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Things To Do In Lamar Valley Yellowstone

Lamar Valley Will Force You To Slow Down

Exploring Lamar Valley in Yellowstone at dusk – WILDLIFE!

Bison jams are a very real thing in Lamar Valley, and they happen often. While these sometimes come in the form of stampedes, more often than not, its just a whole herd of bison moseying across the road. But dont worry if they take too long and cause too much of a traffic jam the Park Rangers will start moving them along.

Sometimes the best course of action in Lamar Valley is to set up in a beautiful spot and just wait for the wildlife to roam on by. This happens often with wolf spotters. They know the usual hot spots and just set up and wait.

Its an unbelievable experience seeing all of these animals roaming free in such a beautiful place. Its very other worldly. And its something you should really slow down and take time to enjoy.

Lamar Valley In Northern Yellowstone

Located in the northeastern corner of the park, the Lamar Valley, along the Lamar River, in is often called Americas Serengeti for its large and easy-to-see populations of large animals.

Among its most famous inhabitants are the Junction Butte and Lamar Canyon wolf packs wolf enthusiasts gather with spotting scopes most days hoping to see these impressive canines in action. In addition to wolves, other animals roaming the Lamar include large herds of bison, pronghorn, badgers, grizzly bears, bald eagles, osprey, deer, and coyotes. Many pullouts line the road, so keep your eyes peeled and park in the nearest one if you see any active wildlife.

If you can tear your eyes away from the wildlife, the Lamar Valley also offers several points of interest. Two small, primitive campgroundsSlough Creek and Pebble Creekare here, and they make ideal launching points for early-rising wildlife watchers. Yellowstone Forevers Lamar Buffalo Ranch hosts students enrolled in the associations many field programs. Soda Butte is all that is left of a hot spring cone located just off the road in the valleys east side. And Trout Lake, a short hike from the road, is a great place to stretch your legs.

Getting there: To reach the Lamar Valley from Mammoth Hot Springs, take Grand Loop Road east past Tower-Roosevelt, then continue on the Northeast Entrance road. From Cooke City and Silver Gate, enter the park through the Northeast Entrance and drive west.

Coyotes And Other Lamar Valley Wildlife

Past the Buffalo Jam, we continued to see bison, pronghorn and elk dot the scenery. However, we also discovered a coyote running across a field.

After leaving Lamar Valley , we had two more wildlife surprises.

  • Our first surprise was when two deer a doe and her baby dashed across the road several feet in front of our vehicle. My daughter was delighted to see yet another baby animal.
  • Surprise number two was coming across a large black bear walking along the shoulder of the road. We slowed down to admire the large and cumbersome creature. He turned down a side road before our vehicle got too close to him.

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Quick Facts About Yellowstone

  • Yellowstone National Park is the first national park in the United States as well as the world. It was created by President Grant in 1872.
  • The park receives about 5 million visitors a year, making it the third most visited national park in the country. This makes it very crowded in the summer months.
  • The park has the largest concentration of geothermal features on earth. It is a supervolcano, erupting about 635,000 years ago. The smoke and bubbles in the geothermal features are proof of the volcanic activity.

Tips For Seeing Yellowstone Wolves

Things To Do In Yellowstone National Park + What To Know Before You Go ...

A lot of people congregate on the road leading to the Slough Creek Campground in hopes of seeing Yellowstone Wolves.

It is not uncommon for people to spend hours a day waiting and watching for the wolf pack.

If you plan to spot wolves in Yellowstone you will want to be prepared with binoculars or a spotting scope.

Be prepared to arrive before sunrise to claim a spot in this busy area.

We also brought a camp chair and blanket as we were there for several hours.

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Waiting At A Bison Traffic Jam

The views are just as stunning on our return back through the remote northeastern corner of Yellowstone National Park. Although Alan and I didnt see any wolvesyou really need to stake out a spot and stay in one place to see wolvesweve lost count of the number of bison that have crossed the road in front of us. To really spot wolves, I recommend bookint a Lamar Valley wolf watching tour.

After about two hours of driving, were back at Gardiner. Theres just enough time to drive on to Grey Cliffs for a gourmet dinner and a 3-night Valentines getaway.

But the northeastern corner of Yellowstoneand Cooke Cityis calling our names. Well definitely return for another boomer travel adventure.

Camping In Lamar Valley

Pebble Creek Campground is a remote, 27-site facility that is the closest to the parks Northeast Entrance. This campground is right at the base of the Beartooth Highway, and it can serve as an ideal spot indeed from which to spot wildlife and even indulge in a few sunrise explorations of Lamar Valley.

