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Things To Do In Hawaii Honolulu Island

Best Things To Do On The Big Island In Surprise Arizona

Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide (7 AMAZING Things to Do !)

To honor the tree, the courthouse square it now stands on has been renamed as Banyan Tree Park. Its a popular location to snap a photo, and youll see just why when you witness it with your own eyes. 7. Tour a Pineapple Farm, You havent tasted a pineapple until you have tasted one straight from the bush! Take a tour of a pineapple farm with Maui Gold Tours to see the fascinating farming process of the fruit, plus your guide will allow you to taste the pineapples at three different levels of ripeness, so you can pick your favorite.

Learn to Hula, Hula is a Polynesian style of dancing, originating on the Hawaiian Islands. There are numerous sub-styles of hula, with Hula Auana and Hula Kahiko as the main categories all styles of hula come accompanied by a chant or a song, either played on traditional instruments or Western instruments like a guitar and ukulele, with hand movements often directly representing the words in the chant or song.

Best Things To Do On Molokai

15. Visit the Leper Colony Kalaupapa National Historic Site

One epic Hawaiian adventure that should be on everyones bucket list is a trip to the Kalaupapa National Historic Site.

This special place was once a leper colony for victims of Hansens Disease .

For more than a century, between 1865 and 1966, sufferers of the disease we forcibly taken from their homes on other islands and shipped off on a cattle boat to the remote peninsula of Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai, where they would live out their days until death.

There are still survivors on the colony today. Even though the disease has been eradicated, and a cure found, many of the residents chose to stay.

Today, Kalaupapa is no longer a prison, but a place where you can go to learn about this sad part of the history of Hawaii and to remember those who were affected by it. It is no longer a leper colony, but a sanctuary and National Historic Site.

Visiting Kalaupapa is not the easiest thing you will do. You must first acquire a permit to visit, book a tour and figure out how you will make it to the town.

You have two options for getting to Kalaupapa: hiking 3.5 miles down 2,000-foot cliffs and 26 switchbacks or flying in on a tiny plane.

Either one promises to be an adventure. Learn more about booking permits and tours for the Molokai leper colony tour.

Where to stay on Molokai: Yes, you can spend the night on Molokai!

Koko Crater Trail Honolulu Oahu

Koko Crater, a 1,208 tall volcanic tuff cone, is one of the most recognizable of Oahu’s landmarks. It is a popular hiking destination, and the hiking trail leading to its peak can be seen for miles. There is also a smaller tuff cone called Koko Head nearby. To get to the lookout point, hikers have to climb 1,048 very steep stairs made of railroad ties, which were built more than 60 years ago so that the military could get supplies to the bunkers at the top.

At one point, the railroad tracks hanging above ground, making that part of the trail a little scary. Inside of the crater there are horse stables and the famous Koko Crater Botanical Garden with many native cacti and succulents. It is a pleasant place to take a rest before heading back.

7802 Koko Head Park Rd, Honolulu, HI 96825

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Oahu The Gathering Isle

Due to their different geological ages, each Hawaiian island has its own unique look, informed by millions of years of volcanic creation and erosion. Of the five major inhabited islands, Oahu is the second oldest of the main island chain. Its diamond shape separates it into north, south, east and west sides. With its safe harbors, expansive lagoons, soaring mountain ranges, and stunning beaches and surf made it one of the most desirable settlements in ancient times as well as today. For nearly 1,000 years Polynesians have inhabited this island and built a civilization that sustainably supported approximately 300,000 people at the time of its introduction to Westerners in 1779.

King Kamehameha conquered Oahu in 1795 in his attempt to unite the archipelago under one ruler. The battle between island tribes raged across the beaches and marshlands of Waikiki, culminating in a gruesome battle atop the 1,000-foot cliffs of the Nuuanu Pali where the Oahu warriors met their demise. Today, the Nuuanu Pali Lookout is known as one of the most breathtaking panoramas in all Hawaii.

Honolulu and its harbor became an essential port-of-call for merchant ships from the early 1800s and into present-day. In 1850, the city became the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and eventually, Honolulu would usher in the modern age with a grand palace , a highly strategic naval station , and a world-recognized government and constitutional monarchy.

Oahu Fun Facts:

FAQs Answers About Oahu

Stand In The Spot Where History Was Made On The Battleship Missouri

11 Best Things To Do In Honolulu

It was on September 2 1945 that a delegation of Japanese politicians and generals headed by the Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu stepped aboard the USS Missouri.

They came to sign the official documents of surrender that were to end the Second World War. And thats just one of the totemic historical moments that this hulking colossus of an ocean frigate has seen throughout its illustrious days at sea.

