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Things To Do In Paris With Tweens

Where To Stay In Paris With Teens


With three kids , we opted for an apartment rental in Paris instead of traditional hotel rooms. We stayed in the Montmartre neighborhood, which we found to have plenty of affordable grocery stores and delis. Our apartment was a 5-minute walk to the Metro line, which took us anywhere we wanted to go in the city.

The CB! Hotel Collection includes multiple vetted, family-friendly apartments in Paris. If you prefer a hotel, Ciao Bambino Family Vacation Advisors can work with you to choose and book accommodations that suit your needs. Send us a request to get started!

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Ten Fun Things To Do In Paris With Kids

Our trip to London and Paris was our kids very first experience in Europe. They were only 8 and 9 years old at the time, so we wanted to pick two cities that had recognizable landmarks, good food, and fun things to do with kids. During our four days in Paris we toured most of the major sites, ate lots of french food, and spent a lot of time on Paris metro system. Tyler and Kara loved Paris, and from our experience we have come up with ten fun things to do in Paris with kids.

Best Western Aramis St Germain

In the heart of the beautiful, atmospheric area of Saint Germain, the Aramis St Germain is perfectly located and ideal for families who dont want to blow the budget on a hotel stay. Offering family rooms that sleep up to four, this is a great option for families that offers all the possibilities of a central location.

Its also conveniently close to the Jardins du Luxembourg, the perfect spot to keep the kids entertained and let them run off some steam before returning to this kid-friendly hotel in Paris.

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Visit The Filming Locations Of Netflix Emily In Paris

If you visit Paris with teenagers, theyve probably binge-watched Emily in Paris. Hence, its really one of the good fun things to do in Paris with young adults to visit the filming locations. Dont worry, I have them all listed down for you. Follow this guide to see all the locations from Emily in Paris.

Escape Rooms In Paris

Things to Do In Paris with Tweens and Teenagers

For those new to Escape rooms, this is a quick run down.

An escape room, also known as an escape game, is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand.

Escape rooms may consist of a large, single room, or span multiple rooms. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms. If your teen likes this stuff it is definitely one of the top things to do in Paris with teenagers.

You will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and find the truth. Below you will find a map with locations of Paris Escape rooms.

You can find a list of great escape rooms in Paris in the Trip Advisor list. Paris is just too big to give locations around the city. Just check the above link

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What Do I Do With My Teenagers In Paris

This article was published more than 6 years ago. Some information may no longer be current.

A trip to Paris is the perfect chance to give teens a dose of independence.Jan Kranendonk

Whatever your know-it-all teens say, they’ll kick themselves as adults if you don’t make them start with la Dame de Fer. “Walking up to the first level of the Eiffel Tower can be a fun family challenge,” says Paris-based family travel blogger Claudette Parry .

After that, mix it up. “If your teenagers aren’t squeamish, suggest the Catacombs. The underground tunnels are said to be the largest grave in the world, but they’re also weirdly popular.” Or you could appeal to their cultural side. “Palais du Tokyo is one of the city’s most creative art spaces and it’s next to the Museum of Modern Art.”

But what about those sporty teens who are more into soccer than Cézanne? “It’s pretty easy to get tickets for Paris Saint-Germain. Others might also want to take part in Friday night’s citywide rollerblading escapade ,” says Parry, who also has some general trip-planning advice.

“Find out their top three desires for the trip and get those done. Also, buy a transit pass for two weeks for all of you it will be cheaper. And if you’re here on the first Sunday of the month, remember that most Paris museums are free.”

Once they know their Montmartre from their Arc de Triomphe, you’ll find a city stuffed with trip-of-a-lifetime teen experiences if you know where to look.


Top Things To Do In Paris France

If youre looking for a bit of fun, friendly family competition in Paris then 10 pin bowling might be just the activity for you and your teenagers. You can go 10 pin bowling in Paris at a number of different locations in the city centre, even on the Champs Elysees. You can find a great list of bowling alleys in Paris on Yelp

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Wander Through The Streets Of The Latin Quarter

Full of little streets lined with cafés and little shops its the perfect starting point. The impressive Pantheon towers over this area, the front is inspired by Italian architecture and the dome looks similar to the one at St Pauls Cathedral in London. Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Louis Braille are all laid to rest in the Pantheon.

Your teens probably wont want to go inside but the scale and grandeur of the outside of the building will be enough to make them say wow.

