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Things To Do In London Ontario

Ride The Carousel At Storybook Gardens

Day Trip to London Ontario | Miss Loves Travel

Storybook Gardens is a long-running childrens theme park and family attraction located in Londons Springbank Park. The park has been open since 1958, with themes tied to childrens fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Storybook Gardens in Halifax offers plenty of options for older kids as well as lots of things to do with toddlers, with dedicated play spaces for younger kids. Storybook Gardens is open year-round, with additional seasonal attractions ranging from summer splash pads and water play to wintertime ice skating. The park also offers family-friendly facilities, including a baby care station, as well as concessions and drink stands.

Meet Canada’s Medical Hero At Banting House

For a relatively small country population wise, Canada has certainly punched above its weight in the medical field. Perhaps the country’s best-known “medical hero,” Sir Frederick Banting had his eureka moment that led to the discovery of insulin here in London in 1920.

Now established as a museum, Banting House National Historic Site is known the world over as the “birthplace of insulin” and is a must-visit attraction. Established in 1984, the museum exhibits artifacts and informative displays about how Banting came to make his discovery, as well as the huge impact it has had around the world. Guided tours are available, and can be booked online through the Banting House website .

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is a related London tourist attraction that’s well worth a visit. Established in 1994, the facility’s exhibit hall features displays related to the many major medical breakthroughs that have put medicine in Canada on the map, including tributes to the country’s first nursing and healthcare professionals.

Address: 442 Adelaide Street N, London, Ontario

Learn About The Birth Of Insulin

Source: flickr

Banting House is the former house of Dr. Frederick Banting the inventor of insulin. Today, the house is a museum dedicated to his life and his discovery of insulin.

In 1997, Banting House became a National Historic Site of Canada. Inside the museum are his desk, medicine cabinet and personal artwork, amongst other things.

Visit the museum and learn about the birth of insulin by looking at artefacts and apothecary that was used to create this fantastic medicine. It is also worthwhile to wander around the adjacent Banting Square, which is home to a garden, a life-sized sculpture of the doctor, the Flame of Hope and a massive globe sculpture.

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Stop By Harvestfest The Lambeth & Community Harvest Festival

Harvestfest is an annual event that takes place at the beginning of September. A huge hit with locals and tourists alike, it has a dance, baseball tournaments, auto shows, a huge pancake breakfast, a parade, fireworks, and even a movie night. It really is quite a spectacle and jams a ton of entertainment and excitement into just a few days. Lambeth certainly knows how to put on a show!

Relive Your Childhood At London Children’s Museum

8 Top things to do in London, Ontario

Let’s face it, 100,000 visitors can’t be wrong. That’s how many people, young and old alike, visit the London Children’s Museum each year to sample the attraction’s fun mix of hands-on exhibits and interactive displays. Established in 1975 and the first of its kind in Canada, the museum focuses not only on subjects of interest to kids , but also about being a kid.

The “Child Long Ago” exhibit takes kids back to an 1880s school room, and even allows them the chance to learn what it was like to teach at the time. These and other fun exhibits, all of them encouraging role playing, deal with science, housing, and technology and were built “child size” to encourage exploration and learning.

Fun day camps are also available, along with educational programs suitable for all ages. Birthday party packages are also available.

Address: 21 Wharncliffe Road S, London, Ontario

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Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

Its no secret that London is a street art lovers dream.

Shoreditch, Camden, Walthamstow, Croydon and Brixton are great places to go if youre looking to spot some cool murals. If theres one spot thats always packed with awesome works from a diverse range of artists it is Leake Street Tunnel.

The tunnel is just behind Waterloo Station, and constantly features an ever-changing rotation of street art. The tunnel first rose to fame when Banksy organised Cans Festival in 2008, which saw 30 artists transform the bleak tunnel into a multi-faceted and colourful canvas.

Whenever you visit, youre bound to see a new piece in the making, not to mention hundreds of others sprayed on every single inch of the tunnels walls.

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Stuff Your Face At The International Food Festival

The London International Food Festival is a great way to experience food from different cultures in a fun, social environment. Taking place outdoors in beautiful Victoria Park, this annual event showcases some of the best international dishes from local chefs and restaurants. There are usually well over 100 vendors which means there is a ton of variety- each one strives to serve up unique, exotic flavors and delicious meals. Bon Appetit!

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Learn About Local History

Visit the most beautiful historic house in London, ON, and learn about the lives of early city residents at the Eldon House. The admission is not free but by donation, so you can pay anywhere from $2 per child to $5-20 per adult.

If you go: Park your car in the nearby paid parking lots or along the streets. Opening hours from January to April are Thursdays to Sundays between 12 and 5 pm. From June to September they open from noon to 5 pm between Tuesdays and Sundays. In May, October to December you can visit from Wednesday to Sunday between noon and 5:00 pm.

