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Things To Do In New York For Bachelorette Party

Visit The Rockefeller Center

Bachelorette party in NYC | July Vlog

Also promising great views of the Big Apple is the Rockefeller Center. This plaza, also in Midtown Manhattan, is located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. This 70-story art-deco buildings observation deck is called Top of the Rock and its spread over 3 levels of the building: 67th, 69th, & 70th. The deck here has both indoor & outdoor viewing, and visitors can visit it during the day and after dark to take in the daytime & nighttime views respectively.

Apart from getting on to the observation floors, visitors can tour the building, see the plazas sculptures, and visit the shops & restaurants in it. If youre there in the winter, you get to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and a large skating rink too.

Sex And The City Hotspots Tour

Gather a group and relive TV magic with a bus tour to visit locations in New York City where scenes were filmed for the hit HBO TV show Sex and The City. The host touches on more than 40 locations on the tour, such as the gallery in SoHo where Charlotte worked and bars where Carrie and the girls drank and gossiped. The bus stops at certain locations so you can sample what the characters ate and drank, like the cupcakes Miranda stuffed into her mouth at a bakery. There are TVs on the bus so clips from the show can be viewed to remind passengers of the locations theyre visiting.

Bachlorette Parties Nyc #4 Take A Tv / Movie Locations Tour Together

Youve all seen all the movies and TV shows set in NYC, and taking a tour of the city around all the main filming locations is a really fun way to spend a few hours in the city.

For this choice for bachelorette parties in NYC, you can pose for photos in all your favourite movie locations, and even snap some instagram stories!

I recommend booking this TV and movie tour as it includes a walking tour of NYC, and youll also get to go behind the scenes at one of Americas most iconic TV studios too!

This is such a fun addition to my list of bachelorette party ideas in NYC.

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Getting The Party Started: Wine Tasting At Corkbuzz In Union Square

Now were easing into the fun part of the night. Before we go full-on DJ, strobe lights, and shots, were gonna start as classy as we can. Corkbuzz is a wine bar in Union Square with small plates and an extensive wine list to get your night started. The classy interior and dazzling, golden-lit wine glass wall are perfect precursors to your crazy night out.

Nyc Bachelorette Party Help

9 Bachelorette Party Ideas In New York City

We have decided to come to NYC for my Bachelorette party and are staying from Friday, May 11- Sunday, May 13. None of us are super familiar with NYC, only been a few times for shopping, and once for NYE Basically my MOH needs some major help planning everything!!

Here’s a little about what we are looking for:

– Our group will consist of 8-12 girls all in the 25-27 y/o range .

– We would like to stay in the $750/night range for the hotel room, and would prefer a suite, but would be fine with splitting into a few rooms. Cheaper would be even better, but its looking like that is the cheapest for something that is in a good location and not gross?

– One night we’d like to dress-up , although still incorporate bachelorette party gear, just not the super trashy stuff. The other night we’re thinking just “club wear” with bachelorette party stuff of course!

– We’ll probably spend most of the daytime shopping, relaxing, exploring, ect. But my MOH has her heart set on us doing a pole dancing class sometime on Saturday!

– For Dinners, one night I want to go to Carmines in Time Square because its my favorite and my cousin is a waiter there. The other night, we would definitely love suggestions!!

– At some point during the weekend, would like to have 1 or 2 drinks at a rooftop bar with a nice view and a good vibe, just to get that experience!

So, if you arent judging me too much, we would love suggestions for any/all of the following:


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Nurse A Hangover At High Afternoon Tea

MidtownTouting one of NYCs most opulent afternoon tea services is the Baccarat Hotel. Nurse your hangover over towering tea sets like the Prince of Wales which includes Caviar Quail Eggs and Raspberry Tartlettes or the vegetarian Queen Isabella II of Spain option which offers Artichoke Toast and Chocolate Almond Cookies. All of which will certainly pair sublimely with a few hair of the dog glasses of champagne.

Paddle Around With Lake George Kayak Company

Taking a kayak or paddleboard on the water is both an exercise and a reward. Paddle your kayak or simply glide around the lake with Lake George Kayak Company. If you choose to stay at the Sagamore, youll only be a stones throw from the place where youll launch your kayaks and paddleboards. You can also rent a canoe! Rental periods range from one hour to half a day to a full day so youll have control of how long youd like to be waterlogged.