Tremble In Fear At The Manoir De Paris

Paris vlog as a teen Teenager in Paris for 24 hours// Just A Teenager

The Manoir de Paris is one of the capitals must-sees for thrill-seekers. This one-of-a-kind attraction is more than just a simple haunted house it is an immersive and interactive theatrical experience loved for its high-quality scenery and costumes, not to mention the convincing performance of its actors. The visit is regularly redesigned, notably for every Friday 13th and for major yearly events . Visitors are plunged into horrific scenarios such as Pariss darkest and most famous crimes, an invasion of bloodthirsty clowns or a zombie outbreak! For even more fearsome fun, the cellar of the Manoir de Paris houses the first interactive escape room with actors in France, and offsite, the Manoir also organizes the Dead Games, a physical challenge where you try to escape a hoard of zombies in an abandoned building. Come and experience it if you think youre brave enough!

More info on the Manoir de Paris

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Day 3 Baguettes Croissants And Treasure Hunt At The Louvre

10 a.m 11 a.m. Behind the scenes Baguettes and Croissants tour

1:30 p.m. Our Treasure Hunt at the Louvre competition with other families via THATLou I figure that eight miles of a museum, even as fabulous as the Louvre might bore my niece so signed us up for the two hour scavenger hunt with the Beauty and the Beast theme. A great interactive and fun way to explore the Louvre for everyone.

Days In Paris Itinerary


Start out your day with a croissant and coffee from Maison Mulot in Saint Germain des Prés. You can also pick up some gourmet food for a picnic.

Choose a museum, site or do some shopping. Collect a Parisian picnic of baguette, various cheeses, sweet and savory spreads, meats and fruit.

Collecting a Picnic In Paris With Teens

Collecting a Picnic in Paris With Kids

Take the metro or other transportation to the

Eiffel Tower

The global cultural icon of France, this tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world, as you will see. If you must go up to see the spectacular view, I would recommend coming back and going very late at night or booking a skip the line tour.

Enjoy a picnic at the park close to the tower, looking up at the majestic iron structure. If it is summer, hundreds of people will be lined up, waiting for hours to get in.

Stroll back along the banks of the Seine and stop at each of the fun stations carbonated water fountain , climbing wall, Bluetooth connection with speakers in a tunnel, paddle tetherball, and more! This was a very enjoyable walk for everyone, even teenagers.

Exit the riverwalk around Pont Royal and enter the posh St. Germain neighborhood.

Treat the family to macaroon at the famous Laduree, the vanilla was magnifique!

If anyone needs a snack to go, we happened upon Francart and had some great food.

If you like tea, then stop into one of the worlds finest tea shops, . My favorite is the French Breakfast.

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Visit Palais De La Cit: The Conciergerie & Sainte Chapelle

Photo: Mitya Ivanov on Unsplash

Ive written about how much I like walking tours in European cities to get insider info from a local. In Paris, our guide stopped in front of the Conciergerie, a castle-like fortress on the northern edge of Île de la Cité and its remarkable.

This royal palace turned government building turned house of justice is the oldest remaining part of the Palais de la Cité, and surprisingly, the inside remains fairly well preserved. Marie Antoinette was held here before she was beheaded and the exhibits featuring her are amazing plus its inexpensive, and kids can imagine the transition from Versailles to a jail cell.

Notre Dame may get all of the attention, but the Sainte Chapelle Cathedral ranks as a favorite in all of Paris .The windows are simply spectacular, because the walls are made entirely of glass.

Pro Tip: Sainte Chapelle is right next door to the Conciergerie, and if you pay 5 extra you can have admission to both, making it cheaper than doing each separately.

Paris Tours With Kids

Things to do in Paris with Tweens

If youre running out of ideas to keep the kids interested and occupied during your Paris vacation, why not opt for a guided tour? Paris offers countless tour companies and guides that will help you see the city in a new light, and if youre short on time or not sure where to go, this can be an ideal opportunity to see a lot in just a few hours.

There are many tours in Paris that cater to families and young children here are a few of our favourites.

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Make A Bottle Of Perfume For Parisien Girls

This one may be for some of the moms with teen girls. You can go to many shops in Paris and make a perfume that you pick yourself. This would be a great bonding exercise for the family and you would have a souvenir for a long time after you leave Paris

Tip #2 Do The Stairs Up And Down The Eiffel Tower

Take the stairs up and down the Eiffel Tower. You can do it up to the second floor. Doing the stairs gives you an opportunity to see this building from a different perspective.

There’s something to be said also about exhausting teenagers! Taking the stairs will definitely spend some of their energy in a positive way. It’s 600 and something stairs to the 2nd floor.

If you’re looking for great Instagram-worthy photos of Paris, you’ll be able to take many from walking the stairs. It’s unique and different and not something everybody does. Show off! Take the stairs!

There are almost no lines to walk up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower. The ticket line for walking is separate and it’s also cheaper than taking the elevator.

