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Things To Do In Florence With Kids

Hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino

TOP 15 Things to do in FLORENCE Italy in 2021 | New Normal Travel Guide

One of the most unique hotels weve ever stayed at! 25 Hours Florence is based on Dantes Divine Comedy, and all rooms are either heaven or hell-themed. We loved our room, the hotels lounge and restaurant, the deli at the entrance and the breakfast spread, and the location near Santa Maria Novella is perfect for taking day trips by train. Most rooms sleep two, but they can add an extra bed to a larger room and there are connecting room options perfect for a family of five.

Why Do The 2 Idiots Recommend Florence

Florence is a historic and charming city, with some of the best markets for shopping. However, we found the city was similar to Venice: Youll walk along the streets and its buzzing and exciting but 90 percent of people there are tourists. The only Florentine people were taxi drivers, tour guides and people servicing the tourists. Everyone lives outside of Florence, in the Tuscan countryside.

That said, if you are a history or art lover, youll be fascinated by the history and art found at every turn. This is where the Italian Renaissance began, and museums and churches are filled with the works of the Italian Masters: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rembrandt. The Medici family, one of the most power rulers of Italian history, owned this city, and the imprint they left is everywhere.

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Weve done scavenger hunts both throughout the city and within museums like the Bargello. The travel cards from Tava Adventures are excellent pick a card at random, learn about the site and then have the kids navigate to there. Or simply buy postcards in the city or in a museum gift shop and do the same.

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So Much More To Discover

This is just a taste of some of our favorite museums in Florence that are particularly loved by children – for the animals, tools, “dinosaurs” and skeletons and knights they can admire! All are intrinsically tied to Florence’s rich history and culture, although they have a bit less paintings than others.

Are your children passionate about archeology? Then you should visit the MAF National Archaeology Museum where they will find Egyptian mummies, Etruscan sarcophagus & Roman sculptures.

Have you visited other museums with your children that you loved and would like to share with us? Leave a comment below!

This article is written in cooperation with MammeaFirenze, a blog by a Florentine mom with lots of information on local, family-oriented events and more.

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Helpful Hints For Taking Kids To Florence

Ultimate Itinerary And Things To Do In Florence With Kids ...
  • If you are there in July and August, go out early, take a rest in the heat of the afternoon and then enjoy the city again after 5 pm. It will start to cool down and the daytime tourist hordes will be dying down.
  • Keep your kids engaged with fun facts about Italy. One amazing resource that you can get ahead of time are these charming fact cards from Tava which will your kids recognizing landmarks around the city.
  • Italians love children, as a rule, but when they are dealing with crazy tourists all day, it might not be evident. If you stay outside the center you will find that the locals are much more welcoming.
  • If you want to have genuine interactions with Florentines, get off your Google Map route and go child-speed. Stop when you see something that interests the kids in a shop window.
  • Lastly, if you need to know where to eat in Florence to keep your whole family fueled and happy, I have got you covered.
I Heart Italy

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Where To Eat In Florence With Children

Were not food bloggers by any stretch, but we wanted to share our favorite place to eat in Florence with kids. Dont miss the sandwiches at AllAntico Vinaio. Not only are they delicious but they are great value at 5 euros each. Our favorites sandwiches at AllAntico Vinaio were the Dante, the Inferno & the Favolosa.

We hope you got a few good ideas for your family trip to Florence with kids! If your Italy family vacation goes beyond Florence, check out our other Italy with kids posts below.

More Things To Do In Florence

  • Take a horse and carriage ride with your kids through the beautiful streets of Florence. You can find these in many of the squares and it makes an exciting treat to ride through such a historic place in horse and carriage!
  • Stibbert Museum is one of the many museums to visit in Florence with kids. It is full of interesting armour and weapons from the past.
  • San Lorenzo Market is one of the best Florence attractions for kids. Teens will relish exploring the stalls for the latest fashions. Lots of great souvenirs here and don’t miss the nearby indoor fruit and vegetable market -how do they get their veg so colorful!!! This is one of the more enjoyable things to do in Florence.
  • A visit to Palazzo Vecchio is one of the top things to do in Florence with kids. This 13th century palace now offers hands on activities such as painting classes and role playing in the theater complete with costumes for the kids to try on. Check out their activity schedule on-line. They have tours designed for toddlers ages 3 and up, as well as tours for older children and teenagers.
  • Do a day trip to Cinque Terre with the kids. Hop on the train and head to the Italian Riviera where these five coastal towns are. Children will have a great time hiking the trails that connect these old villages, relaxing on the beach, taking a boat tour or checking out the colorful homes! This is one of my favorite places in Italy-stunningly beautiful!

Read more about Italy here!

Plan your family holidays in Italy here:

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Climbing Brunelleschis Dome With Kids

It is a challenging 463 steps to the roof terrace of the Duomo. The climb is steep at times and the space confined so make sure kids are comfortable with the conditions. Strollers are not allowed so make sure to bring a carrier for younger kids who cannot climb themselves.

