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Things To Do In Fort Bragg

Things To Do In Fort Bragg Nearby Attractions

3 Things To Do In Fort Bragg | California Bucket List | Travel Vlog 27

Mendocino At the city responsible for the countys name, you can explore the Mendocino Headlands State Park, the Mendocino Point Trail, Agate Beach, Big River Beach, and an art center. South of Mendocino, you will find the Van Damme Beach area. Kayaking at the Little River is a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Russian Gulch State Park This bridge bearing the state parks name is one of the most notorious points of interest in the county. Get ready to hike around while taking the views of the rugged coast. Hitting the different viewpoints is a must.

Navarro River Redwoods State Park If you are not contemplating a visit to Redwood National Park , this state park offers the opportunity to observe second-growth redwoods. Visitors can swim, camp, fish, and observe wildlife as well.

Point Arena Lighthouse For me, there is not such a thing as too many lighthouses. If you enjoy visiting these structures, you cannot miss Point Arena Lighthouse, a 115 feet standing giant. There is a small museum and gift shop on-site.

Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands Adjacent to the lighthouse, you will find a protected strip of coastline full of mind-blowing vistas. A combination of coastal bluffs, rock promontories, islands, dunes and pinnacles makes this place unique.

Explore The Other Fort Bragg On California’s Wild And Fragile Mendocino Coast It Is Filled With Wildlife Waves Wilderness And Wine

There’s only one thing wrong with living in Fort Bragg when you tell folks where you are from, they think you mean that lovely town on the east coast in North Carolina, which is home to the US Army. This is the other Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg, California, is on the wild and fragile Mendocino Coast of Northern California. Three hours from the Golden Gate Bridge, getting to the Mendocino Coast is a bucket-list journey with the kind of scenery you see in sports car commercials. There are so many things to do in Fort Bragg CA, with a focus on wildlife, waves, wilderness, and wine.

Site of the old fort in Fort Bragg, CA. Photo by Mary Charlebois

Start Planning Your Trip To Fort Bragg California

Fort Bragg, California, is located along the Pacific Coast of California near Shoreline Highway in Mendocino County and a fun place to go for any kind of vacation, and there is always something to do and magnificent places to visit in Fort Bragg, California.

The City has a unique point of interest for everyone, both young and old the City is a top attraction center for several cultural activities, with places like the Ford House Museum, Agate Beach, and Jug Handle State Natural Reserve, which serves as a Historic reserve center to the united state.

Fort Bragg, California, is home to wonderful parks, historical museums, art centers, crafts, theatres, antiques, shopping malls, beautiful lakes, pleasure centers, and many more.

The places listed above are some of the best places to visit in Fort Bragg California, start now to plan your next trip to Fort Bragg, California, and enjoy the very best outdoor activities, good luck on your next ride.

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See The Coastal Redwoods At Californias Largest State

I wasnt joking when I said that Mendocino and Fort Bragg were big on natural beauty. Jackson State Forest is one of Californias largest, however, its history might surprise you.

It spans 50,000 acres of the old growth redwoods that California is famous for, but it is also home to a large number of second-growth redwoods because of the long history of industrial logging in the area, stretching back to 1862. The state actually bought the forest, also known as Jackson Demonstration State Forest, from the Caspar Lumber Company in 1947.

You can see monumental giant redwoods throughout California, but this is one of the only places where youll be able to experience coastal redwoods the tallest living things on earth. The coastal redwood is native to the Pacific Coast from southern Oregon to central California.

If youre not here for the redwoods, you might be interested in going mushrooming , or bike riding along the trails. You can find the Chamberlain Creek Waterfall on a hike or wander on the Forest History Trail.

Jackson State Forest is at 802 N Main Street, Fort Bragg.

The Absolute Best Things To Do In Fort Bragg California

12 Top

Here are my tried and tested Fort Bragg attractions that you should not miss when in town. For the sake of convenience, I have outlined them in the order of location, from south to north along Highway 1 . I hope you enjoy reading the guide and the photos alongside them. A location map is provided at the end of all the must visit attractions in Fort Bragg, California.

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Things To Do In Fort Bragg

Know what you are looking for? Click the number to go right to where you want to go:

Fort Bragg

1. 82nd Airborne Museum and War Memorial

There are few, if any, active units in the United States Army as storied as the All-American Division. And, given that Bragg has been the 82nds home since the end of WWII, it makes sense that this amazing museum dedicated to it is right here.


2. Airborne and Special Operations Museum

Few formations exemplify the expression tip of the spear as completely as the US Armys airborne troops and special operators. This massive museum is chock full of amazing exhibits about those brave men and women whove earned jump wings and Green Berets.

3. 1897 Poe House

This restored and completely authentic nineteenth-century building serves as the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex. While the house is the centerpiece, there are additions and exhibits exploring the regions history from the time Native Americans first settled it to the dawn of the 20th century.

4. Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum

Its name may be a mouthful, but a day spent here is sure to be a fine and educational one. Located in a sprawling, red-brick railroad depot built in 1890, this museum is a must-visit for any fans of history.

5. Fascinate-U Childrens Museum
6. Contentment Farm

Stay In The Most Romantic B& b Along The Coast

With a variety of ways to experience the cultural, culinary, and natural history of Fort Bragg, its easy to see why our stunning area is at the top of many travelers lists. After your exciting day trip, drive back to the lovely shores of Mendocino and stay at Sea Rock Inn! Its the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Sacramento and San Francisco.

Browse our rooms today and pick your favorite! Each of ourrustic rooms, suites, and cottages showcases spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, comfortable seating areas, and luxurious places to relax. Before you chart your own course, begin your day with ourscrumptious breakfast spread, which is served in our waterfront Breakfast Room.

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Silvers At The Wharf Restaurant

Silvers at The Wharf restaurant is among the coasts oldest hotels and restaurants that were first opened in the 1940s under the name of Anchor Lodge.

The restaurant in the lodging house first opened in the 1950s as a cafe serving light meals.

Since then, it has evolved into a sophisticated seafood-focused restaurant that is owned by Juan Pablo Canul and his brothers Silver.

There are many seafood options available, including lobster, Cioppino, Dungeness crab lobster tails, and lobster. The restaurant also offers lunch and dinner.

You can also find land-based meals like prime ribs or game hens. You can also find lighter options like fish tacos and crab melts, as well as seafood quesadillas.

The restaurants Sports Lounge has a dog-friendly deck, which is open and offers a full menu. It also serves a variety of local craft beers and wines.

Address: 32260 N Harbor Dr, Fort Bragg, CA 95437, United States

Enjoy At The Pacific Star Winery

Fort Bragg NC | Things to do – Charleston, SC

Who ever thought wineries and vineyards would possibly have such breathtaking views! Usually open from 12 to 5 the Winery has been serving loving customer for over 30 long years now. The specialty is almost everything from classic blends to rare ones.

The grapes are often sourced from the heritage Mendocino County vineyards. Bird watching is an extremely active sport at the winery area. Apart from good drinks, the area is a fine picnic spot for families with a view of the specific where you can often catch whales passing by! There are tasting rooms waiting for eager visitors too.

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Fort Bragg Golf Courses

Fort Bragg

15. Stryker Golf Course

Whether you live on post or out in town, you dont have to go far to tee off. Just less than a mile out the All-American Gate yet still within Bragg itself sits a full course with a top-notch clubhouse and pro shop.

16. Ryder Golf Course

As if one wasnt enough, the post is home to a second 18-hole golf course. So if you need a little variety in your game, or just cant get a tee time at Stryker, Ryder is about a mile away and just as challenging.


17. Pinehurst Golf Course

Anybody who knows even the slightest thing about golf has undoubtedly heard of Pinehurst. Home to nine separate courses and the site of more golf championships than anywhere else in America, this place has been one of the hubs of the sport since its founding in 1898.

Fort Bragg Glass Beach

Its possibly Fort Braggs most famous sight its also the result of pollution Yes, Im talking about Fort Bragg Glass Beach! Only California can even make gross areas beautiful like this, and its one of my top spots to stop along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Today it seems like a beautiful sight, where you can see countless pieces of small sea glass, rolled and tumbled into smooth little gems across the rainbow of colors. But this site was initially a trash dump so the glass remains from a time when the locals thought the coastline was a place to trash rather than protect.

You can take a short walk out to the beach and stroll among the sand and glass. Be aware though that its illegal to take any glass from Glass Beach as a little magpie myself, I found it hard to resist but you can do it too.

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How To Get To Mendocino

First of all, where is Mendocino exactly? Both Mendocino and Fort Bragg are located in Northern California in Mendocino County. The area is roughly 3 hours or so from San Francisco, making it the perfect weekend getaway for those in the Bay, like us!

From outta town? Youll wanna get yourself to either San Francisco International or Sacramento International , as those are the two major airports closest to the Mendocino area! From there, its not too long of a drive: 3 or 4ish hours from San Francisco , or about 3.5 hours from Sacramento.

Driving to Mendocino from the San Francisco Bay Area? You basically have two options:

  • driving inland on the 101 and then 128
  • making your way up the coast via Pacific Coast Highway

    If you take the inland route via the 101 and 128, expect to drive through tiny towns, orchards and farms, vineyards and wineries, and the Navarro River Redwoods . Youll pass some of our favorite NorCal towns, including Sausalito, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and Healdsburg.

    While all of these make for great weekend getaways from the Bay, if youre short on time, I dont recommend stopping there on your way to Mendocino. None are awfully far away , so save them for other trips.

    Of course I have a few recommendations on the 128 .

