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Things To Do In Kenova Wv

Take Dinner At Roccos

Kenova Save A Lot goes up in flames overnight

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Kenova , Roccos Restaurant is a secret place that every local knows about and goes to time and again. Here, Rocco delivers Italian and it is soooo good! Order a plate of pasta and you will find a little piece of Italy right here in the hills and valleys of western West Virginia.

Note: West Virginia is rich with Italian heritage. Clarksburg hosts a huge festival each year.Huntington has a much smaller version. Both celebrate families who immigrated from the old country and made West Virginia home.

Cool Statues In Huntington

There is a Collis P. Huntington statue in front of the train station on 7th Avenue. Who was Collis P. Huntington? He is the namesake for the city. As one of the leaders in building railways across the United States, Huntington brought this area to life by bringing the railroad here. Make sure to do your research so you understand his importance in American history. You may recognize his name from the TV show Hell on Wheels. Once you do, get a shot of yourself with his statue and share it with the world.

Carter G. Woodson

There is a really nice statue of Carter G. Woodson located on Hal Greer Blvd. Woodson was a very well-known historian and author in the early part of the last century. He is known as the founder of Black History Month. Woodson was an amazing person and had direct links to West Virginia in his life. Find out more about him and then get your picture taken with his statue.

Copper Buffalos

Donated by billionaire philanthropist Chris Cline before he passed away, the giant buffalos weigh 6,000 lbs each. The pedestals they sit on weigh even more. These things are really cool and worthy of a quick stop for a selfie. They sit in front of the Chad Pennington Hall of Fame which is worth a quick run through too.

John Marshall

Honorable Mention Mothman

Rock Out At The V Club

There is a small bar on the corner of 6th Ave and 8th Street that showcases up-and-coming bands and performers . Between Thursday and Sunday nights late, you can usually see and hear all kinds of music styles for a small cover charge. Not your thing? You should still go and get your picture taken there. The V Club is a rite of passage for all young people in the region.

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Rent A Boat At Beech Fork

Beech Fork State Park is a treasure. This place has so much to offer, and I get the idea that either local people dont take advantage of it or they dont know what is there. The park has a frisbee golf course, huge playground, cookout areas, camping, fishing, swimming pool, beach, shooting range, and more. One leisurely thing to do is to rent a boat either a kayak or a paddle boat and go out on the lake. In the summer months, it is simply glorious. Note: wear sunscreen or youll burn.

Explore Artisans Express Designs

Pumpkin House # Kenova, WV

Over the last several years, the Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation has done a city art project called Artisans Express. In 2015, local artists were given fiberglass train engines to paint. In 2019, they were given boats to design. Some of those pieces still remain around town. Make it a point to find one and get your picture taken with it.

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Fun Things To Do Near Charleston Wv: Best Places To Visit Nearby

  • David Reeve

A trip to Charleston is very much like a trip to the past, and people come from all over the country to get a real feel for what life used to be like.

There are my fun things to do near Charleston, WV where you can immerse yourself into the natural beauty of the great outdoors, particularly during the sunny months of the year.

Huntington Of The Future

I dont look at what Huntington once was but rather what Huntington could be in the future. What I see and experience is a town on the rise. It is a secret a diamond in the rough just waiting to be found and polished to a bright gleam.

This list is a tribute to my town and the area in which I live. The goal is to give you fun things to do in and around Huntington. This is really a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. Enjoy this list and if you have ideas, leave them in the comments section at the end of the article. I will be revising the list periodically.

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Watch A High School Game

Both Huntington High School and Spring Valley High School have a rich tradition of winning in just about every sport. There is nothing better than watching a high school football game under the lights. Basketball games especially when the teams are good are a blast to watch too. Make it a point to attend a game sometime. It will remind you of how great the community we live in really is!

Check Out Prabhupadas Palace Of Gold

West Virginia man charged in triple shooting in Kenova

The Palace of Gold is considered the jewel of New Vrindaban. It was constructed as a simple residence for Hare Krishnas spiritual leader, Srila Prabhupada. As time passed by, the humble house soon grew into a beautiful palace that was adorned with marble floors, crystal chandeliers, mirrored ceilings, and gold architectural flourishes.

Address: McCrearys Ridge Rd, New Vrindaban

Note: You can also give your donations to help with the Palace upkeep.

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Hike In The Beautiful Dolly Sods Wilderness

The Dolly Sods Wildnerness is a hiking destination frequented by adventurers who aim to get the phenomenal views of West Virginias natural landscape. Youll see eye-stretching meadows, cascading streams, and the yellow birch and hemlock trees, among many beautiful natural sights.

