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Things To Do In Greenland In August

Things To Do In Greenland In Summer

10 Surprising Things About Greenland Culture I In a modern society

Moonrise Over Ammassalik Island

It doesn’t matter where you go in Greenland or what your pace of travel is, there is certainly something for you in Greenland. Especially in summer. Between summer and winter, the range of activities that you have at your disposal changes quite drastically in relation to winter. Still, you will find that…There are more things to do in Greenland in summer than you can shake a stick at!

We are pretty sure that one trip won’t be enough. To help you out with all the decision making, we decided to lay it all out for you. From Greenland Adventures, with love.

Greenland Weather In Winter

The Greenland weather in winters is undoubtedly cold. The maximum and the minimum temperatures always stay on the negative scale between -20 and -5. Once the winter solstice sets in, Greenlanders do not see the sunshine for months together as the sun hardly rises up. The shortest day of winters in December lasts for only about 3-4 hours. Though the temperature stagnates in negative, Greenland weather in winter is very dry. This rare humidity in the land of snow and ice keeps one warm after the climate drops to a certain temperature. When planning the Greenland travel, make sure that you know that winters starts from November and stays up to April after which the short spring season starts.

Greenland National Museum And Archives

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Greenland National Museum is Greenland’s largest cultural history museum. The Museum preserves the Greenlandic history and our objects, art and images are from all over the country. A visit to the National Museum is a glimpse into all the cultures that have existed in the country from the earliest people to modern the Greenland society.

Reviewed By pmhoover – Columbia, United States

We spent maybe 90 minutes going through the museum. It is well worth the time. Won’t repeat all the other reviews, but you will get a quick history lesson of the groups of people who have inhabited the island and some are surprising in time lines. The Norwegians actually settled in the south about the same time the Inuit did the north, but didn’t stay. There were other earlier groups that did not stay. You get a feel for just now difficult and challenging simple survival was in Greenland. Exhibits are quite variable from taxidermy animals to modes of transportation. Fun fact – Nanook is the Inuit term for Polar Bear. Lots of other fascinating things to learn. Not big, simple but really well done.

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Eat At Hlemmur Mathll

My second best local recommendation is to enjoy the amazing food that Reykjavik has to offer.

One of my most favourite places to eat in Reykjavik is Hlemmur Mathöll.

Hlemmur is an old bus station that was recently renovated and turned into an amazing Icelandic food court. Today, you will find 10 amazing restaurants in Hlemmur, all offering their own specialities.

My favourite restaurant in Hlemmur Mathöll is “Skál” and it is a total must visit. There you will find real, authentic Icelandic food but made in a quick, cheap and super modern and casual manner. Everything from creative small bites to lamb, arctic char & unique desserts.

Greenland At A Glance: Best Time To Visit

Greenland In August: Top Things To Do In Greenland In 2021

Recommended time to visit: Most of Greenland is locked under ice throughout the year. During the summer months from May – September, ice around the coast melts, making this the best time for hiking and cruising around iceberg filled bays. Temperatures are also at their highest, occasionally reaching double figures ! Less popular times to visit: Greenland’s winter months from December – March are extremely cold and dark. This however is a great time for dog sledding and Northern Lights spotting. Best time for Northern Lights: September – March is Northern Lights season in Greenland, with guided Northern Lights tours operating out of Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq. Best time for wildlife: 15 species of whale live around the coast of Greenland. July – September is the best time to see humpback and minke whales, while rarer narwhals and belugas can sometimes be seen in spring from April – June.

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Are Interested In Inuit Culture

As much as Greenland is a place of adventure and outdoor activities, theres also a rich and beautiful culture to be appreciated.

The countrys history dates back around 5,000 years, with several waves of Inuit immigration from North America. From the art and fashion, to the architecture and cuisine Inuit culture is at the heart of Greenlandic life.

Although around 80 per cent of the population are Inuit, European colonialism means modern-day Greenland is fused with Scandinavian cultures and traditions as well.

This also meant that for a long time, Greenlandic artefacts were seen as the property of Denmark, until a repatriation agreement was struck in the 1980s. Now, the National Museum of Greenland in the capital city Nuuk has received more than 35,000 artefacts, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for some culture while there.

For a more experiential taste of Greenlandic culture, there is a wealth of packages that let you get a closer idea of key traditions. From costume making to seeing a drum dance – there are plenty of cultural things to do.

Fifth Stop: Whale Watching In Greenland

Whale watching is not a distinctive feature for Greenland, but it isnt everywhere you can get as close a look at these magnificent creatures as in the waters near Greenland. Spoil yourself with a boat trip on the Arctic Ocean with your binoculars at hand.

