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Things To Do In Pacific Grove

Free Things To Do In Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove, California: Activities, Events and much more…

There’s no need to run your credit card hot in Pacific Grove. The following won’t even cost a penny.

Lovers Point – Let the kids have a good time or release your own inner child this attraction just screams fun.

St Mary’s by the Sea – Enjoy a little quiet contemplation and learn a thing or two about this site’s spiritual significance.

Lovers Point – Nurture your green thumb and admire the wide variety of plants on show.

Pacific Grove Museum Of Natural History

  • Address: 165 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove, CA

Established in 1883 by naturalists John Muir and Louis Agassiz, the museum is one of the many interesting things to see in Pacific Grove. It caters to what is primary in the region, local fauna and flora.

Exhibits include wildlife, birds, plants and geology with displays of over 400 bird specimens and over 100 plant species that are native to Monterey County.

Your entire family will love learning a little more about the life that surrounds them when they step into this museum.

Wine Tasting At A Taste Of Monterey

Monterey County is a world-renowned wine travel destination with around 200 vineyards majorly producing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

A Taste of Monterey is a popular oceanside wine market and restaurant located on Cannery Row.

They let you taste a variety of wines sourced from nearly 100 wineries of the region.

Relish a glass of delicious local wine while appreciating the spectacular views of the ocean.

You can also try out the wines of prominent Monterey wineries at their tasting rooms located in Pacific Grove, such as Carmel Ridge Winery and Pierce Ranch Vineyards.

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Take A Side Trip To Big Sur


Big Sur Village is about a half hour’s drive south of Carmel. If you can’t go further down the coast than that, make a day trip out of heading to Big Sur and back. It’s far enough to take in some pretty spectacular coastal scenery along the way, including the Point Sur Lighthouse.

Once you’re in Big Sur, there’s also no shortage of things to do. If you travel down the Pacific Coast Highway a little ways from Big Sur, you’ll stumble upon Pfeiffer Beach which is famous for its purple sand and gorgeous sunset views. You can also stop by the Post Ranch Inn or the Ventana Inn for a relaxing trip to a day spa overlooking the ocean. Alternatively, spend your afternoon leisurely browsing the private book collection at the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

If you continue another 10 minutes’ drive past the village, enjoy a meal at the scenic Nepenthe Restaurant, which is one of the most famous restaurants along the entire Pacific Coast Highway.

Perfect Things To Do In Pacific Grove California

Things to Do in Pacific Grove, California

Charming Pacific Grove, located in Monterey Bay, makes for a wonderful getaway, for a day, a weekend, or more. It has a spectacular setting along the Pacific Ocean, a quaint downtown, and plenty of fun things to do.

Pacific Grove is known for its monarch butterfly grove, its many historic homes, some of which date back to the 19th century, and its long stretch of beautiful rocky coastline featuring several scenic overlooks. The small town also offers many charming inns, for a relaxing Central Coast vacation.

Somewhat overshadowed by neighboring Monterey and nearby Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pacific Grove is a must-visit California Central Coast destination in its own right. Its beautiful coastline is our go-to when we want a quiet walk by the ocean, and the town has plenty of great eateries for lunch after a morning spent outdoors.

While you could spend your entire vacation enjoying the offerings in Pacific Grove, the town also makes for a convenient base from which to explore the rest of Monterey Bay. It is the perfect destination, whether you are planning a romantic couples getaway, a fun family vacation, or a solo trip.

Considering a visit to Pacific Grove, CA? Read on to discover all the fun things to do in Pacific Grove, plus our suggestions for where to stay and where to eat.

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Admire The Victorian Architecture In Town

Downtown Pacific Grove is known for its many historic homes and beautiful architecture. There are well over 1,000 historic buildings in the town, most of them private residences, in different architectural styles, from Romanesque to Gothic to Victorian and more.

You can do a self-guided walking tour of some of the historic homes in Pacific Grove. As you walk the town, note the little green plaques on some of the houses: they are gifted by the Heritage Society of Pacific Grove to homes built before 1926.

Chautauqua Hall, on 16th and Central Avenue, was built in 1881 to host concerts, and is designated a State Historic Landmark. You can see Steinbecks Cottage on 11th Street, and stay in it as well! Seven Gables Inn and Pryor House, both on Oceanview Boulevard, are worth seeing as well.

Walk Or Bike The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail stretches 18 miles from Castroville to Pacific Grove. The paved trail has multiple entry/exit points and provides a high variety of services.

The Pacific Groove section goes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to Lovers Point . On this ride, you can stop by places such as Cabrillo Point, Andy Jacobsen Park, and Berwick Park. A short deviation will take you to Downtown Pacific Grove. On the Monterey side, you have access to Cannery Row and all its attractions.

