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Things To Do In Hamilton Nj

Bring Your Family To The Waterfront Park And Recreation Center

Barstool Pizza Review – Marcello’s Pizza Grill (Hamilton Square, NJ) with Sally Slices

Located on Port Imperial Blvd., Waterfront Park and Recreation Center features two small playgrounds, the Linear Park and Hudson River Walk.

Exceptional recreation facilities await the entire family, including two softball fields, three tennis courts, a workout area, and a multi-purpose turf soccer field.

The playground has three main areas the large area is for older children, with a slide, swings, and numerous climbing ways.

The second area is the toddler playground, similar to the large one.

The third area is a climbing playground which consists of ultimate climbing equipment.

Bring your food because there are picnic tables and benches at the Waterfront Park and Recreation Center.

Things To Do In Hamilton Township New Jersey

the offerings right here in beautiful Hamilton Township solidify our place amongst the most desirable places in the area.

  • Things To Do In Hamilton Township, New Jersey
  • Lets be honest. Here in central New Jersey, there is a LOT to enjoy.

    Weve got the standard American fare: shopping, golfing, a Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey’s largest playground . We’re accessible within the hour to rarefied spots such as NYC, Philly, the Jersey Shore, Trenton, Princeton, and dont forget Sesame Place.

    But the offerings right here in beautiful Hamilton Township solidify our place amongst the most desirable places in the area. One of the greatest things about living in the Garden State is, well, its gardens, of course!

    Hamilton’s lovely and historic outdoor sites will inspire you to label all your pictures #nofilter. That’s how gorgeous they are.

    Check out these three incredible places with your family, your out-of-town guests, or simply your thoughts.

    C Casola Farms Haunted Attractions

    Located in Marlboro

    5 Terrifying Attractions! One Location!Haunted Hayride of TERRORTake a Haunted Hayride into the back woods of New Jersey. People say they see and hear things that come alive. So maybe if youre lucky you may see their shadows and hear the horror of the victims cries as they roam by. Are you Read More

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    Take Your Dog To Weehawken Dog Run

    Make your best friend happy by taking them to the Weehawken Dog Run.

    Its a paw-some recreation area that allows off-leash dogs.

    The dog park also provides open spaces for exercise and opportunities to socialize with other dogs.

    Its a clean and fenced park with a gravel area designated for the mans best friend.

    Pet owners will have a spectacular view of the skyline and river at the Weehawken Dog Run.

    See Vintage Cars At The Classics Museum

    Grounds For Sculpture (Hamilton)

    If you have more time on your itinerary, head to the Classics Museum. The indoor attraction is packed with more than 100 vintage cars, as well as countless petrol memorabilia, vintage toys, pedal cars and other historic treasures. Once youre done browsing around the collection, sit down for an American-style burger, cake or another treat at the Jukebox Diner.

    Location: 11 Railside Place, Dinsdale, approximately 4km from Hamilton city centre.

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    Learn The History Of The Weehawken World War One Memorial

    Also known as the Soldiers and Sailors monument, the Weehawken World War One Memorial is part of the Hamilton Plaza and Park.

    In 1930, Weehawken resident John Rapetti designed and sculpted the bronze figures and the bronze Hamilton bust at the Hamilton Monument on Hamilton Avenue.

    Each monument represents the 21 young men from Weehawken who paid the ultimate price in World War I.

    Likewise, each piece of granite or statue commemorates those involved in the conflict.

    The memorial consists of a pair of Bronze Eagles, a Doughboy, and a Sailor.

    This historic Weehawken World War One Memorial lies at Hudson Place and Boulevard East.

    It watches over Weehawken’s cliffs, with Manhattan as a backdrop.

    Farm To Mouth: Terhune Orchards

    Any time of year is perfect to visit this picturesque family farm .

    The products you will find are high quality with what they call country-style service.

    You can do classic pick-your-own, enjoy seasonal holiday activities and shop an exceptional little farm store. They host festivals, music series, camps, and classes. With farm animals and a play area for the kids, a winery for the adults- there is space and fresh air for anyone craving the romance of farm life.