Here are some of the easy to intermediate Dolly Sods hiking trails you can enjoy:

  • Breathed Mountain 2.5 miles
  • Upper Red Creek Trail 1.3 milesViews: Valleys, hills, and lush forest

Sooner or later, youd want to try hiking in the Dolly Sods Wilderness.

Shop Kenny Queen Hardware

Going to a hardware store that has a little bit of everything, as well as staff able to help you find it, has to be one of the great joys in life. Kenny Queens is that place in Huntington. Located just outside the city limits on 5th Street, Queens is a huge ACE Hardware store. Make a trip there. The experience is great!

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Order A Montes Special

Montes Pizza has been a staple of the Tri-State region for more than 30 years. Their signature order is a Montes Special a large pizza, bag of chips, and a 2-liter bottle of soda for something like $22. Montes cuts their pizza into squares instead of slices. The pizza is good and the owners are really serious about their customer service. NOTE: Pick it up. Dont have it delivered.

Walk Harris Riverfront Park


Harris Riverfront Park kind of gets a bad reputation , but it really is a lovely park if you go at the right time. You should go. My recommendation is to pick a summer evening just as the sun is about to set and walk the path along the riverfront. The sun hits the water and leaves a long shadow. The park is shaded by trees too.

There really isnt a better way in the summer to end an evening than to sit on a bench at the park or to walk the river path. Check it out, youll see. Note: There is a sign in the park that references Chuck Ripper, a famous artist from Huntington. Make sure to stop and read that. Ripper is responsible for the art on something like 90 or more postage stamps and the artist of record for multiple journals and other publications. He was a great guy I met him late in his life and he made me laugh and cry with the stories he told me about everything it took to succeed in his profession.

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Discover The Lasting Haunting Impression Of Trans

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a psychiatric hospital in Weston, West Virginia which operated from 1864 until 1994. It was a sanctuary for the mentally ill then. Today, it holds the stories of Civil War raids, a gold robbery, and the efforts of all those who helped better the lives of the mentally ill.

Do you want to know the truth within these walls? Join a historic or paranormal tour today.

Go To The Hot Dog Festival

Huntington, West Virginia, is home to the annual Hot Dog Festival. Put on by iHeart Media, this event celebrates Huntingtons love of hot dogs. The event takes place every year in late September. All local hot dog vendors are invited to participate.

Activities include hot dog-eating contests, bun run, bun bike, and a wiener dog race. All the monies raised go to support the Hoops Family Childrens Hospital.

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Selfie At The Memorial Arch

Built between 1924 and 1929, the Memorial Arch is located in a small area called Memorial Park. It was built by the Cabell County War Memorial Association to honor those who served the country in World War I . This is a grand memorial in Huntington that few people stop to appreciate or think about. A flag is usually draped and hanging in the middle of the arch. If you like photography, this is a great photo opportunity. The structure is 42 feet high and 34 feet wide and is the only triumphal style arch in the state.

Note: It is the place where, current U.S. Congresswoman from the 3rd District of WV, Carol Miller announced her candidacy for the House of Representatives in 2015.

See The Huntington Kickball League Play

A day filled with action around Kenova, WV! Heritage, Shortlines, and more: 3/22/21!

Each summer, people from all walks of life come together under the banner of the Jewel City Kickball League. The group plays on Sunday afternoons from June through August at the old Olympic Pool field . Watching adults play kickball is worth your time. Find a big tree, pull up a chair underneath, and spend an hour enjoying the hilarity that ensues.

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Stop For Lunch On The Patio At Mountwest

This is a bit of a hidden gem in Huntington that most people dont know exists. Venture up the hill to the campus of Mountwest Community and Technical College. There is plenty of parking. Behind the building on the first floor is a modern and beautiful sitting area. Most of the time this space is hardly used. Pack a lunch and have a nice little experience there. You will enjoy it. Its beautiful!

Walk The Paul Ambrose Trail

Created in honor of Dr. Paul Ambrose a native of Huntington and rising political voice in the halls of Washington, D.C., who was killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks this trail is still in progress and hasnt been fully completed. It is currently a patchwork of trails and paths that take you all over the city of Huntington. See if you can figure out the whole trail and walk it from start to finish.

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Go On An Odd Museum Tour

For a number of really good reasons, Huntington has a good little list of odd museums you can visit while in town. The Touma Medical Museum is first on this list. If you are into the history of medicine and the equipment associated with that profession, this is worth an hour or two of your time. If you have never seen it at all, you need to. It is very well done.

