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Things To Do In Killeen Tx With Family

A Little About Killeen


Killeen began as a 360-acre stretch of Central Texas wilderness purchased in 1881 to expand the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway. The railroad plotted a 70-block town on its purchased land and named it after the assistant general manager of the railroad, Frank P. Killeen. Within a year, the town filled up with pioneers fresh off the train, ready to make their mark on the town. A school, several stores, saloon, and railroad depot all rose to meet the needs of the growing community. Within just five years, the town had blossomed to 350 residents, and included two saloons, a lumberyard, a blacksmith, and a hotel.

Just 30 years after the towns founding, Killeen had a fully operational water system, multiple bridges that doubled its trade area, and would be primed as an ideal staging ground for Fort Hood, which altered its economy immensely and gave its citizens new opportunities previously unheard of. Now, Killeen is the 21st most populous city in Texas, with a proud history of pioneering, trade, and military service.

Best Restaurant In Killeen Texas

Killeen, Texas is a food-lovers dream! Discover the best restaurants in Killeen, Texas, from quirky eateries and romantic hideaways to Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity chef venues. Killeen, Texas restaurants cater to every taste, budget and dietary need and can be found everywhere from swanky settings to shipping containers. Seek out street food in trendy markets, dine on world flavours at top Killeen, Texas restaurants, or find some of the best halal, vegetarian and vegan restaurants around.

Do you fancy dining in the dark? Or karaoke-ing to your hearts content? Or perhaps youd rather leave the singing to someone else, while you tuck into a delicious feast of contemporary European fare. There are so many fun places to eat in Killeen, Texas this list will inspire you to make the most of this amazing city and clear your diary to visit them all.

From the classics to the latest game-changers, here are the best restaurants in Killeen, Texas

Try The Trilling Great Escape Of Central Texas

The Great Escape of Central Texas is one of the exciting things to do in Killeen that you should add to your itinerary.

In the year 2015, Charles D and Michelle D founded the business. Its a terrific place to spend time with family and coworkers. The escape room is thrilling, and youll want to go on it with your friends, coworkers, or family to see how well you work together.

The escape room aims to promote teamwork and creative thinking among peers while also creating a stimulating environment. The players are given a time frame to complete a series of riddles or solve mysteries to escape the chamber.

Different scenarios and imaginary locales are used to create the games. The place is unquestionably one of the best locations to visit in Killeen if you enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries.

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Free And Cheap Things To Do In Killeen Tx

At first glance, Killeen Tx can be a wallet-destroying city to spend time in but it doesnt have to be that way. Looking to explore the city without the expense? This insiders guide walks you through 30 awesome and totally free things to do in Killeen Tx.

in Killeen Tx,

Killeen Tx is one of the best places to be a tourist for the day, and it costs nothing to see the landmarks from the outside and take some iconic Insta snaps with them! Most of Killeen Txs landmarks can be seen on this walk around Killeen Tx.

A trip to Killeen Tx can set you back a fair amount if you go in blind, but as with any destination, if you prepare and do your research youll find many hacks and insider tips to help keep the costs down. If youre looking for some free things to do in Killeen Tx , youve arrived at the right post. Were here to maximise fun and minimise cost for you!

Add these free things to do in Killeen Tx to your itinerary, so you can spend less money on sightseeing and spend more money on shopping in Soho !

Dana Peak Park For The Horse Riding

Summer Activities For Kids Killeen Tx

Dana Peak Park is located along the lines of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. This place has multiple activities for groups and families. For enjoying your weekend, it will be a great add-on to your best things to do in Killeen Texas. Peak Park is a fantastic place to enjoy the weekend with lots of adventures and positive vibes. The lake here is top-rated and known for boating and fishing activities. Besides the lake, you can also go hiking on the long trails and spend the whole day in the park without any barriers. The unique thing about this destination is that you can also do horse riding with your partner here. Horse riding is one of the most thrilling activities, and you can also overcome your fear away with it.

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Faqs Related To Things To Do In Killeen Texas

1. What are the adventurous activities to do in Killeen?

A great combination of adventure and fun can be found in Killeen, Texas. For adventurous activities, hiking and biking on long trails are very much popular in this city. You can head to any of the community parks to enjoy most of the adventurous things to do in Killeen.

2. Where can I stay in Killeen, Texas?

Killeen is occupied with lots of hotels to stay in. These hotels can include Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Shilo Inn, etc. There are also many places available surrounded by hills where you can stay with your family and friends. All you need to do is go to the hotel website and book your seamless stay at Killeen.

3. What is the popular attraction in Killeen, TX?

The popular attraction in Killeen is Stillhouse Hollow Lake. This lake is surrounded by Dana Peak Park with beautiful hills nearby. Exploring the lake will be one of the most fun things to do in Killeen TX. You can enjoy various activities here like hiking, fishing, and swimming.

