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Things To Do In Cody Wy In July

Visit The Buffalo Bill Dam

Yellowstone National Park & Cody Wyoming… (What to see…)

It was initially called Shoshone Dam back in 1910 and was renamed Buffalo Bill Dam in 1946 to honor William Buffalo Bill Cody. The dam is 325 feet high and was the tallest dam in the world during the time. You can walk along the top of the dam, where youll have breathtaking views of the area, including the Shoshone River and Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

The path towards the dam itself is not without its fair share of sights. If you are coming from Cody, you will get to enter Wyomings longest tunnel along the way: the Shoshone Canyon Tunnel. It has a length of 2.8 miles!

They also have a visitors center where youll learn more about the history of the dam and see some prehistoric artifacts.

Have A Drink At The Chamberlin Inn

The Chamberlin Inn is a beautifully renovated property in the city center. It is family owned and operated and has 21 rooms.

While a hotel isnt your typical attraction, this one has a historical slant and ties to Ernest Hemingway, whose name was found in one of the original guest registrars.

This is a nice place to stop for a cocktail.

Youre also allowed to tour any unoccupied rooms, worth it as theyre all laid out and designed differently.

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Go To The Cody Heritage Museum

This is the newest museum in Cody and has a local emphasis.

It pays tribute to the town and includes memorabilia like old high school yearbooks and pictures of the men in the town who went to war.

Its a small museum but well done with important details.

For instance, the floor is meant to mimic the era being exhibited, from dirt in the early years to concrete in the later years.

Its completely free to enter.

The museum is located just down the street from the Irma Hotel.

Stop By The Cody Dug Up Gun Museum

4th of July in Cody, Wyoming

The Cody Dug Up Gun Museum is exactly what it sounds like a collection of antique guns that were dug up from the ground in and around the area. They are arranged by era from pre-civil war to World War II.

Its a small place on the second floor of a strip mall but packs a lot of historical value.

It is free to enter. The museum is run by donation and theyll ask you to leave what you think is fair at the end.

You can see the whole thing in a half hour and is a quick stop across the street from the Irma Hotel. There are no pictures allowed inside.

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Sleeping Giant Zipline Cody Wyoming

Visitors will find the Sleeping Giant Zipline situated along U.S. Highway 14, just steps from the North Fork Shoshone River in Cody, Wyoming. Located just a few minutes down the road from Yellowstone National Park, this zipline covers 3,520 feet of Wyomings picturesque mountain terrain, making it the largest zipline in the state. The zipline features dual lines for racing, sections of line that range up to 930 feet in length, and vertical drops over 80 feet. Visitors will soar over Shoshone National Forest the nations first national forest, while taking in marvelous views of the surrounding Absaroka Mountains. Its the perfect way to get the adrenaline pumping while enjoying Wyomings breathtaking scenery.

348 North Fork Highway, Cody, WY, Phone: 307-587-3125

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Is There Anything Else You Should Know

Yes! Yellowstone is BIG Thats why you really need a game plan to see Yellowstone.

Seriously, just to drive around one of the two loops in Yellowstone takes hours, and with so many things to see along the way, it can be very difficult to know which things to stop at. If you dont plan it right, you might stop at the wrong sites and skip over the best things to see.

Lucky for you, I created a travel guide to Yellowstone . My travel guides include step-by-step daily itineraries and audio guides. Take the guess work out of what to see in Yellowstone. I will get you to all the must-see sights as well as many others.

Ive been visiting Yellowstone my entire life, so Im incredibly familiar with it.

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Heart Mountain Relocation Center

The Heart Mountain Relocation Center, located between the cities of Powell and Cody, was one of 10 relocation camps built to house people of Japanese descent forcibly relocated from the West Coast of the United States during World War II. Also known as the Heart Mountain World War II Japanese American Confinement Site, the Heart Mountain Relocation Center is one of the few relocation centers with buildings still standing today.

Today, the site is a National Historic Landmark.

Visitors to the site can tour the barracks, hospital, and root cellar. The Interpretive Center features photos, interactive exhibits, and artifacts, so you can try to imagine what life was like for the Japanese and Japanese Americans who were held here. There are also walking trails on site, including a trail to a replica guard tower.

Details: 1539 Road 19, Powell, WY 82435 | Website

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

Cody, Wyoming: The Wild West Town

Within a short driving distance from Cody is theHeart Mountain Interpretive Center, located in Powell at the site of the Heart Mountain Internment Camp that imprisoned 14,000 Japanese Americans during World War II. Housed in a building resembling barracks, the center presents exhibits, artifacts, oral histories, and recreations of living quarters depicting the life of those who persevered behind fences in harsh environmental conditions for three years.

