers Ana Boljar and Ida Kriaj Leko contributed to the project, and RiHub is the official European Capital of Culture information center, holding special programs throughout 2020.

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Have An Astronomical Experience At Astronomical Center Rijeka

For a delightful journey to the sky and the stars high above, you should drive to Astronomical Center Rijeka. Enjoying the reputation as the first astronomical center in Croatia, Astronomical Center Rijeka stands tall on the hill of Sveti Kriz. You should visit the observatory and planetarium as well as exploring other contents related to the galaxy. If you wish to gaze upon the stars via a telescope, you should come on a Saturday at 10pm. When the weather allows, you can have as much time as possible to indulge in a stargazing experience.

Astronomical Center Rijeka

There are plenty of staircases that you can find throughout Rijeka, but nothing beats the popularity of Stube Petra KružiÄa. Built in 1531 to make it easier for the faithful people to get to the church on the top, Stube Petra KružiÄa consists of 538 stairs in total. Climb slowly but surely and when you get to the top, your effort will be worth it. On the top of the hill, you will be presented with a pilgrimage church along with a petite village. At the same time, you can also enjoy the sweeping views of the city of Rijeka.

Stube Petra KružiÄa

Address: Trsatske stube Petra KružiÄa, 51000, Rijeka, Croatia

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

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Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Address: Krešimirova ul. 26c, 51000, Rijeka, Croatia

A post shared by Michael Blandin on Aug 29, 2019 at 3:50am PDT

Things To Come Rijeka 2020

Things To Do In RIJEKA, Croatia | Birthplace of Torpedo

Because Rijeka is on the cusp of becoming a cultural hot spot. Attracting thousands of smart travellers who love a sense of adventure and openness.

After all, Rijeka is the official 2020 European Capital of Culture . So many exciting cultural programs are in the pipeline. But dont wait that long. You can get your Rijeka fix even if you visit today.

Here are the top 10 attractions that made me fall in love with the city.

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Urban Exploration In Rijeka

Adventure junkie? Like to explore? Me too eh.

While a former booming port city in the 1980s, the unfortunate collapse of Yugoslavia meant abandonment of many places.

I actually wont publicly list these specific areas as Id like to keep them on the down-low. Send me a message on social media and Ill get back to you ASAP with places to hit up for urban exploration in Rijeka.

Where To Stay In Rijeka For Sightseeing

Rijeka is a small town, and accommodation choices are relatively limited. However, you will find some charming properties in the city itself and also just outside its limits. The majority of hotels here fall into the mid-range bracket although there are a few budget selections and two relatively posh four-star properties.

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Governors Palace And Maritime And Historical Museum

The museum is a neoclassical palace that has been established in 1876, and in 1955 the museum became the Hungarian Governors Palace for Lajos Batthyány, the first prime minister of Hungary.

The structure was designed by an architect from Budapest, Alajos Hauszmann. Today, the museum highlights the display of old model ships ranging from nautical equipment. It also houses a selection of archaeological artifacts from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages.

Trsat Castle And The Church Of Our Lady

Places to visit in Croatia

Trsat Castle

Trsat Castle and the Church of Our Lady of Trsat sit high upon a hill overlooking Rijeka. The most interesting way to reach these tourist attractions is from the city center by way of a lovely pilgrimage path leading from Titov Trg at the River Rjecina, up the Petar Kruzic Stairway, and along a pleasant pathway to Frankopanski Trg , but it’s also possible to take public transport.

Long a pilgrimage site attracting large numbers of followers over the years, the Church of Our Lady of Trsat is famous for its “miraculous” icon of Mary, believed to have been painted by St. Luke. The 13th-century Trsat Castle, built on the site of an old Roman fort and much altered since, is notable for its fine views and courtyard .

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Capuchin Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes

Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes | extrageographic / photo modified

Built in the early 1900s to mark the 50th anniversary of the miracle of Lourdes, the Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes is one of Rijeka’s most recognizable attractions and so picture-perfect, it’s frequently used on postcards and promotional material. Designed by Budinic, this splendid old church was almost never completed after the project ran into financial problems and was stalled for years. Thanks to generous townsfolk and parishioners, however, donations poured in to complete it, the result being a beautiful neo-Gothic structure with a splendidly ornate façade and an interior rich in detail with frescoes by Romulo Venucci, a local Croatian artist.

Address: abica, 51000, Rijeka

Glavanovo Beach In Rijeka

Thanks to a shallow sea entrance, and green zone above the beach where is possible to find shelter from the sun, this pebble beach is ideal for families with children. Its quietness and green zone are also attractive for the more senior visitors. It has shower facilities too. Here is the position of Glanovo beach:

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Day Trip To Moscenice


The lovely coastal village of Moscenice makes a great day trip and is about 30 kilometers southwest of Rijeka. Perched on a hilltop and offering superb views over the Kvarner Gulf, Moscenice’s quaint, narrow streets and alleys lead to the many attractive piazzas so typical of this medieval town. Highlights include the Baroque Church of St. Andrew , rebuilt in the 17th century and easy to find thanks to its tall bell tower, which rises above the rest of the town the old town walls the 16th-century Church of St. Sebastian and the 17th-century Church of St. Bartholomew.

If time permits, be sure to pop into the Ethnographic Museum , which explores the history of the town. Below the town is Moscenice Draga with a pebble beach, which can be reached by a set of stairs leading down from Moscenice.

My 11 Favorite Things To Do In Rijeka A Personal List

RIJEKA, Croatia | WHAT TO SEE in the Capital of Culture

After living in Rijeka for a chunk of time I was able to discover all the best things to do in Rijeka. Whether youre a young adventurer or a couple looking to enjoy the pleasantries of the city, this guide will show you all my favorite things to do in Rijeka.

Note: Rijeka, Krk, and Croatia as a whole has limited Google Maps information regarding transport. Hit up my Transport around Croatia post or Transit around Rijeka/Krk/Opatija post to learn how to get around these places.

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