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Things To Do In Fredericksburg Tx In August

Shopping On Main Street

Texas Hill Country Peaches: Visit Fredericksburg TX

Historic Main Street is so cute! You will find many shops, candy stores, and restaurants. Many Wineries also have tasting rooms set up along the street.

When we werent hiking in Fredericksburg or at the wineries, we spent our time walking along Main Street!

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Pick Your Own Peaches At Jenschke Orchards

There are few things more satisfying than fruit picked and eaten straight from the tree, and Jenschke Orchards claims the best tasting peaches in all of Texas Hill Country.

This seven-generation family farm has over 26 types of peaches available for picking between May and September.

Of course, you can purchase ready-to-go boxes at their roadside stand, but its much more fun to venture into the orchards yourself.

If the peaches are too good not to gobble down, Jenschke also has an array of homemade jams, jellies, and ice cream so you can keep some treats for later.

Enjoy The Perfect Date Night At The Top Fine Dining Restaurants In Fredericksburg

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy quality time with the one you love most is on a romantic escape for two, and Fredericksburg is the perfect destination for your next getaway. This Texas town has everything you could ever want in a vacation spot, from fantastic wineries to stunning natural attractions. While your vacation rental from Cozi Vacation Rentals comes with a fully equipped dinner, a romantic escape wouldnt be complete without a date night at one of the top fine dining restaurants in Fredericksburg.

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Things To Do In Fredericksburg Tx And Texas Hill Country

Fredericksburg was settled by families emigrating from Germany in 1846, led by John O. Meusebach. Many of the buildings in town retain traditional German styles with most of Main Street along with the parallel streets comprising the National Register Historic District. You can still hear German spoken and the old customs are still observed. A few of the customs still observed include Easter Fires, Schuetzenfests, Oktoberfest, Weihnachten, and Kinderfest. Why do visitors choose Fredericksburg for their Texas family vacation? We hear lots of reasons, including the beauty of the countryside and European atmosphere, along with hunting, some great Texas hiking, bakeries, wineries, and the wonderful museums plus the state and national parks and the ongoing events and festivals. Fredericksburg is the birthplace of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet during World War II. The Nimitz Museum and Museum of the Pacific War are fascinating reminders of the importance of this war and the people who fought in it.

About 40% of all Texas peaches are grown in Fredericksburg and surrounding Gillespie County with more than 60 orchards located in the county. The peach season generally runs from late May through early August.

Visit The National Museum Of The Pacific War

30 Fun Things to do in Fredericksburg TX

Another Fredericksburg attraction for the history lovers out there is the National Museum of the Pacific War. This museum educates the public on matters of the Second World War in the Pacific. It is considered the 5th best history museum in the USA, so dont miss out on an opportunity of seeing it!

There are so many various things to do at the museum. From a museum scavenger hunt to an atomic bomb exhibit, the museum is sure to have something to interest everyone.

They even have youth programs and a symposium where highly regarded historians will lecture about the Pacific War.

Whether you are a hard-core history lover or someone who would like to know more about Americas past, this is definitely a place you want to explore!

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Whisk Yourself Away To A Texas Hill Country Holiday Wonderland In Fredericksburg This Season

Take your Christmas showand shoppingon the road this year to explore and experience the perfect German Christmas destination, Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country, west of Austin.

Searching for that special holiday getaway? Fredericksburg, Texas features over a month of holiday cheer with its 26-foot tall German Christmas Pyramid, unique local shopping along a holiday-decorated Main Street and a multitude of other festive events. This Texas Hill Country town does ChristmastimeWeihnachtszeit in Germanright.

The season is highlighted by Fredericksburgs Christmas Nights of Lights, a nightly lighting countdownwhich will take place each evening at Marktplatz at 6pm through Thursday, January 6, 2022.

Historic Schools Of Gillespie County

The Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools are former students and members of the community, interested in preserving the traditions of the rural schools of Gillespie County. These schools were places for learning and centers of communities which no longer exist, but today continue the traditions of schools in rural areas serving as community centers for the surrounding residents. Today, several properties are in need of preservation and the Friends have taken on the responsibility to preserve and ensure that these former schools will be the future parks for the residents of the county. There are a number of fundraisers throughout the year, including the annual Open House in April, when several of the schools are open to the public.

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Enjoy A Lively Concert At The Luckenbach Outpost

Everybodys Somebody in Luckenbach!At the venerable trading post, established in 1849, you can get yourself the world-famous shirt with that Luckenbach slogan on it. Grab a beer at the bar and enjoy the live music at the Luckenbach Outpost .

Besides attending live concerts at Luckenbach, you can have a blast by dancing the night away on their historic dance floor.

And if you work up an appetite, then theyve got everything from a pickle on a stick, to pulled pork, to fried cheesecake to satisfy your hunger!

Luckenbach has so much going on that it easily makes it onto the list of best things to do in Fredericksburg.

Luckenbach Outpost is only 10 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg. So if youre trying to find a fun way to spend your evening, look into what theyve got going on over at Luckenbach!