Youll experience a completely quiet boat and a still ocean, where everybody has an eye out for a spouting whale, a tail or maybe a peeping baby whale that breaks the water surface. More often than not will you get to say hello to a whale or two, and youll get to watch them swim alongside the coast, maybe even keeping your boat company.

While there is always more to see and do in Greenland , these five activities will give you a wonderful introduction to Greenland.

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Third Stop: Ice And Snow In Greenland

It shouldnt surprise anyone that ice and snow are very important when thinking of Greenland. You really cant go for a walk or just look out a window without noticing all the white fluff covering most every flat surface, house and vegetation. But you shouldnt let yourself settle for the snow just outside your door you should try to experience the great white stuff for yourself.

You can easily combine this step with a dog sled ride or you can go visit the great Ice Sheet covering most of the island. You should also try visiting Ilulissat Icefjord where on a lucky day, you might see an iceberg being pushed off the sheet by a great glacier right into the fjords icy water.

It is easy for tourists to forget how big a part snow and ice are of the Inuits life. The snow, ice and cold are part of their culture, nature and environment, and are especially present in connection with transportation and traveling. Making an effort to see the ice and snow is a way to get to know the Inuits and their culture better.

When To Visit Greenland

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Greenland wears very different cloaks depending on when you choose to visit: spring, summer or autumn. Each has its own enchanting characteristics making it tough to decide which suits Greenland best.


  • Seasonality is a significant factor in Greenland and hugely influences the activities available
  • Spring & Summer are the most popular times to travel in Greenland
  • For adventure activities, February – April is a great time when spring snow conditions are perfect for dog sledding & snowmobiling
  • July and the first half of August is mosquito season – pack bug nets if you plan to travel inland, or head to South Greenland
  • The Midnight Sun can be experienced between mid April and the end August

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Visit The Spectacular Ilulissat Ice

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, this is one of Greenlands most visited areas, and its easy to see why. This section of coast in Disko Bay is strewn with icebergs and ginormous glaciers can be seen calving, a process during which the iceberg breaks off from the glaciers and floats serenely out into the coastal waters. If youre fortunate enough to time your visit just right . Youll bear witness to this breathtaking natural spectacle, giving you an unforgettable memory.

Browse The Qaqortoq Museum

With its brightly painted houses that climb up the hillside above the harbor, Qaqortoq is a rock-bound fishing village and a wonderful place to visit on any trip to Greenland. The Qaqortoq Museum is housed in a 19th-century building that was once the Julianehåb colony manager’s house. The museum displays artifacts from the Dorset, Thule, and Norse cultures.

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Exploring By Boat And Ferries

Whether you take a short afternoon cruise among the icebergs to a glacier or a multi-day cruise into the bays and fjords, boats are the best way to get a look at most parts of Greenland. Most of these mighty walls of ice are visible only from the sea, and boats are such a vital part of Greenland life that wherever you go there will be opportunities for sea excursions.

Small excursion boats have the advantage of no set itinerary, so in addition to the icebergs and glaciers, you may see waterfalls and wildlife, like an eagle guarding her nest.

You can also take a longer multi-day cruise to see more of Greenland’s wonders, or get a feel for local life by joining Greenlanders on one of the many ferries that ply the small coastal ports. Sarfaq Ittuk operates ferries that are the local transport, so unlike the cruises designed especially for tourists, these ferries give you a chance to meet and mingle with Greenlanders.

Top 6 Things To Do In Greenland

Why You Should Visit Greenland and Things to Do There

Greenland is a part of North America. Located between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, it has an arctic to a subarctic climate with cool summers and very cold winters. With magnificent deep fjords, floating icebergs, and warm areas in the southwest coast, Greenland attracts tourists and scientists with its magical Arctic beauty.

1. Aurora Borealis

The Qaleraliq Glacier, which has small floating icebergs even in summer, is known as the best viewing spot. Mid-August to late April in the south and late August to mid-April in Nuuk is the best time.

2. Dog Sledding
3. Kayaking

During the early immigration times, the kayak and the larger umiaq were the most common and efficient means of transportation compared to arduous treks across the rugged Greenlandic mountain terrain. Kayaking is the best way to explore the glistening landscape, paired with cultural and historical importance.

4. Nuuk

Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland. This picturesque Arctic city, full of vibrant coloured houses is located on the western coast of Greenland. Some of the popular tourist attractions include mummies at the Greenland National Museum, Nuuk Art Museum, fancy restaurants, fashion boutiques and lot more.

5. Blue River

Visit during winter for kayaking in the crystal clear blue water and explore the Arctic beauty. The unique colour of the water is due to the melting Petermann Glacier filling in the lower areas of the glacier.

