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Things To Do In Isafjordur Iceland

Visit The Vigur Island

Hotel Isafjordur, Iceland — A Video Review

We got a boat ride which took us only half an hour to get there., the views of the fjord was beautiful. Once I got there, we saw puffins, eider ducks, guillemots In Vigur Island you can see the only windmill in the country, it is not big, and they still use it.

Another curious thing is, that you can visit the smallest post office of Europe, so it is a very original way of sending a post card to your family and friends.

Fun Facts About The Westfjords

  • The towns and municipalities in Westfjords are called: Reykhólahreppur, Vesturbyggð, Tálknafjarðarhreppur, Bolungarvík, Ísafjarðarbær, Súðavíkurhreppur, Árneshreppur, Kaldrananeshreppur, Strandabyggð and Bæjarhreppur. Try saying those out loud!
  • The Westfjords are the oldest part of Iceland.
  • You can fly from Reykjavík to the Westfjords in under an hour.
  • In winter, some days go by without any sunlight reaching down the mountain slopes and into the villages. No wonder the locals like to hike!
  • The Westfjords have one glacier, Drangajokull.
  • The largest town in the Westfjords has less than 4000 people living there.
  • In fall time the western hills turn blue with blueberries and crowberries which grow wild every year from the end of August-early October. They are good until the first frost!

Culture And History Of Isafjordur

The town of Isafjordur is located within Skutulsfjörður, a fjord that was established back in the 9th century. Over the centuries, Isafjordur grew into a thriving trade center and was granted municipal status in 1786. You can still see some of the 18th-century merchant buildings of the era by visiting the collection of old timber frame houses in the area. For many years, Isafjordur was home to one of Icelands largest fisheries. Today, most of its economic activity revolves around tourism and tours around the Westfjords.

Isafjordur Cruise Port Facilities and Location

On cruises to Isafjordur, your ship will dock in the port of Isafjordur, which is located within a natural harbor in the Westfjords region. Nearby, youll find the Old Town center and the Maritime Museum.

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Places To Go In Isafjordur

Welcome, traveler, to Isafjordur. Your journey has landed you here, and new adventures are calling your name. Now that youve arrived, you can stay in the safety and comfort of your hotel and watch the world spin pastor you can embrace this new place youve come to. Learn its streets. Meet its people. Learn its history. Your hand is already on the doorknob, isnt it?

Things to Do in Isafjordur

Youll not be wanting for things to do in Isafjordur. Explore the downtown area in search of museums and boutiquesor that next delicious meal. What tickles your fancy? A delectable five-course supper at the restaurant youve been hearing about? Or perhaps youd rather read the paper while sipping hot coffee at one of the cafes scattered throughout town. Take in a show at the theatre, or just walk along down the main thoroughfare, watching people wander past.

Why spend hours ruminating over what to do in Isafjordur? Let the possibilities wash over you as you explore this new region. Move out on foot and get to know the area on a more personal level. Find that perfect souvenir at one of the smaller shops, or reinvent your entire artistic aesthetic at your new favorite gallery.

Hiking Biking And Kayaking

The Isafjordur town in Iceland.

There are a plethora of hiking and biking trails from Isafjordur. You have the choice of hugging the coastline and riding from town to town, or to use the more challenging valley trails. We always recommend a guide for hikes and mountain biking, as the weather conditions and routes in the Westfjords can be unpredictable if you arent familiar with the terrain. Rent a mountain bike for a half- or full-day tour around town, or join a guide to test your skills of the challenging Svalvogar Circuit. Hike up to Kaldbakur, the highest mountain in the Westfjords, or make your way around to the Svalvogar Peninsula in a Jeep or mountain bike. Kimkim offers private tours to both Kaldbakur and Svalvogar, which you can do as a combo tour in only 9-10 hours.

With so many bays, inlets and fjords, there seems to be no end to gorgeous kayak routes in the Northern Atlantic. Ride around the calm bay of Isafjordur or kayak around impressive Mt. Oshlid. Visit Vigur Island to relax with harbor seals and birdlife. You can also paddle out to the island of Æðey and Snæfjallaströnd Beach for beautiful views of the water and shoreline.

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Study The Unique Culture Of The Area

If you want to learn about the unique and quirky culture Ísafjörður has to offer, you must visit Ísafjörðurs Culture house. The Culture house is situated in a beautiful building built in 1925 which served as a hospital for decades. Even though it hasnt been a hospital since the eighties, most people in Ísafjörður still call it Gamla Sjúkrahúsið or the Old Hospital.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The local currency in Isafjordur is the Icelandic krona . Credit cards are widely accepted in Iceland, even when paying for small amounts, but its never a bad idea to carry a little bit of local cash. Tipping is not expected in Iceland, as many bills already include gratuity and service charges in the final total. If youd like to leave something extra, anything less than 10% of the total amount is acceptable.

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Top Food And Drink In Isafjordur

Fishing is one of the top industries in Iceland, so expect plenty of fresh seafood options during your cruise to Isafjordur. Popular catches include cod, haddock, and salmon, prepared in a variety of ways such as boiled, roasted, and grilled. One of the local specialties is mashed fish stew known as plokkfiskur, which is mixed with onions, potatoes, and sauce. If youre looking to try something totally different, order fermented shark or hákarl, which is Icelands national dish.