A walking trail leads visitors to the Heart Mountain memorial, dedicated to the brave Japanese soldiers from the camp who lost their lives during the war. The center also has a collection of paintings by Estelle Ishigo, a Caucasian wife of a Japanese American who followed him to the camp. Ishigo captured scenes of everyday life at the internment camp with vivid watercolor drawings.

Address: 1539 Road 19, Powell, Wyoming

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Cody Dug Up Gun Museum Cody Wyoming

Visitors will find Cody Dug Up Gun Museum situated just off of the citys bustling Sheridan Avenue in downtown Cody, Wyoming. With over a thousand weapons and relic guns from different historic locations and time periods on display, visitors will have the opportunity to stroll through history as they explore the museum. These beautiful artifacts have been unearthed in locations that include the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, the California Gold Rush era, and the roaring 1920s. One of Codys newest attractions, the museum has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike since opening its doors in 2009.

1020 12th Street, Cody, WY, Phone: 307-587-3344

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Dan Millers Cowboy Music Revue

This musical review has been a staple of Cody entertainment for 17 years. Dan and his female co-stars offer a lively mix of cowboy music, foot-stomping sing-alongs and fine harmonies six nights a week from Memorial Day through September.

The Sunday night audience when I visited skewed older and some of the jokes might go over kids heads, but there is enough sing-along fun to keep kids entertained.

TravelingMom Tip: Save a little money by buying the dinner and show deal to get the buffet at The Irma, then head next door to see Dans show.

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Buffalo Bills Irma Hotel

The Irma Hotel is famous for being the hotel that was established by Buffalo Bill Cody shortly after he established the town.

He named the hotel after his daughter, Irma.

I recommend staying at The Irma, as it is known. But even if you dont stay here, I highly recommend visiting the hotel and eating in the restaurant.

This was supposedly given to Buffalo Bill by Queen Victoria

Inside the restaurant is an elaborate bar. Legend says Queen Victoria donated this to Buffalo Bill in 1900. This is an accepted fact in Cody, but Im not sure its actually true.

  • Speaking of hotels, if youre planning a trip out west, book your lodging and accommodations in advance. Things tend to fill up quickly. We use and have found great deals.

Buffalo Bills Center Of The West

Cody Tourism: Best of Cody, WY

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, only 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park’s East Gate, is uniquely qualified to tell the stories of the American West in a way that no other museum in the world can. In this authentic western town founded by William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, the Center is surrounded by the majesty of Yellowstone, the history and myths of the Old West, the vibrant life of the New West, and the living cultures of Plains Indian peoplesa perfect place to celebrate the Spirit of the American West. Only the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, with five museums under one roof, brings all these stories together in one place, for one price.

Go To Website

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See The Cody Night Rodeo

What better way to experience the energy of the Wild, Wild West than to see the Cody Night Rodeo? It is the longest-running rodeo and is also the only nightly rodeo worldwide.

While waiting for the actual rodeo , you can have your picture taken on the back of Mongo, a gentle rodeo bull. There is also a mechanical bull to test your rodeo skills! For the kids, there is a calf scrambling activity where the kids get to chase on some calves.

Draper Natural History Museum

This is the place to start when you visit with kids. It tells the story of the ecology and natural history of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Pick up an Adventure Passport and help the kids collect six National Park -style stamps as you work your way through the museums Expedition Trailhead exhibit.

This is the place to see, hear, touch and even smell the four different environments that make up the Yellowstone Ecosystem Alpine, Mountain Forest, Mountain Meadow and Plains/Basin.

If youre planning a visit to Yellowstone National Park, where wolves have been reintroduced and are doing just fine, be sure to visit the Grey Wolf exhibit to see how wolves were nearly hunted to extinction in the lower 48 United States.

When you arrive, ask at the front desk when The Raptor Experience will be presented. Its a daily live lecture about one of the museums injured birds of prey. On the day I visited, we met Monty, a 4 1/2 year old Eastern Screech Owl with an injured wing.

TravelingMom Tip: Be sure to go outside whenever you have a chance. There are cabins to explore, sculptures to see and a playground to play on.

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Cody Wyoming Adventures Cody Wyoming

Cody Wyoming Adventures is a sightseeing tour agency situated along Sheridan Avenue in downtown Cody, Wyoming. The agency offers truly one-of-a-kind tours to visitors that include Five Whitewater River Rafting Adventures on the Shoshone River, Yellowstone Wildlife and Photo Tours, Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tours, and Kirwin Ghost Town Tours. Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth, visitors taking this tour will be treated to a plethora of wildlife on display, spectacular mountain views, and fantastic geothermal phenomenon. The outfitter also provides Surfing in the Rockies water sports rental equipment that includes kayaks, duckies, and paddle boards.

