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Things To Do In Millersburg Ohio

The Holmes Park District Provides Summer Fun For Everyone

Millersburg, Ohio tour 44654 Amish country

Crissey Memorial Pool

Feeling a little hot in that summer sun? Well, Crissey Memorial Pool that stays open frome Memorial Day to Labor Day. The family friendly facility has water features for young children and a six foot deep end pool for more advanced swimmers.

The pool is open seven days a week, but weather related closings and special events can be found by following their .

There are swim lessons offered through the pool as well, .

Clay Street Park

Clay Street Park offers a great place to relax while your kids play to their heart’s content at the playground. You can also reserve the Clay Street Pavilion for events, with no reservation charge! To reserve, contact Marty Grice at 674-1886.

The park is located on S. Clay Street, Millersburg, Oh. Public parking is accessible from South Monroe Street. The parkâs entrance can be found on either South Clay street or South Monroe Street.

Deer Run Park and Ball Fields

Deer Run Park and Ball Fields have many opportunities that everyone can enjoy. There is a Pampered Paws Dog Park for your furry friends, baseball fields, a walking path, exercise equipment, and a childrenâs play area. There is also a disc golf course!

Eat In An Amish Home And Take A Back Road Tour

Troyers Amish Tours is on my bucket list! I am adding it to my top 25 since it is on my list of things to do in Amish Country for this year.

I look forward to 1.5-2 hour trip that will be guided by the owner Rich Troyer. He was raised here and knows all the in and outs of this quiet and rural community. I cant wait to learn from a local.

Another amazing thing that this tour offers is that you can eat in a real Amish Home! There are lots of good places to eat here in Holmes County, but imagine being the personal guests of an Amish family with a home-cooked meal like no other set out before you in a home full of hospitality.

A few things to note about the in-home meals:

  • The Amish Meal and Tour combo package can be booked with a group minimum of 8 people. For a private combo tour, the minimum of 8 people fee must be met.
  • One week advance notice needed unless another availability is an option.

Everyones got their reasons for visiting, so every tour I give is personalized to meet those reasons. Rich Troyer, owner

Spend A Weekend At Turkey Hollow Campground

Sure, a stay at a nice hotel during your Millersburg vacation is comfortable and convenient, but if you really want to be one with nature, then camping outside is the best alternative.

Turkey Hollow Campground is the ideal place to stay for those who need a place to relax and disconnect.

Set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this site is isolated from roads and noisy cities, making it a quiet escape from modernity.

Youll be lulled by crickets to sleep and awoken by chirping birds at sunrise.

The grounds are also in their pristine and primitive state, and there are few signs of civilization except for some docks on the ponds of the campground.

Even RVs are not allowed, as they are too noisy and require electricity that can ruin the isolated nature of the location.

So here, you can expect an authentic outdoor experience that you wont forget!

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Top Restaurants In Millersburg

Millersburg is a village that serves as the county seat of Holmes County, Ohio, United States. The population was 3,025 at the 2010 census. Holmes County Airport, located two miles southwest of Millersburg, serves the county.

Overall Ratings

4.5 based on 68 reviews

This 28 room Victorian mansion is owned by the Holmes County Historical Society in Millersburg Ohio. The home is used for a dual purpose and also house the artifacts of the society. A self guided tour is enhanced by docent information. The society also has a Millersburg Glass Museum located next door to the mansion and discounted combo tour tickets are available for both museums. The house has been featured on HGTV and Victorian Homes Magazine. HOLIDAY HOURS – Tues-Fri. 1:00pm-4:00, Sat. 1:00-8:00pm, Sun. 1:00-4:00pm, closed Monday from Nov. 17 – Dec. 31. Closed Jan. – Feb.

Reviewed By patm248 – Cicero, United States

If you enjoy going back in time and seeing how life used to be,this will give you a great look. What an excellent restoration. It is a self-guided tour and many steps. Built in 1902.

Tee Off At Fire Ridge Golf Course

Historic Downtown Millersburg

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Wall to wall sunshine – what a beautiful day!

Posted by Fire Ridge Golf Course on Monday, May 6, 2019

Covering lush hills and valleys, Fire Ridge Golf Course is a popular and scenic golfing destination located in Millersburg. It offers an exciting setting for golfers of every skill level, with excellent greens on a par with international standards. Its front nine was established in 1929. At present, it has undergone several updates while still maintaining its original layout. They have discounts for senior citizens and members of the military. Meanwhile, if youâre coming on your birthday, there will be no greens fee as long as you present a valid identification card.

Fire Ridge Golf Course

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Ohio’s Amish Country: 12 Highlights And Hidden Treasures

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The Amish communities that exist throughout Ohio provide the kind of meandering back roads that make for relaxing getaways and day trips. Go for a long drive to soak in a more simple way of life as you watch the Amish workers in the fields and see laundry drying on the line. Tucked away in these small communities are hidden gems of family-owned stores and experiences that are worth a stop, if you can find them.

