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Things To Do In Korcula Croatia

#stop 1: Krka National Park And/or Plitvice Lakes National Park


You should definitely include a stop in one of the most spectacular national parks of Croatia on your bucket list. Especially worth seeing are the world-famous Plitvice Lakes National Park with beautiful waterfalls and 16 cascading lakes, which is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. No less worth visiting is the Krka National Park with fascinating landscapes and the famous Krka waterfalls. If you have time and desire, it is best to see both national parks.

  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • Accommodation Krka Waterfalls: The Apartments Kantunal convince with a really nice interior and a small roof terrace.
  • Accommodation Plitvice Lakes: The Guest House Plitvice Villa Verde is a very nice pension with delicious breakfast and great facilities.

The Best Things To Do In Korcula Croatia

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Korcula Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. Although fairly small there are an incredible number of things to do in Korcula. Home to ancient sites, stunning coastline, local wineries and the birthplace of Marco Polo, its easy to understand why so many tourists choose to visit Korcula.

The island was so appealing to us that we visited on our first trip to Croatia back in 2011. On that Korcula trip, we didnt stray too far from the historic Old Town. Since then, however, we have discovered that there are so many more things to do in Korcula Island.

#stop : Krk Island The Golden Island Of Croatia

If you also want to visit some islands during a road trip through Croatia, then you should definitely put Krk Island for your next stop on your bucket list. It is not far from Rijeka and connected to the mainland by a bridge. Krk is the largest island in the country and attracts visitors with numerous beautiful attractions and scenic places. You should visit Krk Town, which will delight you with its picturesque old town and romantic harbor, as well as fabulous vacation atmosphere. A must-see is also the wine town of Vrbnik, which is enthroned on a high rock above the sea and attracts with the smallest alley in the world. Famous, however, are also the numerous breathtaking dream beaches and natural bays, which can be found especially in Baska.

  • Duration: 2-4 days
  • Accommodation: The VilaVeja apartments are a fabulous choice. The apartments are very clean, there is free parking and you can get to the most beautiful places on the island in short time.

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What To Do On Korcula Island: Old Town Korcula Lumbarda Vela Luka

Many tourists visit the island to only see the Korcula Old City. Although we agree that the Old Town is a Korcula must-see, there are other island destinations that shouldnt be missed. Visiting the towns of Lumbarda and Vela Luka are also top Korcula Island things to do.

So often, visitors only find out what to do in Korcula Town and completely miss the rest of the island. In this guide, we cover the top things to do on Korcula Island. We include detailed tips, links to more information, a helpful link to a map of attractions and essential travel info like how to get there and where to stay. Whether you have one day in Korcula or one week, you can use our guide to help plan your trip.

Our Korcula Guide contains everything you need to know about visiting the island! Save, Pin or Bookmark this post so that you can easily access to plan your trip to Croatia.

Where Is Korula Town Croatia

10 of the Top Things to do in Korcula, Croatia

Korula Town is located on the east coast of the island of Korula, in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, which is in the very south of Croatia. Korula Town is 120 km away from Dubrovnik and 180 km from Split . If you are looking for information on how to get to Korula Town with or without a car, .

Korula Town has been on my list of places to see for a long time

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Planning Your Korula Itinerary

Given Korula’s proximity to the rugged Peljeac peninsula, it is possible to spend a single afternoon in Korula Town. Though it’s best to settle in for at least a night to experience the top highlights and then have a little time left over to at least discover the Lumbarda wine country and its sandy beach. This quick 5-day Best of Dalmatia tour does just that. You’ll ferry from Split to Hvar and then island-hop to Korula and end the adventure in Dubrovnik.

For those with more time, this leisurely two-week trip offers three nights in Korula Town with a whole day devoted to exploring the island from coast to coast. What’s more, Korula makes for a unique way to travel up the coast between the popular cities of Split and Dubrovnik, as seen on this epic 10-day sailing adventure. Featuring a single night in Korula, you’ll spend an additional seven days cruising the Adriatic Sea to five islands that encircle Korula.

See more Korcula itineraries to help you plan your Croatia trip.

Visit Vela Luka + Vela Spilja Cave

Vela Luka is the old port on the other side of Korcula island. Vela Luka doesnt have as much going on as Korcula Town, but there are some lovely authentic restaurants, a bar or two, and a prehistoric cave called Vela Spilja where you can go inside and view exhibits of the prehistoric bones and artifacts they found inside from thousands of years ago.

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Enjoy The View Of Korula Old Town From The Seaside Promenade

The most beautiful views of the Korula peninsula are from the seaside promenade that leads from the old town to St. Nicholas Monastery. This street is called Put Svetog Nikole. I have already mentioned this place while writing about Ispod Duvana beach.

The most beautiful panorama of Korula Old Town is from the seaside promenade Put Svetog Nikole

So if you have already seen everything in Korula Old Town, the best thing to do is take a walk to see the peninsula from a distance. From this perspective, Korula looks really amazing!