1119 12th Street, Cody, WY, Phone: 307-587-6988

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Go To The Cody Mural And Museum

“Rodeo Living’ – The Big Trip To Cody Wyo

Located at the Cody Chapel, this 360-degree mural details the history of the Mormon church.

The chapel has a rotunda, a domed foyer 36 feet in diameter and 18 feet high, that was built in the hopes of attracting tourists and spreading awareness about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The mural was painted by Edward Grigware.

The story is told as a show, with certain portions of the mural matching up to match the narrator.

There is also a separate museum with some historical artifacts and exhibits. It is free to visit and there are guides on site in case you have questions.

The mural is only open in the summer months, from the second Monday in May through the last Friday of September.

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Best Things To Do In Cody Wyoming: The American Frontier

Looking for the best things to do in Cody, WY? Read on, partner!

Having grown up on the East Coast of the U.S.A., my exposure to frontier life was limited to Oregon Trail and Will Smiths Wild, Wild West .

Needless to say, I was excited to visit Wyoming for the first time. I came to the area for Yellowstone National Park but it was the authentic feel of Cody that made me want to stay for longer.

Previously, Id associated Western with kitschy tourist traps where you see staged shows and don your cowboy boots and hat.

Dont get me wrong, those places definitely exist, but not in Wyoming. Here, Western is a way of life, and theres nothing fake or contrived about it.

The town is named after its founder William Cody, more commonly known as Buffalo Bill.

Without further ado, here are 15 of the best things to do in Cody, WY!

Old Trail Town Cody Wyoming

Old Trail Town is a museum comprised of historic Western artifacts and buildings situated just off of U.S. Highway 14 in Cody, Wyoming. Visitors will take a trip through Old Western history as they explore the museums buildings and artifacts that date between the years of 1879 and 1901. One of the museums biggest attractions is the outlaw cabin that was used by the Sundance Kid and Kid Curry as a hideout near Montanas border. The site of the museum is actually the original area surveyed by Buffalo Bill in 1895 for the location of Cody City. Visitors will also see a cabin used by Butch Cassidy, the grave of John Johnson, and Old Western horse carriages.

1831 Demaris Drive, Cody, WY, Phone: 307-587-5302

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See Dan Millers Cowboy Music Revue

Are you looking for a fun evening activity? I suggest heading to Dan Millers Cowboy Music Review.

While youll find families at the Wild West Spectacular, this is a more mature, enjoyable setting for anyone who doesnt have young children.

The band will entertain you with songs, jokes and tales that will have yo laughing and singing along.

We had people from around the world at the show when we attended and it surpassed all of our expectations.

This is the perfect date night activity.

Try Shooting At The Cody Firearms Experience

4th of July, Cody, Wyoming. Three days of celebration with a very long ...

The Cody Firearms Experience is like a living museum where you can shoot antique guns.

They have a truly unique selection, from a civil war Gatling gun to a Tommy gun. You can spend hours here trying them all out.

I particularly enjoyed the process of loading the gun powder and pellet into the older guns. It makes you appreciate how far our technology has come.

There are other activities on the premises, including ax throwing and an elaborate arcade shooting game.

If youre hesitant about guns and looking for an introduction in a place thats safe and has historical context, I highly recommend giving this establishment a shot.

Guns are part of the local culture here and as a city girl transplanted onto the frontier I was able to see them through a different light.

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Things To Do Evening Entertainment

Cody Nite Rodeo Voted the best outdoor rodeo two of the last six years, the Cody Night Rodeo performs every night June through August, at 8:00 pm. This rodeo holds more PRCA-sanctioned events than any other rodeo in America! Barrel racing, calf roping, bull riding and pageantry.

Cody Nite Rodeo Bus Transportation to and from the Cody Nite Rodeo. Save your gas and dont unhitch your trailer! For just $5 round trip well pick you up and take you to the rodeo. We pick up at locations all around Cody. Visit our site to see our nightly pick up schedule:

Cody Firearms Experience142 West Yellowstone Ave. Choose from different packages that allow you to see, touch and even fire firearms from the past! Ask about our Gatlin Gun!

Cody Cattle Company Western Music Show & Buffet DinnerCody Cattle Company combines foot stomping live entertainment with an all you can eat Chuckwagon buffet for a truly western entertainment experience for the entire family. Cody Trolley Tour guests receive a $2 discount coupon | Trifecta tickets include the Cody Night Rodeo. .

*This is a 2 hour show with a 15 minute intermission. Real fire arms are not used in this production.

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