The Last JudgementThe iconic dome dominates the Florence skyline

Top Things To Do In Florence With Kids

TOP 10 Things to do in FLORENCE | Italy Travel Guide 4K

The magnificent city of Florence has so many marvels to explore that planning a family trip there can seem a bit overwhelming. Yet the beauty of this Renaissance city, perched proudly on the Arno River and nestled amid iconic villa-adorned hills, is not lost on the little ones. Our travel advisors love arranging a private Florence tour for families, so that a guide can give our clients a custom introduction to the city.

Nor are the wonders of the local art and architecture. With thoughtful planning that involves the children in crafting a family-friendly itinerary, Florence will inspire lifetime memories in a lively, exciting environment in which museums and historical sites are providing more and more unique exhibits and educational programs designed just for children.

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Fun Family Attractions In Florence Italy

    Here is our fun things to do in Florence guide!
  • Visit the Duomo-the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Older children will give it a go climbing the 400+ stairs up through the narrow passageways. You can see the colorful frescoes up close along the way. At the top there are beautiful views of Florence. If you are not visiting in the summer-be sure the kids are dressed warm as it can be quite windy at the top. This is not recommended for toddlers and young children as the stairs are very steep!
  • Your budding fashionistas will be thrilled with the newly opened Gucci museum. Florence is the birth place of this luxury brand. Check out the vintage bags and prints. There is also a fully decked out Gucci car and some celebrity dresses! My teenager daughter adored this spot!
  • This is a super cool things to do in Florence! The kids can take a cooking class here where they learn how to make pizza, pasta and cake. After they can eat the delicious dishes they have cooked. It is suitable for ages 7-13 and highly entertaining -Italy is definitely the place to learn to cook! Yummy!
  • Pack a picnic and head to Piazzale Michelangelo with the kids. It is quite a hike up the hill so jump on the bus or catch a taxi up. The views of Florence are beautiful especially as the sun is setting! There are lots of stalls selling souvenirs here too. You can walk down the hill after or catch the bus back down. A great photo opportunity!

Book A Guided Florence Sightseeing Tour For Kids And Families

  • City Walking Tour: Keeping the kids engaged while you see all the top sights in Florence is a breeze on the specially designed Florence Sightseeing Tour for Kids and Families. A friendly local guide uses flash cards, iPads, and other interactive games and activities to capture the kids’ attention on this educational 2.5-hour walking tour. You’ll see top attractions, like the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Repubblica, San Lorenzo Market, and the magnificent Duomo on this small-group private tour.

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Fun Things To Do In Florence With Kids And Teens

Florence is the most beautiful, colourful, exciting city. And the perfect place to visit with kids and teens. Thus I wanted to share a little insight on Fun Things To Do In Florence with kids and teens, I also want to talk a little about taking a guided tour of Florence and why this is a wonderful option for families.

The distance always seemed a bit of a problem when we were cruising. However in in reality hiring a car is simple. Thus giving you the option of getting into Florence independently and doing a self guided tour or booking a tour guide when docking at Livorno and doing Florence in a day. After my last visit it is somewhere I certainly want to spend more time.

What You Will Find Here

  • Pin Things To Do In Florence With Kids And Teens For Later
  • Top Tip For Florence With Children

    Things to Do In Florence With Kids, Private Family Tours ...

    My top tip for Florence Italy with kids is: SLOW DOWN. I wouldnt recommend trying to do Florence in a day, especially with kids. We all know how children change your travel speed and trying to fit in more than is reasonable is going to backfire.

    Spend more than one day in Florence and take your time to enjoy life, the Italian way. One of the best things to do in Florence is to slow down and enjoy.

    Wander off the main streets and be delighted at what charming things you find. I found the most delightful storefronts and shop owners by simply getting a bit lost. Shop owners who arent overrun with tourists will take the time to engage with you.

    The main person my children remember from Florence is the coffee shop owner from a neighborhood outside the center. In fact, we returned after a year and he welcomed us like old family. These are the interactions that matter to children.

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    Admire Antique Armour At The Stibbert Museum

    Young fans of knights and armor will especially love the Stibbert Museum . It sits on a hill about 20 minutes by taxi or bus from the historical center of Florence, and anyone will be impressed by the treasure trove of artifacts here.

    Frederick Stibbert inherited this collection and continued to add to it, eventually transforming his 19th-century villa into a museum. Frederick collected artifacts from all over the world, including costumes, tapestries, furniture, musical instruments, and paintings.

    Most impressive here is the grand main hall, with horses and knights in procession, as well as arms and armor from eastern and western civilizations. Only guided tours are permitted.

    After viewing all the exhibits, you can take the kids to the little café here, or stroll through the English-style gardens surrounding the villa.