Its worth to take a walk along the waterfront to see Korula Old Town from a different perspective

Along the promenade are benches where you can relax in the shade of palm trees as well as beaches and swimming spots.

Rent A Bike Or Do A Cycle Tour

Things to do in Korcula | Croatian Island Adventure

Riding a bicycle around is one of the most popular things to do in Korcula. You can rent one from a local shop and explore for the day, or sign up for a tour that will take you around by bike while teaching you some history.

My favorite Korcula bike tour comes with WINE as well because what better combination than that?! Check it out below.

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The Best Things To Do And See In Korcula

No visit to the island is complete without exploring the historic and picturesque old town of Korcula. The medieval walled Old Town was built on a small peninsula jutting into the Peljseca Channel. The old town is laid out in the shape of a fish bone to prevent high sea winds from barreling through the streets.

Today, the Korcula Old Town is in the tentative list of the UNESCO. It is also known as Little Dubrovnik due to its similarities on the Venetian style buildings with red rooftops. Simply wander through its 26 narrow cobbled streets to step back in time.

Watch The Moreka Dancing

Korula is also the birthplace of a traditional sword dance called Moreka . This is a choreographed dance where the performers wear traditional Croatian clothing and dance with swords. The dance was originally meant to reenact the wars that went on here in the 14-1600s. A tiny history lesson as I said above, a lot of the Croatian coast was part of the Venetian empire during those years.

The Ottoman Turks were also conquesting most of the coast as well, and largely succeeded in the late 15 and early 1600s. However, when it came time to conquer Korula, the Korulans were actually all able to come together from all over the island into the walled old town and fend off the Ottomans. Which, considering how powerful they were at the time, is reeeeeally impressive!!

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Where To Go From Korula Croatia:

Check my Guide to the Best Places to Go in Croatia for some inspo on where to go from Korula, or how to plan a day trip here from any of a few locations.

Dubrovnik is a must-see in Croatia, and is a short ferry away. See more things to do in Dubrovnik here!

Hvar is also a short ferry ride away. Check out more things to do in Hvar here.


Visit Marco Polos House

10 of the Top Things to do in Korcula, Croatia

Many believe that Marco Polo, the famous explorer, was born in Korcula. While its up for debate, there is still a tourist attraction that you can visit and thats the house that Marco Polo was allegedly born in.

Part of the house is free to enter but part there is a small fee where you can access and get great views over Korcula. Tours are also available April through October.

Even if you dont stop by the house I recommend visiting the Marco Polo gift shop across the street just for some entertainment, its quite interesting!

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Croatia Road Trip Itinerary: The Best Of Croatia

Visiting Croatia is an unforgettable experience! The best way to explore the fantastic places of the country is via a road trip with your own car or rental car. Croatia is a very popular self-drive country, and so many travelers visit the highlights of the country on their own. Most spectacular on any itinerary are the many historic coastal towns, the breathtaking natural sites, the fascinating islands and the beautiful beaches in Croatia. With a coastline of around 1,777 kilometers, more than 1,200 islands, 8 national parks and 11 nature parks, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage cities such as Splitand Dubrovnik, the decision for a perfect Croatia itinerary can be difficult. What are the best places to visit in Croatia, which stops should you plan for your road trip and what are the insider tips on any perfect itinerary?

In this guide we give you all the important information and tips for an unforgettable Croatia itinerary. We show you a great route for your road trip across the country, which you can also easily organize on your own as part of a self-drive trip.

Good to know!

No matter if 7 days, 14 days or 3 weeks, a road trip through Croatia is worthwhile in any case. The more time, the better, because even in 4 weeks you will by far not have seen all the best places!

In Croatia there is no vignette. If you drive on the highway you have to pay a toll, which you can pay with cash or credit card. You can save money by taking the coastal road.

Admire The Towers Of Korcula

Korula was one of the finest fortified medieval towns in Croatia. Due to its strategic position, the town was built of thick stone walls and towers. You can still see the impressive defensive structures which dominate the skyline of the old town of Korula.

On the edges of the town, you can see eight remaining towers that were built in the Middle Ages. Heading from north to the west you can seeZakerjanTower, Kanaveli , and Sea Gate Tower.

There is also theSmall Governors Tower and Large Governors Tower , Revelin Tower, Tower of All Saints.

Lastly, on the hill above the Old Town of Korula, is Forteca the English name for the tower is Fort Wellington. The tower was built in 1813 in the place of the Venetian fortification from 1616.

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Drink Wine & Eat Seafood

Korcula Islands location makes it perfect for the two great Croatian gastronomy delights: seafood and wine! Croatias southern Dalmatian region is known for its award-winning wines, and Korcula has the ideal environment for producing two of them â PoÅ¡ip and Grk. You can order these varieties of white wine at most restaurants on the island, so dont hesitate to indulge in a drink or two!

