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Things To Do In Luxembourg

Take Photos Of The Monument Of The Place De La Constitution

10 Things To Do In Luxembourg City | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Through the Gelle Fra monument, which was built in 1923, the city of Luxembourg honors the memory of the Luxembourgers who fought and died in World War I.

You can find this monument at the Place de la Constitution, built on top of the ancient Beck bastion.

The square also provides tourists with an unforgettable view of the Petrusse Valley and the Adolphe Bridge.

You can find the Place de la Constitution at the Boulevard Roosevelt.

Cathedral Of The Blessed Virgin

What struck me about the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin, also known as the Nôtre Dame Cathedral, is that it’s not an alone-standing building. One entrance is located in a very normal-looking street, right in between other houses. The main entrance is located on a small square, but even on that side, the cathedral is attached to another building.

In the crypt of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin lie the remains of the deceased members of the Grand Ducal family. It’s one of the most important places of worship in Luxembourg.

Relax In Place Guillaume Ii

Place Guillaume II is a social center in the city. This lovely square named for Grand Duke William II features a statue of the Duke himself on horseback at the center. Its ringed by restaurants with sidewalk cafes and hosts a twice-weekly market with flowers and fresh produce. In the summer, there are concerts, and it often hosts fairs and other special events. Its a great place to spend some time people watching in the center of town.

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Attend A Festival Or Outdoor Event

The city is a great place for festivals and outdoor events. Throughout the year, you can find fun things going on nearly every weekend covering a variety of interests.

In the spring, there are fairs and festivals related to Easter and other religious holidays. The summer brings free concerts, street art festivals, outdoor movies, and wine events. Winter has light festivals, car shows, and more. No matter when you visit Luxembourg City, there are plenty of special things to see and do.

Grand Duke Jean Museum Of Modern Art

Luxembourg Worth Visiting? 5 Things To Do in Luxembourg ...

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art

Fans of modern art must visit the superb Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art with its contemporary art collections from world-renowned artists.

Since its opening in 2006, MUDAM has drawn consistent rave reviews for its contemporary collection, which includes works from such well-known artists as Bruce Nauman, Andy Warhol, and Julian Schnabel, to name but a few.

In addition to its many fine permanent artworks on exhibit, the museum features many visiting and temporary displays, too. Also available to the public are a variety of first-rate educational programs and workshops, including some geared specifically to kids. Guided tours are also available in English.

Address: 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg City

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Best Free Things To Do In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is renowned to be one of the worlds most expensive countries. So, were sure youll be relieved to know that there is an abundance of free things to do in Luxembourg. Also, starting on March 2020, public transport will be free of charge and this will really be convenient for things to do in Luxembourg on a budget.

Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral was built in the 17th century by Jesuit priests and still stands proud to this day.

One of the signature features here is the north gate which is baroque in style and is covered with pretty stained glass that dates from the 19th and 20th centuries.

As well as traditional structures you will also find modern pieces of sculpture as well as a famous statue of the Madonna and Jesus in miniature form that sits over the altar.

It is also famous for its crypt which contains graves of members of the Luxembourg royal family and which is guarded by two lion statues.

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Choose From The Longest Wine List In The World At Restaurant Chiggeri

16-million bottles of wine are manufactured annually in Luxembourg! In accordance with this, drinking wine is one of the essential things to do in Luxembourg. Chiggeri is accompanied by a wine cellar that sources wines from Luxembourg and other leading wine-producing countries.

Whats more, this restaurant offers the largest range of wines in the world! A professional connoisseur is on-site to guide you with what food is best paired with each wine.

This restaurant hosts an innovative dinner in the dark experience a few times monthly. This is the perfect option for adventurous things to do in Luxembourg. Youll eat in complete darkness, without knowing what you are being served!

Appreciate The Ruins Of The Ptrusse Casemates


Bernhard Klar

Things to do in Luxembourg city center arent simply limited to the Bock Promontory!

Opened in the late 17th-century, these incredible ruins once used to be a colossal Medieval castle. Attached to it is a park that provides a great space to view the ruins in their entirety, and the distinction between the greenery and brick is Instagram-worthy.

The fortress it once was, was dismantled in the late 19th-century. These ruins are a constituent of Luxembourg Citys being a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

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The Walls Of The Corniche Luxembourg City

The Walls of the Corniche, Luxembourg City

The spectacular Walls of the Corniche in Luxembourg City have been called “the most beautiful balcony in Europe,” towering as they do over the old city in the river valley below. It’s here you’ll find the big Gate of the Grund dating from 1632. Its ramparts reveal several aristocratic houses and refuges, as well as the ancient convent of the Dominicans and St. Michael’s church .

