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Things To Do In Nyc For Bachelorette Party

Cruise On The Lake With Lake George Steamboat Company

Bachelorette party in NYC | July Vlog

If youve ever been in Lake George and heard a loud horn that is far too massive of a sound to have been a car horn, it was probably one of the Lake George Steamboat Company’s three steamboats that circle around the lake. Choose to reserve a spot on a lunch or dinner cruise with fantastic food and superb views. Depending on the time of your visit, there may be speciality cruises available with ever changing themes of atmosphere and food.

Nighttime Bachelor Party Ideas In New York City

Lets not forget the notorious nightlife in the Big Apple! Let’s face it, New York was made for a bachelor party. With upscale clubs and bars all over the city, there are plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable, late night. From music venues to rooftop parties to dance clubs, New York has it all. For a lively night in your last days of bachelorhood, try one of these versatile nightlife venues:

  • VIP Experience: The perfect bachelor party setting awaits in The 40/40 Club, a deluxe lounge doubling as an all-American sports bar. Co-owned and renovated by hip hop celebrity Jay-Z, the penthouse club offers high class entertainment with a view. Purchase an exclusive bachelor party package or rent out one of the lavish VIP rooms for the groom.
  • All-in-One Experience: At LAVO you can whet your appetite for both food and dancing. An elegant Italian bistro occupies the upper level, while the lower level features a luxurious club complete with disco balls and one-of-a-kind cocktails. Start your party upstairs and then make your way down to the dance floor.
  • Your bachelor party in New York awaits! Have you had a bachelor party in New York? Have more suggestions? Leave a comment below or on or .

    Planning Bachelor Parties In Nyc

    Here are the steps you need to take in order to plan a successful bachelor party:

  • Pick a venue or venues for your party. Do you want to pack your day with a ton of daytime activities, or would you prefer to keep the festivities limited until the evening?
  • Think: food! The key to a good bachelor party is good food. It also decreases your chances of losing some members of your party too early therefore, it is probably even a good idea to plan your activities around eating times.
  • Determine daytime and nighttime activities for your party. What are some fun activities you can do during the day? Where do you want to be sure to go at night?
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    Popular Bachelor Party Restaurants In Nyc

    Known for its exceptional dining, NYC has many renowned restaurants that deserve a visit. Whatever your tastes may be, the city hosts a variety of cuisines at various price points. For a guys’ night out, try Keens, a good old-fashioned steakhouse, or check out Butter, which offers a cozy dining experience with delicious, locally-sourced food from Food Network Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli. For more dining options for your NYC bachelor party, check out these hot spots:

    Sweet Sips At Sugar Factory

    How to Host a Bachelorette Weekend in New York City

    If your bride-to-be has a serious sweet tooth, Sugar Factory is sure to satisfy. Youll find sweet treats, savory food, and best of all: colorful drinks garnished with candy and served in glasses the size of fish bowls. Sugar Factory also has a bachelorette party package, which includes a three-course meal, prosecco, themed accessories, a pound of candy, and those aforementioned alcohol-filled goblets.

    Sugar Factory is located at 835 Washington Street.

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    Dance Until They Turn The Lights On At Pauls Cocktail Lounge

    TribecaOnce you settle up the tab at Bohemian, shes gonna wanna hit the club. If youre still riding the high of exclusivity, head to Pauls Cocktail Lounge , where the famously tough doorman is almost as hard to win over as the bouncer at Berghain. If youre worried about getting in, show up early — and definitely leave the bridal veils at home. The eponymous Paul is Paul Sevigny , who packs this intimate dance floor with the young, the beautiful, and the B-list.

    Do The Hula At Tiki Chick

    Upper West SideThis elevated tiki bar has a drink menu that bachelorette party dreams are made of: frozen strawberry margaritas, a Fish Face with absinthe and guava served in a ceramic koi, a very blue Blue Hawaiian served up, and even a Jungle Juice punch bowl. The space, which features a grass ceiling and bamboo tables, is intimate and surprisingly low-key for a spot that slings Zombies made with 151-proof rum. The food options are limited , but youre not here to eat. Youre here to get the bride so tipsy she cries in the bathroom about how much she loves you!

