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Things To Do In Honolulu Hawaii In September

When Is The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

13 Oahu Hawaii Things to Do [THAT NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT]

The best weather in Hawaii is in April, May, September, and October. November to March are the rainiest months, and June through November is hurricane season though big storms are rare. Winter also brings the best waves for surfing, especially on north shore beaches. The quietest month for tourists is November.

The wonderful Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu one of my favorite beach resorts in Hawaii.

Have A Picnic At The Kapiolani Regional Park

Whats special about this place?

Located on the east end of Waikiki, Kapiolani Regional Park is the second-oldest public park in Hawaii. It was named after Queen Kapiolani from the queen consort of King David Kalakaua. Today, this 300-acre park serves as a go-to place for everyone to relax and have a picnic on a sunny day.

Wholl enjoy it here?

If youre trying to figure out whats the best place in the city to play cricket and chill until the sun goes down, give Kapiolani Regional Park a go. This triangular stretch of grassy land is home to plenty of outdoor concerts and shows. If youre in Honolulu in the summer, dont forget to drop by the park in your free time.

What to do here?

Not only can you have a picnic here, but you can also play tennis, soccer, and jog, too. You can also visit the 42-acre Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Shell where the majority of the citys outdoor concerts and large gatherings are held. Note that there are free concerts every Sunday afternoon by the Royal Hawaiian Band.

Best Time to Visit

Open every day from 5 AM till 12 AM, Kapiolani Regional Park is always a good place to visit. It tends to get crowded on Saturdays and Sunday after 3 PM, so keep this in mind if youre coming here with young children.

Taste Hawaiis Ethnic Cuisine

Hawaii is home to some of the most authentic and delicious seafood in the world, so the archipelago is like heaven for seafood lovers! However, Hawaii has plenty of delicious options for those who dislike seafood, too.

Pork, in particular, is particularly important to Hawaiian cuisine, and youll see many recipes across the island that celebrate it.

Part of the reason for Hawaiis unique food is its colorful history, full of cultural influences from across the world. Make sure you sample Hawaiis fine dining, local cuisine, and historical dishes, as all three categories contain wildly different fares!

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Days In Honolulu In September What Should I Do/see

Spending only 4 days in Honolulu this September and was wondering what things I need to cram in to get the most out of my trip. Will be staying in Waikiki and will be renting a car.

NOTE: Scared of swimming in the ocean so things like scuba diving and surfing are out of the question. However, I wouldnt mind doing a little snorkeling in shallow water. Kayaking would be fun too, as long as I stay dry!

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Watch The Free Friday Fireworks Show At The Hilton

10 Day Oahu Itinerary in September: Things to Do in Honolulu

Each Friday the Hilton puts on a FREE blockbuster fireworks display. The fireworks usually begin at 7:45 and hundreds of people fill the beach to watch the fireworks launch from along the shore.

Walk the Makapuu lighthouse trail

On Oahus, most eastern point sits the Makapuu Lighthouse. The paved trail that takes you there is one of the most popular hikes on Oahu because of how accessible it is and the amazing views it presents. Because the trail is so clearly marked it is completely foolproof and great for beginners. It is family and dog friendly and a great way to see some fantastic views of the east side. This trail is one of the top five most popular things to do on Oahu.

Full blog post: The 5 Most Popular Hikes on Oahu

Visit and/or jump at Spitting Cave

One of my favorite things to do on Oahu was to head to spitting cave on the east coast cliffs and watch the divers jumping off. I had done some cliff jumping in the past but this spot was always a little bit sketchy for me at the time. Water rushes in with waves, filling the cave before being spat out with great force. Its one of the top things to do in Oahu for adrenaline junkies. This is also a great place to watch the sunset in the summer or spot whales in the winter.

Full blog post:Spitting Cave Cliff Jump

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Big Island In September

Some of the best things to do on the Big Island in September include exploring the fantastic scenery in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, getting lost in nature in the Waipio Valley, and taking Instagram-worthy pictures at the stunning Akaka Falls State Park.

Hawaii is also known for its alluring shopping scene, especially in Waikoloa and the other cities, so be sure to stop over at the Hilo Farmers Market for some nostalgic crafts and treats in between big spending in other boutiques!

