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Things To Do In Dumbo New York

Eat Delicious New York Pizza

DUMBO BROOKLYN BRIDGE (Things To Do In New York City!)

New York pizza is undoubtedly the best and you can grab a delicious pie in DUMBO. One favorite pizza place is , a relatively new establishment based on old school pizza-making traditions. At the age of thirteen, Patsy Grimaldi went to work in his uncles pizzeria. That pizzeria was the original Patsys in East Harlem, owned by Grimaldis uncle Patsy Lancieri. After years in the family business, Grimaldi and his wife opened their own pizza place at 19 Old Fulton Street. They also called it Patsys Pizzeria, but eventually had to change it to Grimaldis.

Grimaldis was frequented by locals, tourists, and even movie stars. In 1998, the couple sold the restaurant to Frank Ciolli. Ciolli turned Grimaldis into a national chain and eventually moved the original restaurant into a three-floor dining space in a former bank building at 1 Front Street. Following the sale, Patsy Grimaldi went into retirement, though he frequently checked in to make sure the new owners were making pizza the way he taught them to. After two decades away from the pizza oven, he could no longer resist the urge to be back in the business. In 2012, at the age of 81, Grimaldi and his wife Carol opened Juliannas at 19 Old Fulton Street, the site of the original Patsys Pizzeria/Grimaldis restaurant. The pies at both establishments are thin-crust and made in coal-fired ovens. The oven at Juliannas is the first coal-powered oven commissioned in New York in over fifty years.

Tips For Visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park

To be even more prepared for your visit, heres some great tips to know before visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park:

  • Different areas of the park open and close at different times, but the majority of it is open from 6 a.m.-1 a.m.
  • The park is free to enter.
  • Restrooms are located at Pier 6, Pier 5 Uplands, Pier 2, in 99 Plymouth and in the Empire Stores shopping center.
  • There is parking nearby, but its very limited. There are some metered parking spaces in a public parking lot on Furman Street near Pier 2. Near Pier 6 and Pier 1, there are two other paid parking lots.

For more helpful information, take a look at the park rules and regulations.

A Brief History Of Dumbo

There are a myriad of very unique and interesting things to do in DUMBO, Brooklyn, in any season but summer is my favourite time to spend here relaxing at Pebble Beach or under the Manhattan Bridge. DUMBO is a hip, historic and scenic waterfront neighbourhood Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass directly across from the South Street Seaport area of downtown Manhattan.

DUMBOs very interesting history within the New York and general American history is well known to historians from Dutch colonial days, the turn of the British, the great stain that is American chattel slavery, abolition, the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars and up till present day.

DUMBO sign in Empire Stores

DUMBO is so-called because the Brooklyn shore, stretching from DUMBO to Red Hook, was lined with row after row of imposing warehouses, each one housing global commodities of the day like saltpetre, coffee, sugar, cotton, hides and more. Many of the former warehouses are still present in DUMBO today in the form of stores, luxury loft apartments, hotels and commercial properties which are not cheap at all.

During the mid-19th century, Brooklyns shoreline saw cargo ships docking from commodity-rich ports across the globe, bringing with them foreign goods and in turn returning home with American commodities like cotton and tobacco.

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South Street Seaport Piers

My parents would take me to the South Street Seaport when I was a kid, but its been wildly transformed since then. Now, its a wonderful free place to roam around, with federalist architecture and cobblestone streets in the pedestrian-friendly areas that lead up to the Pier 15, East River Esplanade. Pier 15 is one of the most unique and free things to do in this area, as its a dual-layer public pier with a second-story grassy area where you can sunbathe or have a picnic.

The 6 Best Things To Do In Dumbo Brooklyn

Top Things to Do in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Dumbo, short for down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, is one of the hippest and most exciting neighborhoods in NYC right now. Its an area full of brownstones, a gorgeous riverfront park, boutique hotels, art galleries, restaurants, and shops. Plus, the views of Manhattan from Dumbo, at the foot of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, are incomparable.

All of this makes it even harder to believe that Dumbo used to be both a ferry landing and a warehouse district and was far from exciting. If you had told a New Yorker ten years ago that Dumbo was a neighborhood that would undergo such an extreme transformation, they might not have believed you.

A day in Dumbo is a great day out, and we have the low-down on what to see and where to go.