    Open every day except Christmas Day and New Years Day. The hours shift around a little.

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    Look At The Scenic Views From Bowman’s Hill Tower

    Bowman’s Hill Tower is a fieldstone tower residing in New Hope, Pennsylvania, 33 minutes from Hamilton Township.

    Most people believe Bowman’s Hill Tower existed during George Washington’s day.

    The truth is they built the tower in the 1930s to memorialize the former lookout point for Washington’s troops to monitor enemy activity in the Delaware River.

    Today, the fieldstone tower is a popular tourist destination as it offers a fantastic view of the surrounding woodlands.

    The area is also perfect for picnics because of the brisk atmosphere, thanks to its many trees.

    You can find Bowman’s Hill Tower near the corner of Rt. 32 and Lurgan Road, a few miles south of New Hope, PA.

    Play Mini Golf Laser Tag Or Do An Escape Room

    Exploring Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey

    Get your mates or the family together and head to the Lilliputt Fun Zone at Centre Place. The indoor entertainment has an exciting selection of activities to enjoy together. Do some mini golf at the Ice Age-themed 18-hole course or shoot each other in a laser tag mission. Theres a virtual reality experience to try out, as well as several escape rooms where you need to solve the puzzle to escape a room within a given time limit.

    Location: Level 1, Centre Place, Victoria Street, Hamilton city centre.

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    Experience Fine Dining At Rat’s Restaurant

    Nestled inside the exquisite Grounds For Sculpture is a French-inspired establishment called Rat’s Restaurant.

    Rat’s Restaurant is named after Ratty, a character from the children’s novel The Wind in the Willows who sees beauty in everything.

    Inspired by the beloved rodent, the restaurant provides an elegant dining experience that lets you enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.

    Guests will surely enjoy its ambiance thanks to its European-themed interior and stunning outdoor atmosphere.

    The menu includes lunch, dinner, and dessert menus paired with a wine list and other beverages.

    You can also enjoy a picnic at Grounds For Sculpture with their Picnic in the Park package.

    Rat’s Restaurant is inside Grounds For Sculpture or on Fairgrounds Road.

    Sayen House And Gardens

    Sayen Park Botanical Garden is also known as Sayen House and Gardens. It is located at Hamilton Square, New Jersey, at 155 Hughes Drive. This area is part of Hamilton Township. Although the garden is open all year, it is only open from dawn to dusk and is free of charge. However, peak activity occurs in spring.


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    Scare Farm At Norz Hill Farm

    Located in Hillsborough

    Scare Farm, formerly Creepy Hollow has three great haunts:Creepy Hollow, a walk through haunted corn trail Paranoia, also a walk through haunted corn trail and the Slay Ride a Haunted Hay Ride.About the Attractions:The Creepy Hollow story is one of the most complex and darkest parts of the Read More

    Around The Hamilton Park

    Get Free Admission to New Jersey Museums with Your Library Card ...

    Walk around the perimeter of Hamilton Park: Enjoy the neighborhood. Not only children but also people of all age groups are bound to be smitten by the charm and warmth of this place.

    Musically or creatively inclined and want to experience a new instrument or dance form? Head to Next step broadway at 9th street. Looking to engage young children in meaningful play, parties or events step into My Gym also located at 9th street.

    About 50 steps ahead is another childrens favorite creamery and bake shop Milk, Sugar, Love. Indulge in some delightfully delicious, churned out of organic milk ice cream. Dont miss to try the delectable and tantalizing baked goods.

    Keep walking till you find a large wall mural of a young girl peeking through a window. The graffiti is loved by adults and children alike, evoking imagination, creative thinking, and storytelling.

    Sightseeing: Take a walk around Hamilton park to witness history. Stand and stare at the Victorian-style residences in this part of town. Wander around the streets surrounding the park to see well-preserved examples of these Victorian abodes. Dont miss the little benches dotted around the perimeter of the park and the lamp posts that offer splendid & picturesque scenery! As we said, you are spoilt for choices when narrowing on things to do around Hamilton Park in Jersey City.

