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Things To Do In Red Wing Mn

Top 24 Things To Do In Red Wing Minnesota

Red Wing Minnesota road trip 4K

by Jenn

Sitting along the Mississippi River, Red Wing Minnesota has been attracting Day Trippers from Minneapolis for years. At only an hours drive, it makes for the perfect southern Minnesota destination. The riverfront, views, hiking and outdoor activities, architecture, and ding options are some of the reasons to bring you in. There are so many things to do in Red Wing MN, I dare you not to spend more time there.

Red Wing Minnesota is one of those small towns Ive driven through a bunch of times and looked out the window in awe. Ive always been so tired from my previous adventures that I could bring myself to get out of the car. This time, it was going to change. I decided to play a whole day devoted just to Red Wing Minnesota.

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Red Wing Minnesota is probably most famous thanks to the Red Wing Shoes. But settlers first started stopping in town because of its proximity to the Mississippi River. The bend in the river is said to be the sharpest navigable turn on the entire Mississippi River, and its natural flood plain became an ideal resting stop.

The American Ski Jumping Museum And Hall Of Fame

The American Ski Jumping Museum and Hall of Fame opened in 2014 and is a museum that highlights the story of how the city of Red Wing became the birthplace of ski jumping. The museum is also the home of the Hall of Fame for ski jumping and even contains a ski jumping simulator. A diorama, uniforms, and photographs are all on display in the museum, as well as a pair of skis that have been used from every decade of the sport, starting with the 1880s. Ski jumping was extremely popular from the year 1883 to 1950 in Red Wing.

406 Main St, Red, MN 55066, Phone: 651-380-8960

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Falconer Vineyards & Winery

Once you arrive at Falconer Vineyards and Winery you wont want to leave! One of the best patios in the Red Wing area. Take advantage of the brick pizza oven and if you arent a wine person pair it with a hard cider or simple glass of pop. If you time your visit right live music on the patio will truly take this fun outing to one of your most memorable adventures.

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Visit The Red Wing Shoe Store

The worlds most extensive shoe collection is at the Red Wing Shoe Store & Museum, located in downtown Red Wing. Visitors have the chance to dress up as an ironworker and see how shoes are made for themselves.

Red Wing Shoes is a shoe company founded in the early 20th century. The company is best known for its leather footwear. However, it also makes shoes with rubber, cotton canvas, nylon fabric, and recycled materials.

The company was started by Charles Beckman and his father, who came to Red Wing to start a family business. When things didnt work out with their first company, a grain company, the Beckmans turned to the making of shoes.

The store and museum house several of the companys many years of high-quality shoemaking goods. The museum is housed inside Red Wing Companys main store in the historic downtown area of Red Wing, Minnesota.

Gallery At The Red Wing Depot

Best Things to Explore in Red Wing Minnesota

The Railway Depot in Red Wing serves two purposes. First, its still an active railway. Amtrak makes two stops a day. If you are looking for a fun way to add to your things to do in Red Wing, traveling by train is one of them. The depot was originally built by the Chicago Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad in 1904. The city of Red Wing provided trackage concessions and the railroad agreed to construct this depot and donate money toward the construction of Levee Park. The railroad ended up donating $20,550.00 for the park.

The Classical-style depot building was designed by J.N. Nettenstrom. It is in such great shape, that youd have no idea that it was over 100 years old.

The Red Wing Depot still has trains coming through. Next time you are up for a day trip, consider taking the train! Find out where else you can day trip to by train by clicking here!

The depot is also home to the Red Wing Arts gallery. The gallery is on a mission to build a vibrant community ruled by the arts. Their organization is responsible for much of the public art around town, including the murals. When you arent admiring their work around Red Wing, you can visit their Gallery inside the depot. It is open Thursday Sunday 12pm 4pm.

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Kellys Bar Red Wing Mn

Kellys Tap House Bar and Grill has won the title of Restaurant of the Year by the Red Wings Chamber of Commerce more than once. The restaurant boasts an award-winning menu of quality food that is served every day of the week. Kellys Bar also offers amazing views of the expansive Mississippi River and is open late, until two in the morning several days. The bar has built a reputation for having great specialty drinks and the largest selection of taps anywhere in Red Wing. The menu features award-winning wings, burgers, salads, roasted chicken, golden fried appetizers, and much more.

1530 Old West Main St, Red Wing, MN 55066, Phone: 651-388-9913

Top 25 Things To Do In Red Wing Mn

There is plenty for residents and visitors alike to do in the historic town of Red Wing, Minnesota. From parks to theater to restaurants, theres something for everyone in the city. There are also a couple vineyards, a brewery, pubs, and a wine bar for adults to enjoy. Lake Pepin and Barn Bluff offer excitement for the outdoor enthusiasts, and several museums for those interested in history or art. The Flower Valley Vineyards and Falconer Vineyards provide the perfect relaxing afternoon for guests to simply enjoy a glass of wine and spectacular views.

