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Things To Do In Diani Beach

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Top 10 Things To Do In Diani, Kenya – DIANI TRAVEL GUIDE
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  • From Nairobi To Diani By Train And Uber

    One of the most scenic and affordable ways to get from Nairobi to Diani Beach is to take the express train from Nairobi Railway Station and get on one of the 2 daily trains either at 3 PM or 10 PM bound for Mombasa.

    The train journey will cost around 1,000 KES per person and should take about 5 hours before you arrive at Mombasa Railway Station.

    The train will take you through national parks where you might be able to see some wildlife along the way so be sure to take the 3 PM train if you want to spot some animals.

    From the train station, you can then take either an Uber or Bolt , a cheaper alternative, and arrange a taxi to take you to Diani Beach which is another 33 km away.

    An Uber/Bolt ride from Mombasa to Diani should cost around 2,000 KES and the journey should take about 2 hours. Due to how the city and its commercial ports are set up, the Uber will have to take a ferry to travel south but you do not have to worry about it.

    Since the ferry service is free, you won’t have to pay extra. You don’t even have to do anything. You can just sit in the car and wait for the ferry to arrive on the other side and you will be on your way.

    The speed of the ferry service will depend on the amount of traffic they are dealing with at the time. You can be waiting from 10 minutes up to an hour depending on the time you are there at. There shouldn’t be much traffic at 8 PM when you arrive in Mombasa via a 3 PM train so no need to worry about it.

    Visit Bora Bora Wildlife Park

    Its okay to visualize water-based activities when someone mentions the beach. But here in Diani, theres more to that. Situated along Diani Beach Road, this wildlife paradise allows adventurers to get up close with some of Kenyas most renowned animals. Nature lovers can feed the giraffes under the close watch of experienced guides. After hours of animal watching, adventurers can dine at the on-site café as they watch gorgeous butterflies fly around.

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    Getting Around Diani Beach

    Diani has plenty of TukTuks, Motorbikes and taxis. Besides that, you can also self-drive or ride by hiring bikes and cars rentals from the shopping Center.

    There are at least a hundred taxis around Diani Beach that are easily accessible. Using a taxi around Diani is much the same as in other places. The easiest places to find taxis are Barclays Shopping center, Bazaar, Petro, Diani Shopping centre, Ushago and the area around Nomad Hotel. Taxis along Diani Beach are very clean and most in excellent condition. The drivers are very friendly, helpful, honest, and knowledgeable about the area.

    Mombasa Old Town And Fort Jesus

    Fun Things To Do in Diani Beach, Kenya (+ Four Incredible Day Trips)

    At first glance, Mombasa is a stinking hot, sprawling city that is best avoided, but scratch the surface and youll find ancient delights and heaps of shopping bargains.

    Head onto Mombasa Island and spend the day visiting the 14th Century Fort Jesus and shopping for souvenirs in the rambling, antique-filled streets of Mombasa Old Town. Read my blog on things to do in Mombasa. Mombasa has some fabulous restaurants. I particularly recommend Tamarind.

    Get there via car or taxi the journey is approximately 90 minutes

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    Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa

    This is a beachfront property with very spacious rooms. Its also very close to Dianis main center making it very accessible to all tourist attractions and activities. Diani Reefs chef is a man after my heart. On most days, I barely clear my plate but this wasnt the case. My friend wrote a piece about our stay here

    If you choose full board accommodation, youll get a deliciously varied buffet while lunch and dinner are from their A la carte menu, which has equally delicious options.

    Visit The Kaya Kinondo Forest

    The Kaya Kinondo is a sacred forest of the Digo people and a welcome change of scenery during your Diani Beach Safari. Kayas are sacred forests found in Coastal Kenya, mostly in Malindi, Kwale and Kilifi districts. Kaya Kinondo, located in Diani Beach is the senior most Kaya of the Digo people and the only one that allows visitors.

    A visit to Kaya Kinondo forest is a good opportunity to learn more about the Digo people, their culture, and beliefs that abound to date, especially in relation to their sacred forests. The Digo and in extension the Mijikenda people relied on the forest for economic uses such as making bark cloth from its trees, medicines from the various plants and for spiritual reasons such as communing with their ancestors. Currently, the Kaya Kinondo Ecotourism Project works to promote conservation of the forest and social, economic growth of the people.