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    Try To Escape The Cloak & Dagger Escape Rooms

    Cloak & Dagger Escape Rooms is one of the best places in Hamilton Township if you’re looking for a fun time with your family and friends.

    Located on NJ-33, Cloak & Dagger Escape Rooms offer the most fun and thrilling challenges in town.

    They boast unique and creative storylines with challenging riddles and puzzles that require you to squeeze all your brain juice.

    Currently, they host a haunted house experience called The Haunt, which tests your bravery by making you hunt down creatures of the dark.

    Come and experience the best escape room facility in town at Cloak & Dagger Escape Rooms.

    Appreciate Various Arts At The Brooklyn Museum

    The Brooklyn Museum allows you to explore, create, and at the same time, enjoy art from different offered programs and resources.

    Located on Eastern Pkwy in Brooklyn, New York City, the museum provides all-year-round programs and other exciting visitor opportunities.

    It also caters to visitors with disabilities, offering resources and special programming for people with memory loss, blind or partially sighted, and other people with disabilities.

    You and your family can enroll in art classes and learn the basics of painting and other forms of art making.

    Visit different galleries on every floor and see various statues, sculptures, paintings, abstracts, and more from around the world.

    You can reach the Brooklyn Museum through a 30-minute drive from Weehawken.

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    Art & Nature: Grounds For Sculpture

    You cant go wrong with 42 acres of more than 300 contemporary sculptures nestled among this stunningly well-cultivated and rare arboretum.

    Planning began in 1984 and it opened to the public in 1992 on the property of the old rundown New Jersey State Fairgrounds. Today, the landscaping makes it feel as though even the trees, the very Earth, were sculpted.

    As if that werent enough, you can also find a huge variety of programs here throughout the year. There are classes, performances, lectures, artists workshops, storytelling hours, film screenings , meditation, herbalism, yoga you get the idea.

    Its not just outdoors either. Four indoor galleries with annually rotating exhibitions celebrate both local and international artistic treasures. They also encourage the creation of new works.

    A word of advice though: plan your visit. As of this writing, you need advance reservations to get in and theyre closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Very reasonably priced though, plus 5 and under get in for free.

    Abbott Marshlands Tulpehaking Nature Center

    5 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Hammonton NJ

    The Abbott Marshlands are spread over 3000 acres and include other communities around Hamilton. Here there are swamps, freshwater tidal and non-tidal marshes, ponds, and an area of woodland where you will find many species of animals.

    The Tulpehaking Nature Center is the most critical educational facility in Abbott Marshlands and the perfect place for kids to learn about local wildlife. There is even a Beaver Hut Reading Room where children find interesting books and information about nature and animals.

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    Things To Do With Kids In Hamilton Nj

    • TripBuzz found 169 things to do with kids in or near Hamilton, New Jersey, including 168 fun activities for kids in nearby cities within 25 miles like Trenton, Princeton, Doylestown and New Brunswick.
    • From Pump It Up to Hamilton Lanes, the Hamilton area offers 113 different types of family activities, including: Recreation Centers, Parks, Theaters and Movie Theaters.
    • One of the largest cities in New Jersey, Hamilton is a popular residential, business and tourism area located within New York’s metropolitan area. The city is unique in the fact that there is no defined downtown, but it presents various ‘commercial districts’ and various settlements. The area is popular for its beautiful parks, including a sculpture park and botanical garden.