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Historical Society Of Goodhue County

The Goodhue County Historical Society collects, preserves, and promotes the cultural and natural history of Goodhue County through various outreach programs and education of the public

The Goodhue county historical society has been in existence since it was chartered in 1869. The locals regard it as the oldest historical society in the state.

The outstanding collection of the Goodhue County Historical Society has grown to include a wide variety of items that represent different eras of the cultural, biographical, and modern corporate history of the county.

This historical society has unique collections like Mississippian and Woodland pottery and terracotta and stoneware products from the pottery companies of Red Wing.

Address: 1166 Oak Street, Red Wing, Minnesota, 55066, USA

Golf Time In Red Wing

Red Wing, Minnesota History and Video Tour

Playing golf in Redwing is one of the best activities to engage in, and there are also a wide array of golf courses to make a choice

One golf course that will make your day in Red Wing is the Red Wing Golf Course.

It is usually described as an 18 whole playground for adults. This golf course is the most challenging place for a target golf course, rewarding accuracy and positioning over the golfers power and strength.

The golf course also offers a well-designed event center room for guests who choose to host unique low-key events.

However, other golf courses like the Mount Frontenac Golf Course promise the best golf course views in the Red Wing area.

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Anderson Center Sculpture Garden Water Tower And Art

The Anderson Center is a hidden treasure in Red Wing. The historic estate is that of Dr Alexander Pierce Anderson and his family. He was a first-generation American Swedish who gained worldwide attention for developing Quaker Puffed Wheat and Quaker Puffed Rice. The home was a working farm and also where more than 15,000 cereal experiences were conducted for the Quaker Oats Company, including the puffing process.

In 1995 the Anderson Center at Tower view became a historic site. Inspired by the Anderson Familys patronage for the arts, it houses art exhibits and a full-fledged sculpture garden. Its also recognizable by the water tower out front with an observation balcony.

Most people visit to see the Main Galley of Art and Permanent displays. They are open Wednesday Saturdays 11 am 4pm. Tours are available by request of the interior and are customized to your interests. They also host artists in residence, providing them with studio rooms and accommodations.

They also have a sculpture garden out on the grounds. Its free to enter and enjoy the creations. The gardens are open every day from 8am to 10pm.

Myself Bazzi

How Far Is Minneapolis From Red Wing

Red Wings to Minneapolis is around 49 miles and takes a time of 1 hour and 49 minutes. This includes an average layover time of 8 minutes. By car, the distance between Red Wings and Minneapolis is 87.25 km. There are four ways to travel from Minneapolis to Red Wings. An average cost of $5-$9 for any public travel to the city..

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He Mni Can / Barn Bluff

Barn Bluff, known as He Mni Can by the Dakota, is the absolute best place for scenic hiking in Red Wing. Yes, even with kids. Mine were in awe of the view at the Barn Bluff overlooks. The trails provide a fantastic view out over the town, boats on the Mississippi River and the valley beyond. In the fall, the colors are spectacular and well worth a day trip. We have hiked the trails with tweens and teens and have this to say: the South Trail to the West overlook is fairly easy, though it does climb and there are stairs involved. The North Trail is narrow and hugs a curve of the bluff with a steep drop to one side. There are smooth ropes to keep a firm grip to , if needed. Take extra, extra caution on this trail with young children. Know in advance that if you desire to take in the view from both overlooks it will take over an hour. If you choose to take this hike in the fall, the brilliant yellow leaf display will make you glad you did.

The Dakota consider its a sacred space where first creation happened. For this reason, the town has worked closely with the Dakota community to protect and respect burial spaces, add storytelling signs and Columns of Dialogue to help visitors enjoy the beauty of the area while respecting its sacred significance. Learn More Here.

Enjoy The Cute Shops On Main Street

Red Wing Shoe Co. (@redwingheritage) ⢠Instagram photos and videos ...

There are a lot of adorable shops in town, but note that many of them dont open until noon on Sundays, and some are closed all day on Sundays. The Duluth Trading Co. is one of my favorite shops in Red Wing. They have awesome outdoor gear, flannel shirts and hiking boots. Youll also want to visit the Uffda Shop for authentic Scandinavian products like decorative platters, jewelry and table clothes.