    The forest is also home to 187 mostly indigenous plant species, 42 rare bird species, different butterfly species, the rare Zanj elephant shrew and the endangered black and white Angolan colobus monkeys. The tour is always done by a guide or an elder and to preserve the sanctity of the place guests are requested to dress modestly, wrap a traditional cloth called kaniki on their waists before entering the forest and carry any litter with them among other rules.

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    Best Places To Visit In Diani Beach Kenya

    Explore the majestic Diani Beach and its activities and the local sightseeing places on and around the beach!

    Bordered by the stunning Indian Ocean, delicate white sands, lavish greenery, and the shining emerald blue that emerges from crystal-clear waters, Diani is Kenyas ideal spot to move away from the stress of regular daily life.

    Visit Star Fish Island

    THINGS TO DO IN DIANI//Glass boat riding//walk in the beach//Robinson Island

    This island is in Tiwi which is about 30 minutes from Diani.Usually, with a group of friends, you can rent a car then drive yourselves. However, if renting is not an option, then you can always go solo with a local tour operator. This local operator price usually depends on the number of people.If you choose to go independently, use a tuktuk from Tiwi Stage to get to Tiwi Beach which will lead you to Maweni Beach cottages. From there you can hire a boat to get to the Starfish Island.Boat fees Kshs 1500Guide- Kshs 1000

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    Swim In The Map Of Africa Pool Tiwi

    You might not see it from this picture but this pool is actually shaped like the map of Africa. You have to be extra careful when swimming in the pool because of the sea urchins. Its free to access the pool but you will need means of transportation. Youll also need a guide to show you where the pool is.Guide fees: 500 per person per person.

    Popular Attractions In Diani Beach

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    How To Get Around Diani Beach

    The easiest way to get around Diani Beach is with a tuk-tuk or an Uber. If youve got a local sim card, you can request a ride as soon as you land at the Ukunda Airstrip.

    Otherwise, you can take a normal metered taxi to your hotel.

    For short trips around town, flagging down a tuk-tuk driver is your best bet. You will need to haggle the driver down to a fair price. Id suggest asking the hotel staff and other travellers whats a good price so you dont get ripped off.

    I paid on average 50 KES to get to most places.

    Shop At Shopping Centers

    Fun Things To Do in Diani Beach, Kenya (+ Four Incredible Day Trips)

    A post shared by CASUAL ANKARA

    Along Diani Beach are shopping centers where travelers can buy souvenirs. The local artifacts are designed to suit the needs of different vacationers. Whether handmade bags, necklaces, sarongs, or beaded jewelry, every tourist will have something to remind them of this magnificent destination. The locals are friendly, helping guests understand more about Kenyan communities.

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    Explore The Fort Jesus

    Conclude your Diani Beach tour by taking a trip around the famous Fort Jesus that is just a few minutes drive from Diani beach.

    Fort Jesus is an old tourist attraction built in 1593 by Portuguese King Philip 1 and Spanish King Philip II. In 2012, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage.

    This was due to its uniqueness and good condition compared to many other historic sites that date back to the 16thcentury.

    Mombasa Diani Beach gives you many more opportunities to enjoy your holiday. It is up to you to select what suits you best. This is the destination for holidaymakers who want to create unforgettable memories.

    Relax At The Spas In Diani

    Diani Kenya is the home to award-winning spas that offer a relaxing spa and massage. Some also provide henna paintings, the traditional way of enhancing beauty in women among the locals. We recommend a stay

    A perfect example of a world-class spa at Diani Beach is the Uzuri SPA Diani

    Uzuri Spa and Fitness is located at the Leopard Beach resort. Just like its name suggests, uzuri , this spa is a sanctuary for people who want to enjoy tranquillity and experience body, mind and soul rejuvenation at its best.

    This luxurious spa offers treatments with both European and African products to suit both men and women.

    Some of the packages provided at Uzuri Spa Diani include anti-aging, treatments, body wraps, waxing, manicure, pedicure, and hydrotherapy. The spa is spacious with different treatment rooms for privacy.

    Other facilities at the spa include the Afya Gym- a state-of-the-art workout facility that is well equipped with treadmills, weight, and barbells, and much more equipment.

    If you need a break from the ordinary salty water, you can unwind on their steam bath, sauna, and outdoor Jacuzzi. There is also a health bar, which is close to the pool and offers different fresh juices, healthy salads, light meals, and smoothies.

    Uzuri Spa has an aerobics and yoga pavilion, as part of their workout department.