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    Brunch Lunch Or Dinner

    Try a new trendy restaurant or head to your favorite local spot for a decadent meal with your group. Without the cost of drinks to worry about, you’re free to indulge in extra apps, desserts, decorations and maybe even a private room. Extend the festivities by going for blowouts and mani-pedis beforehand so you can roll up to the restaurant feeling fierce.

    Be Classy During High Tea


    Boozy brunch is so last year. High tea is the latest mid-meal craze, and were all about the spread served at the stunning Williamsburg Hotel. For $30 per person, you select an exquisite tea of your choice from Brooklyn-based tea shop dubbed Tea Dealers. Chef Adam Leonti provides a three tiers of mouthwatering sweet and savory treats for the tablethink black pepper and mascarpone quiche, cucumber and brie sandwiches, rosemary currant scones and chili-chocolate brownies.

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    Plan An Amazing Bachelorette Party In New York

    The Big Apple. New York is not only Americas largest city, but also considered, by many, to be the countrys cultural epicenter. Restaurants, Broadway, shopping, as well as trend-setting clubs and bars, New York offers a little bit of everything for a bachelorette party.

    In fact, New York is such a huge city with so many things to do that no two New York City bachelorette parties are really the same. Instead, you can tailor your NYC bachelorette party to your group and have an experience that is totally different than anyone elses bachelorette party.

    What are New York City must haves? It really depends on your group. Are you locals from the tri-state area, coming into the city for a great night on the town, or traveling from further away? Is New York a regular destination or will it be the first- time for some of the guests? These questions may seem obvious, but, trust us, the answers to them should shape your New York City experience.

    If your group has first-timers in it, there are some iconic New York sites and experiences that you are going to want to have. Of course, we suggest at least one Broadway show, especially if you will have Big Apple first-timers in your group. However, if most of your party has never visited NYC, we suggest something we rarely suggest with any of our destinations: a day of sight-seeing.

    Bachlorette Parties Nyc #7 Take A Sightseeing Cruise

    Next on my list of ideas for bachelorette parties in NYC, its sightseeing cruises! A sightseeing cruise of NYC ticks all the boxes for a memorable bachelorette party in NYC!

    You get to see the city, relax, catch-up, take loads of amazing photos together Its perfect! Sightseeing cruises are also a pretty affordable option for bachelorette parties in NYC, especially considering how many memories youll make onboard! During the daytime, I recommend booking a classic sightseeing cruise, or if you want to take an evening boat cruise, then this sunset harbour lights cruise is an amazing choice.

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    Bachelorette Party Guide: Trolley Time

    For an original way of getting around with your bachelorette crew, look into The New York Trolley Company. Safe, clean means of transportation, these trolleys can fit your entire bridal party and get you around the city in style. Food and drink, dancing, and decorations are all encouraged, with professional drivers providing hop on-hop off convenience. You can class up your Instagram feed as well!

    Recover At Spa Castle

    Pin on Stars Bachelorette party

    College Point, QueensPlan to show up at noon, then adjust for hangovers as needed. The all-female baths are the optimal place to sweat out last nights vodka and celebrate the last days of singlehood. Once you get over the initial surprise of seeing all your friends naked as jaybirds, you can float in the pools and bask in your feminine power. Once youre pruny, don the provided pink PJs and hop from sauna to sauna. Expect candid conversations about childhood traumas, first loves, and pubic hair — the Spa Castle just does that to you.

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    The Best Bachelorette Parties In Nyc

    The Ladies of Lips invite you to join the party and be a part of the LIVE interactive stage show, plus the bachelorette can get their moment of fame with and on-stage celebration that includes a special souvenir shot, photos with the drag queens and a bachelorette tiara.