Best Time To Visit The Big Island

The best months to visit the Big Island are mid to late-April, May, September, and October for the best combination of great weather, cheaper rates, and fewer people. The Big Island is huge, twice the size of all the other islands put together, with 8 entirely different climate zones. Most travelers only need to worry about 2 areas: Kailua-Kona in the west and Hilo and Volcano in the east . Temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year, with highs in between 27°C to 31°C in Kailua-Kona and highs between 26°C to 28°C in Hilo and Volcano. March and April are the rainiest months in both regions, while mid-May to late July are the driest. Though rainy and dry seasons fall during the same time for both regions, Hilo and Volcano experience almost double the rain of Kailua-Kona during the wet season. Ocean temperatures for both regions are almost exactly the same as one another August through October is the warmest, while February and March are the coolest. The best surf hits the east and west shores during the winter, though waves are smaller here than on the other islands the best surfing months are between December and February. High season and whale season run from late December through March, while the low season is during April and May and from September through mid-December.

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Learn To Take Amazing Images

In-person Sept. 1112 event has been postponed. Virtual workshops from Sept. 28 will still take place.

Action sports, aquatography, automotive, drone, fashion, portrait, wedding: Take your pick at the 2021 . Professional and aspiring photographers and videographers will have the chance to take workshops at stunning Kualoa Ranch. Attendees can look forward to a mix of virtual and in-person photo walks, master classes and exhibits.

Koolina Art Fest On Wednesdays

Honolulu restaurants, bars, and other businesses to start vaccine passport program on Sept. 13

Head to Koolina beach lagoon #3 for a day of Hawaiian music andlocal art display & sale! Along the arching sidewalk you findclose to 40 artist displaying their artwork for viewing andsaleperfect for special gifts! There will also be Hawaiianslack-key guitarist and ukulele musicians playing during the durationof this event.

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Attend A Service At Kawaiahao Church

Visit the Westminster Abbey of Hawaii. Kawaiahao Church located in downtown Honolulu was the national church of Hawaii back in the days. The church was also the royal familys chapel.

This Christian churchis one of the oldest churches in Hawaii and services are still partly held inHawaiian. The church was commissioned by Queen Kaahumanu, King Kamehameha 1s favoritewife in 1836.

Today you canvisit the church during your historic walk of Honolulu. You can attend a serviceor a music concert here. And explore the history of the Royal family which isstill visible in the church through portraits and tombs.

The second floorof the church bears portraits of the Hawaiian royal family while the groundshost King Lunalilos tomb.

Hawai’i State Art Museum

With its thought-provoking collections, this public art museum showcases art dating back to the 1800s, and every piece has a connection to Hawaii. The museum inhabits a grand 1928 Spanish Mission Revivalstyle building, formerly a YMCA and today a nationally registered historic site.

Upstairs, revolving exhibits of paintings, sculptures, fiber art, photography and mixed media are displayed around themes, such as the islands Polynesian heritage, modern social issues or the natural beauty of land and sea. Hawaiis complex confluence of Asian, Pacific Rim and European cultures is evident throughout, shaping an aesthetic that captures the soul of the islands and the hearts of the people.

Special events are very worthwhile. On the first Friday evening each month, galleries are open with live entertainment and a family-friendly atmosphere. Drop by at noon on the last Tuesday of the month for free “Art Lunch” lectures or between 11am and 3pm on the second Saturday for hands-on Hawaiian arts and crafts, often designed with kids in mind.

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Best Time To Travel To Honolulu Hawaii

The best time totravel to Honolulu, Oahu will depend on your needs. There are two seasons, thepeak and low season. Each has its pros and cons.

The high seasonin Hawaii tends to be during winter break. That is Late December to April.Summer breaks can also be busy because of families traveling with kids.

On the other hand, there are two low seasons or shoulder seasons. They run between May and June or September to Mid-December. Honolulus weather remains pretty consistent with highs of 85 during summer and lows of 78 during winter.

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Best Things To Do In Honolulu Oahu

Nine Kid

Hawaii is a world of its own exotic, mysterious, ancient, and very much alive and Honolulu is its beating heart. Hawaii is known for the tragic attack on Pearl Harbor, historical monuments, and the history of the Hawaiian royal family which can be explored at the Iolani Palace and the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum. The island state also boasts spectacular nature that ranges from the volcanic craters of Diamond Head and Coco Crater to the endless beaches, including the famous Waikiki Beach. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Hours/availability may have changed.

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Visit The Polynesian Cultural Centre

Your one day in Honolulu doesnt have to be restricted just to the city. Head to the northern side of Oahu and find the Polynesian Cultural Centre. It may take about an hour to get there, but its well worth it. This excellent theme park will teach you a whole lot about Polynesian cultures, namely Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, Aotearoa, Fiji and, of course, Hawaii. Loads of fun, since there are plenty of things to do and activities you can participate in. Be warned, its easy to spend a whole day here!