Where To Stay In Safjrur

Iceland Vlog: Day 9 (Isafjordur and The West Fjords)

A grown and culturally rich town of Ísafjörður offers you many options to stay and traverse. Tungudalur camping ground has fine access to electricity and smooth surface. Services like showers, bathrooms with showers deemed disabled and washing machines and dryers are also available. Free wifi is icing on the cake. You can also choose to stay at Hotel Ísafjörður from where there will be an ease to travel. Modern and equipped with all facilities, the hotel has a restaurant with a fabulous view over the harbour, where you can indulge your taste buds in some seafood . Other options include Gamla guesthouse which offers rooms on a sharing basis. There is also a sitting lounge and a reading corner with internet connection.

Dont forget to visit Tjöruhúsið. Locals say it is the best restaurant in Iceland, serving fresh fish from the day.

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Safjrur Guide Closing Thoughts

If you want to drive to Reykjavik from Ísafjörður, expect to spend approximately six hours traveling, if during the winter longer. However, you could take a domestic flight they leave twice a day, and the flight only takes forty minutes tops. During the summer time, you can take an intercity coach or one of the Reykjavik busses. Which would take you to Hólmavík year round. From Hólmavík you can hike, though it is not advisable.

The winter months make travelling difficult because of the weather conditions but majority of the time some mode of transportation will be available. Locals have also been known to take you to where you need to go when your flight is cancelled as long as you pay for the petrol for their car.

Overall, if you plan to visit Ísafjörður during the winter months it is recommended that you go at the beginning or the middle of your trip. This way you can more flexible if transportation is delayed and you can enjoy all that the town has to offer.

Eat Some Delicious Seafood

After spending a wonderful day in Ísafjörður it would be a great idea to end your night at Tjöruhúsið restaurant. Tjöruhúsið is located in Neðstakaupstað and has gotten some great reviews but their specialty is Icelandic fish courses. Most Icelandic towns in the countryside rely heavily on fishing and Ísafjörður is no exception. As a result, they have exceptional ingredients to work with and the chefs at Tjöruhúsið really know how to prepare them in the best way possible!

If you have more than one day in Ísafjörður, there are plenty of other things to do as well. We recommend visiting the neighbouring towns as well, , going for a swim, or just having a stroll around the picturesque city centre.

Whatever you do, dont miss out on this charming little town in the West Fjords! If you need any more information, check out

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How To Spend Your Day In Safjrur

Ísafjörður is a wonderful town in the West Fjords of Iceland. This is the craggy bit in the northwest of Iceland, characterised by deep, blue fjords, separated by flat-topped mountains. Ísafjörður is the biggest town in the area and its surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes. It is a perfect location to spend a weekend , relaxing and enjoying all this capital of the Westfjords has to offer. For a perfect day in Ísafjörður, here are a few things to check out.

Day Trips From Isafjordur

10 TOP Things to Do in Isafjordur (2021 Attraction ...

There are a few small towns of note within driving distance from the Westfjords. Drive west to learn about old local heritage at the blacksmith in Thingeyri and the fish factory in Flateyri. While you’re there, stop by Simbahöllin in Thingeyri, a Danish-style café that serves the best waffles in Iceland. Delivered piping hot with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and birch liqueur. There’s also homemade soup, free wifi, and cozy views of the harbor.

To the east, stop by Sudavik to see the Arctic Fox Center and find out more about these shy creatures in the north. At the Maritime Museum in Bolungarvik, learn about fishing life in the 19th century, which sustained the lifestyle and economy of the Westfjords – and see a real dried polar bear. In Bildudalur, the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum gives a fun interactive introduction to sea monsters in local folk culture.

Additionally, ferries to the remote natural wonder of Hornstrandir National Park run daily from the port. Be sure to book with one of our guides well in advance as tours frequently sell out. We always recommend going with a guide to hike the natural reserve, as the local rescue squad spends many of their days retrieving folks who have ventured into the wilderness on their own.

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Popular Types Of Attractions In Isafjordur

Three Special Hot Tubs

My absolute favorite is the triplicate of tubs at the windswept fishing village of Drangsnes on Strandir. I even saw seals! Open all year, free, and with toilet and shower facilities across the road.

Krossneslaug is a hot tub and small geothermal swimming pool surrounded by wild nature at Norðurfjörður, 66 mi north of Hólmavík, accessed by Route 643. Open mid-May to late August. Entry fee: adults, 700 ISK children, 200 ISK. Showers/toilet facilities.

Reykjafjarðarlaug is a natural hot spring fed pool, surrounded by boulders and vegetation, where bathers enjoy unspoiled views of Arnarfjörður fjord. Swimmers will love the adjacent swimming pool. Situated roughly midway between Dynjandi and Látrabjarg on Route 63. Always open . Free entry and basic changing hut without showers.