The Radio and Technology Museum is located just off Harvey Town Road. Take a step back in history and marvel at how radio came to life and how quickly the technology has advanced in the last century.

The Charles W. and Norma C. Carroll Gallery is located at 927 3rd Avenue, inside the Visual Arts Center downtown. Charlie and Norma Carroll are two of the coolest people you will ever meet. I think it is fitting there is a cool gallery named after them. This new gallery showcases the work of students. It is one of the galleries under Marshalls sphere of influence. Other galleries include Galary 842 and the Birke Gallery both of which usually have collections worth seeing.

Watch A Dutch Miller Commercial

The Pumpkin House, Kenova, West Virginia

Chris Miller and Wes Thompson of Dutch Miller Automotive might be the craziest and most creative people in the region. The commercials they produce for Dutch Miller Automotive are at times enough to make you laugh hilariously turn away in disgust or embarrassment or prompt you to want to buy a car. Whatever it is, this creative team has managed to make the region laugh and cringe for more than two decades. Theyre history is all on , and some of it is comedy gold. Watch something they create, then maybe go buy a car from them so they can keep producing funny/annoying commercials.

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Learn From Chef Marty

Chef Marty wears the most quirky aprons ever but hes super talented and committed to teaching people how to eat healthy. Chef Marty currently operates Huntington Kitchen located downtown on 3rd Avenue a place that came to life in 2009 with the visit of Chef Jamie Oliver to do a reality TV show. Over the years, the kitchen has been run by different organizations. Today, Cabell Huntington Hospital and Marshall University share the responsibility.

The kitchen is not a place you can just walk in to visit. You must start at the website and find what classes are being offered. Many times the classes are free as long as you sign up for them early. With the COVID pandemic, Chef Marty has taken his classes to the Internet. You can catch him on . Either way, find out more about Huntingtons Kitchen and take a class. You will appreciate it!

Play Video Games At Quicksilver

In June of 2021, Quicksilver changed their name to the Old North Arcade! Still the same cool place

The latest attraction in downtown Huntington is Quicksilver. This place is an arcade/bar/restaurant. The concept is simple the video games are free if you buy a beer or a drink. The games are straight out of an arcade from Stranger Things . If you wanna play Joust, Missile Command, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, Spy Hunter, and more for free, this is the place for you. They also have a good number of quarter-a-play pinball machines.

The atmosphere and location are quality. The staff gets it done. This is a great place to go and have fun or to simply kill some time.

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Why We Recommend Going Here

Its quite visually engrossing, and many maintain that the best way to enjoy it is by exploring the more than 35 miles of trails that it offers. There are areas for cheap activities such as hiking and biking, many of which are connected by all kinds of great picnic areas. Naturalists love this place for the array of flora and bird species.

Order Duck Fat Fries At Peddler

Halloween Pumpkin House in Kenova

Every restaurant needs something that puts them on the map. The Peddler is fantastic for burgers and beer. They do both of those really, really well. Their fries, however, are what you come back for time and time again. They put the potatoes in duck fat then make them into fries. How cool is that! Duck FAT! The fries have a unique taste and are very worth trying especially if youve never had them before. The owner of the Peddler is a young entrepreneur in Huntington, and everything he does is always excellent.

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Experience Jeffs Bike Shop

Jeffs Bike Shop. What can you say about this place except, How lucky are we to have Jeff! The Bike Shop proper is a little trip down memory lane. There are Schwinn bikes from the 1970s and 80s hanging from the ceiling. There are new and used mountain bikes for sale. Then there is Jeff usually behind the counter actually fixing bikes.

The magic of Jeffs Bike Shop is talking with Jeff about bikes or really anything. The man knows everything. Ask him why Diamondback sold out to a Chinese company he will have a thoughtful answer. Ask him why he only sells specialized bikes, and hell have a well-thought-out answer for that too.

Jeff is like Yoda or Buddha or some other wise sensei working in a bike shop in Huntington . Go there. See him. Get your bike fixed and buy a bike from him! Jeffs Bike Shop is about as real as it gets.

Visit The Marshall Baseball Stadium

Marshall University recently announced they would be building a new baseball stadium. The project is expected to take several years to complete. Visit the site. There are signs showing where it is going to be built as you drive down 5th Ave. before you get to Stewarts. As the building goes up and even after you need to stop and get your picture taken on the site. Think of it as a historical selfie.

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