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Things To Do In Chambersburg

Railroad Museum Of Pennsylvania

Travel Time! Let’s Go to Shippensburg & Chambersburg!

A little over an hour from Harrisburg in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Railroads helped build this nation, and Pennsylvania was a major player in the railroad industry. The Railroad Museum features one of the best collections of railroad artifacts in the entire world, available for your eyes at only $10 a ticket.

Discover and explore more than 100 locomotive and railroad cars, photographs, artifacts and art all part of Pennsylvanias railroading past.

If youre still craving trains after the museum, make a stop at nearby Choo Choo Barn Traintown, USA, where you can observe a 1,700-square-foot miniature animated train display.

Go Biking At The Chambersburg Bike Park

Bring your bike to the Chambersburg Bike Park and test your cycling skills at their wide tracks and bike jumps.

Dont worry if youre a beginner.

The park also accommodates total bike beginners.

However, if youre a veteran biker, youll still find a reasonable challenge here.

Many bikers visit the park every day, honing their skills, inviting you to mingle and make new friends.

Likewise, the park hosts biking events from time to time, so dont miss out on dropping by this Chambersburg attraction.

Experience Exquisite Dining At Bistro 71

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

This weekâs lunch special: Hot dipped chicken sandwich with coleslaw and fries

Posted by Bistro 71 on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

For your next gastronomic escapade in Chambersburg, it is highly recommended to go to Bistro 71. Bistro 71 is a popular dining place and bar in the said town, and it offers an intimate dining experience for every customer. Bistro 71s menu consists of delectable salads, wraps, gourmet seafood and meat dishes, and soups. You can also unwind here with some cocktails made of homemade ingredients.

Bistro 71

Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 11am – 10pm Fri: 11am – 12am Sat: 4pm – 12am

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Enjoy A Night Out At Norland Pub

Dont miss out on getting your drinks on at Norland Pub, one of Chambersburgs best bars. Bring your squad and liven up the night over a few rounds of drinks.

Likewise, pair your drinks with the signature Norland Pubs Beer Cheese and Pub Wings to complete the experience.

Otherwise, you can try their equally delicious pizzas and seafood chowder.

The pubs tasty offerings also make Norland a terrific spot for family-friendly lunches or dinners.

However, the nighttime crowd also brightens up the place, becoming a nice spot to meet the locals.

Things To Do In Chambersburg With Friends

Top 16 Things To Do In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Visiting Chambersburg is always fun but it can also be overwhelming, depending on the group youre with, Chambersburg has everything to offer. If youre in Chambersburg with your crowd, read on, my friend, as this guide will help you pick and choose fun activities to do in Chambersburg.

Chambersburg is a huge city, and so is the number of ways in which you can have fun here. We hope youve found something to your liking, which is highly probable, especially considering how unique and innovative some of the activities listed here are. Have as much fun as you can, and dont forget to like the article

Every year, Chambersburg is blessed with 27 million visitors to show off its many wonders. The city has many activities for you to do to make your day enjoyable. No matter if you are a tourist or a native of Chambersburg , you will find something fun to do in Chambersburg .

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Let Your Kids Play At Cluggys Amusement Center

If your kids get bored by visiting old buildings and houses, treat them to a day out at Cluggys Amusement Center.

Youll enjoy it, too, because the center offers various games and rides there.

For example, you can play mini-golf or mini-bowling, or race your kids on go-karts.

Cluggys also allows bookings for special events, like birthdays.

They will even host the party for you.

Theres a reason Cluggys has become a Chambersburg institution.

For more than 26 years, the place has entertained generations of kids and parents treating them to a good time.

Hidden Things To Do In Chambersburg

Every city has its hidden gems the sweet little off-the-beaten-track spots which youll only discover if youre in the know, and Chambersburg has its fair share of them. It might surprise you to hear that there are even hidden gems in central Chambersburg, concealed by the hustle and bustle of all the major city attractions which distract passers-by from giving these spots the attention they clearly deserve. These lesser-known spots in Chambersburg city centre make for a great self-guided walking tour as they are each located between Mayfair and Tower Bridge. Youll come across secret historical sights, a hidden oasis, epic street art and more seriously Instagrammable spots on this tour around the city centres hidden gems.

Date night is always accompanied by a certain level of suspense and expectation. Whether it be a first date or the 100th, its an opportunity to intimately spend time with another human being. You want to have fun together . So how can you do that in Chambersburg? Chambersburg has a certain romantic charm that makes it a wonderful host for couples on a date night. The city is a cultural centre rich in museums, shows and events, and there is an electrifying energy in places like Shoreditch and Soho at night. There are just so many things to do in Chambersburg.

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Bring The Kids To Cluggys Amusement Center

Editors Note: Photo taken from the establishments official social account

Super Bikes 3 is our newest arcade addition. Come try it out!