Its also fought in three global conflicts, from the Pacific Theater to the Middle East! Today, travelers can come to join one of the regular tours of the mighty ship, while youth groups also get the chance to spend a night in the on-board military berths, just like a real US sailor.

Source: drinkmicro

Bringing the islands various communities together with hops and barley creations, the Honolulu Beer Works is the premier microbrewery in all of the Aloha State.

Housed in a reinvigorated industrial depot, between the streets of the stylish and edgy neighborhood of Kakaako, the tasting room fuses the salt-washed character of Hawaiis surfer shacks with a cool and distinct artsy vibe.

The beers range from the Animal Farmhouse, with its pale colouring and spicy Delta hops, to the Pia Mahiai Farmers Beer, which comes infused with traces of allspice and pepper. Theres also a great food menu, enticing diners with Pacific salmon-packed taro buns and Italian-style hoagies.

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Spend An Afternoon At The Bishop Museum

With the proud claim to fame of being Hawaiis largest museum dedicated to the history of both the archipelago and the ocean in which it sits, the Bishop Museum is a regular hit with history-savvy travelers.

Originally founded in 1889, and set in a marvelously grand estate, the museums walls are an attraction in and of themselves.

Be sure to check out the live lava demonstration!

Visit Hawaiis Only Meadery Kauai

Nani Moon Meadery is working hard to elevate mead, the worlds first alcoholic drink, and modernize its flavor profile for a contemporary palate. Each variety is made with local fruits, like lilikoi and guava, and sometimes spiced with ginger or chili. Far from the cloying sweetness of traditional mead, the drinks here are crisp and light. Guests are invited to taste their full range of flavors or observe the bottling process. Hive-to-Glass tours, where guests meet the bees, taste the honeys, and try the meads, are coming soon! Adults only. Located in Kapaa town and close to Fern Grotto, plus the old town boutiques, restaurants, and beaches.

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Amazing Things To Do In Honolulu Hawaii

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Honolulu could easily be one of the most livable cities in the world. Hawaiis capital city is a tropical paradise, where the broad streets and leafy boulevards are continually drenched in year-round sunshine.

Those streets back onto one of the most beautiful and loveliest beaches in the state, where white sands are fringed with swaying palms and where the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean offer a refreshing respite from the Hawaiian heat.

You can spend the morning shopping through the city center, enjoying all the trappings of urban life, before spending the rest of your day lounging on the coastline, paddleboarding, learning to surf, snorkeling, diving or hiking through the jungle.

Honolulu is the gateway to the island of Oahu and to the rest of Hawaii, and there is much waiting to be discovered in and around the city.

To help you to make the most of your trip to Hawaii, heres our visitors guide on the best things to do in Honolulu.

Ahuena Heiau Big Island


One of the most historically significant spots in Hawaii, this is the religious temple used by King Kamehameha the Great, who united all of the Hawaiian islands. This heiau became the center of political power during the height of his reign and later, the site of his death. The kings son and heir Liholiho broke taboo here, and less than a year after the kings death, this was the site where the first American Christian missionaries landed. Damaged in a hurricane, the site has been lovingly restored in recent years. Ahuena Heiau is free, open to the public, and suitable for all ages. Located in Kailua-Kona right on Kailua Bay, walking distance to Hulihee Palace, once the former vacation home of the Hawaiian royal family, now a museum and Mokuaikaua Church, Hawaiis oldest Christian church, founded in 1820.

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North Shore Beach Tour Oahu

The wonderful North Shore Beach Tour breaks travelers out of Waikiki and up to Haleiwa on the north coast of Oahu for an all-day sun and surf adventure. Learn about the history of surfing among Hawaiian royalty, and visit the most famous surf spots in the world, Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay, with water clear enough to see the bottom and a huge rock for cliff jumping. Guests are invited to swim, surf, snorkel, canoe, or scuba here. At Puaena Point, snorkel with sea turtles, before moving on the Wailua River for standup paddleboarding and shave ice. Finish with a trip to the Dole Plantation for pineapple ice cream. Lunch at Tsues Farm is included. All ages welcome.

Aloha Stadium’s Swap Meet


When it comes to buying souvenirs and snacks for friends and family members, many visitors don’t want to create a big dent in their wallet. With over 400 merchants, Aloha Stadiums Swap Meet has a wide selection of gifts to buy. Consider purchasing a nice beach towel, a kukui nut lei, or a dashboard hula girl as a souvenir. Li-hing mui powder gives an added kick to cold fruits and also makes a good gift. You could also buy Hawaiian-print shirts and even electronic gadgets. Youll find something for everyone here, you may even find something for yourself.Whats cool: Drink ice-cold coconut water straight from the coconut while shopping from booth to booth.

