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Things To Do In Hoboken

Walk To Castle Point Lookout

Best things to do in Hoboken NJ a NYC day trip travel guide

This is the highest point in Hoboken. The climb takes you to the lookout that reaches an elevation of 100 feet and offers panoramic views of the skyline and the Hoboken waterfront. The green-veined bluffs were mentioned in Henry Hudsons logbook in 1609 as he explored the river. It is the home of the Stevens cannon, brought over from France during the American Revolution. The historic site showcases the cannon and regards it as a symbol of protection.

Pro Tip: Bring a camera you wont want to stop taking pictures.

Jeanine Consoli

Things To Do In Hoboken + Jersey City This Weekend

Bars52 Things to Do in Hoboken + Jersey City This Weekend | December 16-19

Another weekend filled with holiday-themed events and more. This weeks local Hoboken + Jersey City events guide has readers covered with concerts, comedy shows, holiday markets, kid-friendly events, and more. Check out this list of all the in-person + virtual events happening this weekend, December 16th-19th.

Disclaimer: Events are subject to change. For the most up-to-date info, please contact the host directly.

Walk The Hudson River Waterfront

Another favorite on my list of the best things to do in Hoboken is a walk or run along the Hudson River waterfront. The running community is amazing and regardless of the hour of the day you are heading out for a run or walk, you will always see a bunch of other runners, or people going for a walk enjoying the breathtaking city views and great atmosphere.

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Find Exceptional Contemporary Art At The Barsky Gallery

Barsky Gallery, located on Harrison Street, is Hobokens modern art destination, showcasing the work of both young and established local artists and internationally famous artists.

The gallery began in 2011 to bring a new, informal, and forward-thinking approach to collecting and exhibiting outstanding contemporary art.

There are numerous shows and exhibitions displaying works of art with a variety of origins and techniques. You can also purchase unique works of art to help the artists.

The gallery is also a popular location for private events the gallerys beautiful area is ideal for hosting intimate gatherings in an impeccable setting surrounded by surreal artwork.

Exceptional Contemporary Art At Barsky Gallery

20 Things to Do in Hoboken + Jersey City This Weekend ...

Located on Harrison Street, Barsky Gallery is the contemporary art destination of Hoboken, and it showcases the mix of the art of local new and emerging artists as well as already established and renowned artists from all over the world.

The gallery was opened in 2011, and it aims to bring a new, informal, and fresh approach towards collecting and showcasing fine contemporary art.

There are several displays and exhibitions showcasing the pieces of art of diverse roots and techniques. You can even buy stunning art pieces for yourself and support the artists.

The gallery is also a popular venue for private events the elegant space of the gallery is perfect for hosting intimate events with immaculate ambience surrounded by the surreal artwork.

Visit the Barsky Gallery to witness the remarkable and thought-provoking contemporary art and local art scene of Hoboken.

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Dont Miss Cannoli & Cappaucino At Carlos Bakery

Carlos Bakery is where everyone in Hoboken would point you to when you ask them about the best bakery in town. This bakery was on the hit show Cake Boss and for good reason, the confectionaries created here are just delectably awesome. The baker shot to fame following the show and as such the bakery is always lined with customers. Our advice, book a private class with the world class pastry chef and learn how to make your own cakes. Otherwise, plan a trip to this pastry joint so that youre able to beat the crowds that line up here everyday.

Pm Live Music At House Of Que

You knew that memorizing the entire soundtrack to Rock of Ages would come in handy one day. At House of Que, belt out your favorite tunes while helping yourself to a massive plate of barbeque wings and an ice-cold beer. This Hoboken-fave offers Dueling Pianos, a Saturday night interactive show presented by the Flying Ivories that encourages song requests, audience games and maybe even some booze-induced karaoke. BBQ, NYC views and jamming to a live band singing the song of night sounds like a Hoboken experience you wont want to miss.

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New Jersey Isn’t So Bad After All

Things to do in Hoboken NJ | Jessica Duke

Hoboken is home to families, young professionals, and hipsters. The square mile of Hoboken in New Jersey is well known for its great restaurants, bars, nightlife, and a lot more attractions. Theres plenty to do if you want to spend one weekend here and its actually one of my favorite things to do in New Jersey.

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Stay At Hoboken’s W Hotel

Located on the River Street, Hoboken’s W Hotel is a luxury hotel with contemporary rooms to stay in.

The hotel overlooks the stunning skyline of Manhattan and provides terrific views of the Hudson River.

It also offers numerous amenities such as flat-screen TVs, electric vehicle charging station, car hire, fitness centre, gym, restaurant, and so much more to make your stay as comfortable and worthwhile as possible.

It is also pet friendly so you can stay here and explore the city with your pet. Stay at Hoboken’s W Hotel to enjoy luxurious accommodation with impressive views and services.