You can extend your trip as much as you want. A nice idea is to pedal or walk from Pacific Grove to the Fishermen Wharf in Monterey. This 2.5 miles is flat, easy, and full of interesting sights.

For bike rentals, go to Adventures by the Sea .

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Things To Do During Holiday In Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard

Six weeks of long, uninterrupted bliss the school holidays are finally here and while its great to spend time with the little ones, sometimes it can be hard to keep the nipper entertained over the holiday period. Fear not, weve rounded up a selection of Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard summer holiday activities

Looking for things to do with children in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard during the school holidays? Take a look at all this stuff going on across town. Plenty of these things to do are free or cheap so keeping children happy neednt break the bank.

Visit The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Surprising things in Monterey and Pacific Grove, California

Some say the type of plants giving the carpet of flowers its name attract monarch butterflies. As a matter of fact, people in the area do plant species that attract the butterflies on purpose.

Monarch butterflies can fly up to 3,000 miles to reach their winter homes in Central Mexico. Some do not make it to Mexico and overwinter along the United States western coast. One of those places is found in Pacific Grove.

With time, the monarch population has declined. That is why locals are encouraged to plant species preferred by the butterflies.

For sanctuary visits, you need to get in contact with the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.

Note: There is a butterfly grove in Pismo Beach.

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Family Road Trip To Pacific Grove

The butterfles are back! One of our favorite places for a fun family getaway is the picturesque seaside town of Pacific Grove, famous for its Monarch Grove butterfly sanctuary. While 2020 saw almost no monarch butterflies return to the grove, this year there are thousands, with more arriving each day!

While not as flashy as Monterey, Carmel, and its other neighbors in the Monterey Bay Area, Pacific Grove makes up for this in charm, billing itself as “America’s Last Hometown” and “Butterfly Town USA”. With a close proximity to the Bay Area, plenty of things to see and do, and an amazing coastal location, Pacific Grove is an ideal place for a family getaway this fall or winter.

Hours In Pacific Grove

Ever wanted to escape from your car for a weekend? Charming Pacific Grove, with its dollhouse-like Victorian buildings and Main Street, USA feel, is the perfect spot for a 48-hour, car-free, surprisingly affordable getaway. Every corner of Pacific Grove is easily reached by foot or by bicycle. Feel the tension slip away as you watch the world go by at a much slower pace.

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Go Whale Watching At The California Coast

Pacific Grove has numerous vantage points offering great views of marine wildlife.

Whale watching is on every tourists itinerary while visiting this town.

Over 20,000 grey whales cross the California coast biannually.

You can spot humongous blue whales between June to October.

Humpback whales can be spotted from April to early December.

Hidden Things To Do In Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard

Top Things to Do in Pacific Grove, California

Everyone knows about Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevards iconic attractions, major museums and world-class restaurants, which means theyre usually busy. Real Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevarders and canny travellers prefer to head off the beaten track to seek out under-the-radar gems. Our guide to Secret Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard highlights the more unusual things Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard has to offer, so you can explore a lesser-known side of the city. Spend a day losing yourself in hidden gardens, having a drink in a disguised bar and revisiting forgotten locations. Just make sure you keep this insider info to yourself, all right?

in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard,

Eye-opening tours, trips to lavender fields, and secret parties: there is no shortage of things to do in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard off the beaten path. Check out this list of cool stuff to do in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard . Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard is such a heap of things to see and things to do, and I can never grow tired of it.

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Shop At Farmers’ Market

Fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, flowers, nuts, and dairy items are offered for sale by the local farmers at this market.

A majority of the products are sourced from organic farms.

Works by regional artists and artisans are also displayed here for sale.

This market is frequented by both tourists and local patrons alike and is open on Mondays, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Things To Do In Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard With Family And Kids

These include my unmissable highlights visiting and living in the city, with ideas if youre visiting Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard for the first time, or you can find unusual things to do in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard with the family, more things to do in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard with toddlers, plus inspiration for a rainy day in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard in my other posts.

We explain how to get the best deals in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard for families What are the best places to take kids in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard? Attractions in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard for kids are plentiful. Ever popular choices .We explain how to get the best value from these attractions by combining tickets

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Things To Do In Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard With Friends

Visiting Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard is always fun but it can also be overwhelming, depending on the group youre with, Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard has everything to offer. If youre in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard with your crowd, read on, my friend, as this guide will help you pick and choose fun activities to do in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard.

Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard is a huge city, and so is the number of ways in which you can have fun here. We hope youve found something to your liking, which is highly probable, especially considering how unique and innovative some of the activities listed here are. Have as much fun as you can, and dont forget to like the article

Travelling to the city with friends and stuck for ideas on what to do? We can help! Heres our pick of the best things to do in Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard as a group

What To Pack For Your Pacific Grove Travel Vacation

Pacific Grove, California – Reasons to visit & move to PG

My packing recommendation for Pacific Grove and most of northern California is to use layers. I often wear a short-sleeved shirt with a light sweater over it. I’ll also typically have a light to medium weight jacket or pullover with it. That allows me to add and remove items as the day warms up or cools down.

I also usually wear jeans or long pants. The winds came make it feel a bit cooler than the temperature, so I try to keep my legs warm. Longer skirts will usually work too.

If you plan to do a lot of walking , make sure to pack some really comfortable shoes. I usually wear shoes without too much of a heel so I can comfortably walk around as much as needed. However, I also pack a pair of dress shoes in case I’m going out to an expensive and classy dinner as there are lots of amazing restaurants here.

> > Find additional details on the weather by month for the Monterey Bay Area

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Appreciate The Butterflies At Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

In October, the monarch butterflies come to Pacific Grove from miles away for their winter migration.

They hang in clusters from this sanctuary’s eucalyptus, pine, and cypress trees and wait out the winter.

The climate of the sanctuary makes it ideal for them to stay until February.

Several tourists flock to this place to admire the thousands of brilliantly-colored monarchs.

Entry to the sanctuary is free, and the ideal time to visit is between 12 pm to 3 pm.

The laws of the region relating to the butterflies are stringent and aim to protect them.

Visitors are allowed to watch and take pictures, and the sanctuary is open from dawn to dusk.

Visit this place and appreciate the beauty of these majestic creatures.

Explore Marine Life At Monterey Bay Aquarium

Being one of the region’s top attractions, this exquisite aquarium welcomes millions of visitors each year.

It dates back to 1984 and is located at the site of a former sardine cannery.

It exhibits several thousands of diverse marine flora and fauna, such as Hula skirt siphonophore, Bloodybelly comb jelly, Blue whale, Broadnose sevengill shark, Monkeyface prickleback, Chambered nautilus, Dead mans fingers, Pom-pom anemone, Giant Pacific octopus, and plenty more.

The aquariums open sea exhibit features the oceans exotic underwater life.

You can spot humpback whales, sea otters, and various other marine creatures from the aquariums ocean-view decks.

It also features African penguins, a kelp forest, and coral reefs.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-visit in Pacific Grove.

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Reflect At The Mission Carmel

Mission San Carlos Borromeo del rÃo Carmelo is the official name of the Carmel Mission. This beautifully restored mission was first built in 1797 and is a must-see when visiting quaint Carmel for its California history, authentic restoration, and quiet gardens with bubbling fountains.

The mission was founded by Father Junipero Serra, known as âThe Father of the California Missions” who is buried in the cemetery there. The mission is an active parish and you can attend mass and events.

Things To Do For Couples In Pacific Grove

Things to do in Pacific Grove, CA

Whether youre on your first date or have been with your partner for years, there are lots of fun things to do in Pacific Grove for couples. Londin has many unique attractions that are perfect for romantic dates.

Valentines Day falls on a Tuesday this year. So if youve got someone to impress or just fancy a love-in with your mates, youll be wanting some options on either the weekends either side, or on the day itself. Alternatively, you could just stay in and watch TV in your pyjamas, no judgement here. If you dont want to do anything official, weve got a few suggestions for romantic things you can do in Pacific Grove , no bookings required.

With these amazing romantic things to do in Pacific Grove at Night, the difficulty will be in choosing where to start. Hopefully this list has given you a great choice, and plenty of ideas to wow your other half. If you are planning on proposing, or have a special anniversary to celebrate, treat yourself with some luxury and champagne. It doesnt matter if you are 18, 80, or somewhere in between, Pacific Grove has plenty of romantic activities for all.

Pacific Grove knows how to do date night right. From cosy cocktails in underground speakeasies to strolls along the River Thames, theres a lot to choose from. In search of some date night ideas? Here are 18 romantic things to do in Pacific Grove to get you started.

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Drive Along Oceanview Boulevard And Sunset Drive

When you think of Pacific Grove, two streets immediately come to mind: Oceanview Boulevard and Sunset Drive.

These two streets are basically the heart and soul of this area, acting as an absolute hotspot for recreational types in every way imaginable.

Running pretty much the length of Pacific Grove, these scenic roads provide ample opportunities to get away from the business of Cannery Row during your vacation.

Beachside parking lots make strolling along the walkway easy and convenient, giving you plenty of opportunities to soak up that gorgeous view.

Whether on a walk, bike ride or drive through, this thoroughfare has spectacular views of both rocky cliffs and moving waves.

To get to know Pacific Grove’s beautiful coastline in detail, simply take a drive up either Pacific Grove Boulevard or Sunset Drive and explore the sea-side community.

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