    Contact them through their telephone line: 0724255280 or visit their website:

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    The Sands At Nomad Hotel

    After working up an appetite paddleboarding, one of my friends recommended The Sands Restaurant at Nomad Hotel. Its set right on the beach and is a fantastic spot for sundowners.

    I highly recommend trying their vegetarian curry! The restaurant also boasts a robust cocktail menu, and you cant go wrong with one of their mojitos or Dawa cocktails.

    Woohoo! You made it all the way to the end? Are you frothing to see some bushbabies and whale sharks yet? Did I miss out any of the best things to do in Diani Beach? Let me know in the comments below!

    PsstWant more Africa travel inspiration? Check out my other posts:

    Explore Kaya Kinodo Sacred Forest


    A post shared by Diogo Tavares

    For history lovers who want to experience what life was like hundreds of years ago among the Digo people, this spot is a must-visit. The forest became a national monument in 1993 after several pleas from the elders. There has been minimal destruction since it became a worldwide attraction. And according to beliefs, the spirits of the ancestors would attack anyone fetching firewood, hunting, or interfering with nature. While its open to visitors, its a sacred place where locals facilitate dialogues with their ancestors during challenging times.

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    The Best Things To Do In Diani Beach

    Attractions in Diani Beach

    Visit the Beach Itself

    From sky diving to sea diving, deep sea fishing to kite and wind surfing, Diani has it all in a way few destinations can match in Africa.

    Besides the beachfront, Dianis ocean line stretches to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park which is endowed with a rich aqua life so much so the dolphins accompany you for a swim sensually flaunting their moves as though in a bid to seduce you.

    Explore the Kongo Mosque

    Borrowing a name from the surrounding forest, Kongo Mosque is an ancient structure rich in history now turned tourist attraction.

    Previously known as Diani Persian Mosque, a name coined by the Arab Merchants who occupied the area then, Kongo Mosque is today more than a worship centre.

    Visit the Shimoni Slave Caves

    Shimoni is a Swahili word which means the place of the cave. These Shimoni caves have a fascinating history going back many centuries.

    The age of the caves is evident with the huge stalactites and stalagmites inside that complete the horror feel. Shimonis history revolves a lot around the cave.

    Eco Bike Rides

    Get lost into the interiors of Diani Beach and marvel at her beauty. Diani eco bike rides are designed to give you a unique tour of Diani Beach and her environs. What better way to tour than cycling along the beach, through the villages and even to the revered Kaya Kinondo forest. This memorable tour is arranged by Diani Bikes who pride themselves as having the most modern bikes.

    Discover Kaya Kinondo Forest

    Popular Restaurants In Diani Beach

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    Scuba Diving Snorkeling And Boat Trips In Diani Beach

    To explore the richness and diversity of marine life at Diani Beach, you can go on boat trips, snorkeling or do scuba diving.

    These are not only some of the most fun activities in Diani, but also they provide a forum to interact closely with marine life.

    Imagine an encounter with the whale shark? Swimming in the same waters with a turtle community? This experience will scare your wits out. But trust me, with professionals like diving the crab, there is nothing to worry about.

    Diving the crab is a diving club that offers scuba diving lessons and other sea sports packages. The club is a conglomerate of experts who will guide you in snorkeling, scuba lessons, lagoon kayaking, and windsurfing.

    Scuba Diving in Diani Beach.

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    Fun Things To Do in Diani Beach, Kenya (+ Four Incredible Day Trips)

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    Shopping In Diani Beach

    Food and drink: Heading to the supermarket may not top your list of things to do in Diani, but we all gotta eat. Carrefour and Chandarana are the best places to shop for food and drink in Diani. Both supermarkets are big name brands in Kenya and stock many familiar brands from abroad.

    Souveniers: Visit the Bombolulu Workshop at Diani Beach Shopping Centre. The cultural centre is a programme of the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya, and all profits go to help the charity.

    Kazuri Beads sells handmade beads that are made into jewellery. You can pick up baskets, clothes, jewellery and crafts at the stalls along Diani Beach Road.

    Clothes: Bikinis, swimming costumes, sarongs, dresses and shirts can be found at the boutique shops at Sands at Nomads and Kenyaways. Check out the stalls along Diani Beach road which sell kaftans, trousers, t-shirts and kikoys at cheap prices. There are similar stalls along the beach the biggest is outside Nomads.

    Pharmacies: The best are at Diani Beach Shopping Centre or Goodlife Pharmacy next to Carrefour.

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