Listen To An Amazing Duo

Postponed to March 89 & 1113, 2022

Are you all out of love or lost in love with the one that you love? No worries, the Australian duo Air Supply has songs for nearly every state of yearning. The soft rock band is coming to Honolulu for five live shows at the Blue Note Hawaii so you will have plenty of opportunities to express all of your feelings of soul-crushing love with four decades of hits.

Find more September events at Blue Note Hawaii at,

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Nd Annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim Sept 5th 2022

Ratedas one of the top 100 open water swims in the world, the WaikikiRoughwater Swim attracts competitive and recreational swimmers from allover. Open water swimming clinics will be offered for free duringJuly & August in preparation for this race that was inspired fromthe original Ironman Triathlon swim course.

The racestart off at San Souci Beach and travels out 677 Meters before makingthe 2305 M journey towards the Hilton Hawaiian Hotel, and swimming 842M back to shore on Duke Kahanamoku Beach for the finish line.

  • Location San Souci Beach, Waikiki
  • Time 8:30 AM to 12 PM
  • Cost $50 to $100 depending on date of signing up
  • Learn more

Popular Attractions In Honolulu

How to Spend a Day in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Things To Do In Honolulu Hi: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

If you view Hanauma Bay from East Honolulu, its circular shape makes its volcanic origin evident. It is very likely the crater was flooded and shaped by wave erosion, becoming one of the most beautiful parts of the coast and a very popular swimming and snorkeling destination.

In fact, this lovely cove was so popular that the government had to protect it by creating the Nature Preserve and Marine Education Center, where visitors watch a short presentation to understand the fragile nature of the marine system and learn the rules of enjoying it without damaging coral or disturbing fish. The water is crystal clear and cool, and its easy to understand why the Bay attracts more than a million visitors every year.

100 Hanauma Bay Drive, ueber Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96825, Phone: 808-396-4229

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Snorkeling At Hanumana Bay

Another Famous water sport at another historical place. You can enjoy the reefs and have fun at the most famous snorkeling destination. The ecosystem of Hanumana Bay is preserved exceptionally. Every tourist is shown a video about not hurting the reef of the place. You can also go to Hanauma Bay Education Center to enjoy the displays and learn about the site in further detail.

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Stop By The Halona Blow Hole

Whats special about this place?

Halona Blow Hole is a rock formation named after the Hawaiian version of the word lookout. The name is very fitting apart from offering the view of the Pacific Ocean, the landmark is considered to be one of the most dangerous ones in the state of Hawaii. This is because the cliffs are constantly washed over with fierce currents thus putting divers into danger.

Wholl enjoy it here?

This natural wonder is worth visiting no matter if youre a nature enthusiast or a homebody whod rather spend their time at home. Although kids shouldnt necessarily be brought anywhere near the Halona Blow Hole, they can look at it from afar where its safe.

What to do here?

This non-touristy site presents a golden opportunity for everyone looking to explore the hidden spots of Hawaii. Just like in the movies and music videos where its shown, Halona Blow Hole is the kind of a gushing geyser youll remember gazing at for the rest of your life. Bring your camera and take some pictures here too.

Best Time to Visit

Its recommended that you visit the Blow Hole in the summer when the tides are the strongest. This is when the hot wind pushes the water higher and makes for a more thrilling picture. If you visit in the winter, youll get to see humpback whales, sea turtles, and nesting birds too.

Wax Up The Surf Boards And Hit The Waves

10 Day Oahu Itinerary in September: Things to Do in Honolulu

No trip to Hawaiis fun-loving, surf-mad capital could possibly be complete without at least a mention of this most popular of local pastimes.

In fact, the southern coastal stretches of Oahu Island are home to countless surf spots, many of which are renowned across the globe.

Take the crashing Bowls of Ala Moana and its adjoining beach park, where the reefs and sand bars cook up perfect barrels.

Then theres aforementioned Waikiki, a great spot for the beginner wave riders, counteracted by all the roaring breaks further afield on the north shore, from the colossal swells of Sunset Beach to the unforgiving tubes of the Banzai Pipeline.

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Yoga On Waikiki Beach

Yoga on the beach or next to it on the grass! This 75 minute class focuses on power vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga. Practice yoga into the sunset and watch the moon rise. Yoga mats and props are provided. Simply sign up and show up.

  • Location – Queens Beach, Waikiki
  • Time – Starts at 7 AM to 8 AM
  • Cost – $20
  • Learn more – Waikiki Beach Yoga

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