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Things To Do In Covington Ky This Weekend

St Marys Cathedral Basilica Of The Assumption

Urban getaway in Covington, KY

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Reviewed By MsEditor2 Cincinnati, United States

We recently moved to the area and had seen this beautiful church which reminded me of Notre Dame. We stopped on a Monday morning to walk through. While it isnt on the size scale of most Western European churches Ive visited, it is equally impressive, especially the stained glass windows. We were surprised at what a phenomenally beautiful cathedral, which reminded us of Europe, could be found in Covington. It is indeed a treasure. The marble along with the intricate mosaics from Germany pair well with the Venetian glass and make this a must see if you are in Northern Kentucky.

Things To Do During Holiday In Covington Kentucky

There are lots of brilliant things to do in Covington, Kentucky during the kids school summer holidays. Whether youve got little ones or teenagers to keep entertained, weve rounded up summer holiday activities for all ages to enjoy below.

And when we say weve rounded up things for kids, we mean kids of all ages weve got suggestions for babies, toddlers, tweens and teenagers our suggestions aim to keep the whole family entertained.

Plan Your Trip To Covington

Covington has all you need for a perfect vacation alone or with your travel companions.

The city has a lot to offer, including fun parks, museums, restaurants, breweries, tour guides, bars, theaters, lakes, religious centers, and more.

Covington has to be your next destination, donât miss out on the fun adventures and many other exciting activities here.

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Watch A Show At Madison Theater Covington Kentucky

The legendary Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky is the place to watch live entertainment in the city.

The classic theater is located on Madison Avenue in Covingtons central business district. Covingtons Madison Theater features three performance stages and promotes regional acts and superstars alike. Blake Shelton, The Black Crowes and Snoop Dog have all performed at The Madison in Covington!

For upcoming performances, check The Madison Covington, Kentucky Website.

Twin Oaks Golf & Magnolia Room

The Gruff. Covington, Kentucky.

Golfing is so fun when you golf with friends at one of the best golfing facilities in Covington, add golfing at Twin Oaks Golf & Magnolia Room to your Covington to-do list.

Twin Oaks Golf & Magnolia Room caters to all your golfing needs, and it is open to everyone, including novices and advanced golfers.

The golf facility was established in 1927, featuring Bentgrass greens and Bermuda grass fairways with tall trees scattered throughout the property.

Twin Oaks Golf & Magnolia Room offers visitors a chance to test their golfing skills with plenty of sand and water.

There is a full-service pro shop and bar & grill with a veranda that can accommodate one hundred persons

Twin Oaks Golf & Magnolia Room has a banquet room with a seating capacity of two hundred and sixty people, perfect for events, including weddings.

Address: 450 E 43rd St, Covington, KY 41015, United States

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Take In The Views Of John A Roebling Suspension Bridge

One of the first structures that will catch your eye while at Devou Park would be the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge.

This architectural wonder crosses the Ohio River and connects Covington to Cincinnati, and by extension, Kentucky to Ohio.

It has been around since 1866 and once was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

With its massive concrete towers and light blue trusses and wires, this engineering marvel offers the nicest riverside views on either side of the river.

Aside from car lanes, the bridge has paths for pedestrians that you can visit to see the Ohio river from another angle.

But the best way to appreciate the beauty of this destination is by staying at the many restaurants and parks along the banks.

You can dine or relax under beautiful spots and appreciate the views of the bridge, especially at night when its lights reflect from the shimmering surface of the Ohio River.

Where Is Covington Kentucky

Covington, KY is located in Northern Kentucky at the confluence of the Ohio and Licking Rivers. You can use our Covington, KY map at the end of this article to help get your bearings.

How Far is Covington, Kentucky from Cincinnati, Ohio?

Cincinnati is directly north of Covington across the Ohio River. Visitors can drive, take a bus or walk across a bridge to reach Cincinnati from Covington.

How Far is Covington, Kentucky from Lexington, Kentucky?

Lexington is almost directly south of Covington. The distance between downtown Covington, KY and Lexington is approximately 80 miles. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive between the two cities.

How Far is Covington, KY from Louisville, KY?

Louisville sits about 100 miles southwest of Covington. Driving between the two cities takes roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes. Be sure to check out all of our recommended Things To Do In Louisville as well!

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How To Get To Covington Kentucky

Covington can be reached by plane or car. While we typically like to fly , for our stay in Covington, we drove a car from Columbus, Ohio.

Covington, Kentucky Airport

The airport in Covington, KY is officially called the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport . If you are flying to Covington, use our tips for getting the best flights and rates!

How To Get from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl Airport to the City?

The distance from the Covington airport to the city center is about 12 miles and it will take about 25 minutes to make the drive.

Travelers can rent a car , take a taxi or an Uber or use public transport to make the trip from CVG airport to Covington.

