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Things To Do In Dumbo

Visit Gleasons Gym And Get A Great Workout

DUMBO, Brooklyn- 12 BEST Things To Do (NYC Travel Guide) !

We bet you never thought that one of the best things to do in DUMBO is to visit a gym. First off, this is an iconic gym and is very sacred within the boxing community. If you can think of a hall of fame boxer, theyve most likely stopped by this gym to work out. Once strictly for fighters, the gym has opened up its doors to the public. It has a no nonsense vibe to it, but the staff are very accommodating and friendly. Ever heard of Cassius Clay? What about Muhammad Ali? Its the same person. He trained here from time to time during his reign as the heavyweight king of the world.

Views Architecture And Art At Empire Stores

The dozens of windows of the brick facade of Empire Stores are hard to ignore. This historic warehouse was used for coffee storage in the first half of the 20th century and later on was abandoned for many years. After many years of failed attempts to restore this piece of history, it was finally restored and reopened in 2017 as a cultural, commerce and gastronomical center. The team of architects made sure to maintain the buildings character and original materials, including its large masonry façade, but they also cut out a passageway from Water Street through the building, and to the park. At the center of the building, youll find a four-story, open-air courtyard that serves as an immersive public space, and from there, you can pick through the glass curtain walls which line the courtyard, into the different commerce areas and offices. The rooftop was transformed into a leafy terrace that is open to the public and accessible from the courtyard. There are stunning views of the East River from the roof, as well as a beer garden where you can grab a beer and chill out.

On the second floor of the Empire Stores building, youll find the exhibition and multimedia experience of Brooklyn Historical Society DUMBO. This multimedia exhibition uses stories of workers, artists, industries and neighborhoods to put a spotlight on the history of Brooklyns coastline. Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11:00 am 6:00 pm

Dumbo Brooklyn Guide + Things To Do In Dumbo

For a person who doesnt know New York and the area, DUMBO is just a strange-sounding word. I was in the same situation until I went into a rabbit hole, read everything I could find about it, and got the chance to visit it.

In this article, I will share everything I have learned about DUMBO during my research and visit.

We will see what DUMBO stands for, Where it is located, How to get to DUMBO, How DUMBO got its name and the history behind it, What to do in DUMBO, and the Food Scenery.

Buckle up because it is going to be a long ride!

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Things To Do In Dumbo Brooklyn: Shake Shack

If youre in New York and havent sunk your teeth into some Shake Shack, you havent lived! Shake Shack is arguably the most popular and beloved burger joint in the entire state of New York and boasts of a crazy array of options to choose from. All of the Shacks burgers are 100% all-natural Angus beef and contains absolutely no hormones or antibiotics either. Their mince is freshly ground in-house and the patties are grilled to medium then served on a fluffy non-GMO Martins potato roll. Shake Shack offers chicken and vegetarian patties as well to those who are trying to avoid red meat. Meanwhile, the shake menu is absolutely to die for, so forsake the diet just one day to enjoy the deliciousness that abounds at Shake Shack. You wont regret it!

1 Old Fulton Street , DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 347-435-2676

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See A Live Outdoor Concert At St Anns Warehouse

Top 10 Things To Do in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Enjoying my first live music concert since COVID! Rooftop at in Dumbo

Michelle Young

For decades, the current home of St. Anns Warehouse stood as an urban ruin on Brooklyns waterfront. Formerly a 19th-century tobacco warehouse, transformed the roofless relic of DUMBOs industrial past into a state-of-the-art performing arts theater. St. Anns Warehouse, an avant-garde arts organization known for its plays, music and spoken word performances, was formerly housed in a Brooklyn Heights Gothic church. The new 25,000-square-feet theater space was built within the footprint of the warehouse, with space leftover for an open-air garden bordered by the historic brick walls. The garden is open to the public during the same time as Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the theater produces programming year-round.

A new series of live music concerts started taking place on the rooftop of St. Anns Warehouse in August of 2020. The Get Back! concert series is set up for the public to take live music in safely in the era of COVID. The performers, like Damon Daunno & Nathan Koci of Broadway fame seen in the above video, are staged at the edge of the roof facing the walkway so that the people below can sit or stand below and hear the music.

