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Things To Do In Ponce

Come See Why Ponce City Market Is One Of Atlantas Favorite Gathering Spots

8 Things to Do in PONCE INLET, FLORIDA | Historic Landmarks, Best Beaches, NASCAR History

Nestled in the Old Fourth Ward along the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail, Ponce City Market is one of Atlantas favorite gathering spots. In 2014 Ponce City Market began reopening the fully renovated old Sears & Roebuck building, dating to the 1860s, populating it with retail, office space and dining. Most recently it opened a residential section with flats easily accessible to dining, shopping and work.

Climb The Cruceta Del Virgia

In the past, residents of the city used this viewpoint to see who was coming into the port, raising the corresponding countrys flag onto a tall wooden cross to give everyone a heads up.

Today, remnants of the original cross still stand, along with a more modern cross which overlooks the city and is now a tourist attraction.

There is also a Japanese garden on site so you can spend 1-2 hours here.

Getting Around In Ponce

The historic center of Ponce is walkable, and taxis are available as well. There is also a trolley, operated by the city tourism department, that stops at major sights, but schedules are not carved in stone and you might have long waits.

If you stay outside the historic center, as we did, you will need a car to get around. Vacant parking spots in the historic center can be hard to find during the day, so get there early. There is a charge for parking close to the historic core.

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Visit Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center

The Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center is located in Barrio Tibes, which is a Ponce municipality. Its home to an archeological discovery of high importance and is thought to be the largest indigenous cemetery in the Antilles, containing 186 skeletons. You can also see pre-Columbian and pre-Taino artifacts on display at its museum.

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Things To Do In Ponce Puerto Rico

The 8 Best Things to Do in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Melina Aguilar| 03 September, 2021|

Discover why Ponce is Ponce, a center of culture and hub city of the south of Puerto Rico. Ponces rich history, traditions, natural assets and people make it one of the most unique gems of Puerto Rico. Here are some tips to explore and fall in love with this culture-rich Caribbean city.

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Take A Picture With The Ponce Letters

These giant letters spell out the citys name and greet you as youre driving into town on the highway.

Theyre pretty spread out so if you want to get a good picture of the letters as a whole youll need to stop further back.

Otherwise people pull up to and park right near the letters to take pictures with them each individually.

You can find them at the intersection of PR-52 and PR-10.

Take A Night Tour Of The Rainforest

For something really different, consider a nightwalk in the el Yunque rainforest. This is truly a unique thing to do in Puerto Rico, and something youll remember forever.

El Yunque Tours takes a group of up to 22 for a walk and a dip in one of the natural pools.

Youll start in the early evening and the guide will educate you on the daytime sights, plants and animals.

After being led to Las Damas pool for a relaxing rest and swim, youll be led back as the sun sets. The sights and sounds change dramatically!

Its really a whole new world at night time and an original experience to say the least.

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Visit Parque De Bombas

Map It: Plaza las Delicias, Ponce, 00731 | Phone: 840-1045 | Hours: 8 am 5 pm Tues-Fri, 9 am 5:00 pm Sat-Sun, 8:00 am 4:30 pm Mon| Entrance: free | Browse Tours to Parque de Bombas

Parque de Bombas is a historical landmark of Puerto Rico and one of Ponces main attractions. This stunning building was the first fire station on the island, founded in 1883, the station is now a symbol of Ponces city and is part of Puerto Ricos National Register of Historic Places.

Looking for more exciting things to do? Check out the other 49 activities you can do around Puerto Rico!

Visiting St Augustinefinal Thoughts

Isla Tips #10: Top 10 Things To Do In Ponce, Puerto Rico

A city filled with old-world charm, St. Augustine has so much to offer. Whether shopping its eclectic boutiques, exploring the vibrant nightlife scene, or just sipping tea watching the people go by, its definitely a place to make memories.

M.R. Smith is a freelance writer living in the Rocky Mountain West. With a Masters degree in professional writing, M.R. is also a teacher, author, and poet.

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Admire The Guadalupe Cathedral

The Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is a stunning building in the center of the city. Its named after the vigil saint of the city, Guadalupe and has been the site of famous and notable weddings.

You can pass through on a casual visit or attend mass Monday to Friday at 7am, 9am and 12pm, Saturdays at 4:30pm and 7pm and Sundays all day.

Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Guadaloupe

4.5 based on 126 reviews

This elegant 17th-century cathedral rises majestically in the midst of Ponce.

Reviewed By JoeC7777 – Brookfield, United States

Lovely architecture displaying classic Spanish/Portuguese cathedral style. A beautiful, but clearly well used facility. Marvelous statuary and stained glass windows. Townspeople were just arrivng for a mass, but we were welcomed and were not made to feel like intruders. A holy place not to be missed if youre visiting the area.