Best Things To Do In Covington Ky

This Week in Cincinnati: Growth in Covington, Kentucky

Sitting on the confluence of Licking and Ohio River is a vibrant and charming city: Covington, Kentucky.

It’s brimming with historical places, a storied past, as well as natural attractions that all come together to create a wonderful place for the whole family.

And while it may seem like an urbanized town sitting next to the metropolis of Cincinnati, it maintains a laid-back charm that makes it the perfect escape from bustling city lives.

It might fall under the radar of travelers because Cincinnati is much bigger and brighter, but if you are curious enough, you’d be surprised by the wonders hidden in this city.

From very old churches to panoramic parks, from art galleries to historic villages, there’s something for everyone here.

So for your next weekend getaway, why not make this place your top choice?

Here are the 15 best things to do in Covington, KY:

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Gaze Up At The Glockenspiel In Goebel Park

Situated on the west end of the 6th Street Promenade, Goebel Park is a small green space with a playground for kids. The park is also home to one of the top Covington, KY attractions: a 100-foot-tall clock tower.

The traditional German glockenspiel officially called the Carroll Chimes Bell Tower features 43 bells, which chime on the hour. Additionally, from April through October, the clock towers mechanical figures emerge onto the balcony to act out the short story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin when the bells ring.

What To Do In Covington

Stroll through Mainstrasse Village

There are many German influences on northern Kentucky. The area around Main St is referred to as Mainstrasse Village, which is actually on the National Register of Historic Places. Its filled with local restaurants, bars, coffee shops and boutiques. We strolled up and down before having brunch. I could have definitely filled an afternoon shopping and stopping at coffee shops/bakeries/bars. Theres even a food tour you can take.

Second Sight Distillery

Second Sight is certainly not your typical distillery experience. If you are looking for the traditional Kentucky distillery out in the country on a lot of land with rooted history, I would skip this one. But if youre interested in the story of local entrepreneurs building a still from scratch, you should check it out! Second Sight is run by Rick Couch and Carus Waggoner, who have an interesting past of Las Vegas show set building that somehow ended them up building a still out of bartered parts and Craigslist finds. The tour is more of a presentation where you learn their story with a tasting. Second Sight makes whiskey, vodka, rum and moonshine. There is a also a bar and coffeeshop attached.

The B-Line is Northern Kentuckys bourbon trail. There are distilleries, bars and restaurants to visit and a passport you can fill out.


Bakers Table

Lils Bagels

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Free And Cheap Things To Do In Covington Kentucky

At first glance, Covington, Kentucky can be a wallet-destroying city to spend time in but it doesnt have to be that way. Looking to explore the city without the expense? This insiders guide walks you through 30 awesome and totally free things to do in Covington, Kentucky.

in Covington, Kentucky,

One of the best things to do in Covington, Kentucky is visit all those spots in the movies that bring magic into your heart. Notting Hill for example! Most of them are completely free for viewing and can be added to your free things to do in Covington, Kentucky bucket list!

Of course, there are many amazing things to do that do come at a cost here in Covington, Kentucky , but this city can still be fully enjoyed on a budget as some of the best places to visit in Covington, Kentucky and the best things to do in Covington, Kentucky can be done really cheaply, if not for free! Like this iconic walk around Covington, Kentucky for example.

Theres no doubt that Covington, Kentucky is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit hence why this free things to do in Covington, Kentucky guide is going to be your ally when you visit Covington, Kentucky.

Play With The Kitties At The Purrfect Day Cat Cafe

Pin on Day in the Life

If you love cats, then you will definitely want to put Purrfect Day Cat Cafe on your Things To Do: Covington, KY list!

At Purrfect Day Cat Cafe, visitors can mix, mingle, cuddle and play with adorable kittens all of which are up for adoption.

In addition to the Kitty Lounge Experience , guests can book unique experiences like Story Time, Art Classes and Yoga with Kittens.

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Drink A Local Covington Libation

One of the fun things to do in Covington, KY is to get a taste of the local flavors and by that we mean beer and bourbon. While the city has no shortage of bars, there are two exceptionally cool places to have a drink: a brewery and a rare bourbon bottle shop.

Beer at Braxton Brewing

Widely regarded as one of the best brewers in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Region, Braxton Brewing Company calls Covington its home.

Brewing right in the heart of downtown Covington, the Braxton facility features a spacious tap room and a rooftop lounge where patrons can sample brews straight from the source.

Bourbon at Revival Vintage Bottle Shop

A little shop tucked away just off Madison Street, Revival Vintage Bottle Shop is a tasting room offering bourbon flights and vintage spirits for sale.

Welcoming curious beginners and expert sippers, the friendly and unpretentious staff helpfully guide customers to find exactly what it is they are looking for.