RVs up to around 30 feet are accommodated here to some extent by pull-through sites but the majority are smaller sites. Vault toilets are available but no generator use is allowed here. Pebble Creek is usually open from mid-June through late September.

Slough Creek Campground is a slightly smaller, 16-site facility set along the highly scenic Slough Creek between Lamar Valley and Tower-Roosevelt.

This is another campground that literally provides some of the best wildlife viewings in Yellowstone. Dont be surprised if you see bison, deer, and bears while spending time at the campground.

Things are somewhat on the rustic side with pit toilets, a water pumping station, and no generators. So it is highly likely that youll fall asleep to the sounds of nature, and maybe even the odd wolf cry.

Slough Creek Campground is usually open from mid-June through early October, and reservations for both sites can be made through the government website.

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Lamar Valley Tours And Tickets

Yellowstone is home to one of the largest concentrations of mammals in the lower 48 states, and the spectacular Lamar Valley ranks among the best locations in the park to spot wildlifeblack and grizzly bears, elk, bison, wolves, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and several types of birds. Its easy to see why its nicknamed Americas Serengeti.

Lamar Valley

Yellowstone is home to one of the largest concentrations of mammals in the lower 48 states, and the spectacular Lamar Valley ranks among the best locations in the park to spot wildlifeblack and grizzly bears, elk, bison, wolves, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and several types of birds. Its easy to see why its nicknamed Americas Serengeti.

Wildlife Watching: Hayden Valley

Yellowstone Lamar Valley Attraction Tour: Exploration, Lamar Valley Yellowstone National Park

Theres quite a few wildlife hotspots in Yellowstone, and Hayden Valley is among the best. Still open amidst 2022s Yellowstone Flood recovery, this gorgeous valley is a staple for our national mammal: the North American bison. Here, the largest herds of free-roaming bison make their home. Elk, birds of prey, and coyotes also frequent the lush pastures.

Hayden Valley is also a great spot to see grizzly bears during the summer. For wildlife watching, take to the Grand Loop Road and hit up Yellowstones designated lookout points.

Trails are also available in Hayden Valley, including the Hayden Valley Trail that runs alongside the Yellowstone River.

Incredible wildlife aside, Hayden Valley also offers some of Wyomings most beautiful scenery:

Hows that for a full package? Hayden Valley Trail is no short jaunt, however, so be sure to plan a full day to hike it if you want to tackle the full 13+ miles.

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Where To Stay In Yellowstone National Park

We stayed at the Canyon Lodge & Cabins at Canyon Village and found it to be a great base to explore Yellowstone. The Canyon Lodge has a cafeteria-style restaurant and there is a coffee shop at reception. This is an excellent location that is nice and central for sightseeing.

We stayed in a Deluxe New Lodge Room with a refrigerator, coffee maker, and two queen beds. There are no TVs and we couldnt make the Internet work, but we had data on our phones so it didnt matter. Remember, you are not here to watch TV or surf the Internet anyway.

You can also catch the Wake up to Wildlife and Evening Wildlife Tours from here.

Other areas to stay in Yellowstone are around Old Faithful. Old Faithful Inn is a national landmark but there is also the Old Faithful Lodge and Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Cabins.

Mammoth Hot Springs hotel located within the park is closed due to flood damage, but you can stay outside north Yellowstone in Gardiner, Montana.

Lower Falls Is Peak Yellowstone National Park

  • Lower Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming viewed from a viewpoint downstream.
  • Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, with rainbow at base of the falls, from Artists Point, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

The largest waterfall in Yellowstone , Yellowstones Lower Falls is a sight like nothing else. Clocking in at a staggering 309-feet, millions of gallons of water churn down the Yellowstone River to create this magnificent spectacle one often laced with a rainbow.

, in fact, the biggest waterfall in Yellowstone, and most certainly the most famous in the national park. Coupled with the Yellowstone Rivers Upper Falls , the parks Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone makes for some of the best waterfall viewing on Earth.

Artists Point offers one of the best and most direct views of Lower Falls. To get there, head east of Canyon Village. From there, a one-way loop drive leads to the brink of the Grand Canyon. Four official viewpoints are available, the last of which leads to the top of the Falls something the most adventurous souls wont want to miss.

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Morning Glory Pool And The Hot Spring Trail To Do In Yellowstone

Old Faithful is undoubtedly the main attraction of the Upper Geyser Basin, but it is not the only geyser in the basin. To see other geothermal wonders in the area, I recommend taking the trail that borders Old Faithful to cross Geyser Hill and following the Firehole River north towards Morning Glory Pool.