Shop Along Main Street

913 Laurel Lane Fredericksburg TX New Construction Home for sale – SOLD!

Shopping is undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do in Fredericksburg. The historic buildings along Main Street are home to over 100 shops selling pretty much anything you could be in the market for.

From antiques and art to clothes, musical instruments, candy, and home décor, the shops here have you covered. There are almost no chains here, so the merchandise is unique and varied. When youve had your fill of shopping, there are lots of restaurants and wine tasting rooms where you can indulge while giving your feet a break.

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Enjoy The Nightlife In Fredericksburg

The nightlife in Fredericksburg is pretty exciting.

You can easily find dancing, cocktails, beers, and music.

Along with a bevy of excellent restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, Fredericksburg also has great bars.

Most of them are located downtown on Main Street and are pretty easy to walk to.

One of the most popular bars is 78624 The Bar. Other places to go include Der Daiwel, Pioneer Bar, and The Stable.

See The Bats Fly At Old Tunnel State Park

Old Tunnel State Park, located near Fredericksburg, is one of the best state parks in the Hill Country.

The park is located about 14 miles south of the city and can be reached in under an hour via the Old San Antonio Road.

Old Tunnel State Park comprises an old railroad tunnel and several acres of area surrounding it.

This is one of the premier bat watching sites in Texas.

Over 3 million Mexican free-tailed bats live in the Old Tunnel State Park from May to October.

Visitors can view the bats emerge from the abandoned railroad tunnel at sunset.

This fascinating occurrence is a favorite with nature and wildlife lovers and as popular as the Congress Avenue Bat Flight in Austin.

Apart from the flight of Mexican free-tailed bats, Old Tunnel State Park also has many other activities including nature trails, camping, and bird watching.

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See A Show At Fredericksburg Theatre Company

The Fredericksburg Theatre Company has entertained audiences in the region for 25 seasons. They stage seven productions every season ranging from musicals like Annie to dramas like 12 Angry Men to comedies like the Texas classic A Tuna Christmas. If youre looking for something a little unexpected to do, check out their current schedule.

Go Hiking At Enchanted Rock

Fredericksburg, TX Restaurant of The Week

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is located just 18 miles away from Fredericksburg and is definitely worth a visit.

The name Enchanted Rock has its origins in a Native American legend.

This unique rock formation is made of pink granite and rises 425 feet above the surrounding area.

The Summit trail to climb Enchanted Rock is over 4 miles and takes 2 to 3 hours to complete.

From the top, you can have stunning views of the Texas Hill Country.

Besides this, there are many other hikes at Enchanted Rock State Park.

Visitors can also go rock climbing and see wildlife, making it a favorite spot for outdoor activities near Fredericksburg, Texas.

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Day Itinerary In Fredericksburg Texas For First Timers

Assuming you arrive in the morning, heres what you can do on your first visit to the city.

Day 1

  • Visit Pioneer Museum & Vereins Kirche from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Quick browse and lunch along Main Street from 12 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.
  • Visit Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park & Sauer Beckmann Farm from 2 p.m. to closed.
  • Back to Main Street for browsing stores and supper

Day 2

  • Explore Enchanted Rock State Natural Area from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • Shopping and lunch at Main Street from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Visit the National Museum of the Pacific War from 2 p.m. to 4 or 5 p.m.
  • Home


  • If your children dont like shopping, let them take a break. You can find benches along the sidewalk, or your husband can take them for ice cream treats at Clear River.
  • If you dont like shopping, you can extend your visit at the 7 places I mentioned above , or add Das Peach Haus* and Fort Martin Scott** to your itinerary.
  • I dont include Wildseed Farms in the list because last time we went there , they already changed the front part of the farm. What used to be a field of wildflowers, now is wine grapes. We were disappointed.

*Das Peach Haus is another favorite stop of ours where you can taste all kinds of jams, jellies, preserves, sauces, ciders, and wines. Their location is on 1406 S US Highway 87. But you can also go to their retail store on Main Street, Fischer & Wiesers, at 411 South Lincoln Street.

Enjoy A Night Out At The Best Bars In Fredericksburg Tx

You wont have any difficulty finding ways to fill your days from sunrise to sunset when you book a Hill Country escape with Cozi Vacation Rentals. Whether youre visiting with your closest girlfriends on a bachelorette party getaway or a romantic getaway for two, there are plenty of activities to fill your day, including shopping on Main Street and hiking area trails. Reminisce on your adventures as you check out some of the best bars in Fredericksburg, TX.

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Dine On Authentic German Cuisine

The diverse and authentic Fredericksburg food scene is a favorite with visitors.

Many Fredericksburg restaurants are known for their German cuisine.

We love visiting Ottos German Bistro for the schnitzels or the Farm Haus Bistro located a short distance away from the city.

Der Lindenbaum restaurant is another great place to try the German food. The Auslander also has good food and a great beer garden.

Apart from the German restaurants, the city also has several steakhouses and bbq places if you want to try the famous Texas barbeque.

Hondos on Main has excellent food and vibe.

Looking for something sweet? Visit the Fredericksburg Pie Company!