Address: 481 Ridout Street North, London, Ontario Phone: 519-661 5169

Watch this virtual video tour of the Eldon House here:

Visit The Ghost Stations Of The London Underground

RIBFEST 2021 – London, Ontario – Events in Victoria Park

Given that the tube was constructed in the 19th century it makes sense that there have been a few changes to the network over the years.

As time has passed, stations have been closed or repurposed meaning that if you keep your eyes open, you can spot more than a few of the so-called Ghost Stations of the London Underground.

Of these unusual London attractions, the most central is the former Aldwych Underground Station at the end of The Strand. The station sits forlornly, a few paces away from Somerset House.

London Transport host tours of the station from time to time giving visitors to take a look at the historic interiors.

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Bring The Family To Storybook Gardens

Storybook Gardens is a staple of London, Ontario tourism. Its well known throughout southwestern Ontario as one of the premier places for family fun.

As you might have gathered by the name, the experience is centred around interactive areas where children can see well known stories come to life. That being said, theyre open year round, so in the summer they are known for their Riverbank Splash Pad, whereas in the winter its all about their skating trail.

Visit their website for more information visiting in the future, as well as online programming.

Storybook Gardens, by the way, is located in Springbank Park, which youll note we mentioned above as one of the top things to do in London, Ontario. Especially if youve got a family, those are two cant miss experiences.

Discover What Downtown London Has To Offer From Our Hotel

  • Budweiser Gardens

Museum London – Eldon House Victorian Christmas

481 Ridout Street North

Victoria Park – all season events

Central Avenue at Richmond Street

Harris Park – all seasons events

Ridout Street at Dufferin Avenue

Guy Lombardo Museum

Palace Theatre – London Community Players

710 Dundas Street

21 Wharncliffe Street North,not available

Museum of Ont Archaeology & Prehistoric Indian Village

1600 Attawandaron Rd. off Wonderland Road North

1275 Hamilton Road East,not available

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

720 Proudfoot Lane

Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

Canadian Forces Base – Oxford & Elisabeth

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The Best Vegan Food In London

If youre looking for the best vegan restaurants in London, youve come to the right place. Dont forget about the options I listed above as theyre fantastic options, too. Here are some more amazing vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan options where I suggest you dine when you visit London, Ontario.

Victoria Park 580 Clarence St

15 Best Things to Do in London (Ontario, Canada)

The most free activity you can do! No money spent= more money in your pocket, and we’re all for it. Take a trip to Victoria Park and behold the beauty of the outdoors. Now go out, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the gorgeous surroundings! Plus, you can enjoy loads of different festivals and free musical events in the summer.

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Best Things To Do In London Ontario

Everyone has their own reason for buying a house in London, Ontario. There are seemingly countless reasons why London is such a fantastic city to live in. It is constantly growing and evolving, which means there are hundreds of exciting activities to do or fabulous sights to see. Often times, you dont even have to travel that far from your own front door to find something new to try. Whatever your particular interests are, London has it all entertainment, sports, arts, shopping, sightseeing, hiking, culture, food the list goes on and on.

The following list is a great summary of some of the best landmarks or events that London has to offer. It outlines a wide range of different attractions and should have something for everyone to enjoy. This guide should help plan your next night out, organize a day trip with a friend, or just spend quality time with the people you love in a great atmosphere. With our help, you can find the perfect activity for your personal preferences and lifestyle and get the most out of your next day out of the house.

Play Bingo In A Beautiful Grade I Listed Cinema

Billed as the most spectacular cinema in Britain, the former Granada Cinema in Tooting was one of a handful of Art Deco cinemas built in the thirties.

These days its a Buzz Bingo and without a doubt, its the most beautiful space youll ever play bingo in and one of the most unusual places to visit in London to boot.

The interior was inspired by the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain that will explain the soaring arches and intricate carvings inside then. It can be a bit distracting all that beauty when youre simply trying to play a game of bingo, but Im sure you will struggle through.

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Fun Things To Do In London Ontario

London, Ontario may not be the first city on your list of places to visit in Canada, but you should definitely consider making the trip. Although London is not known for its tourism, the city is working hard to change that. It already has well-deserved reputation as an education and medical hub with Western University and Fanshawe College, and our hospitals are renowned for their groundbreaking research and medical training. But as its culinary and art scenes continue to grow, the city is on the brink of becoming a new tourism hub. Its the perfect size large enough to attract entrepreneurs, small enough to not overwhelm. Plus, there are lots of fun things to do in London, Ontario!

My own familys history began here in London through a link to both education and medicine, when my dad, who was attending Westerns Medical School, met my mom, who was at the Victoria School of Nursing. Throughout my life Ive come and gone from London many times, but finally settled here for good 25 years ago. I love living in this city and Im still finding new and exciting things to do.