9. Koko Head Stairs

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Learn About The Iconic Attacks At The Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Whether you see the USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri Memorial, just walk around the city, or all of the above, no trip to Oahu is complete without a day exploring the site of the tragic Pearl Harbor attack.

Now one of the areas most popular tourist attractions, the landmarks here are powerful and fascinating, and with so many tours to choose from, theres something for everyone.

Where Is Honolulu Hawaii

Unique things to do in Honolulu and Oahu, Hawaii

Honolulu is the largest city, and the state capital, of Hawaii. Its found on the island of Oahu, on the beautiful southeastern shores, offering visitors easy access to the long Oahu coastline, as well as the rest of the Hawaiian Islands too.

The city sprawls for several miles along the coast, with the tourist hub of Waikiki Beach located at the eastern end of the city.

The infamous Pearl Harbor is on the western edge of Honolulu, while along the northern flank, rise the volcanoes and rugged mountains that frame the city.

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Iolani Palace Honolulu Oahu

Located in downtown Honolulu, a quick drive from Waikiki Beach, Iolani Palace is a magnificent 10-room, four-story palace built in Italian Renaissance style and the only royal palace in North America. The official residence of Hawaiis King Kalakaua and his sister and successor Queen Lili`uokalani, the last monarchs of Hawaii, the opulent palace was completed in 1882 and was wired for electricity even before the White House.

Since being lovingly and carefully restored to its former glory, the palace has been open to visitors, who can immerse themselves in Hawaiis history and royal heritage. The first two floors consist of the living areas, while the basement houses the Hawaiian crown jewels, photos, regalia, and decorations. The palace is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

364 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813, Phone: 808-522-0822

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Magic Island Beach Honolulu Oahu

Magic Island Beach is the small crescent shaped beach at the end of Magic Island Peninsula between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki beach it is a part of Ala Moana Beach Park. The beach is protected from waves by a rock barrier, making it pleasant for swimming. Unfortunately, the bottom is a bit rocky, and the sand is not as smooth as on Ala Moana Beach, and when the waves are big, they easily wash over the rock barrier.

Nevertheless, the beach is popular for picnics, surfing, and jogging, and there is a nice grassy area behind the beach with picnic tables and trees. The Magic Island Peninsula is made of man-made dredged coral and was built as the location of a new hotel, which was never constructed, so the peninsula was turned into a park instead.

1201 Ala Moana Blvd, At the end of Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96814-4205

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Book A Table On A Sunset & Show Cruise

With a heavenly three-course meal including fresh crab and juicy steak, plus live entertainment and pristine views from departure to docking, a sunset cruise is a wonderful activity for couples, families, or both!

Hot tip: book a cruise on a Friday for a little extra excitement .

Discover The Hula And Traditional Hawaiin Food At A Luau

Oahu Hawaii MUST DO Activities – The BEST things to do on Oahu Hawaii

Historically, hula is the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian islands and can be part of a ceremony or as a more informal dance. Meanwhile, luaus are a relatively new phenomenon. While their primary purpose is to bring families and friends together in celebration, they have evolved to showcase Hawaiis multicultural society and are a favorite activity for visitors to the islands.

In Oahu, there are a number of excellent venues to experience the luau tradition including the Alii Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center on North Shore, the Royal Hawaiian Luau at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and the Paradise Cove Luau at Ko Olina. Dinner options generally include kalua pig, haupia, and poi, and the meal is normally accompanied by singing and hula dancing.

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Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail Kauai

Captain Andys catamaran sails feature dramatic views of the rugged Na Pali Coast. Sheer and jagged cliffs, encounters with spinner dolphins plus more sea life, and sunset colors make this an excellent choice for a romantic evening for two. Great dinner with cocktails included. Boats leave from Eleele and last four hours. Stop by Kauai Island Brewing Company on the way for a flight of local beers, as food and cocktails on the boat arent served until a couple hours after departure.

Best & Fun Things To Do In Honolulu

3. Swim with Sea Turtles, Though sea turtles can be found in many snorkeling/swimming areas on the island, one of my favorites was Mauis Olowalu Reef. Kayak Olowalu has an excursion where not only can you kayak through the smooth waters, but also pop on a mask to snorkel, and if nature is on your side quite possibly swim with some sea turtles.

See the 7 Sacred Pools of Oheo Gulch, Known for its gorgeous waterfalls and pools, The Pools of Oheo is perhaps the most popular attraction in Eastern Mauia popularity which it most definitely deserves. Located in the Haleakala National Park, the valley and its pools can make for an amazing day when combined together with a hike, such as taking the Pipiwai Trail.

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