The five-county region in northeast Ohio, which includes Holmes, Adams, Geauga, Wayne, and Tuscarawas counties, is considered Ohio’s Amish country, with working farms and rolling landscapes. You will not find advertisements for things to do and tourist attractions in Amish country because what exists here supports their quiet way of life.

Discover the best places to visit in this peaceful region with our list of the highlights of Ohio’s Amish Country.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

Tour The Halls Of Brightman House

As a place teeming with history, Millersburg has many buildings that have been around since the turn of the century and even earlier.

One of these is a charming Victorian home that has been around since 1902: the Brightman House.

This attraction houses the more famous Victorian House Museum, a facility within the property managed by the Holmes County Historical Society.

Since the attraction once served as a sanatorium and funeral home, some people might think that the displays here are mostly related to caring for the ill and the dead.

Thats not the case, as the home still has a cozy vibe that makes it seem as though someone is still living inside.

Touring the halls is a fascinating experience, as there are many collections that showcase life from a bygone era.

Youll find old furniture, jewelry, woodworks, and other implements that were common in Millersburg and Holmes County back in the day.

Its an intriguing and charming glimpse into the villages past.

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Mohican State Park And Loudonville

On the west side of Holmes County, you will find Mohican State Park, one of Ohios premier state parks, and the historic town of Loudonville. If you want to do some hiking or canoeing, this stop is for YOU. Many people call this area the canoeing capital of Ohio. We would have to agree with that.

  • Fine dining in Holmes County! It was pricy but OH SO WORTH IT! I cant wait to go back sometime in the future. < 3 #re-bucketlisted

Try The Tasty Products Of Heinis Cheese Chalet

Downtown Millersburg Shopping

Heinis Cheese Chalet is another cheese-making facility in Millersburg founded by a Swiss native.

What makes this company different from Guggisberg Cheese Factory is the wide variety of dairy products created here.

And its actually much older, having been around since 1935.

Every day, the owners can produce 12 tons of cheese in 25 different types, from classic cheddar blocks to wheels of tangy Swiss cheese.

One of their signature products is cheese fudge, which comes in unusual flavors like root beer, rainbow sherbet, and the seasonal pumpkin pie.

Dont forget to try their meats and jellies!

They are every bit as tasty and high-quality as their cheeses.

For those who want to see the cheese-making process, Heinis Cheese Chalet offers tours that let you see how these tasty products are traditionally manufactured.

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Immers In The Amish Lifestyle At Yoders Amish Home

The Amish are an unusual group of people to most, with their apparent hesitance towards modernity and choice to live traditional lives.

But this culture has also turned them into a charming community that isnt caught in the trap of social media or the internet.

So their daily lives are as simple as can be, and vising their largest community in Ohio will give you a glimpse into this laid-back and uncomplicated culture.

One of the best places to see and interact with the Amish is Yoders Amish Home.

This facility has a huge barn and sprawling farms where members of the community till the soil like they did from centuries ago.

You can join a tour and hop on a buggy ride to see the various structures and Amish people at work.

Youll learn about their heritage and culture while seeing rustic views and farm animals at play.

Keim Lumber Everything Thing You Need To Build A House And Make It A Home

We come here every time that we are in the area. While we dont always need lumber or hardware, Keim offers more than just those things.

I am an avid bird feeder, and we can get some great deals on bird feed, shop for the grandkids in the toy section, or explore the beautiful huge complex. The master craftsmanship you see throughout the building is breathtakingly stunning.

Usually, my husband will get lost somewhere along the way, and I will head to the Carpenters Cafe to grab a snack while he is in handyman heaven. You will be surprised at what yummy homemade treats can be found in a store known for woodworking.

Keim Lumber Address:

Farm at Walnut Creek

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Observing Amish Way Of Life

Im sure Im going to receive flak, but one of the main reasons we visited Amish communities in Ohio was to observe their way of life.

I still find it amazing that Holmes County Amish can maintain their lifestyle without being physically isolated.

Compared to Lancaster, PA Amish, the Amish area in Ohio iswell integrated. You will find Amish members working and shopping at modernbusinesses throughout the region.

Try to take some back roads to discover farms being plowedby horse, and around Kidron for the best place to see an Amish buggy. Manybusinesses have dedicated spaces for horse drawn carriages with a pole to tiehorses to.

  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: 1 Hour

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Amish Country

Best of the

It is best to stay in a central location like Berlin at the Berlin Grande Hotel or the Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek then plan day trips in the region. As you drive through these counties, prepare to slow down a bit for the Amish buggies and enjoy a few stops that you are guaranteed to remember â the kind of places that typically only the locals know.

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Visit Hershbergers Farm And Bakery

Ok. I admit this is one of my favorite bakeries in Holmes County, Ohio. Every time I come to Amish Country the fry pies call me init just happens.