Use our list of the Best Bars in Covington, KY for more places to imbibe!

Learn Covington Kentucky History

Covington has a rich history and proudly celebrates its past. Within the city there are nearly 50 properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visitors can learn about many of Covingtons historic places, people and events via the informational plaques that dot the city.

Use this map to find some of the citys most prominent historical places.

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Where To Stay In Covington: Hotel Covington

Hotel Covington is a newer hotel that was originally a department store. It has a cool boutique vibe. The lobby is beautiful facing a giant bar and bourbon barrel display. Design elements include original pieces that were for sale at the department store, down to hats still in hat boxes. The rooms have a unique feel with artwork, fur throws and cool tile floors. I even noticed artwork by local artists and the snacks in the mini bar were local too. We had a corner room with a big comfy king size bed and slept like a baby!

Explore Mainstrasse Covington Kentucky

Anchor Grill Covington, KY

Exploring the quaint Mainstrasse Village is one of the top things to do in Covington! The neighborhood dates to the 19th century when German immigrants settled there and many original buildings still stand today.

Not to be missed in Mainstrasse Village are the 6th Street Promenade and Goose Girl Fountain. Other top attractions in the Mainstrasse District are boutique shops, art galleries, and the ample dining options that line Main Street.

Mainstrasse is designated a National Register Historic District and interesting architecture lines Main Street and beyond. We highly recommend exploring the area on foot and take time to wander through the side streets and into the adjacent Mutter Gottes District, as well!

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Things To Do For Couples In Covington Kentucky

In need of ideas for a date night? Want to woo your significant other with your knowledge of Covington, Kentucky? From quirky activities, interactive themed bars to epic sightseeing opportunities weve summed up the very best, and the unusual things for couples to do in Covington, Kentucky.

Whether youre looking to have a laugh together or simply to relax in each others company, Covington, Kentucky will treat you to a suitable venue whether youre on a shoestring budget or looking to impress by splashing the cash. Check out our guide to the best things to fo for couples in Covington, Kentucky.

In a city as big as Covington, Kentucky, the opportunities for fun dates are pretty much endless. But where do you go when youre struggling for inspiration for date choices? Whether its a first date with someone you meet on an app, a romantic night with a long-term love or a friend date, trying something new is always fun. Weve made a list of slightly quirkier date-night alternatives and if you end up not liking the date idea, at least youre doing it with someone youre really into.

Covington, Kentucky knows how to do date night right. From cosy cocktails in underground speakeasies to strolls along the River Thames, theres a lot to choose from. In search of some date night ideas? Here are 18 romantic things to do in Covington, Kentucky to get you started.

Take In The View From Devou Park

West of the central Covington, Devou Park is a sprawling 700-acre space featuring rolling hills and nature trails.

In fact, one of the top Covington, Kentucky things to do is to drive up to the Memorial Overlook for a panoramic view of Cincinnati, the Ohio River and the city of Covington.

After taking in the view, explore more of the park, like the on-site golf course, the cultural Behringer-Crawford Museum and the amphitheater used for summer entertainment.

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Walk Across The Roebling Bridge

The impressive John A. Roebling Bridge is an iconic landmark that straddles that Ohio River, connecting downtown Covington to downtown Cincinnati.

Walking across the historic bridge is one of the best Covington, KY things to do and an ideal way to get to a Cincinnati sporting event if you are staying in Covington!

Completed in 1867 at which time it ranked as the longest bridge in the world with a span of 1,075 feet the Roebling Bridge served as a prototype for the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Today, the cabled suspension bridge remains the most stunningly beautiful bridge in the region.

Things To Do On Winter In Covington Kentucky

Top 10 Things to Do on a Budget in Cincinnati

Winter in Covington, Kentucky is from December to early March and brings with it colder temperatures of around 5°C. Sometimes it can be colder than this too with frost and even snow. One thing that is normally for sure though is that youll definitely have cloudy grey skies and will be unlikely to be wanting to be outside for too long.

in Covington, Kentucky,

Heres our evergreen guide of what to do in Covington, Kentucky in winter 20 fun activities to help you enjoy the city even in the coldest months, making the most of the festive atmosphere.

If youve decided to visit Covington, Kentucky during the winter months and are hoping to make the most of the city, such as see some of the sights, or enjoy some of the indoor highlights then here are some top ideas. Here are some of the best things to see and do in Covington, Kentucky during the winter.

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Rabbit Hash General Store

Looking for a fun place to add to your shopping run or need to pick up a gift for someone? The Rabbit Hash General Store features antiques, collectible Bybee pottery, handwoven towels, brooms, handmade soaps, wooden kitchen utensils, enamelware, and more. Visit the store to check out their variety of products.

We hope you have a great weekend after trying these seven things to do in Northern Kentucky. If youre in the Hebron area, come visit us!

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