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First Bite: Being Boujee At Bar Primi

At this point, the small bites you had this morning have probably worn off and everyone is starving. Luckily, right down the street from your hotel, theres a place that is going to do even more than satisfy your hunger. Bar Primi is the absolute perfect NYC bachelorette party idea that will have you fitting right in with New Yorks most glamorous crowd. It is your classic high-end Italian restaurant with mouth-watering pastas and amazing brunch add-ons to the outstanding regular menu if you decide to make an early visit. Prioritizing fresh ingredients and age-old Italian techniques, the $$$ will be absolutely worth it and go down as one of the best girls-day meals you all have ever had.

Discover Delicious Food At East Cove Restaurant

Bachelorette vlog | New York Getaway, Girls Trip

For a more upscale dining experience in the area, check out the East Cove Restaurant. Choose from their versatile menu that includes options of surf, turf, along with savory signature plates such as their Lobster Mac and Cheese or Rustic Chicken Marsala. East Cove is only a short walk from Million Dollar Beach should you decide to take a walk on the beach after your meal.

No matter what activities you choose for the bachelorette weekend, youll surely put a smile on the bride’s face and provide memories that will last a lifetime!

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Be Daring At Adirondack Adventure’s Whitewater Rafting

For the adventurous bridal parties out there, whitewater rafting may be a perfect pastime. Make your way down rapid waters on an inflatable raft courtesy of the reputable Adirondack Adventure Center. Youll sit on the edge of the raft and paddle when asked. Dont worry, youll have an expert there to help out. Just remember to put on your helmets when rushing down a body of water!

Customize The Perfect Lip Shade To Complement Your Wedding Look

SoHoWe know that when it comes to the look and design of a wedding, every painstaking detail matters, and next on the docket is choosing the perfect shade of lipstick to complement your wedding look. Head to Bite Beautys Lipstick Lab in SoHo and collaborate with a team of color experts to create an entirely unique shade in four easy steps. Mix your hues pick a finish add a flavor and finally engrave the tube with a flirty name. In the end, youll all feel pampered and can keep the makeup as a bachelorette souvenir.

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Getting Polished: Manicures At Chillhouse In Soho

Im sure youve had your nails done for weeks leading up to that ring on your finger, but its time to get funky with your girls! Chillhouse is probably the most aesthetically pleasing spa youve ever seen, with every inch being absolutely Instagram-worthy. Its modern-eclectic decor reflects the quirky nail designs they offer in their manicure sessions, which is sure to put a smile on everyones face before you start your big weekend. Other treatments such as facials, massages, and heat sessions in their gorgeously lit saunas can be added to the NYC bachelorette party ideas itinerary because youll want to get the most out of this stunning location for your trip.

Perfect: Soho Murals That Are Ig Necessities

Best Bachelorette Party Venues in Tampa

Is it really a trip to New York City if you didnt find some beautiful murals for photo ops? Pics or it didnt happen, as the kids say. Luckily, New York is full of astounding artwork that is the perfect backdrop for your NYC bachelorette party ideas bach squad. Staying on the theme of love for the bride-to-be, visit the outside of Italian restaurant Pietro Nolita, located in its namesake of Nolita. The all-pink exterior and spray-painted heart mural will make for the perfect Instagram photo with your gals celebrating your recent engagement!

Another really great mural to stop by is the Holding Hands mural on Lafayette Street in Little Italy. The giant mural pictures two stick figures holding hands over a yellow backdrop with red and orange swirls. This is another perfect spot to show your celebration of love for not only your fiancé but for your amazing besties for always having your back!

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The Perfect Nyc Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

The ring is on your finger, youve been staring at it for weeks, now its time to let that diamond dance and celebrate the end of your single years! The bachelorette party is essential to ring in this new chapter of your life with your best gal pals. And what better backdrop for that scene than the glitz and glamor of the most iconic city of them all, NYC! You and your besties are gonna have your Sex and the City moment , strutting through the streets showing this town that you are the bride-to-be of the moment! When thinking of NYC bachelorette party ideas, it can obviously get stressful with the number of options this wonderful city has to offer.

But dont worry, weve got your whole experience planned out for you, and its sure to be the best weekend of your life . From the hotel to the food, to the endless options for things to do , well save you the treacherous amounts of Googling you would be doing to set this up. All you have to do is get your best group of girls together, pick a date, and get ready for the most perfect NYC bachelorette party EVER:

Ultimate Guide: 7 Unique Nyc Bachelorette Party Ideas You Will Love

Planning a bachelorette party? Chances are, the guests are as excited as the bride! Who could resist a night on the town, a fun adventure, or a chance to let their hair down? Bachelorette parties are notorious for silly games and tacky outfits, but they can be so much more! This is the chance for all of your besties to create memories you’ll never forget. Seize the moment to try something new and unique to your group of friends. Maybe you share a love of adventure, or trying the latest trends. Maybe you bond over coffee chats or your favorite bottle of wine. Make your bachelorette party a celebration of doing what makes you happy. The plastic tiaras and penis cakes have their place, but it might be time for an upgrade! Here are 7 unique NYC bachelorette party ideas – which one would your friends love the most?