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Brooklyn Itinerary Early Morning Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

Start your day in Brooklyn by crossing the famous Brooklyn Bridge, which connects lower Manhattan with Dumbo. You can cross it , and whatever you do, as long as youre fit enough, dont skip it. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the three Bridges that connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. This iconic New York landmark has been designated a National Historic Landmark and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. It took many years to build this architectural wonder. After many delays and tragedies , the Brooklyn Bridge was open in 1883. At the time, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. What makes the Brooklyn Bridge such an iconic NYC landmark is the Gothic towers with their impressive double arches and the crisscrossing of its steel cables.

You can choose to cross Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn or vice versa . We decided to do it first thing in the morning, and we stopped from time to time and turned around to see the Manhattan skyline. It should take you about 35-45 minutes to cross it at a leisurely pace with some stops for pictures. Another fun way to do it is to cross the bridge with a bike.

An excellent option to cross Brooklyn Bridge by foot or by bike while learning more about its history is taking a guided tour. These tours usually also offer some sight-seeing in DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, or Lower Manhattan.

Central Park & Bethesda Terrace

It wont surprise you that Central Park is first on my list of free things to do in NYC! This huge park that reaches from 57th to 110th Streets is one of the most famous parks in the WORLD, and for free, you can roam from Sheeps Meadow to Harlem Meer, stopping in Conservatory Garden, the Reservoir, the Bethesda Fountain at Bethesda Terrace and Belvedere Castle.

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Things To Do In Dumbo Brooklyn: St Anns Warehouse

Serving as the artistic home for several international companies, the St. Anns Warehouse is a vital part of DUMBOs artistic and performing arts community as well as a key player in the global cultural landscape. As one of the most sought after theatres on the East Coast, the St. Anns Warehouse offers a signature versatility to promote unfettered creativity as well as unparalleled grandeur to shows that are held in it. Originally a Tobacco Warehouse, the building was built in 1860 and still retains the charm of its original brick exterior. Apart from theatre productions, the St. Anns Warehouse is also home to smaller-scale and community events. The Max Family Garden, which was designed by the famed Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, is also open to visitors of the Brooklyn Bridge Park along with the Bar Jolie in the lobby.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, 45 Water Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York, Phone: 718-254-8779

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One Girl Cookies Dumbo Brooklyn

DUMBO, Brooklyn- 12 BEST Things To Do (NYC Travel Guide) !

Searching for a place to kick back and relax over breakfast and a great cup of coffee? Head over to One Girl Cookies to sample delicious treats and a wide array of coffee based beverages. Those visiting later in the day can also dig into some savory snacks while evening visitors can unwind after work with some great wine or ice cold beers. One Girl Cookies DUMBO location is situated in a hip neighborhood with a great clientele of friendly locals. If you dont have the time to sit and hang out for a while, grab one of their fantastic treats to go and enjoy it as you explore the surrounding area by foot.

33 Main Street corner Water Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 212-675-4996

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The 10 Most Historic Hotels In New York City

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Admire The Artwork At Air Gallery

An artist-run space that exhibits works of women artists, A.I.R Gallery or Artists In Residence is more than just a collection of rooms and artwork. Since they founded the gallery in 1972, the people behind it have actively promoted womenâs perspectives through art platforms as necessary, compelling, and important undertakings. The gallery features the work of 22 New York artists actively curating and installing their own exhibitions. They are given free rein and license over their creations. As an alternative to mainstream institutions, AIR is also vocal against racism in America and supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

A.I.R Gallery

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Brooklyn Bridge Fun Facts

  • John Roebling was the chief engineer for the bridge and died from lockjaw a month after surveying the site. Blimey! His son, Washington, took over his position.
  • To make way, Brooklyns first African-American neighbourhood and George Washingtons Presidential mansion were demolished.
  • Emily Roebling, Washington Roeblings wife, was the first person to cross the finished bridge as she oversaw the bridges completion upon her husbands accidental death. What a woman and what a feat for those times!!!
  • Completion of the Brooklyn Bridge was May 24, 1883.
  • There have been spooky sightings over the century from floating dogs to an alien abduction!
  • Over 4,000 people walk the bridge daily and today, you can even bike across to and from Manhattan.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge on a summers day!