4. Are there any fun things to do in Killeen during Winter with family?

During winter, you can head to the historic museums in Killeen like Bell Country Museum, and the 3rd Armoured Cavalry museum. You can explore the historic monuments and arts in these places. In addition to these, Mayborn Science Theatre will also be a great option to enjoy fun things to do in Killeen during winter with your family members.

5. What to do in Killeen during summer?

More in Texas

Practice Bowling At Killeen Bowlerama

If you are a bowling player, it is impossible to miss it during your vacation. Killeen Bowlerama is an old bowling game building popular for organizing various competitions and plays in a year. Bowling is much more exciting and fun when it comes to outdoor games. So, visiting this place will be one of the cheap things to do in Killen TX, for adults. You can play unlimited games day or night and participate in different competitions for very affordable prices. The eating facility is also there during the bowl, so there is no need to leave the place for a long time.

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Educate Yourself At Mayborn Science Theater

Located in Central Texas College, the Mayborn Science Theater is a great way to celebrate all things scientific and educational.

There are different films and shows for you to enjoy, all with individual tickets available for really affordable prices.

Youll be able to personalize your visit and experience all the things that you really love about science. Topics include planets, dinosaurs, stars, and laser shows.

The staff are knowledgeable and more than happy to share everything they know about the different exhibitions with visitors.

You can go on a guided exploration around the Planetarium and ask all the questions you might have.

The Mayborn Science Theater is also utilized to hold events, such as Geekfest, so you might be able to participate in some of those if they are happening during your visit.

But even without extra events, the Mayborn Science Theater is a fantastic resource that appeals to all ages.

Things To Do In Killeen Tx With Friends

Best hotels In Killeen TX – For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget

There is an abundance of activities in Killeen Tx for you to participate in. Whether its just you and your partner or a whole squad of stags and hens, Killeen Tx guarantees you an experience that will leave you with a dire thirst to return for more of its charm

Killeen Tx is a huge city, and so is the number of ways in which you can have fun here. We hope youve found something to your liking, which is highly probable, especially considering how unique and innovative some of the activities listed here are. Have as much fun as you can, and dont forget to like the article

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Hike Or Bike Up Trails At Dana Peak Park

The US definitely has some of the best hiking and biking trails in the world.

Dana Peak Park is located in Harker Heights, which is just an 11-minute drive away from Killeen.

There, youll be able to explore the natural environment by your preferred method. For those who love to hike, there are five hiking trails to try out.

If you would rather mountain bike, you can tackle some new terrain and choose between different routes depending on how many kilometers you want to ride.

The park is a lovely place to spend time even when you arent exploring the different trails.

Visitors are welcome to bring pets and have picnics and BBQs, so long as everyone cleans up after themselves.

There are rocky beaches that are great for a walk and a pretty landscape to admire.

Whether summer or winter, youll have a great time getting out and about at Dana Peak Park.

Restaurant Recommendations

Everybody has their preferences, so in Killeen youll be able to find eateries serving cuisine to satisfy every customer.

Taiwan Dragon serves amazing Chinese food, Little Italy is great for Italian food, Korean Kitchen serves lots of delicious Korean dishes, and The Catch is one of the best places to go for seafood.

Youll also be able to get some great food at Shilo Restaurant Killeen, Texas Roadhouse, Pluckers Wing Bar, and Menos Mexican Grill.

Being in a bustling city center, youll be able to try out lots of smaller eateries as well.

Accommodation In Killeen

Ways To Get To Killeen

Places To Visit: Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area Killeen Tx

Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area is the place to be for outdoor family fun, year-round! BLORA covers 89 acres next to beautiful Belton Lake, and in the summer, Sierra Beach is open for swimming. The beach contains two 300-foot long water slides, a kiddie splash area, picnic areas, and playground equipment. Boat rentals are available at Belton Lake Marina. The recreation area also contains a mountain biking trail, paintball facilities, basketball and volleyball courts, fishing, horseback riding, cottage rentals, and camping facilities. BLORA is open year-round. Swimming is only permitted when lifeguards are on duty.

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Vive Les Arts Theater

Vive Les Arts Theater, also known as the Central Texas Theater, is a Theater in Killeen, Texas that displays high-quality live performances in the city.

The theater is a non-profit 501 C-3 community theater that offers programming for adults and families year-round.

The theater, established in 1973, has been enriching the cultural arts of Killeen to date.

Furthermore, the theater has a stage for musical and dramatic productions, offering some of the best quality performances in central Texas.

Also, there is a theater made especially for children where they can catch fun on their own.