St Marys Catholic Church

Horse Racing at Gillespie County Fairgrounds: Visit Fredericksburg TX

JustPixs / Shutterstock

Another one of the coolest places to visit sits amongst a variety of colorful structures.

St. Marys Catholic Church was founded by a spiritual group of German immigrants in 1846, and the entire property is made up of two separate towers associated with the church.

The older tower, erected in 1861, is called the Marienkirche, and the younger tower called the New St. Marys was established in 1908.

In the earlier days, services for worship were held in peoples homes, which later upgraded to the Vereins Kirsche.

Twenty-two years short of two centuries, St. Marys Catholic Church is still a landmark worth visiting and is one of the unique and free things to do when you find yourself in Fredericksburg.

Before erecting the stone church we see today, German Catholics built a smaller wooden church on the same grounds.

After the civil war ended, many Catholics arrived in Fredericksburg, and by 1900, the Catholic community was urgently in need of a larger space to worship.

With Gothic eccentricism in regards to the infrastructure of the Church, the New St. Marys Catholic Church was finalized.

Today, you can stare in awe at the brilliant stained glass artistry and carved sculptures of Jesus and the Saints.

Amidst the artful displays, you will also find the Priest and Righteous King Melchizedek making an offering to Abraham.

Address: 304 W San Antonio St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, United States

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See The Exhibits At Vereins Kirche

Founded by German immigrants in 1846, Fredericksburg has a rich and distinctive history. Part of that history is on display at the the Vereins Kirche, a reconstruction of the original building that served as a town hall, school, and church. Visitors can learn about everything from the original settlers historic treaty with the Comanche Indians to religion and community on the frontier.

Back In Time At The Pioneer Museum

Down on the west end of downtown Main Street, you will find the family-friendly Fredericksburg Pioneer Museum. The 3-acre complex that makes up the Pioneer Museum is home to 11 historic buildings from the original small-town German immigrants.

While taking one of the self-guided tours of the historic German homes, a church, and buildings at the Pioneer Museum, visitors get to see a vast collection of German artifacts that are at the center of the museum.

The Pioneer Museum also offers living history events. During these events, the Pioneer Museum has people dressed in 19th-century costumes reenacting activities that were prevalent during the early 19th century.

Take note that the Pioneer Museum is one of the best museums in Fredericksburg, Texas. It gets busy on the weekend, so make reservations for your visit if you can.

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Things To Do In Fredericksburg Tx

Jenschke Orchards This roadside, pick your own farm has been family-owned and operated since 1961. Their orchards grow over 30 varieties of peaches along with strawberries, blackberries, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. Their country store on the property has ice cream, preserves, cobbler, syrups, t-shirts, hats, and many more yummy food products.

Harvest Dates

  • Pumpkins- September to October
  • Christmas Trees- November to December

Lyndon B Johnson State Park & Historic SiteLyndon B. Johnson, our 36th president, was born and raised in the Texas Hill Country. I got to see the family cemetery, the airplane hangar, and the Texas White House. I even got to take a few minutes and relax on the tree swing on the property.

Take a self-guided tour of a working farm, Sauer-Beckmann Farm. Park interpreters wear period clothing, raise crops, take care of animals and cook meals. They recreate pioneer life in the 1900s. It was fun to ask the questions and have them share their experiences working on the farm.

Pick up a map and free permit at the park Visitors Center to begin your self-guided driving tour. Get information on tours at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park.

If you need an idea of what stores are on Main Street Click HERE

Go Shopping In Fredericksburg

7 First Things To Do In Fredericksburg Texas With Your ...

While most people think of Fredericksburg and imagine antique shopping, there are also some more modern shops sprinkled throughout town.

For high-end antiques curated from Europe, head to Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities.

Across the street youll find a great home decor store called Blackchalk Home and Laundry.

Another great home store located a half block off Main Street is Haus Home Goods.

Our favorite gift shop on Main Street is Fritztown Mercantile. This has a great curation of books, home decor, jewelry, and some clothing.

A luxury store thats also fun to peruse is Vaudeville, head downstairs for a cute cafe and lunch spot.

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Reserve Your Perfect Vacation Rental

Whether your bachelorette party is four or 20 people, you want a vacation rental that has enough room for everyone to unwind after fun-filled days comfortably. At Cozi Vacation Rentals, we have homes that can accommodate groups as large as 20 adults. Each of our Fredericksburg vacation rentals is unique and has a range of amenities, including pools and hot tubs. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help answer any questions you may have to ensure you book your ideal home away from home.

Take A Stroll Around Historic West Main Street

One of the best ways to experience the culture, tradition, and German vibe of Fredericksburg is simply to take a stroll on historic West Main Street in Downtown Fredericksburg.

All along this part of the road, you can see the 19th-century architecture and admire the historic structures.

The historic section starts from the Marktplatz and continues for about a mile.

Major attractions include the Vereins Kirche, Pioneer Museum, Old Jail, Church, etc.

You can read information about each of these buildings on the historic plaques or take a brochure from the Fredericksburg Visitor Center.

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