Reach Brooklyn Bridge Via:

Where to Go and What to Do in DUMBO, Brooklyn
  • NYC ferry from Wall St./Pier 11 to DUMBO. Walk down Washington Street till you get underneath Brooklyn Bridge and walk up the stairs beneath. Just follow the bridge span and the horde of tourists and you wont be lost. Trust me.
  • From Manhattan, take the F downtown to York Street and walk down York to where it intersects with Washington Street under the bridge. Again, you cannot miss it.
  • From Manhattan, take the A or C downtown to High Street. Enter the carriage in front so that you exit up the stairs to your right and follow arrows to Brooklyn Bridge stairs. Again, you cannot miss it as youll see the iconic span once you emerge from the subway.

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Rock Climb At The Cliffs

If you are looking for a bit of a thrill, head to The Cliffs at DUMBO for an outdoor bouldering experience. Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that is done with no ropes and no partner. It sounds scary, but the climbing walls are only about fourteen to sixteen feet high, and the ground is cushioned in case you fall. You can choose a course based on your experience level . The Cliffs are open seasonally and will close for the winter on November 1st, 2020.

Blanc Et Rouge Dumbo Brooklyn

If you consider yourself to be something akin to a drink savant, or if you simply like to enjoy a good drink or two, then youre definitely going to enjoy a night at Blanc et Rouge. Blanc et Rouge is a specialty wine and spirits boutique in the DUMBO neighborhood that was founded in 2000. While Blanc et Rouge certainly has a wide array of wines and spirits available to its patrons, theres no denying that its specialty is in its wines. Apart from offering wines from various regions and price ranges for every occasion, Blanc et Rouge also hosts a number of wine and spirit related events such as wine tastings, cocktail hours and food and wine pairing classes.

81 Washington Street DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-858-9463

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Walk Across The Williamsburg Bridge

Definitely popular, but not on every tourists bucket list is a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge. The pedestrian walkway is easily accessible from Delancey Street in the Lower East Side, and youll be walking by runners, bikers, groups of friends, commuters, the whole thing. Walking on this bridge is 100% free and it will take you from Manhattan to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and back.

#things To Do In Dumbo: Brooklyn Bridge Park/pier 1

Things to do in NYC – DUMBO #2 | Antonnette

There is an educational spot for school-age children that contains an Environmental Education Centre with nature events. There are restrooms here so you dont have to burst a bladder plus it is cool under the bridge in summer among the foliage.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Educational Centre

Do you know there is a climbing wall at DUMBO??

Ive done some wall climbing at Governors Island and it was much higher than this so I know I can crush this. I just need to get my cardio and core on good terms and were good to go! Lol.

The Cliffs at DUMBO

Along the waterfront by The Cliffs, the views are lovely and ambience is quiet and secluded. As you walk along the shore towards Pier 1, you see Pebble Beach below and closer views of downtown Manhattan. Pictures dont do it justice so you just have to see it to experience it.

Here, there is for kids of all ages , lots of eating and shopping to do at Empire Outlets and more exploring along Water Street, Old Dock Road, and Plymouth Street.

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Catch A Classical Music Show At Bargemusic

A 100-foot-long former coffee barge is an unlikely setting for classical music. But at Bargemusic, its all a part of the experience. Moored at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, the floating concert hall offers some 200 performances of chamber music annually, with views of the East River and beyond. This summer, bring the family to Music in Motion every Saturday at 4 pm. Along with a one-hour performance, the event also involves a post-show Q& A with the musicians.

Shopping In Dumbo Brooklyn

Like we mentioned before, the neighborhood itself is not that big compared to other areas in NYC. For its size, however, theres a lot of options when it comes to shopping. Theres a lot of things to do in DUMBO and shopping in this Brooklyn neighborhood is one of them. Here are a few of our favorite spots.

The Front General Store is a very unique vintage store as they source pieces from all over the world, mainly from Europe and Japan. Youll have a versatile set of choices from shoes, clothing to accessories, everything is here. Its a small cramped shop, but the cozy atmosphere keeps you around.

Scotch and Soda is probably the only mainstream store in the area, for now. Located at 76 Front Street, Scotch and Soda in DUMBO offer stylish apparel for men and women. Its a fashionable brand that is popular in Europe as well.

Jacques Torres Chocolate and Ice Cream is a popular shop in DUMBO. As a matter of fact, Chef Jacques Torres is nicknamed Mr. Chocolate. Hes a big deal within the food industry. If you want to get someone a gift or you just want to have your fix, we recommend visiting this store. Its located at 66 Water Street in DUMBO.

A very special shop with an integrated café is the West Elm Market . Here, you will find souvenirs, creative decorations and houseware from Brooklyn.

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