Popular Restaurants In Hoboken

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Pay Homage To Sinatra

Singer, actor, producer, and overall man of coolThe Chairman of the Board, Francis Albert Sinatra, was born on Dec. 12, 1915, in a tiny town across the Hudson River from Manhattan called Hoboken. On the east side of Monroe Street, between 4th and 5th Streets, sits a plaque dedicated to Sinatras childhood home. He was baptized at the beautiful, quaint St. Francis Church, located on 3rd Street and Jefferson Street. Both Sinatra Drive and Frank Sinatra Memorial Park, named after the megastar, are located near the waterfront and offer incredible views of neighboring New York City. If you spend anything more than a fleeting moment in Hoboken, the specter of Frank Sinatra is basically inescapable.

Enjoy Fitness In The Park

Fun Things to do in Hoboken in Winter during January ...

It seems like almost every weeknight in the summer, theres a fitness class to be had. The City of Hoboken hosts Fitness in the Park, which is a fun way to try out different classes on a regular basis. If its in the spring you read this, however, make sure to sign up for our Hoboken Wellness Crawl, which happens at the end of April annually!

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Climb A Wall At Gravity Vault

Hobokens 25,000-square-foot rock climbing center, which opened in late 2017, is the place to go when youre into sports and are looking for a challenge. Located right next to the Pilsener Haus and Biergarten, Gravity Vault in Hoboken attracts thousands of visitors every month. Test your grip, take your friends and enjoy one of the coolest rock climbing locations in the area.

Address: 1423 Clinton St. Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Pm Frank Sinatras Star

Start spreading the news, Ol Blue Eyes claims the title of Hobokens Most Famous Son. Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken in 1915, and resided at 415 Monroe Street until he was twelve years old. While his childhood home no longer stands, the Hoboken Historical Museum installed a Hollywood-esque plaque in the sidewalk to commemorate the beloved singer. Head over to the museum for a map of the Sinatra Walking Tour, as well as a historical look at the working class, urban city that shaped the crooners early years. Along with Blue Eyes Restaurant and Sinatra Drive, theres enough Frankie tourism from Hoboken to eternity.

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Am Pilsener Haus & Biergarten

Come join the festivities at Biergarten, Hobokens specialty, where you relax and drink alongside friends at this turn of the century hotspot. Choose from an array of Austro-Hungarian foods and dont forget to try the seventy-plus premium drafts and craft bier from their selection. The best way to go to Biergarten is with a big group of friends when the plan is to be there for hours, Biesty said. The ambiance of the hall and the height of the beers make it such a fun and relaxed way to enjoy the night out. Na Zdravi, Cheers!

Eat Pizza At Benny Tudinos

A Gem Across The Hudson- Exploring HOBOKEN (10 Min From NYC) !

There are tons of places to eat in Hoboken, but we chose Benny Tudinos because it came highly recommended! It certainly did not disappoint the pizza was so, so good! The slices are also huge, and Benny Tudinos is known for having the largest slices in the area. One slice is easily the size of two normal slices. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, and is a great place to stop during your trip to Hoboken!

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Experience Some Fun Time At Santacon Event

SantaCon is an event that is held worldwide in a lot of cities. On this day, thousands of people dress up in a similar fashion and visit pubs and bars to celebrate. SantaCon at Hoboken is certainly among the most sought out SantaCons anywhere. The fun filled atmosphere of the city plays host to this marvellous day and every year the town is filled with people having the time of their lives. Food, bars and party, this is what defines SantaCon and Hoboken is the most special of them all. If youre visiting the city during this time youre definitely in for a treat.

Top 9 Things To Do In Hoboken New Jersey

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Dont be fooled by its size: there is much to discover in the Mile Square City. What Hoboken, New Jersey lacks in size, it makes up for in charm, entertainment, and history. Its also known for its staggering per-capita amount of dining and drinking establishments. Hoboken is a destination for food and drink lovers for surebut thats not nearly all there is to do. Situated on the waterfront across from New York City, Hoboken has something for everyone, and here are our top 10 things to do in the sixth borough.

Were not totally sure where the name Hoboken comes from. The native Lenni Lenape tribe used the area seasonally and are believed to have called it Hophogan Hackingh, or Land of the Tobacco Pipe . Later, Dutch settlers called the area Hoebuck, meaning high bluff. When in 1794 he bought the land, Colonel John Stevens gave the town its current name.

All of this history and more is on display at the Hoboken Historical Museum, located uptown on Hudson Street at 13th street. The museum, which is open six days a week, is the place to go to learn all about the vibrant history of Mile Squarefrom being home to the first organized baseball game , the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, prior home to Maxwell House Coffee and the setting for the 1954 Marlon Brando-led film “On the Waterfront.” If youre a history buff, theres no shortage of it in Hoboken.

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Am Stevens Park/hoboken Dogs

Located on Hudson Street, Stevens Park is a small playground once again beholding the spectacular city view. Even better, Stevens Park proves just one of the many places that welcome the towns cutest population: Hoboken dogs. On every corner of the Mile Square City, expect to be greeted by four-legged friends headed to the park for some quality Hoboken activity.