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Visit The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in Ponces historic center, right in the heart of Plaza Las Delicias. The cathedral was built in the early 20th-century to replace the current temple that sat in the same spot since the 17th century and suffered a lot of damage from earthquakes. Its painted an egg-shell blue color and is very picturesque.

Visit Parque De Bombas A Unique Fire

10 Great Things to Do in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Parque de Bombas Museum is a fire station turned museum in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Situated at Plaza las Delicias, it is one of the most well-known structures in Ponce. It was built in the year 1882 and was used as a fire station. In 1990, the building got converted into a museum when the fire station closed. It also finds a mention on the national register of historic places.

Parque de Bombas Museum

Opening hours: Mon: 8am â 4:30pm Tue – Fri: 8am – 5pm Sun: 9am â 5pm

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All Persons Entering Puerto Rico Must:

Complete a Travel Declaration


Everyone over 2 years old who is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with the Moderna, Pfizer or Janssenvaccines, must provide evidence of a negative molecular or antigen test for COVID-19 performed within the72-hour period prior to your arrival to Puerto Rico.

NOTICE: Any passenger arriving without a PCR test result for COVID-19will be assessed a $300 fine. However, this will be waived if the traveler presents the test or evidencethat a test was performed within 48 hours of arrival. This applies to all travelers over 2 years old who arenot fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with the Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen vaccines.

Listen To The Municipal Band

The Ponce Municipal Band has been playing every Sunday at 8pm for free since 1883.

It was an extension of the Firehouse Band and used to perform in front of the station before being acquired by the government and moving their shows over one block to City Hall.

If youre in the area on a Sunday night, dont miss your chance to catch the oldest continuously performing band in the Caribbean.

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Rum Tasting At Museo Castillo Serralles

I know Bacardi is the most famous rum stateside, but for a more authentic experience I recommend skipping the Bacardi factory in San Juan and heading to Ponce for a day trip instead. I started my day at the Museo Castillo Serralles, a mansion that was built for the Serralles family. They produce Don Quiote rum, which is actually one of the top selling rums in Puerto Rico. The mansion is beautiful and boasts some of the best views of Ponce! You can visit the mansion Thursday Sunday.

Have you ever tried Don Q? I hadnt either!

The home has a lot of history and at only $12.50 for adults and $5.25 for students, theres no reason not to visit! The fee includes a guided tour and full access to the grounds which include sweeping views of Ponce, an art exhibit, and a butterfly sanctuary. Its a great place for photos and even has an outdoor patio where you can sip a mojito or your beverage of choice before the tour. Theres a video to start things off followed by a walk through the home, room by room. The tour concludes with a visit to the small gift shop where you can buy miniature bottles of Don Q to take home.

A real life barbie house in Ponce, Puerto Rico!

Drive Out To Calle 25 De Enero

Things To Do In Atlanta | Ponce City Market & Skyline Park

On January 25, 1899, the city was on fire. Unfortunately, the island was under military rule at the time and the soldiers ordered the firemen to not fight the fire and evacuate the city.

The firefighters disobeyed orders and saved the city, becoming heroes. Afterwards, every 25th of January for 45 years the city gave away a free red house to a resident in honor of the firemen, so that their valor would never be forgotten.

Today, the houses stand in a cluster on Calle 25 de Enero, just 5 minutes away from the city center.

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Explore The Caja De Muertos Island

Caja de Muertos, literally translated as Coffin Island, gets its name from its strange, coffin-like shape. The island is easily accessible from Ponce city just a short boat ride and is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and hiking trails. The island is uninhabited, and protected by the Reserva Natural Caja de Muertos natural reserve, as it has a large population of native turtles.

Be Part Of Ponces Festivals & Music

Ponces Carnival is the oldest ongoing party in Puerto Rico, a tradition of more than 163 years, it is celebrated with parades, music, coronations and vejigates, the traditional carnival monsters that roam the streets to the song of plena, a genre of music and dance native to Ponce. The vejigante mask is among the most impressive in the world, traditionally made by artisans from La Playa de Ponce neighborhood. The Carnival is one of the traditional festivities that make Ponce worth a visit, other include: La Semana de la Danza, Las Fiestas Patronales, Homenaje Póstumo Pete “El Conde” Rodríguez, El Festival Toñín Romero, among others.

Besides checking out the festivities, a visit to Ponce must include an experience of the local music, dances and artists. Try out a bomba and plena dance class at the Centro Cultural Carmen Solá de Pereira, or check out the Paseo de La Salsa, a stage naming all the famous salsa singers from Ponce. Or just sit back and enjoy the city that was home to prominent world-known salsa musicians such as Hector Lavoe and Cheo Feliciano.

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Take A Ferry To Caja De Muertos

Though it literally translates to box of the dead”and more accurately as coffin or dead man’s chestthere’s nothing dark about Caja de Muertos.

In fact, locals tell us that this uninhabited island just off the coast of Ponce is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a prime spot to indulge in some of Puerto Rico’s best outdoor activities.