6. Ilulissat Icefjord
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From Dog Sledding To Glaciers

Greenland is a unique country, and provides many opportunities for travelers. One of the things everyone should do is get serious about sampling local cuisine. Whether you go with an excursion from your cruise ship or on your own to explore restaurants, you’ll find freshly caught fish – and Greenland is the only place you can try Greenland salmon – as well as wild game that has recently been hunted. You may sample delicacies like seal and musk ox if you let yourself be governed by what’s up for grabs at the place where you go to eat. Don’t avoid unfamiliar food – .

You should also make sure to look around you at every step of the way. Greenland is beautiful, from its glaciers to its green meadows, and taking an excursion for the sole purpose of is a great idea. It’s unlike any landscape you’re likely to have seen before, so take plenty of pictures or even schedule a special photography cruise to treat yourself and bring home the best vacation photos around.

You Want To See The Northern Lights While Camping On A Vital Ecosystem

There are a lot of places around the world where you can see the northern lights, sure. But where else in the world can you look up at a natural wonder while standing atop an equally stunning natural wonder.

Its a beautiful landscape you cannot see anywhere else, but also one thats changing rapidly.

The Greenlandic ice sheet is the second biggest body of ice in the world – and it is absolutely vital. If the entirety of this ice cap were to melt, global sea levels would rise by 7.2 metres. This ice is already being lost at a drastic rate, with surrounding glaciers receding dramatically.

Seeing the northern lights was certainly a breathtaking experience, but it was made even more memorable by the vast mass of fragile ice, stretching out in all directions beneath my feet.

I camped on the ice cap near Point 660, a short drive from the town of Kangerlussuaq in west Greenland. This spot is routinely used by climate and Arctic scientists, as its the most accessible point on the ice sheet.

The camping experience I had, run by Albatros Arctic Circle, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The midnight walk in the freezing cold on a dark ice sheet, followed by putting up our own tents in furious wind was certainly a test for even the fittest in my group – but I would do it again in a second if I could.

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Tips For Visiting Greenland In August

Keep these helpful tips in mind before you plan a trip to Greenland to have a hassle-free and comfortable holiday:

  • An independent visa is required to enter the country.
  • Carry medications and first aid kits along.
  • When hiking, use maps or trackers as it is easier to get lost in the wilderness.
  • Do not venture out in bad weather.
  • Hunting and poaching of the Arctic species are illegal for a tourist.
  • Danish Krones is the currency used in the country.
  • Though the official language of Greenland is Danish, English is widely understood.

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The ice-filled country turns into a paradise during the summer months as there is a great influx of tourists and even the locals venture out to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Greenland is Gods most well-kept secret when it comes to the beauty of the land and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, the wildlife of Greenland is on a verge of extinction due to global warming. Plan an international trip to Greenland in August and have a great time on your holiday.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Qaqortoq

Summer in Greenland

Qaqortoq is primarily a summer destination for both local and international tourists. The weather is relatively mild and the main tourism office is open with a wide variety of excursions to suit all interests.

Summer is also the time for festivals, including:

  • June Qaqortoq Marathon. One of three marathons held in South Greenland in most years
  • celebrations with bonfires, choirs, and people in national dress
  • . Held in Qaqortoq, Narsaq and Nanortalik, this festival celebrates South Greenlands important role in food production in Greenland

Qanisartuut is one of the many sheep farms in South Greenland near Qaqortoq

There are still some excursions that run during the winter months , and self-sufficient visitors can always bring their own skis and/or snowshoes to enjoy the pristine backcountry and the incredible Northern Lights.

When you are planning your trip to Qaqortoq, particularly if you are traveling in winter, it is also useful to know the time of sunrise and sunset. Enter your date of travel into the Qaqortoq page at meteogram.org to discover how much daylight you will have, as well as the times of the different twilights, golden hour , and a lot more.

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Are Happy Without A Car

Its worth noting that no two towns in Greenland are connected by road. That sounds like a strange internet conspiracy, like the hoax rumour about gardens being illegal in New Zealand, but I can assure you its true.

Ive been on the longest road in Greenland, which extends from Kangerlussuaq to Point 660 and its not long. There are only 150km of roads in the whole country, only 60km of which are paved.

There are exciting plans to link Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut formally by road, but for now the iconic 160km-long Arctic Circle Trail is perfect for hikers, less so for vehicles.

The best way to get around depends on the time of year. In the summer, you can travel by boat, and when the fjords freeze over in the winter there are opportunities to travel by dog-sled.

Generally, all the major towns are connected by air, either through domestic flights or helicopters.

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