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Ways To Keep The Cost Down

True, New York City is an expensive place for visitors who are used to cheaper costs and prices back in their hometown. There are, however, ways to keep the cost down in NYC if that is, in fact, your goal for the bachelorette party that you organize. A few ways to budget in the Big Apple include:

  • Skip the cab from the airport

Jump on the AirTrain and subway instead, and youll save $50 dollars or more on cab fare. If you really do want or have to get a taxi, just make sure it is yellow or greenthe black cars need to be reserved in advance

  • Eat at food trucks

The food offered in food trucks is always good and substantially cheaper than eating out at restaurants.

  • Dont head out too early

Bars and restaurants in NYC are incredibly expensive even before the tip is added on top, so stay in your hotel room for as long as you can before heading out. At Uptown Spirits you can buy liquor online and have it delivered to you at your accommodation for a reasonable, non-NYC price.

  • Walk as often as you can

This may be a bit difficult when you are all dolled up and ready to party, but walking will definitely keep the cost down in NYC. It will allow you to see some wonderful things around the city, too.

Best Nyc Bachelorette Party Airbnbs

NYC Bachelorette Party

For other home rental options, we’ve found success using sites like VRBO and HomeAway.com.

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Sweat It Out At 305 Fitness

305 Fitness by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design

Posted by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design on Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating and rejuvenating vibes of class 305 fitness, an exciting one-hour cardio workout, unlike any yoga class youve attended. Class 305 Fitness offers easy to follow cardio routines with a live DJ and pumping energetic music that gets you the adrenaline rush to work-out a sweat as you burn through calories. This enthralling venue offers a healthy choice for beautiful women looking to stay in shape. It offers a signature party vibe, with a brilliantly spacious and lit interior with classes capped at a maximum of 18 people. Enjoy the extensive workouts and sculpt your muscles to that desired body physique.

Class 305 Fitness

Opening hours: Mon – Tue: 6:30am – 10pm Wed – Thu: 5:30am – 10pm Fri: 5:30am – 9pm Sat: 7:30am – 8pm Sun: 8:30am – 9pm

Price: 40 USD onwards

The Betches Bachelorette Guide To Manhattan

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So were taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. Youre welcome.

? Concrete jungle where dreams are made of ?

Manhattan is an obvious choice for a weekend of debauchery and making poor decisions life-long memories with your best friends. Not only is it one of the easiest cities to get toand get around inbut it has everything, and we mean everyyyyyything going for it. World-class shopping , 5-star hotels and spas , more restaurants, bars, and clubs than you could ever stumble into, and a boss bitch attitude that suits a bride-to-be and her crew planning on taking over the town.

Regardless of your personality, or goals for the trip, theres a neighborhood that can satisfy the greatest of expectationsand get you drunk at the same time. Go all Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen on the Upper East Side, embrace your inner hipster in the East Village and Alphabet City, and act like youre better than everyone else in the Meatpacking District. Or go everywhere and do it all, quasi inebriated. Thats the beauty of the Big Apple! Heres how to bach it up once youre there.

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Plan Your Bachelorette Party Today

Unlimited Biking can arrange private, custom tours to entertain everyone in your group. You will receive special group discounts for 15 people on our high-quality Cannondale rental bikes and expert-guided tours. Were here to help you enjoy more, and explore more, during your bachelorette party!

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Enjoy Pristine Lake Views At The Algonquin Restaurant

Top 5 Things To Do for an NYC Bachelorette!

Treat your group to a meal on the water at the Algonquin Restaurant. You can even choose whether to arrive by land or by sea! There is plenty of dock space for you to ride your boat to lunch or dinner. Their food is just as wonderful as the views. The dinner menu ranges from several different flavors of wings to handheld burgers, to choice cuts of beef. There is something on this menu for everyone!

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Hunkmania At Club Duvet

To take the stereotypical bachelorette party route, get a lap dance or two by Hunkmania male strippers for your girls night out at Club Duvet in the Flatiron District on Friday and Saturday nights. The strippers perform strip shows and can also give you massages. Club Duvet has an aquarium containing exotic jellyfish and there are satin banquette dining beds, private VIP bedrooms, and glass bars.

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