    At your bachelorette party you will experience, incredible signature drinks and shots, a great meal and a fabulous show which will make your visit a girls’ night out you won’t forget. Lips has been New York’s bests and most exciting way to celebrate the bride’s last night out for two decades!

    Stay connected with the LADIES OF LIPS and become a LIPS VIP! Just for joining you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a FREE dinner for 4 at LIPS in New York City! JOIN TODAY!

    Come Sail Away With Parasailing Adventures

    Set sail across the sky while parasailing on Lake George! Your bride-to-be will be flying from this exhilarating adventure thanks to Parasailing Adventures. Once youre up in the air, youll have an unobstructed, prime view of your surrounding areas that include mountains and the lake. This activity would make a wonderful photo opportunity as you are up in the air in the colorful parasail wing. The photo may be taken from far away, but smile!

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    Get Shocked At The Box

    NolitaIf Hunk-O-Mania was a little too sexy, youre going to want to skip The Box. Starting at 1am, this club-cum-burlesque space features acts ranging from the kinda tame to the truly outrageous. The smallish space is famously tough to get into, so head in early, reserve a table if you can, and expect a wait at the door.

    Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend


    Whether you love Marilyn Monroe or your shiny new engagement ring, theme your party around diamonds! Decorate with diamond ring shaped party supplies and sprinkle sparkly diamond shaped confetti on the tables. Play “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” in the background or cue up our Final Fling Playlist. Get a Bling Bride shirt for the bride and get all of the party attendees light up rings as fun party favors!

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    Hudson Ny: 25 Hours From Nyc

    What to do

    As one of the most robust towns along the Hudson Valley in terms of accommodations, shopping, and restaurants, youll have your fair share of activities to choose from in Hudson. The towns large queer community and number of queer-owned businesses makes it a perfect place for a LGBTQ+ bachelor or bachelorette party, too. No matter what your party wants to do, theres something that caters to everyones taste in a weekend upstate. From taking a tour of the Kinderhook Farm to meet the animals, to a visit to the Suarez Family Brewery for beer in their taproom, to a hike up to the dramatic views at High Falls, theres a lot to choose from. I recommend perusing this directoryof all of the shops in Hudson prior to your visit, our own guide to Hudson, as well as checking out the Hudson Valley Bucket List Bachelorette Tour if youre looking for a guided tour of vineyards, cideries, and other cultural offerings of the Hudson Valley.

    Where to eat

    Where to stay

    Youll have your choice of a few boutique hotels in the heart of Hudson, or houses in the greater town radius. Wm. Farmer and Sons boasts different types of rooms throughout several buildings downtown and has become one of the staples of Hudson. And there are plenty of Airbnb options depending on the size of your party. A few of my favorites are a home that sleeps nine with a well-equipped kitchen, an elegant historic house that sleeps ten, or a mansion sleeping up to twelve!

    Learn How To Pole Dance

    Pole Fitness is sexy, fun, and a genuine work out! Anyone can pole dance and everyone will have a great time doing it! Many pole studios offer bachelorette party packages that include hour long private classes. Some classes will let you bring fun props like this neon fluffy boa! Don’t push yourself too far, have fun with it, and embrace your sexiness!

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    Host A Lingerie Shower Bachelorette Party

    A Lingerie Shower sends the Bride into married life with a whole new lingerie wardrobe! Both she and ESPECIALLY groom will thank you! The key to this party is to have every guest bring a cute piece of lingerie for the Bride to be. You can even turn it into a game: Have the Bride guess who gave her each piece! It doesn’t have to be all serious though, throw in a couple gag gifts for the Wedding night into the mix – like edible undies or a sexy coupon book. Serve a signature cocktail with a cute “lingerie” name and some party snacks that keep with the theme. Don’t forget purchase a funny bedroom favor for each guest to take home . Many people hold both a Bachelorette party and a Lingerie Shower. You can never have too much fun!