Of notable mention is that you will not find Grk anywhere else in the world other than in the vineyards surrounding Lumbarda. Thats just one more reason to enjoy a glass of this famous wine while relaxing on the shores of Korcula Island.

Eating seafood to your hearts content is also one of the most incredible things to do on Korcula Island. Mediterranean fresh fish, caught off Korculas shores, are prepared in local restaurants. Its top-notch eating whenever Croatian seafood is on the menu.

#stop 1: Zagreb The Beautiful Capital Of Croatia

KorÄ?ula – What to See & Do in KorÄ?ula, Croatia

Zagrebis the last stop on our Croatia itinerary. Most vacationers only travel the Croatian coast, however it is also worth planning a visit to the Croatian capital. During a sightseeing tour you can expect a lot of attractions worth seeing, and it would be a pity not to have seen this city at least once. Zagreb is famous for its imposing cathedral with its two 105 meter high towers and the shortest funicular railroad in the world. But there is much more to discover in this city. Many interesting museums, beautiful parks and numerous romantic squares with hip cafes and restaurants invite to explore!

  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • Accommodation: We recommend the modern LOOX Apartments Hatzova in a central location. There is also a parking garage just around the corner.

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Getting Wet And Relaxing By The Beach

There are so many beaches to choose from on this island alone, its hard to choose which ones to visit. But we listed a few favorites below:

Vela Przina Beach in Lumbarda. This beach has sandy shores and is nestled in a large bay offering amazing views of the sea. Great for families, so arrive early to get a good spot and spend the day here.

Expert tip: get ice cream from one of the stands and ask for pola-pola which is two flavors for the price of one!

Bilin Zal in Lumbarda is popular for its sandy bottom beach. You can go barefoot on shore and in the sea – which is ideal for families and children. Tip: Bring an umbrella as there is no natural shade at this beach.

Pupnatska Luka a small, pebble beach that is popular for swimming. Even if you do not go swimming, the views from the shoreline are worth visiting this beach for! Its 15km away from Korula town and is family-friendly as you can rent kayaks, there are portable toilets and a few restaurants nearby.

Vaja Beach is a more secluded beach if you want to get away from the crowds. A 20-minute drive from Korula town to the west, its closest to the town of Racisce.

Expert tip: Make sure you wear appropriate shoes since youll have to climb up a steep hill to access the beach.

Dine In One Of The Romantic Restaurants In The Old Town

Once you visit the old town and swim in the sea, you can eat something at one of the romantic restaurants in Korula. In the streets of Korula Old Town, there are many cozy eateries and pizzerias. But if you want to have a sea view, I suggest you go to one of the restaurants located on the promenade.

Restaurant tables in a narrow street of Korula Old Town

One of the restaurants in the Old Town of Korula

Prices on Korula are similar to those in Dubrovnik, so compared to other parts of Croatia it is quite expensive here, but it is worth trying some seafood and local wine being in such a beautiful place!

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Grk Wine Tasting Korcula

As we already mentioned, drinking wine is one of the best things to do in Korcula, Croatiaand when in Lumbarda, tasting Grk wine is a must! The only place the white Grk Bijeli wine variety is grown in the world is in Lumbarda. The Grk vine only produces female flowers, so it is often cross-pollinated with Plavac Mali .

Grk Wineries Korcula

There are several wineries in Lumbarda where visitors can get a taste of the local Grk wine straight from the source. Vineyards cover the land just inland from the sandy shoreline. Popular Korcula wineries in Lumbarda that offer tastings are Winery Grk, Popic Winery, Bire Winery and Lovric Winery.

Top Tip: At restaurants in Lumbarda, Grk wine is usually offered by the glass or bottle but is expensive in comparison to other Croatian wines. We paid 35 kunas for a small glass of Grk wine at the waterfront Maestral Cafe. Grk wine is rarely found in grocery stores. However, in the Lumbarda Studenac grocery store, we found a bottle of Korculaski White Wine that was priced at 35 kunas.

Visit St Marks Cathedral

10 of the Top Things to do in Korcula, Croatia

An unmissable historical building, St. Marks Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral from the 15th century. It was built and painted by Italian and local masters in a Gothic and Renaissance style.

On the door pillars, you will notice the naked figures of Adam and Eve, and on the triangular gable cornice at the very top, there is some intriguing detail, specifically a two-tailed mermaid and elephant.

Inside, you can find the sarcophagus of St. Theodore, the protector of Korula, an icon of the Virgin from the 13th century, cannonballs and weapons from wars with the Ottomans, and paintings by the aforementioned Italian master Tintoretto.

The cathedral is located in the heart of the town, on the highest point which means it provides the most alluring view of Korula and the Adriatic Sea. It is not easy to go up, but it is well worth the effort.

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