Posted by Cluggys Amusement Center on Monday, December 16, 2019

For over 26 years, Cluggys Amusement Center has been a favorite play and recreational area in Chambersburg. Kids and kids at heart are all welcome at this fun-filled amusement center. Here, you can enjoy mini-golf, go-karts, mini-bowling, and other indoor and outdoor activities. If youre looking for a place where you can hold your special event, Cluggys can host it for you. Just book a reservation online by heading to their website.

Cluggys Amusement Center

Opening hours: Sun Thu: 12pm 9pm Fri Sat: 11am 10pm

Grab Fresh Produce At Jims Farmers Market

Visiting Chambersburg Pennsylvania

Just because youre on vacation doesnt mean you can skip out on eating healthy meals.

Dont rely on take-out all the time and prepare your own food by grabbing fresh ingredients at Jims Farmers Market in Chambersburg.

For over 30 years, this market has supplied Chambersburg and Cumberland Valley with only the freshest meats and produce.

They also sell baked goods, organic ingredients, and meals.

They even sell candles and antiques.

If you dont feel like cooking, you can also buy home-cooked meals at the farmers’ market.

Its also open all year, so youll never miss out on adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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Go Camping At Twin Bridge Meadow Family Campground

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

The weather was beautiful!

Posted by Twin Bridge Campground on Thursday, December 31, 2020

Twin Bridge Meadow Family Campground is a camping area surrounded by farmland. Here, you can surely feel the cool breeze of Chambersburg while setting up a tent, gathering firewood, having a picnic, hiking, and many more activities related to camping. Here at Twin Bridge Meadow Family Campground, youll surely have an amazing time enjoying the wondrous scent of fresh air while creating new memories. Come to this location for a memorable family camping trip in Chambersburg.

Twin Bridge Meadow Family Campground

Address: 1345 Twin Bridge Rd Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17202

Opening hours: 24 hours

Celebrate National Velociraptor Awareness Day By Binging The Jurassic Park Series

Its definitely going to be a cooler weekend with the possibility of some rain. Take advantage of this weather and show your appreciation for the creature that roamed the Earth 70 million years ago.

The velociraptor which is celebrated on April 18 could credit its fame most notably to the movie franchise, Jurassic Park. Fun fact: Did you know velociraptors had feathers and were not as tall as youll see in the movies?

There are five Jurassic movies you can spend your lazy Sunday binging. So, get comfy, grab some snacks and start the show. Not interested in dinosaurs? Thats ok, its still going to be a perfect day to stay indoors and watch your favorite movie or series.

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The Institutes Archaeology/geology Workshop Program For Youth

Registration deadline, Monday, Aug. 2 program, Wednesday, Aug. 4 9:15 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Stoner Farm

Waynesboro, Pa.

Presented in partnership with Little Antietam Creek Inc., Archaeology, Geology and the Environment: Exploration on the Stoner Farm is for students in grades 5 to 12, ages 10 to 17. With archaeologists Scott Parker and Trent Carbaugh, students will learn the why, what and how of archaeology, including how artifacts are processed and what they can tell us about how the Stoners lived. Hands-on activities include digging and working with artifacts, testing the properties of limestone and soil, looking for new dig sites using remote sensing and learning how limestone is cut and mortar is made. $25 $20 members of The Institute. Limited to 20. To register, go to For information, call 717-762-0373 or email

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Gettysburg Wine And Music Festival

7 Things to Do in Chambersburg Pa

When: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11 and Sunday, Sept. 12

Where: Gateway Gettysburg Complex, 95 Presidential Circle, Gettysburg

Tickets: General admission is $25 at the gate or $20 when purchased by noon Sept. 10 at Admission is $12 for designated drivers and youth 13+.

Take a drive across the eastern county line and spend the afternoon sampling wines from 23 Pennsylvania wineries. Four distilleries will be there, too. Chill, dance or sway to the tunes of the six bands that will take stage throughout the festival.

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Things To Do At Night In Chambersburg Click Here

Night owls listen up, this is Chambersburg after dark Never boring, never sleeping and always up for a laugh, Chambersburg is like your long distance best friend that you stay up late to talk to. The best way to see this city in all her glory is to get stuck into the spread of events at night in Chambersburg. With Sohos red light past, an all-night party addiction and enough events going on to keep you busy for years to come, were here to make getting up to no good in this city a whole lot easier. So, looking for a low-down of the top things to do in Chambersburg at night? Seek. No. More.

in Chambersburg,

It surprises us that not many people view Chambersburg as a nighttime city. At first glance, it can seem as if all the fun things to do in the city happen during daylight hours but that would be completely wrong.

There are countless activities to do and sights to see during the day, but you may wonder what there is to do when nightfall hits. Vibrant is one way to describe Chambersburg at night. Activities are plentiful so dont worry as limited as your options may seem, there is actually an abundance of things for you to choose between.

Have Drinks At Norland Pub Inc

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Posted by Norland Pub on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Norland Pub, Inc is one of the best bars in Chambersburg, PA. If you want a taste of heaven directly to your tastebuds, you must try Norland Pubs Beer Cheese and Pub Wings. They also serve tasty seafood chowder and pizza pies. Norland Pub, Inc offers a family-friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy a sumptuous lunch and dinner. Unwind at this bar and enjoy some drinks as you interact with Chambersburgs locals.