    Bachelorette Parties In Nyc #6 The Ride

    How To Plan the Most Epic Vegas Bachelorette Party ...

    The RIDE is one of the most unique tours of NYC, so it makes a perfect choice for bachelorette parties in NYC. The RIDE is equal parts theatre, as it is a city tour. Youll tour NYC in a huge bus, and youll sit sideways looking out onto the streets through a huge window.

    From the window, youll see the best city sights, but youll also see performers, street-shows and more! You can book tickets by clicking here. If you want something a bit quirky and different this is the bachelorette party ideas in NYC for you! Its a cute ideas for bachelorette parties in NYC, and youll learn a few things along the way too.

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    Fun For A Bachelorette Party

    Went with 5 other people for a bachelorette party, as the brie had always wanted to see a burlesque show. We originally were going to try and get seats upstairs, but when we got there we were told there was a private party and we had to stay downstairs. Not a huge problem, but it did get crowded. Mainly standing room only, although there were a handful of chairs in the front.The show itself was good! We thought all of the dancers did a great job. Would definitely go back.


    We decided to try out The Slipper Room on a whim as we hadn’t made any plans for the Friday night thinking we would be jet lagged after flying from Newcastle . I’m so glad we weren’t as this was our best night out in New York! What a quirky little place amazing atmosphere and such welcoming friendly staff. They made our first night in the big apple one we will remember forever! I would definitely 100% recommend this place.

    Looking for something out of the ordinary? This burlesque/comedy show is worth the visit. It’s highly entertaining and off the wall.We ordered tickets on line…cost an extra $10. When we got there, tickets were still available at the door. Save your money and buy a beer.

    Sing Your Heart Out At Insa

    GowanusThe Korean fried chicken at this Gowanus karaoke restaurant is sweet, sticky, and spicy — plus, you can scream-sing From This Moment On in the privacy of your very own karaoke room. Rooms start at $60 an hour for parties under 10 and you can reserve space for up to 22 of the brides closest friends for $160 an hour. Order a few punch bowls and load up on carbs, because youre gonna need em to get through the night.

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    Go To A Shooting Range

    Take out all of that wedding planning aggression at the shooting range! You can be the Pistol packing bachelorettes! Schedule a private session and learn gun safety and basic techniques from a real pro at the local gun range.. Then, challenge each other and see who’s the best shot! Create a special target to shoot at and then keep your targets as souvenirs of your new skill and a fun party! Afterwards head to a local eatery or bar to talk about your new skills!

    Nyc Bachelorette Party Help

    Scenterprises – Bachelorette Parties New York City NY

    We have decided to come to NYC for my Bachelorette party and are staying from Friday, May 11- Sunday, May 13. None of us are super familiar with NYC, only been a few times for shopping, and once for NYE Basically my MOH needs some major help planning everything!!

    Here’s a little about what we are looking for:

    – Our group will consist of 8-12 girls all in the 25-27 y/o range .

    – We would like to stay in the $750/night range for the hotel room, and would prefer a suite, but would be fine with splitting into a few rooms. Cheaper would be even better, but its looking like that is the cheapest for something that is in a good location and not gross?

    – One night we’d like to dress-up , although still incorporate bachelorette party gear, just not the super trashy stuff. The other night we’re thinking just “club wear” with bachelorette party stuff of course!

    – We’ll probably spend most of the daytime shopping, relaxing, exploring, ect. But my MOH has her heart set on us doing a pole dancing class sometime on Saturday!

    – For Dinners, one night I want to go to Carmines in Time Square because its my favorite and my cousin is a waiter there. The other night, we would definitely love suggestions!!

    – At some point during the weekend, would like to have 1 or 2 drinks at a rooftop bar with a nice view and a good vibe, just to get that experience!

    So, if you arent judging me too much, we would love suggestions for any/all of the following:


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