In the suburb of Grund itself is a large cluster of buildings with the church and ancient Abbey of Neumünster, notable for its 17th-century cloister of Limoges, an organ dating from 1720, and a 14th-century “black virgin.” The adjacent buildings are part of the ancient Hospice St.-Jean, founded by Emperor Henri VII, Count of Luxembourg, in 1309.

Address: Chemin de la Corniche, 1945 Luxembourg City

What To Pack For Your Trip To Luxembourg

Travel Insurance

We dont travel without travel insurance and neither should you. You never know what can happen in a foreign country and its best to be prepared. World Nomads provides good short term coverage.

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Where Is Luxembourg And How Big Is It

Luxembourg is located in the heart of Western Europe, bordering France, Belgium and Germany, and its very easy to access from the whole of Europe by train, plane, bus or car.

Luxembourg ranks #7 in the list of Europes smallest countries, just behind Malta and Andorra. Its total surface is 2,586 square km, and it measures 82 km long and 57 km wide. Not quite as tiny as Jersey, but still small!

Take In The Views From Passerelle Viaduc

25 Best Things to Do in Luxembourg

Passerelle Viaduc is one of the most historically significant bridges in Luxembourg and was completed in 1861. Built by a British company called the Waring Brothers, the viaduct linked to the center of the city although despite how cutting edge it would have been at the time it is now known as Old Bridge.

One of the main reasons to come here is to take in the stunning views that spread out over Luxembourg City.

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During The 14 Days Preceding My Arrival In Luxembourg I Stayed In Botswana Eswatini Lesotho Mozambique Namibia South Africa Or Zimbabwe What Additional Health Measures Must I Respect

Until 14 January 2022 included, any person who stayed in Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa or Zimbabwe during the 14 days prior to his or her arrival on Luxembourg territory must undergo as soon as possible a nucleic acid amplification test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA upon arrival in the Grand Duchy, and inform the medical analysis laboratory that he or she has stayed in one or several of these countries. This obligation applies to any person who has stayed in these countries during the 14 days preceding his/her arrival, regardless of the duration of the stay in these countries and in Luxembourg, and regardless of the means of transport to the Grand Duchy.

Upon arrival in the Grand Duchy, the persons concerned are placed in strict quarantine for 7 days with the obligation to undergo a second nucleic acid amplification tests of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA from the 6th day of quarantine. In the event of refusal to submit to the test on arrival or at the end of the 7-day quarantine period, the quarantine will be extended for a further 7 days, bringing the total duration to 14 days.

Persons concerned must notify their presence to the Health Inspection Department , which ensures a reinforced monitoring and tracing system.

How Is Luxembourg In Winter

Winter in Luxembourg is a surprisingly great time to visit, with fun winter events more on this later! It doesnt get terribly cold daytime temperatures between December and February are around 3-5°C, dipping just below zero at night.

You may be wondering if its likely to snow in Luxembourg in winter. It does happen, but its not a yearly occurrence so if its a snowy holiday youre after, perhaps look elsewhere. Otherwise, winter is an excellent time to travel to Luxembourg!

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Squeeze Through Micro Gorges In Mullerthall

Mullerthall is often referred to as Little Switzerland due to its hilly landscape and pleasant villages. We were due to go an extended hike through the region when a snowstorm began so, unfortunately, no extensive hiking for us.

However, there are a number of well-managed hiking trails through the region and its a popular summer activity for many residents, regional neighbors, and tourists. There are even a few well-managed campsites for multi-day hikes!

The most interesting attraction in Mullerthall may be Berdorf. It is a high point that overlooks the valleys of Black Ernz, the Sure, and the Aesbach. From the town are a number of circular hiking paths that lead down through a number of interesting cliffs, rock crevices, and caves. We would highly suggest setting aside a day to go hiking in Little Switzerland, we couldnt believe just how beautiful it was!

Best Airbnb In Luxembourg Nice Studio In Luxembourg


With a stellar review and reputation, this lovely studio is centrally located, close to the trendy area of Les Rives de Clausen. For a great price, youll have access to its modern, bright and spacious design that is set it apart from its rivals which are mostly outdated. This is a true catch for all types of travelers!

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Things To Know About Visiting Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of Europes smaller countries and although its easily one thats overlooked when planning any European travel, its one of the most charming places in Europe to visit .

The thing with Luxembourg is that its relatively small size means its fairly easy to do quite a lot when you visit the country and it also means that the people here are a lot friendlier than youd typically find in much larger places.