Norland Pub, Inc.

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Have A Mexican Feast At Montezuma Mexican Restaurant

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Happy National Taco Day! Stop by for some great taco specials today! Crunchy tacos $1.25 Soft tacos $1.50 Taco dinner platters Steak, Chicken, Carnitas Shrimp and Fish $2.00 off

Posted by Montezuma Lincoln Way E on Friday, October 4, 2019

Have an authentic taste of Mexico at Montezuma Mexican Restaurant. Your tastebuds will surely dance salsa once you have a bite of this popular Chambersburg restaurants burritos. If youre tired of bland tacos or nachos from overrated Mexican fast-food chains, Montezuma will rekindle your love for these usual Mexican snacks. Youll surely crave for more once youve tried mouthwatering meals at Montezuma Mexican Restaurant.

Montezuma Mexican Restaurant

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 11am – 10pm Sun: 11am – 9pm

Outdoor Things To Do In Chambersburg

A Visit to Chambersburg Mall (Feat. Black Rose Antiques)

Chambersburg is famous for its smog-choked roads, overcast skies and murky river. But its also quite nice in places! In fact, being outside in Chambersburg is frequently enjoyable. Thecitys cosy pubs and hidden bars are all very well, but now were shedding the puffa jackets, donning our cool guy shades, and stepping outside.

Luckily for you, we know Chambersburg like the back of our hand, and we actually think that some of the best things to do in the city do actually take place outside. We promise. Heres our take on some of the best outdoor activities to do in Chambersburg right now

in Chambersburg,

Read our guide for Outdoor Activities In Chambersburg and Find and Book experiences, courses, activities and tours! Browse through the list of experiences, either instantly book onto your dates or enquire to book. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy! If youve got any questions about any specific experience, send a message and the providers will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. Have a specific experience in mind that we dont have listed? No problem, drop us a message and well send your quote around to hundreds of the best experience providers nationwide and come back with you the best quote, making it easy for you to make the most of your spare time!

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See A Show At The Capitol Theatre Center

This historic 800-seat theater has hosted live performances, film screenings, and shows since 1927.

If you want to bring your family on a theater night, you wont go wrong visiting this place.

Thousands of people attend screenings and performances here every year, thanks to the sense of history and the majestic design of the interior.

The theater has retained the architectural style and flavor of its 1927 version.

Feel the weight of history in the seat cushions, and remind yourself of a bygone era on the walls.

Likewise, the theater also has a concession area, a gorgeous lobby, a coat room, and a wheelchair ramp on the entrance.

Several touring national acts make a stop at the Capitol every year.

Dont miss out on a lovely evening with the family and catch a show.

Best Restaurant In Chambersburg

Trying to decide on a dining location in Chambersburg can be really difficult especially when youre plagued with hunger, anxiety and more than a little FOMO. When youre dealing with the internal struggle of where to eat in Chambersburg, youre battling uphill with so many truly amazing options, almost no matter where in the city you are. Luckily, were here to save you from dying indecision. This list of great, of-the-moment spots gets updated seasonally, so bookmarking it isnt the worst idea, too.

The places on the Time Out list of Chambersburgs best restaurants have been handpicked by our local Food editor. They all have great food, but also offer a fantastic experience: great staff, a cool space, maybe a leafy terrace. And all at the right price. This doesnt necessarily mean cheap , but definitely does mean value for money.

Some of my favorite things to do in Chambersburg have to do with food, and I always advocate adding foodie things to do to your itinerary, in order to learn a bit about the food culture and have fun while eating. In fact, Chambersburg is one of the biggest food cities in the world. You can find every type of cuisine imaginable in the city. Find your favorites cuisine here.

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Things To Do On Rainy Day In Chambersburg

There are plenty of indoor activities in Chambersburg to choose from when the weather isnt ideal for outdoor pursuitsand guess whatit doesnt have to be a museum. If youre like me and a bit museumed out, continue reading for things to do in Chambersburg when it rains that are a bit more exciting!

in Chambersburg,

As one of the most expensive cities in Europe, its no surprise that most complaints both residents and locals alike make is just how extortionate the Big Smoke can be. However, luckily, if you plan it right, Chambersburg doesnt have to break the bank and can totally be done on a budget. After all, there are still plenty of free things to do in Chambersburg!

Explore Chambersburg on a budget with our tips for seeing the city without going broke.

Stay In Central Pennsylvania With Triple Crown Corporation

7 Fun Things to do near Chambersburg, PA

No matter which direction you travel from Harrisburg, you never have to go far to find unusual, historical or fun things to do in Pennsylvania this weekend. Central Pennsylvanias rich industrious past and enduring creative spirit is available for all to explore and enjoy. Many entertainment and recreational options are affordable or free and can easily become daylong experiences.

So why just visit? Make Central Pennsylvania the place you call home and have access to endless food, nightlife and recreational possibilities every day. Contact Triple Crown Corporation today and find your perfect rental.

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