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Things To Do In Isafjordur And Isafjardardjup

Icelandic towns present a compelling contrast of isolation and worldliness, with no better exemplar than Ísafjörður, the economic, administrative, and cultural capital of the Westfjords. In such a remote and unlikely setting, even the most ordinary tokens of urbanity — nice restaurants, trendy shops, cafes full of laptop users — take on a charmed aura.

Built on a gravel spit in a fjord within a fjord, Ísafjörður possesses an ideal natural harbor and has been one of Iceland’s busiest trading centers since the late-18th century. In the late-19th century, it was the same civilizational oasis it is today, with two hotels, several gaming clubs, and a drama club. The current population is under 3,000, more than half the Westfjords total. Its steep mountainous backdrop and conscientiously preserved architecture encourage relaxing strolls around town.

Boats leaving Ísafjörður soon enter Ísafjarðardjúp, the enormous fjord that nearly cleaves the Westfjords in half the lovely, winding drive along its southern shore is also the fastest route to Reykjavík.

How To Get To Isafjordur

Iceland Trip: Drive from Isafjordur to Reykjavik

Getting to Isafjordur is not difficult, at least in the summer.

Roads are passable approximately between May and October, depending on the snowfall, and during this time you should not have a problem reaching Isafjordur with your rental car.

Good news, for traveling Westfjords in the summer, it is sufficient to rent a 2WD car or campervan, but you won’t make a mistake with a 4×4 because of the unpaved roads.

Two roads lead to Isafjordur.

Road number 61 that follows the east part of the peninsula, and road number 60 that encircles west fjords, and that leads to Patreksfjordur, which might be your base for visiting Latrabjarg Cliffs.

This road is also more prone to heavy snowfalls, and when this road is blocked, locals and travelers need to drive counterclockwise around the whole Westfjords to reach Isafjordur.

Another way how to reach Isafjordur is by plane, which might be actually the best alternative for travelers arriving in Iceland in the winter, or for those of you short on time.

Usually, there are two flights daily from Reykjavik, and the flight takes 40 minutes.

Unless you plan on taking tours from Isafjordur, consider renting a car in the town to be more flexible.

Public transport is also available during summer, but we do not recommend it for one simple reason.

Isafjordur’s surroundings and Westfjords overall are best to be explored independently with the possibility to pull the car over whenever you feel it is worth it.

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The Arctic Fox Centre

Overall Ratings

4 based on 93 reviews

The Arctic Fox Centre in Sudavik is the home of Arctic fox research in Iceland with year round projects constantly collecting and furthering knowledge on this inspiring creature and passing this on to our visitors through our unique exhibition which is the worlds only dedicated solely to the Arctic fox. Our outdoor fox enclosure hoouses rescued orphaned pups giving our visitors the chance to “meet” live Arctic foxes while the on site cafe serves freshly made, home baked cakes and pastries as well as more substantial meals of vegetable soups and plokkfiskur fish stew. We look forward to seeing you!

Reviewed By Elisavet17-84 – Northampton, United Kingdom

The small house where the museum is based is very pretty and inside you can find informations about arctic fox everywhere. Also you can watch a documentary about this beautiful animals. The centre had 2 puppies when we went there but they looked very sad.

Annual Events And Festivals At Isafjordur

Aldrei fór ég Suður Easter music festival

An annual music festival first celebrated in 2004. A four-day celebration filled with great music and live acts!

Sailors Day Sjómannadagurinn

The first Sunday in June is dedicated to the fishermen in Iceland and all their hard work. Celebrated all over the country but especially in fishing towns such as Ísafjörður often with games, musical acts and dances. Join the celebrations downtown and ask around for the dance!

17th of June Icelands National Day

Celebrated all over the country with parades, candy floss, speeches and musical acts. Join the party downtown!

The Swamp Soccer Tournament Mýrarboltinn

The first weekend in August is all about swamp football at the European championship in Swamp soccer at Isafjordur. This is the shopkeepers weekend with a national holiday on the Monday after the weekend.

The participants dress in hilarious costumes and big dances are held during the evenings.

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Fun Facts About Isafjordur

  • The name Ísafjörður means the fjord of Ice but the town is actually situated in a fjord called Skutulsfjordur
  • The first woman to use her right to vote voted at Ísafjörður in 1884
  • The town of Ísafjörður was granted municipal status in the year 1786
  • Isafjordur postal code is simply 400
  • Witch trials were common in the Westfjords in the 16th century and the people were banished from Isafjordur were sent to Hornstrandir

Free Things To Do In Isafjordur

iceland 24 iceland travel and info guide asafjaraur

Traveling on a budget in Isafjordur? Spend time instead of cash on fabulous experiences.

Westfjords Heritage Museum – Approach the friendly staff or curator and learn more about the interesting collections housed here.

Port of Isafjordur – Widely renowned among the locals, this place is worth stopping by.

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Start Your Day With A Breakfast Kringla

First of all the townspeople of Ísafjörður love their kringlas. A kringla is a wonderful horse-shoe shaped bread that you can get in the local bakery called Gamla Bakaríið or The Old Bakery. It is exceptionally soft but they add caraway seeds to give it an extra special taste. Kringlas are available all over Iceland but nowhere are they as popular as in Ísafjörður!

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