You would think, of course that this would mean theres less to see or do here but thats not the case, for instance, we recently returned to try to take in as many castles as possible and I was genuinely surprised at how many we managed to see over that short period alone. Even the city centre in the capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site so it kinda goes to show how much amazing European and indeed Luxembourgish history, there is in this quaint little country.

Anyhooooo, lets get right to it, shall we here are 15 things you need to know about visiting Luxembourg

1.) The language here is incredibly diverse. Yeah, youve got Luxembourgish as a language but if you speak any major European language , youre bound to be able to communicate with pretty much any Luxembourger.

2.) A stay in the city centre is a must as its old quarters are a UNESCO World Heritage site and definitely worth a visit.

Explore Luxembourgs Industrial Past

The southern part of Luxembourg is perhaps less attractive in terms of nature than the Ardennes and Mullerthal, but its also worth a visit to learn more about the countrys industrial past the area was a busy iron ore mining centre, instrumental in the development of railways.

A great place to start is Minett, a park on a former industrial site, which can be accessed by steam train travelling the railway line used to ship iron ore to other parts of Luxembourg and beyond.

Visitors can walk around Fond-de-Gras, the centre of mining life, and visit offices and warehouses, then take the mining train through old tunnels to reach the village of Lasauvage, where miners used to live.

Theres also the National Mining Museum in Rumelange, also including a tour on foot and by train through old mining tunnels. Take note of these places to see in the southern part of Luxembourg if youre after something different!

Getting There from Luxembourg City: by train to Petange and Rumelange.

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Ride The Famous Pfaffenthal Lift

It may just be an elevator, but the Pfaffenthal Lift has become one of Luxembourgs hottest attractions. Why?

When you take the elevator, youll be able to feast your eyes on an exquisite sweeping panorama of the entire city, from 71 meters high.

The lift is also wide enough to fit pedestrians and cyclists.

The Pfaffenthal Lift takes passengers from the Pfaffenthal area at the Alzette valley up to the Pescatore park in the city center. Most importantly, the lift is also free to use.

You can find the Pfaffenthal Lift at 2 Rue de Pont, 2344 Luxembourg.

The Chemin De La Corniche

16 Fabulous Things to Do in Luxembourg City in 2020

The chemin de la Corniche is also called the most beautiful balcony in Europe. Its a very nice walk in the heights of the city, in the old town, where you can admire the Grund but also the roofs of houses in Luxembourg City. Theres also a nice walk called circuit Wenzel, allowing you to admire the historical area of Luxembourg City.

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Museum Of Abbey Echternach

The town of Echternach, which sits upon the River Sûre, is home to the beautiful Benedictine Abbey which has stood in this spot since the seventh century.

The abbey today is made up of four wings around a courtyard and houses the Basilica, which as an important religious site, contains the final resting place of St Willebrord who founded the abbey and acts as the countrys patron saint.

The museum is located within the cellars, and here youll find some exquisite early manuscripts, atmospheric medieval rooms and learn about the history of the area via interactive presentations.

Not far from the town itself are some beautiful areas of natural beauty, bordering with Germany.

Here you can ramble along woodland paths, taking in rock formations and waterfalls as you make your way to some excellent viewpoints of the city.

Luxembourg Travel Guide: Our Favourite Things To Do In Luxembourg

As the second richest country in the world, Luxembourg is often pigeonholed as a place of business, a tiny enclave in Europe for the wealthy elite.

But those who cling tightly to this belief and skip the country altogether miss out on the real riches that lie hidden between the borders of one of Western Europes most wonderfully surprising countries.

The UNESCO-listed old town of Luxembourg City is an alluring mix of cobbled lanes and hidden nooks that cascade down the steep valley walls to the mirrorlike curves of the Alzette River. But, pretty as the historic town may be, it is beyond the confines of the city where the magic of Luxembourg really shines.

Hitting the countryside, life slips effortlessly into a slower pace amidst rolling hills and meandering roads cloaked in lush spring foliage. Medieval castles punctuate the skyline above snaking rivers, hiking trails crisscross the wilderness through craggy rock spires and fairytale forests, absurdly pretty towns hide a myriad of trendy bars and lavish restaurants and, veering eastward, a cold glass of cremant on the vine-laden banks of the Moselle makes a fine way to end the day.

These are our favourite things to do in Luxembourg.

Luxembourgs Mullerthal Region, or Little Switzerland as its more fondly referred to, is a delightful jumble of verdant forests, knobbly rock formations, mossy trails and pretty medieval towns that lie hidden amongst the greenery.

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