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Things To Do In Dumbo Brooklyn

Just over the Brooklyn Bridge, find charming cobblestone streets that are chockablock with great things to do in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Dumbo, Brooklyn is home to arguably one of NYC’s greatest glow-ups. The neighborhood, once dominated by aging warehouses, has been reimagined with upscale shops, apartment buildings, and offices that offer some of the best waterfront views of Manhattan . Aside from top-notch restaurants and renewed public spaces, the area draws awesome events throughout the year while the Dumbo Business Improvement District hosts community gatherings and weekend flea markets beneath the Manhattan Bridge. Speaking of markets, Time Out Market New York, a marketplace-style dining experience by yours truly, recently landed in Dumbo to round out the flourishing food scenegorge on meals from some of the top chefs in the city, order drinks from the venue’s various bars, and catch top-tier entertainment curated by Time Out New York’s editors.

What To Do In Dumbo: Almondine Bakery

A top-notch French bakery near the water? What could be better? Almondine is Zagat-rated for its flaky croissants, gigantic chocolate chip cookie, bread made with organic flour, and much more. Pick a sweet from the varied case and take it to the park. Or come for lunch and chow down on a sandwich or quiche of the day. 85 Water St., 718-797-5026,

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Check Out The Art Scene In Dumbo

If you love art, there are many more things to do in Dumbo, including visiting some of the art galleries or current exhibitions. You can also look for the famous Dumbo Walls, a series of outdoor murals that highlight the various entry points to the neighborhood. Read more about the Dumbo Walls project here. If you have more than one day in Brooklyn, check out some of the attractions for art lovers in Dumbo here. There are a few art galleries and unique concert halls and theatres such as St. Anns Warehouse and Bargemusic. However, if you only have a day in Brooklyn, continue to our next destination on this Brooklyn itinerary.

Insider tip: If you are fans of flea markets and you visit Dumbo on a Sunday you can also check Brooklyn flea marketwhich is located at 80 Pearl Street and is open from 10:00 am 5:00 pm.

Discover A Secret Library

DUMBO BROOKLYN BRIDGE (Things To Do In New York City!)

If you are looking for a quiet place to sit down with a good book, the Sorted Library is a great option. Hidden in the back of the IFP Made in NY Media Center, a co-working space in Dumbo, the tiny, single-room library is organized unlike any other. The books inside the library are categorized by the people who visit. From the existing pool of 3,000 books, visitors create their own collection that is personal to them. Themes can be anything from Opposition: Books That Would Hate Each Other, to Breakfast-Themed Covers, and fearless women. Untapped New York made our own collection about urban exploration when we visited! For ease of searching, however, the books are physically organized by subject matter in the library. Each book that is part of a collection, gets an insert with the visitors own notes.

Sorted is a non-circulating library, so you cant take a book home with you. To get inside, you must make an appointment or visit during the monthly open house.

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Neighborhoods Near Dumbo Brooklyn

Theres a lot of things to do in DUMBO, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt check out the surrounding neighborhoods as well. Park Slope is only a few stops away when you take the F line from York Street. This neighborhood has a different atmosphere than DUMBO and has gone through gentrification. Another area we recommend checking out is Lower Manhattan and Chinatown. These two neighborhoods are just right across the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, respectively. Let us know which neighborhoods you prefer in the comments section and we hope this guide as helped you!

How To Start Planning The Perfect Brooklyn Itinerary

When you start planning your New York City itinerary, make sure to include at least a day in Brooklyn, preferably on a Saturday or a Sunday. Some of NYCs most popular attractions can get extremely crowded during the weekend, so spending the weekend in Brooklyn, with its relaxed ambiance, might be a great alternative. For first-time visitors, we suggest starting with DUMBO since its a cool area that is very close to Brooklyn Bridge, which is a must-see attraction. There are a lot of things to see and do in Dumbo for the whole family. From Dumbo head over to Williamsburg, which has a lively art and food scenes, and many other attractions to choose from.

Of course, there are other parts and attractions in Brooklyn to explore, such as the Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyns Botanical Gardens and more. However, our itinerary focuses more on the food and art scene and a nice dose of scenic viewpoints.

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Watch The Sunset At Domino Park / East River State Park

After youve tasted some of Brooklyns famous beer, its time to look for a great spot to watch the sunset. Obviously, the best places are along the East River. Brooklyn Brewery is within a 5-minute walk from East River State Park. Another alternative is to walk along Kent Street until you reach Grand Ferry Park. However, if you dont mind the walk, we suggest walking along Kent Street all the way to Domino Park, which should take you about 20 minutes from Brooklyn Brewery.