Take A Sunset Stroll Through Springbank Park

Talking about a few things dealing with homelessness. London Ontario.

Springbank Park is one of the largest parks in London, Ontario, offering 19 miles of scenic trails to explore with kids. Though Springbank Park also houses the family theme park Storybook Park, Springbank is definitely worth exploring on its own. Along with trails, youll also find kid-friendly playgrounds and climbing structures, plus a wading pool and splash pad. This is also a great spot for a family picnic on the banks of the River Thames or catching a sunset over the water.

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Twin Valley Zoo Brantford

Distance from London: 1 hourPrice: Adults $20 Kids $10.50Location:

Brantfords Twin Valley Zoo provides an excellent opportunity to see over 80 species of animals and birds up close and personal. Regular admission or guided tour options are available during the spring-fall months. The Twin Valley Zoo is a smaller, family run zoo that comes at an affordable price.

Twin Valley Zoo also offers summer Nature Camps for kids, dependent on public health restrictions.

London Ontario Childrens Museum

The London Childrens Museum was a pretty typical childrens museum. One exhibit that stood out was My Arctic Discovery, a multimedia presentation that educated kids on the indigenous peoples of the arctic lands of Canada, including the Inuit, Igaluk and Tuktu.

There was also a playroom that included a fake McDonalds establishment. The fast food indoctrination was unfortunate, but at least it offered the opportunity to pose with everyones favorite scary-looking, french fry-munching clown.

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Into The World Of Harry Potter At The House Of Minalima

Who else is a raging Harry Potter fan? Ill freely admit that even eight years after the final film, I still sit down with the box set every Christmas, drawn into the world of The Boy who Lived.

If you can relate, you should totally get yourself down to The House of Minalima one of my fave quirky places in London .

The House of Minalima is brainchild of Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the creators of the graphic universe in the Harry Potter films. The store features all kinds of graphic works that appear in the film including some that have come straight from the Harry Potter Studios.

From wanted posters of escaped Azkaban inmates , to books adorned with Gilderoy Lockharts simpering face and copies of the Quibbler and The Daily Prophet, its part shop-part immersion into the world of wizarding.

Whats more? Theres a whole floor dedicated to Fantastic Beasts too

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Richmond Row: Shop And Eat

Things To Do In London Ontario

When youre done licking your fingers, you might want to head over to Richmond Row, another local favourite and bustling retail locale where independent retailers offer unique items. If you havent had enough to eat yet, this is another place to find great meals. From fine dining at Garlics of London , to the more relaxed Prince Alberts Diner which boasts the best milkshakes in London, and I have to agree they are hard to top.

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Visit Londons Smallest Police Station

Have you ever wondered what the small Tardis-like box perched on the corner of Trafalgar Square is? The answer is Londons smallest police station.

The box , gives the officer inside a view across the whole of the square an important feature in the days when Trafalgar Square was used as a frequent spot for protesters.

Its no longer used, but that shouldnt stop you from striking a pose outside anyway.

Halloween Family Fun Fest

Walk the trails to find Halloween surprises! There will be a costume parade for all ages with prizes! Fall market vendors, games and activities, campfires. Smore kits and other items for sale bring your cash!! Details

Saturday, October 30, 2021 | 11:00 AM & 3:00 PM Costume Parade | 1:00 PM & 5:00 PM

Camp Kee-Mo-Kee, 9581 Glendon Drive, Komoka

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Explore An Adventure Bee Farm At Clovermead

Clovermead is an adventure bee farm just outside of London, Ontario. This family-owned farm produces its own local honey products, and visitors can learn about beekeeping and enjoy flavorful honey goodies at the farms Honey Shop. Clovermeads Adventure Farm is great for toddlers and older kids alike, with plenty of interactive experiences, play spaces, and farm animals. Seasonal events include the Autumn Pumpkin Fest with Saturday festivals and pumpkin picking. Some attractions at Clovermead are wheelchair accessible, so check the farms website for more information.

The Haunted Distillery A Spirited Halloween Bash

Things To Do in London Ontario

Theres been great mathematical debate around here about how often Halloween falls on a Sunday. While we didnt really all agree on what the Interwebs were saying, we do all agree that we HAVE to throw a super fun SPIRITED event for all of the ghoulish adults! Details

Friday, October 29, 2021 | 7 PM Midnight

Paradigm Spirits Co., 100 Kellogg Lane, London

$55 per person

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Discover New Things At The London Childrens Museum

Things to do with toddlers in London include the London Childrens Museum, best enjoyed by toddlers and children younger than 12. Immersive exhibits at the museum range from a dinosaur dig and an antique schoolhouse to an arctic discovery centre and underground cave exploration. The museum is fully accessible for wheelchairs and strollers, and a range of support resources are available to meet specific sensory needs, with more information available on the museums website.

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