Ohios Amish country offers many unique experiences and moments however, there is no other stop in Holmes County quite like Hershbergers Farm and Bakery in Millersburg. Youll find the farm situated right off State Route 557, one of Ohios most beautiful scenic by-ways.

Things you can do here:

  • Feed the animals in the petting zoo.
  • Take a buggy ride.

Holmes County Flea Market

Even though we came across the Amish flea market multiple times while researching things to do in Amish Country, Ohio it was rather lackluster when we visited.

Most of the building space was dedicated to new items, while only a small section in the Amish Country flea market featured antiques that we expected to find.

You can still find some interesting and kitschy Amish items for souvenirs and decorations at the Berlin, Ohio flea market.

  • Cost: Free, $1 for Parking
  • Address: 4550 State Route 39 Millersburg, OH 44654
  • Hours: 9 am 5 pm Thursday thru Saturday
  • Duration: 30 60 Minutes
  • Website: Holmes County Flea Market

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Amish Country Riding Stables

Overall Ratings

4.5 based on 471 reviews

Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery is a one-of-a-kind destination in Ohio’s Amish Country featuring an Amish bakery, store, produce market, food trailer, and a farm animal petting area. Each season offers a different unique experience with different featured products. Each Springtime the petting area hosts baby animals including goats, pigs, calves, rabbits, chicks, & more. In addition to the Amish bakery products available year-round, the food trailer offers an excellent menu with many unique items. Spring flowers including hanging baskets are plentiful. Summer starts the produce season & you will find a large selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Fall brings changing leaves, pumpkins & fall decorations. Enjoy a wagon ride to pick your own. Winter offers excellent views and smaller crowds for wholesome baked and canned goods. Regardless of the season, you will enjoy a visit to Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery.

Reviewed By BudgetTravelerMR2 – Hillsboro, United States

We first hit the bakery and bought some the best donuts ever. Then we shopped in the antique and gift shop followed by the petting farm barns. What fun feeding all the goats, pigs and alpacas and sheep in the back barn. We had a wonderful time there and came away with some of the best donuts in the world.

Things To Do In Millersburg Ohio

Our Vacation Trip to Holmes County Ohio – Some Highlights

Millersburg is one of the largest towns in Ohio Amish Country. Although not officially on our list of things to do in Millersburg, Ohio, walking around downtown allows you to window shop and stop by the following attractions below.

You can also visit Holmes Country Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau to help plan your visit to the region.

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Housewares 77 A True Amish Country Store

Since my kids were little, they have wanted to stop here to get a kitschy little toy from this unique Amish store. Like most Amish stores, it is plain and simple, yet inside you find all kinds of neat little things for your home and family.

Looking for a family game to play after 5 pm at your cabin? Grab Dutch Blitz here for a rowdy time of fun. How about that small needed kitchen item? They have all kinds of unique finds.

For me, I just love walking in and hearing the sound of the gas lights, the open hospitality, and the enjoyment I find browsing the things that these simple people use every day.

Housewares 77 address: 6346 Co Rd 77, Millersburg, OH 44654

Miles Of Trails To Enjoy With The Whole Family

Holmes County Trail stretches 23.1 miles. It offers numerous activities including biking, incline skating, horseback riding, walking, and cross country skiing. The trail is also wheelchair accessible.

The trail used to be used as a railroad for Cleveland and Pittsburgh but due to a large flood, it was put out of commission in 1969.

There are three main entrances to the trail. The first and most popular is the Hipp Station Entrance. It is located behind Foxâs Pizza and has a view of the old train station. The second is the Walmart entrance which is beside the Walmart Superstore in Millersburg . The third is on Route 83 in Holmesville which has a cool bridge/tunnel to travel through.

The trail is in two separate sections. The southern one is 7.3 miles, stretching between Brinkhaven/Gann and Glenmont. Towards the western end, the trail connects to Mohican Valley Trail if you wish to continue your activity.

The more northern trail begins with the Killbuck trailhead. Here there are picnic tables and benches. This trail is 15.7 miles and has a special path for equestrians. While traveling along this trail you will come across Millersburgâs historical train depot. This is the visitor center, which includes bathrooms, wildlife displays, trail information, vending machines, a picnic area, and a playground.

Along the trail you may also come across many forms of wildlife. Some sightings may include turtles, birds, and snakes. There are swampy areas and a creek to enjoy as well.

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Hunt For Bargains At Starlight Antiques

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Posted by Starlight Antiques on Monday, June 7, 2021

If hunting for a bargain is up your alley, make sure to check out Starlight Antiques in Millersburg, Ohio. Located on 66 West Jackson Street, this hidden gem is always full of the most interesting trinkets, heirlooms, and items. Whether you are looking for something unique to spruce up your garden, or fancy yourself a treasure hunter searching for some well-preserved antique furniture, this shop will surely have something to pique your interest.

Starlight Antiques

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 10am – 5pm Sat: 10am – 4pm

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