Domino Park is one of New Yorks newest parks, and just like the High Line, the architects and landscapers made sure to pay tribute to its history. The park stretches along the East River on the site of the former Domino Sugar Refinery, a plant that helped shape the character of the neighborhood for over 160 years. Walking along the park, youll find 30 large-scale, salvaged artifacts that were used in the plant and now are incorporated into the parks landscape. Theres an elevated walkway with beautiful views of the surrounding area and Manhattans lower side. Theres also a very unique playground that was designed by Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman that takes the children on a journey through the sugar refining process. Children would also love the fountains and the fog bridge, both of which are great for photography lovers as well.

Address: 300 Kent Ave Brooklyn | Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 6:00 am 1:00 am

Free And Cheap Things To Do In Dumbo

Top Things to Do in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Exploring Dumbo for free. First up, is it even possible? Secondly, what is there to do? Make the most of your visit with these free Dumbo attractions, from museums and art galleries to sights, parks and gardens.From fantastic museum collections and stunning art to gorgeous parks and gardens, there are some fantastic free attractions to discover in Dumbo. Here are some of the best.

in Dumbo,

Wander around the parks or be fascinated by some of the citys most famous museums additionally, you can visit free churches, view free street art and photograph classic Dumbo icons. Whether youre looking for something historic or more contemporary, these are the top places to visit in Dumbo for free!

Dumbo is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, right? Well, yes and no. You wont even have to spend a penny with our roundup of free things to do in Dumbo .

Add these free things to do in Dumbo to your itinerary, so you can spend less money on sightseeing and spend more money on shopping in Soho !

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Time Out Market In Dumbo

Since Summer 2019 you can eat your way through Time Out Market in Dumbo. The food market which offers a total different experience than you would expect from a food market in Dumbo lets you dive deep into the restaurant scene in NYC. Only the best of the best got the chance to open up their restaurant at the Time Out Market. Find out more about the concept and our thoughts about the food market in our article about Time Out Market in Dumbo.

Hidden Things To Do In Dumbo

Every city has its hidden gems the sweet little off-the-beaten-track spots which youll only discover if youre in the know, and Dumbo has its fair share of them. It might surprise you to hear that there are even hidden gems in central Dumbo, concealed by the hustle and bustle of all the major city attractions which distract passers-by from giving these spots the attention they clearly deserve. These lesser-known spots in Dumbo city centre make for a great self-guided walking tour as they are each located between Mayfair and Tower Bridge. Youll come across secret historical sights, a hidden oasis, epic street art and more seriously Instagrammable spots on this tour around the city centres hidden gems.

in Dumbo,

As a tourist, it can be too easy to go through a checklist of the main attractions and think youve seen Dumbo . Hell, even if youre a local, you know that it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same old things. Here are 15 amazing secret spots that you have to see in Dumbo.

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Explore A Flourishing Food Scene And Take A Spin On An Antique Carousel Before Snapping A Pic At Nycs Most Instagrammable Hot Spot

No matter how you arrive in DUMBOby foot, ferry, or the A,C, or F subway linesyoull land in one of NYCs most attractive neighborhoods. Short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, DUMBO is known for its breathtaking views of Manhattan, world-class waterfront park, flourishing art and food scenes, and what might possibly be NYCs most Instagrammable hot spot: the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street with the Manhattan Bridge in the background.

However, this stretch of Brooklyn was not always as charming as it is now. Prior to becoming the tourist attraction it is today, the neighborhood served as an industrial hub. In their manufacturing heyday during the 19th and 20th centuries, the historic buildings that now house loft apartments and art galleries were factories that produced everything from cardboard boxes to Brillo pads . Manufacturing slowed down post-Depression and the area didnt pick up again until the 1970s, when a wave of artists moved in, inspiring developers to take a second look at the East River-adjacent neighborhood.

For your next Brooklyn adventure, heres where to eat, drink, and stay in DUMBO.

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Dumbo Brooklyn: NYC Guide | BEST Things to DO | Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Check Out Dumbos Powerhouse Arena

Bibliophiles and art admirers can get lost in the abundance of treasures at DUMBOs PowerHouse Arena. The state of the art library and gallery opened in 2006, after the hit publisher powerHouse Books got hold of the building at 28 Adams Street.

The initial opening aimed to promote new novels, authors, and readings. However, as time passed it became more of an exhibition and convention centre. Many large scale events have since been hosted at the arena for large firms such as VH1, VICE News, and Absolut Vodka.

Of course, everyday visitors can still enjoy the splendour of a beautiful bookstore. The 10,000 sq. ft. building holds thousands of new novels and literary pieces, which are just waiting for an avid reader. Those who are lucky enough may even have the chance to chat with a famous author, as dozens come by throughout the week for book signings.

While youre in Brooklyn make sure you pop over to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens!

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