Along the way, you will find hundreds of pools of boiling water, geysers, and brightly colored hot springs. The essential stops on this route are Castle Geyser, which is shaped like a castle and erupts every 10-12 hours Grand Geyser, which is the highest predictable geyser in the world, is 197 feet high, and erupts every 7-15 hours Riverside Geyser, a geyser right on the bank of the Firehole River and Morning Glory Pool, the most beautiful hot spring in Yellowstone for me.

3. Morning Glory Pool and the hot spring trail to do in Yellowstone

The trail to Morning Glory is 1.7 miles, which you could cover in half an hour one way if it werent for the number of incredible places where you will want to stop to take photos. Reserve at least an hour and a half for going and coming back. The path to Morning Glory Pool is paved, and there is even an alternate wheelchair accessible path .

After Morning Glory Pool, the path continues to Biscuit Basin, but it is no longer paved, and the hot springs are dispersed for another 0.6 miles on what is known as Artemisa Trail. I will talk about Biscuit Basin and the trails you can hike around there later in this article.

Hayden Valley A Good Place To Spot Wildlife In Yellowstone

Lamar Valley

Hayden Valley is a 50-mi2 paradise, away from the tourist masses, for bears, buffalo, wolves, elk, and other animals in the park.

This valley of vast alpine meadows, through which the Yellowstone River runs, stretches from Yellowstone Canyon south to Yellowstone Lake, forming a hidden place reserved for wildlife where most tourists barely stop. However, if you want to explore it thoroughly, there are some amazing trails to hike.

19. Hayden Valley, a good place to spot wildlife in Yellowstone

is arguably one of the best, as it runs across the entire Hayden Valley to Madison on a 20-mile one-way trail where youll have to cross several rivers on foot. It is not a hike I recommend doing from start to finish, since doing it there and back on the same day is impossible, so you should get picked up on the other side. However, doing the first section of both the east and west zones is a good option.

The eastern area is the Hayden Valley itself, so you can find plenty of wildlife there. Carrying bear spray is mandatory, since it is one of the places where it is easiest to see grizzly bears . If you start the trail from the west, in addition to spotting wildlife, you will see fumaroles, hot springs, and other geothermal features, since you will depart from the Lower Geyser Basin.

Are you looking for something shorter but just as exciting? Then, the Pelican Valley Trail is the best option. The round trip trail is 6 miles long, and you will also see a lot of fauna there.

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Popular Restaurants In Park County

Grand Prismatic Spring: Crown Jewel Of Yellowstone

The Grand Prismatic Spring is one of the parks most photographed sights, and its not hard to see why. The largest hot spring in the United States and third largest in the world, GPS sports some of the most vibrant naturally-occurring colors on the planet. Central deep blues form as a result of the extreme heat that makes that water sterile. On the outer rim, vivid greens, yellows, oranges, and reds result from microbial mats and organisms that thrive on the mineral-rich water.

As gorgeous as she is, be sure to expect crowds when you visit the Grand Prismatic Spring. To dodge heavy foot traffic, the earlier you arrive the better. Or, avoid the crowds altogether by taking to Fairy Falls Overlook to see the basin from above:

Located in the Midway Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic Spring measures 370 feet across. And at 121 feet deep, shes not likely to dry up anytime soon.

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Map Of Yellowstone Attractions

This list of things to do in Yellowstone is in order of what we loved the most but you can follow the map to visit them in order. We are listing them from the most beautiful and interesting to make sure you dont miss them.

It costs $35 to enter Yellowstone, but if you plan on visiting any other National Parks in the United States this year, a National Park Pass costs $80. Its a great saving. Before visiting Yellowstone download the Travel Stories App. It is an excellent guide highlighting top attractions as you drive through the park.

Can You Access The Park In Winter

Top 10 Things to do in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is open to visitors year-round, but getting around in winter requires a little more planning. The park closes many of the roads in the fall due to snow, and car travel is no longer an option. Instead, visitors can enter the park via snowmobile, snow coach, snowshoe, and cross-country ski. Although trickier, we think it is an extra exciting way to experience the park and the major highlights.

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South Rim Of The Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone

To visit the south rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, take the South Rim Drive from the main road.

South Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

On this rim, you can visit the Upper Falls Viewpoint, where you can get a closer look at this waterfall and start Uncle Toms Trail, which descends to the base of the Lower Fall, where you can cool off with the mist. When we went, Uncle Toms Trail was closed for maintenance, but its one of the most popular hiking trails in Yellowstone. Of course, keep in mind that you must descend and then ascend 328 metal steps, which is not suitable for people with vertigo.

In addition to this route, on the south rim, you will find what, for me, is the most picturesque viewpoint in the entire Grand Canyon, Artist Point, which has an impressive frontal view of the Lower Falls. The trail to Ribbon Lake, which begins along the canyon, also starts there. We did the first section, and the views from there were magnificent.

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