    Address: Via Federigo Stibbert 26, 50134, Florence

    Museum Of Natural History

    Florences Museum of Natural History, affiliated with the University of Florence, is divided into six separate galleries in different locations within the historic center. Two of these are of special interest to families: the Geology and Paleontology section, full of fossils and dinosaur skeletons, and Museum La Specola, which houses the Zoological Collection of taxidermy animals.

    The former features a long-tusked mastodon, a saber-toothed tiger and other creatures that lived millions of years ago in Tuscany when the region was actually a savannah. Young equestrians will be fascinated by an exhibit featuring the skeleton of a small horse and exploring the evolution of the animal. The Museum La Specola is the oldest science museum in Europe and houses a collection of detailed anatomical wax models , as well as the skeletons and stuffed bodies of modern birds and mammals.

    The Paleontology Museum is open TuesdaySunday 9am5pm . Admission: 6 adults, concession 3, under 6 free, family ticket for one or two adults and up to four children 13. Museum La Specola is open TuesdaySunday 9am5pm SeptemberDecember, and TuesdayThursday 9am5pm and FridaySunday 9am1pm July-August. Note that visitors can only see the anatomical wax models in La Specola via a guided tour available TuesdaySunday. Ticket prices are the same as admission to the Geology and Paleontology museum.

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    Best Things To Do In Florence With Kids

    This post may contain compensated links. Find more info in our disclosure policy

    Having included Florence as a stop on our Italy road trip with J we explored the city in search of the best things to do in Florence with kids. Often considered one of the most beautiful cities in both Italy and the world, art and architecture dominate most visits to the historic city but there is also plenty to keep little adventurers entertained. From stunning gardens to fascinating museums, heres our guide to the best things to do in Florence with kids!

    Gazing upon a Masterpiece: Michelangelos David in Florence

    Childrens Museums In Florence

    We See The Sites And Our Kids Learn To Fight In Florence Italy

    Here is a list of museums in Florence suitable for children and for a different, stimulating and interactive visit, accompanied by parents:

    • Visit the Galileo Museum where every Sunday morning there are initiatives for families with children over 5 years old. The with the relative costs is available on the museum website
    • Participate in one of the initiatives or workshops dedicated to families and children scheduled at Palazzo Strozzi . Each proposal is dedicated to creating a relationship between visitors and works of art or artists
    • Participate in the A casa Medici nel Quattrocento initiative organized at Palazzo Medici Riccardi every weekend with activities for children aged 8 to 12
    • Visit the Egyptian Museum in Florence with children which is located inside the National Archaeological Museum of Florence which offers thousands of finds in nine largely renovated rooms
    • Visit the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence with children in via del Castellaccio, at a short distance from the Florence Cathedral. It is an exhibition dedicated to the genius of the Renaissance with the faithful reconstruction of the machines he designed, based on his original drawings. There is an entire floor of interactive workshops where you can have fun learning and experimenting.

    The activities reported refer to the normal opening periods of the museums .

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    Take A Family Tour Of The Uffizi Gallery

    You don’t have to skip the superb exhibits at the famous Uffizi Gallery just because you have kids in tow. Instead, some guides offer special tours designed just for families, with engaging activities for both younger children and teenagers.

    Treasure hunts, trivia games, and interactive activities help keep the kids entertained, so you have time to admire the famous artworks, like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Cimabue’s Madonna Enthroned, and Michelangelo’s Holy Family.

    . This 2.5-hour guided tour saves time spent waiting in line with wriggly kids to buy tickets, and includes educational games and a commentary customized to your children’s ages and interests.

    Museo Di Leonardo Da Vinci

    Visiting Leonardo Da Vinci Museum is one of the best things to do in Florence with kids. It is located in a historical building within a short walking distance from the main Cathedral Il Duomo.

    With everything designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, the museum includes the recreations of more than 240 models of Leonardos most fascinating Renaissance mechanical inventions, like Leonardos mechanical lion and knight. To create these machines, the materials used in the Renaissance era such as wood, fabrics, metal, and ropes were used.

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    Walk Across The River On Historical Ponte Vecchio Bridge

    Not far from the duomo lies another one of Florences most famous landmarks, Ponte Vecchio.

    Ponte Vecchio is a historical bridge that connects the two sides of the Arno river, so Florence city center with Oltrarno Neighborhood, and has a peculiarity.

    Rather than a normal bridge, Ponte Vecchio is like a road, flanked with shops on both sides!

    For little kids, the most interesting thing about Ponte Vecchio will probably be the opportunity of spotting river animals from it entrance.

    Older kids will no doubt marvel at this peculiar bridge and will love to learn elements of its story such as the following:

    • Ponte Vecchio dates back to 1345
    • It was the only bridge in Florence not destroyed by bombs during the II world war
    • The first shops on Ponte Vecchio were grocers and butchers. In the XVI century, they were kicked out and the place was given to Goldsmiths and jewelers, still nowadays trading on the bridge.

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