If you are a lover of arts, there is an art gallery along the lobby portraying different arts from different professional artists.

Popcorn, coffee, sodas, and adult drinks are available for purchase at the theater. There is nothing like enjoying some of these as you watch the live stage performances.

Of all the performances, the Nutcracker ballet remains one of the standout performances in the theater.

Whenever you are in Killeen, ensure you check out this theater. You are in for a great time.

Address: 3401 S W S Young Dr, Killeen, TX 76542, United States

Fly With The Freedom Helicopter

Romantic things to do in Killeen, TX

The entire experience of flying with Freedom helicopters is magnificent and enjoyable. The Freedom Helicopter is an experience youll want to add to your Kileen things-to-do list.

The helicopter can accommodate three passengers for a flight tour, and you can also schedule a flight tour for a large group. The Freedom Helicopters are always ready to take you to the skies, with 5, 6, and 45 minutes of flight duration options.

Flight training, scenic flights, photography, and other services are available from the Freedom helicopters. If you want to work as a helicopter pilot, you can reach out to them through their website.

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Rock And Roll Ice Cream Parlor

The Rock and Roll Ice Cream Parlor is a fun-filled place with lovely treats to keep you going during your stay, so you want to make sure to add this place to your list of things to do in Killeen.

The place is a friendly one and is filled with so much excitement as it produces sweet and tasty ice cream.

Other things to find here are banana splits, sundaes, hand-dipped ice cream, shakes, cones, and various toppings like hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles, and whipped cream.

There are varieties of samples of premium ice cream flavors that visitors can choose from.

They have a lovely atmosphere, amazing service, and many tasty ice cream flavors to go around.

Address: 4524 South W S Young Drive Ste 105, Killeen, TX 76542,

Altitude Trampoline Park For Unlimited Fun

Altitude Trampoline Park is where any age group can go. This can include kids, adults, or senior citizens. There are many family things to do in Killeen TX, and this park is the best option. It is an indoor park which will make you remember your childhood by doing so many family activities.

Lets see what you can do here to enjoy your family vacation-

  • You can explore your inner childhood in free jump space to get the excitement and feel of your journey.
  • It is the best place to celebrate birthdays and organize parties as well as events with many activities.
  • There are also games like dodgeball dynamos, wipeout wonders, etc., so get ready to enjoy the beauty of this place.

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Top 7 Astonishing Things To Do In Killeen Tx

Killeen is the main city in Texas, present in north Austin. If you are planning a trip, you must look for the things to do in Killeen, TX. It has plenty of fascination and activities in central Texas for family and friends. Moreover, it is a hub of attractions, including museums, hiking trails, splendid parks, restaurants, and hotels.


Birding At Stillhouse Hollow Park

15 Best Cities for Families in Texas | Great Places, TX

One of the best birding opportunities near Killeen is at Stillhouse Park. The day-use park sits along Stillhouse Hollow Lake, which draws many types of bird species to the area. Pack your binoculars and walk the grounds to see species like great blue herons, bald eagles, ruby-crowned kinglets, yellow-rumped warblers, and the Carolina chickadee.

Birding is one of the most popular activities at this park, but there are many other things to do. There is 58 miles of shoreline, making for ample fishing opportunities for bass and catfish. Open grass areas are available for picnics and frisbee games. There are also boat rentals nearby if you want to canoe or kayak on the lake. A day-use fee applies to visit the park.Address: 4050 Simmons Road, Belton, Texas

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Watch A Live Show At Vive Les Arts Theatre

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Raise your hand if youâre seeing âSomething Rottenâ this weekend! âââââ Get your tickets now! https://www.showpass.com/something-rotten/

Posted by Vive Les Arts Theatre on Friday, July 16, 2021

You can watch some great theater performances here at the VLA. With some great features like Mamma Mia and Rock of Ages having been performed here, along with plenty of kids plays, this theater is frequented by many people. Be sure to reserve your seats in advance, so you dont have to worry about missing the play.

Vive Les Arts Theatre

Things To Do Near Me: Boulders Sport Climbing Center Killeen Texas

Since 2000, Boulders Sport Climbing Center has offered a fun, positive atmosphere for adventurers who want to experience the thrill of rock climbing. First-timers and experienced climbers alike can practice on Boulders 40-foot climbing walls, free standing boulder, and 30-foot rappel tower. Climbing clinics and classes for all ages are taught by experienced, helpful climbers. Boulders also hosts special events such as birthday parties, lock-ins, summer camps, parents night out, team building exercises, and more. All climbers must take the introductory Orientation Class before climbing. Boulders is open Monday through Saturday until 10 p.m. and Sunday until 8 p.m.

325 Indian Trail Harker Heights, TX 76548, website, Phone: 254-690-9790

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