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Shop At The Pottery Museum Of Red Wing

If the name “Red Wing” sounds familiar to you, it may be because you’ve heard of Red Wing Pottery. And, yes, it originated right here in Red Wing. Red Wing Stoneware and Red Wing Pottery trace its roots back to 1861 when German immigrant, John Paul, discovered a pocket of red clay and began to use it to create stoneware and pottery. By 1877 the Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery was officially established.

Today the Pottery Museum of Red Wing fills in the gaps between back then and today. It is also the most extensive collection of Red Wing clay products in the world. More than 6,000 vintage objects of dinnerware, art, stoneware, and pottery are on display.

Of course, you can also get quite a bit of modern day shopping done in the pottery complex, as well. From bowls and crocks to planters, vases, entire dinner sets, and everything in between, Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery is a shopper’s paradise for local pottery products.

Address: 240 Harrison Street, Red Wing, Minnesota

Levee Park For River Views

On a beautiful day, head out to Levee Park and sit along the Mississippi River. The park is situated between the Red Wing Depot and the Mississippi River. Through the center of the park, youll find a paved recreation path connecting to the Cannon Valley Trail. There are also picnic tables. My favorite part about Levee Park is taking your doughnuts from Hanisch Baker and eating riverside. It beats indoor dining every time. There is free parking just on the other side of the train tracks.

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Explore Cannon Valley Trail

The Cannon valley trail was established as a known trail in the early parts of the 1880s.

Cannon Valley Trail was famous for being the route that the Chicago Great Western railroad line passed through to connect Red Wing and Mankato, Minnesota.

In more recent times, The Cannon Valley Trail is a trail that stretches over 20 miles from Cannon Falls to Red Wing, Minnesota.

This multipurpose trail In the spring is used to walk, run, hike, biking, and skating.

In the winter, the trail is usually prescribed for the best cross-country skiing experience.

Hiking this trail should be added to your checklist of things to do in Red Wing, makes a fun way to explore the area.

Take In Nature At John Rich Park

City of Red Wing – Best Historic Town – Minnesota 2011

One of the top things to do in Red Wing for nature lovers is an exploration of John Rich Park. This beauty of a park is named after John H. Rich, a founder of the Civic League. Nevertheless, Rich Park is a beautiful park with a lot of mesmerizing views.

The park is structured and designed with a wide variety of flowers, a pergola, a pool, and a fountain.

This family-friendly park also has granite benches and limestone sidewalks.

One attraction that brings people from far and wide to this park is The Veterans Memorial which honors all of the citizens of Goodhue County who died while serving in the United States military.

However, the memorial was not part of the park until 1988, when it was built into the parks north end.

Address: 218 West Avenue, Red Wing, Minnesota, 55066, USA

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Enjoy All Of These Winter Activities During Your Stay In Red Wing

Now that you know about all of the best things to do in Red Wing, Minnesota, in the winter, its time to plan your trip! When it comes to the best local accommodations, look no further than The St. James Hotel. Our historic hotel is located amidst the bluffs of the majestic Mississippi River. With picturesque views, luxurious rooms and suites, and top-notch amenities, youll have everything you need for a memorable winter break.

During your stay at The St. James Hotel, youll be minutes away from all of the best activities, attractions, dining, and shopping in Red Wing, MN. The hotel also offers room packages for Welch skiing or attending a play at the Sheldon Theatre. So, what are you waiting for? See all of our vacation packages and book your stay today. We cant wait to welcome you to winter wonderland!

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Spend A Lovely Day Outdoors At Bay Point Park

Aside from being a terrific place to take in Red Wing’s bustling city life, Bay Point Park is also a great place to go on an adventure.

It’s a beautiful park with plenty of opportunities to engage in fun outdoor activities and enjoy natural splendor.

The park is located along the Mississippi River in downtown St. Paul, near the Red Wing Hotel.

It’s easy to go about Bay Point Park’s outdoor facilities.

Picnic spots are extensive and well-maintained, and there is a boat launch for accessing the river.

The park serves as a venue for a variety of civic festivals.

Visiting Bay Point Park is a terrific way to meet new people.

A shelter in the park may be leased for special occasions.

It’s a fantastic place to take a break and relax amid beautiful scenery, thanks to its strategic placement.

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Bay Point Park Red Wing Minnesota

The beautiful Bay Point Park near the downtown area of Red Wing is situated along the banks of the winding Mississippi River. The park hosts several of the celebrations that take place in the community. The park also consists of several picnic areas, a playground, a boat launch, a volleyball court, and a walking path that is open year-round and lit during the evening. The distance around the park is two-thirds of a mile. Located near the Bay Point Park is the historic Boat House Village, in which guests can see the one of the few remaining gin pole installations.

Levee Rd, Red Wing, MN 55066

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