They suggest enjoying the turquoise water, lounging on some of Puerto Rico’s most lovely beaches, hiking up to the island’s abandoned lighthouse, or spending your day birdwatching.

Fun fact:A group of turtles is referred to as a bale. And with its heavy sea turtle traffic, you might just come across a bale of turtles on Caja de Muertos.

Wander Through The Stunning Old Town

22 Best Things to do in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Founded in 1692, Ponces rich history is reflected in the stunning architecture of its historic zone.

Full of wide plazas, fountains, and old, gorgeous houses, this area alone puts Ponce among the most beautiful places to visit in Puerto Rico .

Some Old Town highlights include:

  • Ponce Cathedral: Dating back to the 17th century, this gorgeous church has survived numerous earthquakes and fires. Locals recommend checking out the enormous pipe organ inside the cathedral and admiring the neoclassical design from the plaza outside.
  • Plaza de las Delicias: Like the cathedral, this incredible public square is centuries old. Translating literally to Plaza of Delights, locals say there’s plenty to delight you hereduring the day the plaza is packed with vendors selling food and crafts, and at night its full of live music.
  • Parque de Bombas: You couldnt miss this colorful building if you tried. Striped in red and black , this historic site sits in the Plaza de la Delicias. Originally a fire station, the building is now a museum commemorating the service of Ponces firefighters.

Local Tip

There is SO much to see in the Ponce historic zone. Check out Ponce’s other great museums in the area, like the Museo de la Arquitectura and the Museo de la Historia.

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The Best Time To Visit Ponce

From a weather perspective, any time between December and May is a great time to visit Ponce. Daytime highs are in the 80s, with plenty of blue skies and sunshine. If you can, time your travel for late spring to early summer for great weather and fewer crowds.

Flowers blooming in Ponce in late December

Hurricane season in Puerto Rico runs from June until November, so travel disruptions might occur during this period. But Puerto Rico is beautiful all year round, so if you are willing to take a little risk, youll find the beaches less crowded.

The Ponce Carnival occurs in February or March, in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. With daily parades and pageantry, live music and dance, and lots of great food and drink, Carnival is a great time to visit Ponce. But be prepared for crowds and higher accommodation prices!

Stroll Down Paseo Tablado La Guacha

This is Ponces boardwalk area and is located by the water, about 15 minutes from downtown.

You can spot pelicans, feed the fish or just take a stroll along the beach.

There are restaurant and shops and depending on the evening you might catch some live music.

You also have the option to rent kayaks or go on a boat ride.

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Explore Art And Culture At Centro Cultural Carmen Sol De Pereira De Ponce

A post shared by Yuliana Mercado on Jun 22, 2019 at 3:02pm PDT

This is a very special place in Ponce that is full of art, history, architecture and culture. There are a number of activities that take place at this centre, which are both educational and cultural in nature. It was founded in the year 1963 and was initially known as The House of Culture. Now it hosts exhibitions and offers courses in painting, sewing etc., to benefit the larger population.

Centro Cultural Carmen Solá de Pereira de Ponce

Address: 70 Calle Cristina, Ponce, 00730, Puerto Rico

Plaza Las Delicias or the Plaza of Delights in English is the main plaza of Ponce and is known for its fountains and other monuments. The plaza spans over an area of 8800 square metres and is divided into north and south sections. One of the best attractions of the plaza is a fountain called The Fuente de Los Leones. Parque de Bombas, the historic firehouse building, is also located at this plaza. This is a just-visit for all art and architecture lovers.

Plaza Las Delicias

Address: Ponce, 00730, Puerto Rico

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Ponce is the second largest city of Puerto Rico after San Juan. It was founded in 1692 by LoÃza Ponce de León and has a population of around 195000. Ponce has many beautiful buildings that date back centuries. Beautiful colonial homes, fountains, plazas and churches are some of the architectural marvels that have been preserved in Ponce. There are a number of places to visit and numerous things to do in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Downtown Plaza de las Delicias is one such must visit places with lovely fountains, cathedral and ample sitting space. Others include history museum, art museums, parks, malls etc. Below is a list of some of the things to do in Ponce that will make your visit worth remembering.

Read also:

Posted by Museo de Arte de Ponce on Thursday, 1 August 2019

It is a great museum and one of the finest in Puerto Rico, with a variety of permanent exhibits including sculptures, framed works, glass pieces etc. Exhibits of European artists as well as Puerto Rican artists are displayed at this museum. Staff is attentive, welcoming and helpful. There is something for every age group and this is a very good destination to visit with family. The atmosphere is pleasant and cosy. This is a place where creativity is appreciated for sure.

Museo de Arte de Ponce

Address: 2325 Av. Las Américas, Ponce, 00717, Puerto Rico

Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Sat: 10am – 5pm Sun: 12pm – 5pm

Price: 6 USD

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