Pm Ferry To New York City

The 21 Most Fun Things to do in Hoboken

Hitch a ride on the ferry at Hoboken 14th Street or Hoboken/NJ Transit Terminal and enjoy a picturesque trip across the Hudson River. In less than fifteen minutes, float your way to Downtown and Midtown Manhattan with a ride no more than ten dollars. Once you get back to good ol Hoboken, be sure to check out the beautiful, old fashioned Lackawanna Tower rising above the setting sun as your ferry docks.

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Watch The Sunrise And Sunset At Castle Point Lookout

Despite its modest size, Hoboken never fails to wow visitors with its spectacular natural beauty and impressive architectural treasures.

Stevens Institute of Technology is a university in this one-mile-square community. The institution, located on the highest point in town, provides expansive views of the surrounding area, including Manhattan just across the Hudson River, as well as a spectacular view of the city itself.

The Castle Point Lookout, located on the Stevens Institute of Technology campus, soars 100 feet over the surrounding area.

The main feature of the viewpoint is a Revolutionary War cannon. Views of the impressive New York skyline and the sunset or sunrise are unmatched from this location.

Browse The Racks Of Alba Boutique

A post shared by contemporary women’s boutique on Jan 10, 2020 at 1:25pm PST

Known as one of New Jerseys top shopping destinations for women clothes, Alba Boutique has established its mark in the East Coast. With four permanent locations and three long term pop-shops in the area, this boutique does not disappoint with its trendy yet practical wear. From sweaters to tops to pants, you will be split for choice!

Alba Boutique

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 11am – 8pm Sat: 11am – 7pm Sun: 11am – 6pm

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Visit The Waterfront Parks

One of my favorite things about Hoboken is that there are so many beautiful waterfront parks! If you walk along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway youll come across a bunch of parks, each of which is nice to visit. Two of the best, in my opinion, are Pier A and Pier C!

  • Pier C

Thanks so much for reading my recommendations for 7 fun things to do in Hoboken, New Jersey! Hoboken is such a nice little city, and it makes the perfect day trip from NYC!For more ideas on how to spend your time in NYC, click here!

Am Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse

VLOG: fun night in Hoboken, day trip to Cold Spring, NY and hiking Breakneck Ridge trail

Make sure to keep a swimsuit handy: the Hudson River awaits. With activities including single and two-person kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and outrigger canoes, all ages and experience levels can have fun at the boathouse. Its only customary to pretend youre a Henry Hudson-style explorer, voyaging across the New York Harbor. He rocked a bright orange life-vest, right?

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  • ACTIVE is the leader in online event registrations from 5k running races and marathons to softball leagues and local events. ACTIVE also makes it easy to learn and prepare for all the things you love to do with expert resources, training plans and fitness calculators.

    Stunning Views Of Nyc Skyline From Pier A Park

    Located on the waterfront, Pier A Park offers breathtaking views of the NYC skyline and Manhattan nestled across the Hudson River.

    The park is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic or sunbathing while enjoying the fantastic views. There is a water fountain in the park as well.

    The park is very neat and clean with a lovely promenade and grassy areas. You can take a stroll in the shade of the tree-lined paths.

    There are several drinking and eating spots located near the park where you can go after visiting the park. Make sure to pay a visit to the Pier A Park and relish the extraordinary views of Manhattan and the NYC skyline.

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    Celebrate The Hoboken Arts And Music Festival

    If you are looking for free things to do in Hoboken, then the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival on Washington Street is the best gateway for you. In this festival, you can eat, drink, shop, and listen to live music. It has separate kids zone, where they can enjoy the live performance as well. Tourists may also encounter the weekly puppet shows from Puppetonia at Symposia Bookstore. There are a host of activities that remain free for the public to explore.

    Visit A Museum In Hoboken

    15 Best Things to Do in Hoboken

    Since Hoboken has so much history, there are two great museums in Hoboken that you should visit when youre in town. Especially when you are traveling with kids, youll be amazed by their creativity to teach history in a fun and interesting way.

    • If you want to find out more about Hobokens past, make sure to check out the Hoboken Historical Museum. Enjoy a self-guided walking tour of the beautiful city of Hoboken sponsored by the Museum. The entrance fee is only $4 for adults and is children admitted free. Youll receive a very special Frank Sinatra tour map that gives you a historical perspective on Hoboken. Open Tues- Thurs: 2 7 p.m., Friday: 1 5 p.m. and Sat. & Sun.: 12 5 p.m. Address: 1301 Hudson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
    • If youre looking for things to do in Hoboken for kids the Hoboken Fire Museum is an excellent choice. The little ones get to climb into a fire truck from about 1923 to take a picture. Go back in time and explore more about the history of the fire department in Hoboken. Admission is only $3 per adult and all children under 12 are free. Open weekends from noon 5 p.m. Address: 213 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 |

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