    Add the following to your list of must-stops while heading up for a weekend in Mendocino:


    If youve never ventured past the Golden Gate Bridge, the following stops are highly recommended:

    Other Things To Do In Mendocino And Fort Bragg

    15 Fabulous Things to Do in Fort Bragg, California ...

    Witness the Sunset

    Out of all the things to do in Mendocino, promise me youll spend a bit of time admiring the sunset. Its true. The sunsets in California cant be beat, and Mendocino is no exception. With the rugged coastline and the forest being so incredibly close together, you can get some great shots for sure.

    Hang out by the water

    These shots were taken at the botanical garden mentioned above, but basically everywhere on the coast offers views as good as these. California, you are just too damn beautiful! And my mother wonders why I moved here.

    Drive through the Forest

    Its literally impossible not to drive through the trees if youre relying on a car to get around. If youre from the Bay Area and have visited Muir Woods or other redwoods, Mendos forest wont be too shocking, but still impressive to say the least.

    If you want to venture a bit north, halfway between Mendocino and Ukiah youll find Montgomery Woods, loaded with ancient redwood groves. Those are cool. Trust me.

    Take in the Views

    Can I just gush for a minute? When I saw these views I could have sworn we somehow got teleported to SoCal or Big Sur. Um, hello, that water . Who knew Northern California had pacific ocean views like these?

    Im still in shock. The amount of times I made my husband pull over on the side of the road is kinda hilarious. To me, not him. :p

    My advice: pack a bathing suit, some wine, and go wild. Yolo, right?

    Star Gaze

    I think I even saw more stars than when we were in Hawaii .

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    Id Like To Hear From You

    If you have visited Mendocino, please share your experiences in the comments below for everyone to enjoy. Or even if you have any questions about visiting, I would be more than happy to answer them below.

    Thanks for checking out Visit California and beyond and reading this this post on Things to do in Fort Bragg

    If you enjoyed reading this post, please do share it with any of the social media buttons right below, thanks.

    Take A Ride To The Jackson State Forest

    After all that information it is time to detox and unwind in the presence of deep greenery all around you and for that to happen there is no better place than the Jackson State Forest.

    Apart from walking bare into it you can take a long drive through the forest and it will be unforgettable for sure. The green tall vegetation on both sides and sun painted smooth roads with sounds of unknown birds singing in the distance might be just what you need.

    You are sure to find dozens of redwood trees, fir and much other vegetation. Eateries are readily available along the way.

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    Noyo Headlands Park And Ka Kahleh Trail

    Noyo Headlands Park is a 93 acre park which lies north of the Noyo River on the bluffs of Fort Bragg that was the former site of the Georgia Pacific Lumber Mill. This park is the starting point for the famous California Coastal Trail that passes through Fort Bragg .

    This paved trail meanders along the coast revealing breathtaking views and goes all the way to the world famous Glass Beach on the Northern End. If youre up for a longer hike, then keep going on this trail northward to MacKerricher State Park to the north or south towards the Pomo Bluffs. Restrooms are available here on both north and south entrances.

    This 4.9 mile trail is also known as the Ka Kahleh trail, where Ka Kahleh is the Pomo word for White Water. The trail is extremely scenic and also dog friendly ! Beside birds such as oystercatchers and pelagic cormorants nesting over the bluff edges, you may also spot Peregrine falcons, geese, river otters, harbor seals, and even an occasional deer. There are interpretive panels along the trail informing visitors about the parks plants, birds, Native American history, and the former mill.

    We watched the sun go down on the Pacific at Noyo Headlands Park during our visit. I suggest you do the same to experience one of the most ethereal sunsets on the California coast.

    Festivity Abounds In Fort Bragg


    Coastal folks love a good festival. We look for any excuse to celebrate Mother Nature, music, art, food, wine, and beer. Some of the most popular are Whale festivals in March, a film festival in May, a music festival in July, and a mushroom festival in the fall. Check online for the full calendar of events.

    Car Show in Fort Bragg CA. Photo by Mary Charlebois

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    When To Visit Fort Bragg

    Fort Bragg has mild weather throughout the year since it is a coastal town. However, the coast can get quite chilly in the winter and foggy in summer. Whatever you do, dont have high hopes in sunbathing on the beaches or swimming . You can definitely visit throughout the year, but I recommend December-April to see the migration of the grey and humpback whales in California.

    Day : Drive To Fort Bragg Downtown Railbikes & Sunset At Glass Beach

    On your first day, youll need to reach Fort Bragg. As mentioned, its a 3.5-hour drive from San Francisco to Fort Bragg . Youll probably arrive in time for lunch , so head straight to downtown Fort Bragg to seek out a bite. I havent been to either , but North Coast Brewing and Overtime Brewing both look awesome and have food and drink options. While youre at lunch, choose a whale watching provider and give them a call to see what time theyre running tours tomorrow.

    After lunch, if the timing is right, head out on a Railbikes adventure. This will take a few hours, and youll be able to check into your accommodation after that. Once youre settled, check the sunset time youll want to be at Glass Beach for sunset so you may want to have dinner before that depending on when you visit. After sunset and dinner, its time to rest for a full day of adventure tomorrow.

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