    Hamilton Township Mercer County New Jersey

    Hamilton Township, New Jersey
    Location in Mercer County and the state of New Jersey.
    Census Bureau map of Hamilton Township, Mercer County, New Jersey
    Hamilton TownshipShow map of Mercer County, New JerseyHamilton TownshipShow map of New JerseyHamilton TownshipLocation in the United StatesShow map of the United States
    40.31 sq mi
    Land 39.44 sq mi
    Water 0.87 sq mi 2.17%
    Rank 55th of 565 in state2nd of 12 in county
    9th of 565 in state1st of 12 in county
    271nd of 565 in state6th of 12 in county

    Hamilton Township is a township in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. It is the largest suburb of Trenton, the state’s capital, which is located to the township’s west. The township is within the New York metropolitan area as defined by the United States Census Bureau but directly borders the Philadelphia metropolitan area and is part of the Federal Communications Commission‘s Philadelphia Designated Market Area. As of the 2020 United States census, the township had a total population of 92,297, an increase of 3,833 from the 88,464 counted in the 2010 census, which in turn reflected an increase of 1,355 from the 2000 census count of 87,109. The township was the state’s ninth-largest municipality in 2010 and 2020, after having been ranked 10th in 2000.

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    Farm Of Horrors At Schaefers Farms

    Located in Flemington

    Spend 45 minutes making your way through 200+ acres of Fright. It starts with our Hair Raising Hayride that Scares the YELL out of You, then we let you off in the middle of nowhere for a Treacherous Trek through the Trail of Terror, then just when you think you have had enough and begin see Read More

    See The Manhattan Skyline At Weehawken Recreation Pier

    39 best images about Grounds for sculpture on Pinterest

    The Weehawken Recreation Pier is an excellent place for the family to visit, stretching more than 400 feet into the Hudson River and offering scenic views.

    Located on Harbor Boulevard, it features five piers nestled on 26 concrete pilings, joined by seating and lighting.

    There are many things the family can do at the park, such as a playground, a soccer field, a waterfront boardwalk, and a basketball court.

    The esplanade offers impressive views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline, making it a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying nature at the same time.

    In case you get hungry, theres always a food truck near the Weehawken Recreation Pier where you can grab a bite.

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    Tackle The Climbing Walls

    Another rainy day saviour in Hamilton, Extreme Edge is an indoor climbing complex with climbing walls for adults and children alike. The fun-themed kids zone climbing walls have more than 30 different challenges to tackle independently with the special belay system that takes in the slack as you climb up and then lowers you gently to the ground. The adults climbing walls have something to test all skill levels across the 36 challenges. See more family-friendly activities in the 10 Things to Do in Hamilton with Kids.

    Location: 90 Greenwood St, Frankton, approximately 3km from Hamilton city centre.

    Take A Walk At Old Glory Park

    The Old Glory Park is a small landscaped zone, providing benches and beautiful views of the Hudson River and the Big Apple.

    Despite its small size, this fantastic park attracts crowds at any time of the year, especially during spring and summer.

    Located at Kennedy Blvd E, Old Glory Park is a family-friendly place with a small playground for children.

    Moreover, theres a pathway for brisk walking to help you burn those calories and fats after eating at nearby restaurants.

    This is the perfect spot to take some excellent shots of the New York City skyline photos.

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    Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres

    Located in Newtown

    Our HAYRIDE IS BACK for 2022! Are you brave enough to experience all three of our terrifying attractions ? Capacity is limited so ORDER ONLINE to guarantee admittance. Dont get lost in THE FIELD! Dare to enter the gates to the upper fields and wander through the ruins of a bewitched village Read More

    Best Things To Do In Weehawken Nj

    Return to White City-DESTINATION ANYWHERE

    The historic Weehawken is a township in Hudson County in northeastern New Jersey.

    Situated five miles north of Jersey City, Weehawken is most famous for the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr on July 11, 1804.

    The towns name came from the Algonquian language of the Lenape Indian tribe.

    The Tappan and Hackensack tribe used to inhabit the land, which they named to signify maize land, and others that describe the Palisades.

    Weehawkens current population is 17, 287 according to the United States Census Bureau.

    The place offers family-friendly park spaces and is home to extensive Victorian homes, beautiful cobblestone streets, and the century-old Weehawken Public Library.

    Discover the best things to do in Weehawken, New Jersey!

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