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Utilize A Tourist Pass

The Paris Passlib Mini is one of the most affordable tourist passes to use in Paris.

For 40 per adult, 35 per teen, and 26 per child, youll get:

  • 1-hour River Seine cruise
  • 24-hour LOpen tour sightseeing bus ticket
  • Info Booklet and Map

It will help you get your bearings in Paris and give you and the kids some of the most fun tours to use for the day!

Honorable Mention: Enjoy an Exploration Game

If you’re having trouble getting the kids interested in sightseeing, consider engaging them with a self-guided exploration game. These services will put you to the task of solving a mystery.

There are currently three different games available in Paris, and they each cover different subjects and locations in the city.

While some of them might not be appropriate for younger children, these would certainly be fun activities for teenagers.

It is possible to stay on budget with the whole family in Paris!

Here is a list of things we recommend to do for free including art installations, free museum days, and the best views to see. We have even more budget-friendly things to do in Paris in this article.

Breathtaking Things To Do In Paris With Teenagers

Top 5 Stress-Free Cities in Europe for Traveling with Kids and Teens!

Ahh Paris, the city of love. Many people visit Paris for a romantic getaway, a proposal or a weekend of fine dining and extravagance but what happens when you have to drag your teenager or two along with you for your epic Paris visit? Is visiting Paris with teenagers even a good idea?

Suddenly your trip to Paris may have to include a few activities that you didnt expect but what do you do with teenagers in Paris to make it an epic visit that will last a lifetime?

  • More travel inspiration for your trip to France
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    Tip #1 Timing Is Everything At The Louvre And The Orsay

    The lines at the Louvre and the Orsay are not as long in the spring because there are fewer visitors. Also, because the Louvre is open late on Wednesdays, if you go to the Louvre on a Wednesday afternoon between 3 and 4 PM you hit the low between the day-time visitors and the evening visitors.

    The Orsay is open late on Thursdays. So, go on a Thursday around 3 or 4 PM and the line will be shorter than normal.

    The Museum Pass Pays for Itself

    Getting the Museum Pass is also invaluable in how much time it saves you. It includes all City and National Museums in Paris, which is not all of them, but most of them. Note that this is not an affiliate recommendation, we don’t get paid for sending you there. We recommend it because it’s great!

    Persons under 18 get in free at all City and National museums in Paris and all over France. They don’t even need a free ticket, they just walk in with their parents. You may need do prove their age if they look mature, but you can do that either with a photocopy of their passport or a passport card.

    Get a Passport Card

    Bringing a passport card on your vacation is a good idea because it’s official ID BUT if you lose it or if it gets stolen it’s not a big deal. You may need a passport card to prove that your kids are under 18. School ID is also good for that.

    Other Places To Visit In Paris A Little Further Out In The 18th Arrondissement:

    We did this in the morning then took the metro to the Eiffel Tower


    This Roman Catholic church is located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city. The church is beautiful as is the view of Paris.

    Walk down to the Montmartre and gather a picnic around rue Lepic and rue des Abbesses. Make sure to visit an artisan Boulangerie, as this area is known to have some of the best baguettes in Paris!

    On the weekend mornings, you can visit one of the Montmartre Flea Markets.

    If you are doing a 4 day Paris itinerary, consider spending more time discovering the very local feeling, Montemarte, neighborhood

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    See The Versailles Fountain Show

    Every Saturday night at Versailles from mid-June through early September, the Chateau de Versailles puts on an impressive fountain show in their gardens. The finale at the end of the evening includes a colorful fireworks display.

    This tour grants entrance to the gardens for the Saturday night spectacle.

    Segway Tours In Strasbourg

    Things to do in Paris with Tweens

    There is nothing more fun than zipping around a city on a Segway and for teens, this has to be one of the best things to do in Strasbourg. A Strasbourg Segway tour is a great opportunity to have fun and learn about the city. Segway tours are for the whole family, you will be given instructions and a short amount of practise time before you set off on your unique Strasbourg experience.

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    Fun Things To Do In London With Tweens

    Looking for things to do in London with tweens if its not their first time? When the newness factor of London wears off for the kids, it can be tricky planning all the London things you want to see while keeping the whole family happy. Couple that with kids too old to find the Shrek Experience cool, and too young to dare the London Dungeon, finding the best things to do in London for a day again can be quite a chore.

    While there are tons of London sightseeing attractions for kids, planning a day with tweens already familiar with London can take some extra planning. Museums kept to a minimum for sanity sake, this post outlines an atypical day in London with tweens thats super fun for the parents, too.

    Leveraging whats left on my abbreviated London bucket list eager to check off all the things, layered with ideas from the kids, heres an awesome way to spend a day sightseeing in London with tweens.

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